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    Before the stories about the Zodiac’s units are revealed, I took it upon me to tell the tale of one my favourite warrior: Arbez. It won’t be any longer than your regular unit’s story. Context: the last time we heard of him, Arbez was wandering the world to help all the people he could after having defeated Sargav.

    When Arbez heard the voice of Llewxam, he first thought he had dreamt it. It has been a year since his crush has disappeared leaving nothing behind. Now she was asking again for his help: “My friend, a new danger is rising. Far more evil than we’ve ever faced.” He asked only one question: “What do you need from me?”. She told him to sit under the constellation of Taurus at night and welcome the new powers she’ll grant him. He did as told, and that night, the virtuous warrior changed forever as he felt the influence of Llewxam. The spirit of Taurus fused with this new body, giving him more strength than any man felt. As his powers grew considerably, his mind also became more pure. His Fate was decided, Taurus would be right beside Llewxam as she advanced to fight the Corruption…
    Which unit should be next? I have a preference for the EU-exclusives :)
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