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    ~i am plotting the distruction of the earth~:eek:

    》Dream Ticket:dream:
    >An rare ticket for an special gate, that gives guaranteed 7(*) unit that also can evolve to dream evolution.

    5× 》》》》》 Speed
    Only available on auto questing, you know. That program we still don't have in this server? That :D

    Easy / Normal / Hard mode

    Just some minor enhancement to the quest, thst you unlock beating menon

    Ultra Honor:
    With ultra honor you can buy OP stuff or even maybe get an unit with it,

    You get Ultra honor when, doing missions (instead of Merit ♥♥♥♥)

    What can you get? Bag of goodies like... Elgifs or Crystal sets and an weekly Chosen unit :)

    New summon Rewards:
    Every 3 summons = Random 1~7(*) elgif

    Every 5 summons = Summon ticket

    Every 10 summons = Dream ticket


    Do you have any drunk ideas? Get yo keyboard and smash it in 588 pieces, because yo gonna pay for thst keyboard :D:gem:
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