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    v1.5.8 Patch Notes
    Quality of Life


    On August 1 2017, you will be prompted to download Update v1.5.8 when you launch Brave Frontier RPG.

    We're happy to bring you the first healthy mix of long due Quality of Life additions in this smaller kind of update, while most of our development team is hard at work this Summer on the upcoming "Summoner's Avatar" Update. It exclusively brings tweaks, bug fixes and options that enrich your everyday experience!

    We hope to bring you more, perhaps more ambitious Quality of Life additions in future updates later this year!

    For now, here are the highlights of v1.5.8:
    In-Battle Unit Info | For each Unit, display buffs, debuffs, ailments, and more!
    Enemy Battle Info | See enemy Health Percentage and a battle turn counter!
    Arena Rewards Reset | Reached the highest rank? Start earning all previous rewards again!
    48-hour Daily Gifts | Progress doesn't change if you only miss 1 day. A reset occurs after 48h.
    Various changes and fixes, including Leader Skills working in Strategy Zones.

    For all details, keep reading!

    Quality of Life improvements

    In-Battle Unit Info
    At any moment during your turn, in battle, a long finger press on any of your own Units or your enemies will bring up the Unit Info screen:
    • For your Units and enemy Units, you will see all temporary effects (buff, debuff, ailment & other) and the current Stats of the selected Unit.
    • For your Units only, you will see Leader Skill, Extra Skills, Enhancements & Spheres of the selected Unit.
    • You can change your selection by tapping on another Unit.

    Enemy Battle Info
    From now on, in battle, you will always see the following information:
    • The turn you're at for the current wave, starting at 1.
    • The current HP left % of your selected enemy, updated in real time.

    Arena Rewards Reset
    From now on, all players who reach the highest Arena rank, Thanatos, will keep earning points:
    • They will earn all previous rewards again, for the same amount of points needed at the time.
    • They can do this endlessly if they keep gaining enough points to reach the Thanatos reward again.
    Note: As of v1.5.8, you will not see any notification when receiving one of these extra rewards.

    48-hour Daily Gifts
    From now on, rather than a 24h limit, Daily Login Gifts can be claimed during a period of 48 hours:
    • If you forget log-in on Day 1 to claim Gift 1, on Day 2 you can still claim Gift 1.
    • You can't get two gifts on the same day. In the above example, you would get Gift 2 on Day 3.
    • A reset to Normal Week 1 will still occur if you fail to connect for more than 48 hours.

    What are the next Quality of Life improvements?

    You tell us! We already have a fair idea of the most popular desires, and we hope to tackle on some of the more ambitious ones at full force once the Summoner's Avatar Update reaches the end of its development phase.

    The small team who worked on v1.5.8 hopes you enjoy these first Quality of Life additions, and will eagerly read your desires for more in this very thread, so please share them!

    Patch Notes
    Fixed issues
    • Leader Skills now work correctly in the Strategy Zone. Their Energy Cost are back to normal.
    • Fixed an issue that caused Units to start battles with low health in Grand Quests.
    • Fixed an issue that caused a game crash when using certain buffs in Colosseum.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented Millia's Leader Skill from affecting Colosseum Battle Points.
    • Fixed an issue that caused a game crash when sending Daily Gifts to Friends.
    • Animated text when evolving a Unit to Dream Evolution has been localized.
    • Fixed a rare issue that caused the game to redirect you to a Colosseum Battle after an Arena match.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented cutscenes to be shown after an Arena Rank Up.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the Back button in Grand Quest to redirect to Frontier Gate.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the Mana Bubble life bar to be misplaced in Strategy Zone fights.​

    To see all of this week's releases & events, read the full summary!
    Thanks for your support! Enjoy your time on Grand Gaia!

    Note: If you encounter game issues after updating, please follow our guide to refresh your game data.

    - The Brave Frontier RPG Team
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