v1.5.7 Patch Notes | The Strategy Zone Update

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    v1.5.7 Patch Notes
    The Strategy Zone Update


    On May 31 2017, you will be prompted to download v1.5.7, "The Strategy Zone Update", when you launch Brave Frontier RPG.

    Here are the highlights of v1.5.7:
    Strategy Zone | Test your capabilities in a more difficult, new kind of Trials.

    For all details, keep reading!

    Strategy Zone | New harder Trials

    Strategy Zone is a new branch of difficult challenges designed by Noel in his Research Lab.

    • Rearrange your Squad Mid-Battle
    In this new kind of Trial, you will choose 10 Units and 2 Friend Support Units that can be part of your unique battle squad. You will be able to replace single Units in battle at any moment to maximize your opportunities. Once a Unit is replaced, you will have to wait 3 turns before you can swap them in again. Friend Support Units can only be swapped among themselves.

    • Unlock new rewards
    These challenges all come with new high-end rewards such as powerful Spheres or Dream Evolution Mock Units like Zevalhua & Afla Dilith. The first battle will be available at release, with more coming with future weekly updates.

    How to Start / Requirements
    • Strategy Zone can be accessed from the Summoner's Research Lab in Randall.
    • To play "Battle No. 001" you must first complete the "Rainbow Goddess" Trial.

    Battle No. 001 Rewards
    The following rewards are obtained upon first time completion.
    1 Gem
    3,000,000 Zel
    100,000 EXP
    Unyielding Device Sphere

    Patch Notes
    Fixed issue
    • Fixed an issue that prevented Auhlavez's chance to resurrect in BB/SBB to work.
    • Fixed an issue that was preventing Leader Skill descriptions to scroll from right to left in the Manage Squad screen.
    • Fixed an issue that was displaying the enemy team in Colosseum too low on the screen.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed players to access Raid Rooms protected by password without knowing it.​

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    Note: If you encounter game issues after updating, please follow our guide to refresh your game data.

    - The Brave Frontier RPG Team
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