v1.5.6 Patch Notes | The Colosseum Update

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    v1.5.6 Patch Notes
    The Colosseum Update


    On May 10 2017, you will be prompted to download v1.5.6, "The Colosseum Update", when you launch the Brave Frontier RPG after the update is available.

    Here are the highlights of v1.5.6:
    Colosseum | Compete in the most intense PVP matches on a NEW game mode.
    Grand Gaia Chronicles | 4 Volumes, "A Master's Wisdom", with special rewards.
    Mana Bubble Shield | Rework and rebalance of the buff.

    For all details, keep reading!

    NEW Game Mode | Colosseum

    Colosseum is a NEW PvP game mode in which you will have to fight your opponents with two different teams, attacking once first and once second. Compete in different Classes, based on Unit Cost, climb Seasonal rankings and win tons of Colosseum Battle Points to unlock awesome rewards!

    How to Start / Requirements
    • Colosseum can be accessed from the icon on the Home Screen, to play you must have reached Warrior Rank in Arena.
    • Each Arena match now rewards with up to 3 Colosseum Tickets, which are required to play Colosseum matches.

    There are 4 Classes in which you can compete, each one with a different Cost restriction.
    Warrior Class: Units with 14 Cost or less.
    Gladiator Class: Units with 19 Cost or less.
    Conqueror Class: Units with 35 Cost or less.
    Hero Class: No Cost restriction.

    Teams and Formation Buffs
    In each Class you will have to select up to 7 Units that will be used to build your 2 teams. For each team you will also be asked to choose a Formation Buff, that will be used in a paper-rock-scissor style minigame with your opponent's ones. The losing team will lose his Formation Buff and start the battle with empty BB gauges. If neither win, both buffs will be active.

    CBP & Rewards
    Colosseum Battle Points (CBP) will be awarded after each victory. The amount of CBP obtained can be increased by using more than 1 Colosseum Ticket to start a match, by winning with Random Rules active and partecipating in higher Classes. CBP are the currency used to unlock awesome and unique rewards. Rewards are divided in stages and chests, to move to the next stage all the rewards from the current stage and chests must be bought.

    Seasonal Rankings
    The total number of CBP obtained during a Season will be used to determine your Rank on the Leaderboard for the current one. At the end of each Season you will obtain a CBP prize based on your position.

    Grand Gaia Chronicles | A Master's Wisdom

    Face Mythic Kulyuk in his Grand Gaia Chronicles Dungeon, "A Master's Wisdom", available in the Vortex.
    How to Start / Requirements
    • Tap the Vortex icon from the Home Screen and select the Grand Gaia Chronicles banner.

    The following is a cumulative list of the rewards of all 4 Volumes, awared with first completion.
    4 Gems
    3,000,000 Zel
    600,000 Karma
    Antithesis Gem Sphere

    What are Grand Gaia Chronicles?
    They are challenging Vortex Dungeons where you get to relive the Heroic Tales of Grand Gaia's mightiest Heroes! Fight tactically and earn awesome rewards, including Spheres for Extra Skills!​

    Patch Notes
    Fixed Issues
    • Fixed a major Raid Battle issue that prevented players with a particular Friend ID from creating their own room to launch a mission.
    • Fixed an issue that cause Extra Skills to be disabled until the game was relaunched, after evolving or selecting an Unit.
    • Fixed an issue that was preventing Enhancements from working on Grand Quests.
    • Fixed an issue that caused Items and Units obtained as reward to appear only after relaunching the game.
    • Fixed a display issue with Frontier Hunter rewards that caused them to be shown after each run even if already obtained.
    • Fixed an issue on the Unit filters screen where some of the buttons were overlapping.
    • Fixed an issue with Video Slot Machine that caused a wrong error message to be displayed.
    • Fixed an issue that cause damage multipliers to not be taken into account for AOE normal attacks.

    Miscellaneous Changes
    • Improved performances during battle, reducing lag and framerate drops.
    • All videos from the Video Slot Machine will increase the Gem Bar, instead of only the first 3.
    • Cutscenes can't now be skipped during Tutorial.
    • Dungeon order in Vortex has been reorganized.

    Mana Bubble Shield Redesign/Rebalancing
    The Mana Bubble Shield is a very strong buff that has caused both balancing and technical issues in the past, the latest of which could not be resolved without a technical redesign from the ground-up if we wanted the desired effects to remain exactly the same. As it would not have been possible, we've therefore adjusted the way this buff works to fix its broken state.

    Damage calculation for the new version of the buff will take into account the Defense, the Element and all the buffs on the affected Unit. This means that every kind of mitigation and defensive buff now works on the additional HP bar, making it insanely stronger.

    This change therefore required further tuning for the sake of a healthy and balanced meta, as the skill values associated to it were now inadequate. Taking many factors into account (Stronger buff and huge REC Values with Elgifs, Enhancements and improved buffs since the Dream Evolution era), we have reduced the REC percentage converted in the Shield as follows:

    4-Star Gazolina
    • Brave Burst shield value has been reduced from 30% to 5%.

    5-Star Gazolina
    • Brave Burst shield value has been reduced from 40% to 10%.

    6-Star Gazolina
    • Brave Burst shield value has been reduced from 50% to 10%
    • Super Brave Burst shield value has been reduced from 75% to 15%

    Dream Evolution Gazolina
    • Shield value has been reduced from 75% to 20%

    Aquarius of Weeping
    • Brave Burst shield value has been reduced from 50% to 10%
    • Super Brave Burst shield value has been reduced from 75% to 15%

    Herald of Yggdrasil
    • Super Brave Burst shield value has been reduced from 75% to 15%

    6-Star Galahad
    • Super Brave Burst shield value has been reduced from 75% to 15%

    7-Star Galahad
    • Super Brave Burst shield value has been reduced from 75% to 15%

    Dream Evolution Gwenevere
    • SP shield value has been reduced from 75% to 20%

    In other news
    • New Achievements for Colosseum have been added to Randall.​

    To see all of this week's releases & events, read the full summary!
    Thanks for your support! Enjoy your time on Grand Gaia!

    Note: If you encounter game issues after updating, please follow our guide to refresh your game data.

    - The Brave Frontier RPG Team
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