v1.5.5 Patch Notes | The Arena Update

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    v1.5.5 Patch Notes
    The Arena Update


    On March 22 2017, you will be prompted to download v1.5.5, "The Arena Update", when you launch the Brave Frontier RPG after the update is available.

    Here are the highlights of v1.5.5:
    Arena Update | More Arena Battle Points with limited events and Random Rules.
    Grand Gaia Chronicles | 1 Volume, "Zelnite is Here!", with special rewards.
    Video Slot Machine | Get exclusive prizes with up to 10 free spins every day!

    For all details, keep reading!

    Update for the Arena | More Points, New Events!

    The maximum Arena Battle Points (ABP) one can win per battle is no longer capped at 200. Thanks to brand new Arena events, permanent extra ABP when you perform well in battle and optional points when you choose to activate the new Random Rules setting, win more ABP than ever better!

    Earn more ABP
    Win with style for extra points! Gain up to 100 ABP when you perform specific actions such as killing all opponents in a single turn, or winning with everyone alive in your Squad.

    Random Rules & Bonus Points
    Add yourself more challenge for guaranteed extra points! From the Arena menu, you can choose to activate Random Rules, which gives a chance of a special rule to activate itself when the battle begins. Rules give a set amount of points (i.e. 100 ABP) whenever you win an Arena fight while one is active. Only one Random Rule can be activated at a time.

    Regular Events
    The Arena is finally going to join other game modes for which awesome events are regularly launched, allowing all players to compete for a ton of extra ABP or Seasonal Leaderboards with exceptional rewards. Stay tuned! ;)

    Grand Gaia Chronicles | Zelnite is Here!

    Face the Noble Thief Zelnite in his Grand Gaia Chronicles Dungeon, "Zelnite is Here!", available in the Vortex.
    How to Start / Requirements
    • Tap the Vortex icon from the Home Screen and select the Grand Gaia Chronicles banner.
    • 50 Energy is required to start "Zelnite is Here!".

    All rewards are obtained on first completion.
    3 Gems
    1,000,000 Zel
    200,000 Karma
    Thief's Jewel, one of the Spheres that unlocks Dream Evolution Zelnite's Extra Skill.

    What are Grand Gaia Chronicles?
    They are challenging Vortex Dungeons where you get to relive the Heroic Tales of Grand Gaia's mightiest Heroes! Fight tactically and earn awesome rewards, including Spheres for Extra Skills!

    Video Slot Machine | Watch Videos for Prizes

    Every day, get up to 10 Slot Machine spins without spending Medals simply by watching videos!
    How it works
    • To watch a video, tap the notification on the Home Screen.
    • Every time you watch a video, you can spin the Slot Machine without spending 3 Medals.
    • You can only earn 10 extra Slot Machine spins every day.
    • The first 3 videos you watch per day will contribute to a Gem Progression Bar for a Gem reward.

    • Spinning the Slot Machine gives you a variety of rewards, including Imps, Burst Frogs, Sphere Frogs and more!
    • Earn 1 Gem every time the Gem progression bar is filled when you watch videos.​

    Patch Notes
    Fixed issue
    • Right after playing a mission with a set Squad, you will no longer keep that Squad in other game modes. This could also cause the Arena to crash.​

    In other news

    • New Achievements have been added to Randall.​

    To see all of this week's releases & events, read the full summary!
    Thanks for your support! Enjoy your time on Grand Gaia!

    Note: If you encounter game issues after updating, please follow our guide to refresh your game data.

    - The Brave Frontier RPG Team
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