v1.5.4 Patch Notes | The Grand Quest Update

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    v1.5.4 Patch Notes
    The Grand Quest Update



    Our newest update introduces the highly anticipated Grand Quest, a new epic, story-driven game mode that will please anyone in love with the Lore of Brave Frontier RPG! Get ready to dive into the intertwined stories of many iconic Brave Frontier characters!

    Read the entire Patch Notes below.

    NEW Game Mode | Grand Quest

    Explore even more of Grand Gaia in this brand new single-player mode!

    • Choose Your Own Story: Play with a huge cast of Brave Frontier characters in their epic, intertwined story-driven missions with multiple endings!
    • Find Your Battle Strategy: Pick your troops, explore new maps and defeat impressive Bosses!
    • Unlock Evolution Materials: Evolve iconic characters such as Karl, Seria or Grahdens!

    Note: Full details will be posted in a separate announcement.​

    Various changes and fixes

    • Fixed a rare issue that affected skills for Units such as Hisui or Fizz.
    • Fixed an issue where the fight against Karna Masta, Mildran's Final Boss, ended before the final phase.
    • Fixed an issue where Extra Skills from Elgifs that required a certain Unit Type did not work.
    • Fixed an issue where Mystery Frogs could not be fused to a maxed out Unit.

    • Fixed an issue where timers were not displayed correctly for Summon Portals and Vortex Parades.

    • Fixed an issue where the game would crash after a Fusion unlocked a Super Brave Burst.

    • You can now use a "Skip" button when cutscenes are playing.
    - Tap it once to make all text scroll faster.
    - Tap elsewhere on the screen to go back to normal scrolling pace.
    - Tap it twice to completely skip the current cutscene.​

    Thanks for your support! Enjoy your time on Grand Gaia!
    - The Brave Frontier RPG Team
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