v1.5.3 Patch Notes | The End of Ishgria Update

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    v1.5.3 Patch Notes
    The End of Ishgria Update



    Make your way to the ultimate confrontation of Brave Frontier RPG's 2nd Story Arc in this brand new update! With a new Trial and more Raid Battle content, including an in-game Chat for the first time ever in Brave Frontier RPG, you can look forward to exciting challenges!

    Read the entire Patch Notes below.


    • Ishgria's final Quest Region, Mildran, can be unlocked.
    • Mildran's Chapter 1 is available now. More Chapters will be added regularly!
    Region Unlock Requirement: Complete all areas of the Grand Gaia questline, as well as all areas of the Ishgria questline, including Bonus missions.

    Note: Full details will be posted in a separate announcement.​

    Raid Battle

    • NEW Raid Chat - Discuss with your teammates and plan out the perfect strategy in Brave Frontier RPG's first live chat, available in all Raid Battle Rooms!

    • NEW Raid Class 6 - 8 brand new missions await players who've been promoted to Raid Class 6! Just like Medal Rush, these missions are not available at all times. Check out weekly events regularly to know which mission(s) can be played.

    Note: The first Raid Class 6 mission will be opened during the week of January 23 2017. Stay tuned for more details!

    • NEW Synthesis Guild - Craft Raid-exclusive items in Randall's Synthesis Guild to survive against the toughest Raid Battle bosses!

    • Get Extra Raid Battle Lives - You may now purchase additional Raid Battle Lives for 1 Gem each from any Raid mission map.​

    Research Lab Trials

    • The Genius's Challenge Trial has been added to Randall's Research Lab.
    Unlock Requirement: Complete the "Rainbow Goddess" Trial.

    Note: Full details will be posted in a separate announcement.​

    Various changes and fixes

    • Fixed an issue that caused Enhancements for several Units like Charlotte, Krantz, Arthur & Lancelot to not work at all.

    • Fixed a display issue where the Daily Login Gift interface would not show up on the Home screen.
    • When summoning a 7-Star Unit that has a Dream Evolution, the "MEGA RARE" summoning text will have black and gold colors rather than rainbow colors.
    • Fixed a display issue where the Parades menu's background would sometimes change to the Vortex's background.
    • Fixed a display issue where your Raid Class could be shown as "1" on the Home screen even if you were promoted to further Raid Classes.
    • The "SP UP!" indicator will now be shown on the Dream Frog's icon when choosing Fusion Units from your Inventory.

    • Improved responsiveness when scrolling down your list of Chest gifts if it contains a lot of them.
    • Fixed server related issues causing "Invalid Network Key" errors within the game's menus.

    • To prevent the unintentional wasting of a Dream Frog's 30 SP gain, a warning pop-up will now be issued should you try to fuse a Dream Frog that would theoretically bring a Unit's SP above 100.
    • You can no longer fuse Dream Frogs with Units that have already gained 100 SP.​

    Thanks for your support! Enjoy your time on Grand Gaia!
    - The Brave Frontier RPG Team
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