v1.5.2 Patch Notes | The Frontier Gate Update

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    v1.5.2 Patch Notes
    The Frontier Gate Update



    Our newest update is all about Frontier Gate, fully overhauled to become its own game mode in Randall, featuring many missions, demanding specific squad conditions and earning you unique rewards!

    Patch 1.5.2 also brings many important fixes to improve your general Brave Frontier RPG experience.

    Read the entire Patch Notes below!

    Updated Frontier Gate

    Frontier Gate has received a complete overhaul:
    • It is now accessed within Randall or from the Home Screen by tapping the Frontier Gate button.
    • It is no longer a single Vortex Dungeon, but a game mode with multiple missions.
    • Missions 1 & 2 are available now. More missions will be added regularly.
    • New Achievements have been added for Frontier Gate.
    Note: More details will be published on release day.​

    Various changes and fixes

    • Text has been resized in Randall's Sphere House to avoid overlapping with the interface.
    • Fixed a display issue with the Summon Portals during the Tutorial.
    • Added a missing buff icon so it can be displayed in battle.

    • Fixed an issue causing the game to freeze if launching Overdrive during Ninmah's second action.
    • Extra Skills for Astall, Rain & Lasswell now work as intended.
    • Fixed an issue where unlocking an Enhancement for a Dream Evolution Unit caused Extra Skills to stop working for all Units, until the application was relaunched.
    • Fixed an issue causing the game to crash at specific moments if any item was used in Raid Battle.
    • Fixed an issue in Raid Battle causing the last item of a stack to always apply its effects to the entire squad, even when it should not.

    • You can now instantly activate all Daily Quests via a new "Accept all" button.
    • Fixed an issue causing Spheres to automatically unequip themselves on a Dream Evolution Unit right after unlocking an Enhancement for it.
    • Inventory filter for Dream Evolutions is now be enabled by default.
    • Fixed a rare issue causing the game to crash if staying inactive in the Vortex screen for a while.
    • Angel Idol and Revive will correctly be listed when choosing which Items to bring in Raid Battle.

    • Fixed an issue causing vertical scrolling to stop in the Vortex before reaching the bottom.
    • Fixed a display issue in the Manage Squad screen where every Unit had their own Leader Skill effects taken into account when showing their Stats. Leader Skills no longer affect Stats on that screen, even when a Unit is Leader, as intended.​

    Thanks for your support! Enjoy your time on Grand Gaia!
    - The Brave Frontier RPG Team
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