v1.5.0 Patch Notes | The Dream Evolution Update

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    v1.5.0 Patch Notes
    The Dream Evolutions Update



    Prepare yourselves for Units that can evolve to Level 150, allowing you to customize their skills with a myriad of game-changing enhancements! With new Raid Battle missions and rewards, as well as a new Grand Gaia Chronicle, you'll certainly love their extra powers!

    v1.5.0 also brings enhancements to your Summoning experience with more Portals and more exciting events to enjoy!

    Read the entire Patch Notes below.

    Dream Evolutions

    • Starter Heroes Vargas, Selena, Lance, Eze, Atro & Magress can evolve to Dream Evolution.
    • Dream Evolution Units can level up to Level 150.
    • You can earn and spend up to 100 SP per Dream Evolution to unlock Skill Enhancements.
    Note: More details will be published on release day.​

    Unit Evolution

    • 6-Star Thief God Zelnite can evolve to 7-Star Legendary Thief Zelnite!

    Raid Battle

    • Raid Class 5 missions have been added for all players who have been promoted to Class 5.
    • Unlock 5-Star Owen when you complete the final Raid Class 5 mission! Make sure to complete the Breaking Barriers Trial to receive the Evolution Material required for his 7-Star Evolution!
    • New Achievements have been added for Raid Battle.​

    Grand Gaia Chronicles

    • Oracle Knight's Order, a 3-volume story, has been added to the Vortex for all players.
    Note: More details will be published on release day.​

    Summon Portal Changes

    • A new Summon Portal for Legacy Units is now available, requiring 3 Gems per summon.
    • A new limited Summon Portal for Special Summon events can temporarily be opened during such events, requiring 5 Gems per summon.
    • A new kind of Bonus, Increase Rate Bonus, will increase your chances to get specific Units the more you summon during a particular event period.
    Note: More details will be published on release day.​

    Various changes and fixes

    • Fixed an issue that caused the amount of HP healed to be significantly reduced under specific conditions.
    • Fixed an issue that caused mitigation to not apply on a Unit's HP if a single hit broke a Unit's Mana Shield and damaged its HP. From now on, the game will display two hits, one before and one after the Mana Shield was broken.
    • Fixed an issue where set Squad Units for a particular mission would still be used on other game modes.
    • Clarified message that displays when Honor Points cannot be claimed from your Gift Chest.​

    Thanks for your support! Enjoy your time on Grand Gaia!
    - The Brave Frontier RPG Team
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