v1.4.6 Patch Notes | The Elgif Update

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    v1.4.6 Patch Notes | The Elgif Update



    Get excited for this week's upcoming Game Update! Unlock the secrets of the Elgifs to get additional Extra Skills for your Units and continue your journey in a new Quest map with over 30 story-driven missions!

    There are also improvements to Raid Battle mode and even more storage room to unlock for your Units and Items!

    Read the entire Patch Notes below and stay tuned for maintenance news.

    Elgif & Emgif Units
    • You can now capture Elgif Units in their Vortex Dungeon or obtain them during special events.
    Elgif Units give a second Extra Skill to the Unit you fuse them to.​
    • You can now purchase Emgif Units with Merit Points in the Exchange Hall.
    Emgif Units remove a Unit's second Extra Skill when fused to them, returning the Elgif to you.​

    Raid Battle
    • Fights will no longer automatically initiate when moving around the map.
    Note: Some bosses will therefore require you to look for them by manually launching combat.​
    • Boss body parts that lose all their HP will not vanish anymore but be greyed out instead.
    • Items you loot during Raid Battle missions will now be displayed on mission reward screens.​

    • The Menon Region can be unlocked in Ishgria, with over 30 story-driven missions, 1 Bonus mission, and offers 8 free Gems.
    Region Unlock Requirement: Defeat the final Quest Boss in the Estria Region.
    Bonus Mission Requirement: Beat the Bonus Mission in the Estria Region and defeat the final Quest Boss in the Menon Region.​

    • The "Guardian of Lore" Dungeon can be accessed for a minimum of 25 Energy, allowing you to capture Elgif Units.​

    • Mitigation buffs will no longer protect a Mana Shield buff's HP when it is taking damage.​

    • Unit and Item Inventory Caps can now be extended to 3,000 slots in the Shop.
    • Summoner Level Cap has been raised to 999, with unique rewards when you reach levels 600, 700, 800, 900 and 999.​

    Look forward to this exciting update during the next couple of days!
    - The Brave Frontier RPG Team
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