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    Can change lead by request, just ask me.
    I thought of why not doing a guide for this incoming gameplay for Brave Frontier EU. Since you ppl might ask some questions about this gameplay. This guide will help you to be ready about all of its mechanics.
    Note: The following screenshots posted here are taken from my JP account, I will explain anyway if necessary.

    Let's do things in order:

    To aru Majutsu no Index:
    1) What is Summoner Arc?
    2) Gameplay
    3) Requirements
    4) About the summoner
    4.1) Leveling up (Summoner lv.)
    4.2) Summoner Weapon
    4.3) Summoning Arts
    4.4) Summoner Sphere
    4.5) Summoner Passives and SPs
    4.6) Squad Management
    5) Summoner Art Lab
    5.1) Summoner Training Ground
    5.2) Summoner Battle Room (coming soon in EU)
    1) What is Summoner Arc?
    A new gameplay which introduces the third main story of Summoner.
    This time, differently from Grand Gaia and Ishgria, we won't be able, at least at the beginning, to use to its max potential our summoning abilities, which was what always helped us during our adventure because in this new world we won't be able to use our powers as before (the reason of this, I won't tell it as it means spoiler). So we have to use also our own strength to defeat enemies this time. What will be the new threatment Summoner will face along with old and new comrades? Find out in this "new" story.

    2) Gameplay
    The gameplay is similar to the usual one but there are many things to consider: You as summoner will be the only lead (you can't change it, never!), you can't equip the usual spheres for your summoner unlike our units, your personal account level won't increase in any missions, you have restriction in unit slot and other things I will further explain.
    You can choose the summoner's gender male or female like Pokemon coz they are stupid not to know your gender (no genderless for you, summoner is a human!), 3 different hairstyle and your Summoner element. To change it go to the Summoner's interface info.
    This is also Summoner Info interface for Summoner Arc gameplay.
    The buttons:
    1) Summoner Arts (in JP Shokan Jutsu, where you can see the Element's lv, further explanation in 4.3)
    2) Summoner Aspect (here you can change hairstyle, element and gender)
    3) Switch (it's for the weapon it will swap in 3 different info that I will explain in 4.2)
    4) Weapon info (where you can see the weapon's upgrade when the weapon reaches a certain lv. Further info in 4.2)
    Medium short hair
    Short hair
    Long hair

    Long hair
    Pigtailed hair
    Short hair

    To swap gender just click the 2 buttons that you will find in the left of hairstyle. The 1st one stands for Male, while the latter Female.
    Below the Gender and Hairstyle, there is the Summoner Element and you can freely change his/her element (changing element will influence also Summoner Arts, further info in 4.3)
    Weapons will also influence a bit Summoner's hairstyle.
    The last 2 you can change it for free while swapping gender cost 1 gem. 1st time you pick is free ofc.
    P.S. My pick for the avatar is Female B (coz I want a waifu summoner kek) :3
    I forgot something but what? :hmm:
    Oh right! Your summoner name! You can't change it kek... Why? Because it's the same name as your account. So if your username is Potato, your summoner name will be Potato. Nuh :sob:.

    3) Requirements
    Complete all Grand Gaia missions and all Ishgria missions up to Menon (Mildran isn't a must to unlock such gameplay). You will have access to this gameplay by tapping the home button on the Main Home Screen.
    Once you're there, the "Home" Button will become "Summoner Home" button
    There you can change gameplay and access to the "Summoner Arc" gameplay. To return to the normal gameplay, tap in the Summoner home the Home button again.
    The numbers:
    1) Home button (to return in normal gameplay)
    2) Summoner dedicated button (where you can do anything related to summoner), as you can notice the Summon button is replaced by Summoner.
    3) Summoner info (to see summoner's stats, weapon, ES, change gender, element and hairstyle).
    Summoner has a dedicated button where you can do the same things as the unit one (they work similar).
    The following button in order from top left to bottom right in horizontal order:
    1) Status (better Summoner info)
    2) Enhancements (or better selfies with certain ability or simply SP ^^')
    3) Fuse (the interface is the same as the unit one, you can fuse only Frogs and Metals)
    4) Extra Skill (the weapons will give you Extra skills you can equip)
    5) Weapon Change (to change your main weapon)
    6) Leader Skill Sphere Change (to change your leader skill)

    4) About the Summoner
    As I briefly described in point Number 2, summoner will be your main lead and the lead will depend on the sphere you will equip. The reason why your account level won't increase is because of the fact only summoner's ability will increase. For summoner's ability I mean: Level, SP and Summoner Element lv.
    The friends you will use are only the ones that has Summoner Arc available, picked his/her own Summoner avatar and played it once! Each friend will give you 50 Summoner Points (non friends will give half). What is that? Find out in the point 5.1. (I like dem tease Tee-hee-hee).
    Summoner doesn't have type, therefore Mystery Frogs are useless :D
    Summoner has many things you can do: you can power him/her up via level, he/she can equip a weapon (you can't fight enemies with your bare hands, unless you are Saitama, Goku or Superman), you can use SPs to increase his/her base stats or to give passives, increase you Summoner Arts which will influence the units you can use and equip a Leader skill sphere that will decide what lead you will use to power up yourself or your units.
    Each argument will be explain with its dedicated paragraph.

    4.1) Leveling up
    Summoner's raw stats will increase if you level up its summoner lv (like the units, no?).
    Each level up will give you SP and higher stats.
    They are basically 2 ways to do so: Doing quests (this is why Account lv won't increase) and Summoner Lab grinding.
    For doing quest, ofc, each quest gives a certain amount of exp.
    The last one instead requires spending what is called STP (Summoner Training Points). It gives a lot of exp (more than normal quests). Further info is in paragraph 5.1.

    4.2) Summoner Weapon
    Summoner to fight from trash mobs to holy moly bosses, will need a certain weapon that he/she will get during quests or by other sources.
    The weapons are what determine Summoner's skillset that is not ES and Lead (so BB/SBB/UBB info, weapon skill abilities).
    Weapons have its own level, skillset and abilities that will help you to clear dungeons and to try building a squad around him/her.
    You can equip only 1 weapon, unless you are Kirito-kun but don't worry Alim provided you with Dual Sword, oops I spoiled
    To change weapon, click: Summoner -> Weapon Change.
    You will be brought to this interface:
    The 2 buttons on the top right are: Weapon Ingame Graphic and Avatar change (your summoner appearance).
    Under those 2 buttons it is the weapon info that will show you 3 infos that I will show you in the next screen.

    P.S. Oh no I spoiled some of summoner weapons D:
    The screenshots in order:
    1) Weapon lv with exp remaining and next ability to unlock.
    2) Weapon's ability (New buffs on the weapon, upgrades about the passives, Weapon ES that you can equip)
    3) Weapon's stats (you can see how much stats each weapon gives).

    P.S. You curious about this weapon? It's a weapon that will be released in a far future :D
    Its name is The Great Excalibur Exdeus.
    To see what abilities you will unlock with the weapon, click the button that is under the weapon icon (if you saw the summoner info interface screenshot, it's the number 4) and you will have this interface:
    The BB lv of the weapon will depend on its class and it is reported in the weapon lv info.
    There are 4 classes of weapons: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Rainbow weapons. This determines the power, the maximum level and rarity of the weapon (Bronze are the lowest while Rainbows are the highest ofc >.>).
    Bronze max lv is 40, Silver max lv 60, Gold max lv 80 and Rainbow is 100. The first 2 stops at SBB lv 10, while the last 2 has UBB. Tendentially BB lv increase every time weapon increase by 2 levels for Bronze and Silver while it's every 3 for Gold and Rainbow.
    There are 3 ways to lv up weapon: the 1st 2 are same as Summoner lv and the 3rd one is fusing.
    For fusing, you can use Metal Parade's Ghost, King, God and Crystals to lv up weapon. You can't fuse Robofrog nor Mermion to Summoner!
    The zel and exp you gain from each Metal Parade goodies:
    - Ghosts give 50 exp (2k zel cost each).
    - Kings give 150 exp (20k zel cost each).
    - Gods give 750 exp (100k zel cost each).
    - Crystals give 2k exp (300k Zel cost each).
    Each of them has an insane Zel amount cost, that's why I discourage you to do so as it is the worst way to level up yourself.
    Unless specified, your weapon's Element dmg depends on your current summoner Element.
    As for the 1st map you will have 3 weapons (all 3 Bronze class ones) and also weapon lv max is 20. I will show you them but as for now I will only include the ones that are coming!
    The weapons:
    Base sword (Brave Sword - Bureibu soodo)
    So basic >.>
    Passive: 50% Chance to fill 3-5 BC when attacking and 2 BC turn.
    BB: 10 hit AoE (250%), 3 turns 90% Atk and 2 bc/turn for 3 turns (25 bc).
    SBB: 14 hit AoE (400%) 3 turns 100% Atk, +100% BB mod for 3 turns (20 bc).

    Weapon upgrades:
    Lv.5 Gives ES (Self +50% BB mod atk).
    Lv. 10 Empower weapon's passive (+1 BC turn, +1 BC for normal atk)
    Lv. 15 Adds BB Mod buff (+50%) to BB.
    Lv. 20 BB lv 10, unlock SBB.

    Lv 20 stats: +638 HP, +319 ATK/DEF/REC.

    How to obtain? Beginning weapon :D

    Spear (Brave Spear - Bureibu spia)
    Cute no?
    Passive: 500 + 10% Rec HoT and 15% Chance to Ignore Def.
    BB: 12 hit AoE (250%), 3 turns 90% Def and Rec, 2 turns Ignore def (25 bc).
    SBB: 15 hit AoE (400%) 3 turns 110% Def and Rec, (980 - 1080 + 10% Rec) HoT for 3 turns (20 bc).

    Weapon upgrades:
    Lv. 5 Gives ES (Self +10% HP and 500 + 10% Rec HoT)
    Lv. 10 Empower weapon's passive (500 - 1000 +10% Rec and +5% chance to Ignore Def)
    Lv. 15 Adds HoT buff (800 - 1300 + 10% Rec) for 3 turns to BB.
    Lv. 20 BB lv 10, unlock SBB.

    Lv 20 stats: +766 HP, +224 ATK, +352 DEF, +352 REC.

    How to obtain? Once you finish a specific Bectas quest.

    Axe (Great Axe Granado)

    I can see a bit of Plot on Summoner :D
    Passive: +10% Crit chance, 5 BC on Crit.
    BB: 9 hit AoE (250%), 3 turns 110% Atk and 40% Crit chance for 3 turns (25 bc).
    SBB: 15 hit AoE (400%), 3 turns 120% Atk, +50% Crit rate for 3 turns and +25% Crit dmg for 3 turns (20 bc).

    Weapon upgrades:
    Lv. 10 Empower weapon's passive (+5% Crit chance, +2 BC on Crit)
    Lv. 15 Adds Crit dmg buff for 3 turns (+30%) to BB; gives ES (Self +20% Atk and Crit chance)
    Lv. 20 BB lv 10, unlock SBB.

    Lv 20 stats: +735 HP, +510 ATK, +335 DEF, +288 REC.

    How to obtain? Clear Bectas EX (yes this map has an extra dungeon... spoiled kekekek)

    Trivia: You will know who this weapon was but you can already guess it for its effects.

    4.3) Summoning Arts
    This is the system that determines the classic unit's ability that Summoner can summon.
    Your ability to use a certain unit will be limited (in the beginning you can't even summon your precious DEs kekekekek): their BC cost will be higher than usual, their stats are nerfed and their BB lv will have a cap.
    When choosing an Element, you can decide to train said Element. Choose wisely what to train depending on the unit you want to combo with Summoner-sama. To access Summoner Art info, on Summoner info click Summoner Arts button (if you have present the 1st screenshot that was taken, it's the number 1)
    This will be the appearance:
    Brief explanation:
    You can click each element to see their actual levels.
    The yellow bar is the unit's stat penalty.
    The blue one is BC cost penalty.
    The 2 to 4 rectangulars are your actual BB (in Blue with lv number), SBB (in Yellow with lv number) if you can use ES (colored by Red), UBB (same as ES) and SP (Green, it's called Enhancement).

    P.S. You jealous I can summon all my water waifus in JP? :3 And I'm Water Master Race! \o/
    If you want to know what to expect to next level, click on the button that you will find next to the next lv up bar and you will see something like this:
    The more you train a Element, the stronger will be the units you will use and eventually unlock its full potential, again...
    You have 2 ways to level up Summoner Arts: doing quests or farming on Summoner Lab (the latter will be explained better in paragraph 5.1).
    You will start with lv 1 on each element and you will be able to train 1 Element at time.
    For the 1st map (which is Bectas as I "spoiled" in summoner weapon) Element lv cap is 20.
    The real Summoning Arts lv cap is... oh wait I spoil it already and you can guess what will happen.
    This is the summoning arts table for each level (up to 20 for now, will update further once it will recieve an upgrade).
    Level and effect:
    1) You can use 4 or lower stars with its original Stats and BC efficiency but has BB Lv. cap 1; you can use 5 stars up to 70% of its original stats, 60% BC efficiency and BB lv 1. None can use ES! (It includes elgifs!)
    2) 4 or lower stars BB lv cap is 4.
    3) 5 stars now has 75% of its original stats.
    4) 4 or lower stars BB lv cap is 7.
    5) You can now summon 6 stars with 50% of its original stat, 50% BC efficiency and BB lv 1. It cannot use ES.
    6) 5 stars units BB lv cap is 4
    7) 5 stars BC efficiency is 65%
    8) 6 stars BB lv cap is 4.
    9) 5 stars now has 80% of its original stats.
    10) You can now summon 7 stars with 40% of its original stat, 30% BC efficiency and BB lv. 1. It cannot use ES.
    11) 5 stars units BB lv cap is 7.
    12) 6 stars now has 55% of its original stats.
    13) 4 or lower stars units BB lv cap is 10.
    14) 6 stars BC efficiency is 55%
    15) You can now summon DEs with 30% of its original stat, 25% BC efficiency and BB lv. 1. It cannot use ES.
    16) 7 stars units BB lv cap is 3
    17) 7 stars now has 45% of its original stats.
    18) 5 stars BC efficiency is 70%
    19) 6 stars BC efficiency is 60%
    20) DEs now has 35% of its original stat.
    Coming soon the other Lvs coz this is for Bectas update :innocent:
    But let's put 100 for the lulz (and coz you saw the screen as spoiler kek).
    100) Rip za warudo coz I can use my precious broken DEs at its "full" potential :smirk:. I'm serious... You can summon any unit without restriction.

    4.4) Summoner Sphere
    The summoner sphere is simply the leader skill you want to give to summoner. To change sphere, click the Summoner button and then Leader Skill Sphere Change.
    The interface (similar to the unit one):
    Each sphere has its own rarity like the normal spheres.
    You can obtain these spheres only by crafting in the LS sphere dedicated place.
    To find it go to Town -> LS Sphere.
    If you are a long time user in the forum, remember 2016 April Fools Chronicle? That blu place is in reality the LS Sphere crafting town :D.
    Unlike our usual units where it is lecit to Sphere frog them for extra sphere slot, you can only equip 1 LS sphere at time!
    As for now I will list you the recipe of each sphere. Search on your own how to craft some material spheres for now >.>
    Shining Stone:
    Effect: +20% HP and Rec.
    How to craft:
    Sky Staff ×2
    Shiny Armor ×2
    Metal Armor ×2 (Bectas 2-2 or 2-3)
    Sharp Claw ×2 (Bectas 2-1)​

    Sacred Flag:
    Effect: +20% Atk and 1 BC turn.
    How to craft:
    Dragon Blade ×2
    Demon Shard ×1
    Metal Armor ×2 (Bectas 2-2 or 2-3)
    Sharp Claw ×2 (Bectas 2-1)
    Guarding Light
    Effect: +20% Def and 50% Resist ailments.
    How to craft:
    Star Shield ×2
    Health Charm ×1
    Molten Bones ×2 (Bectas 6-1 or 6-4)
    Allurify ×2 (Bectas 5-3)
    General's Gem
    Effect: 200-400 HP Turn and 50% chance 10% HP when attacked.
    How to craft:
    Light Helm ×1
    Phoenix Eye ×1
    Molten Bones ×2 (Bectas 6-1 or 6-4)
    Allurify ×2 (Bectas 5-3)​

    4.5) Summoner Passives and SPs
    Summoner thanks to the weapons will gain Extra Skill that he/she can use to reinforce the Summoner Avatar. Each weapon gives different Extra Skill effect so choose what you will like and need. They are rated also by rarity.
    You can look at Summoner weapon to see the Extra skill you can equip. You can carry up to 2 Extra Skills (like a normal DE unit).
    To equip an ES, go to Summoner button and go to Extra Skill change. You will see this interface:
    The 2 ES I equiped comes from 2 different weapons that won't be released yet to EU once this arc will come for the 1st time, if you are curious of the effect: 1st one is 20% HP and 5% Mit to all Elements and 2nd one is 20% Def and HP, 10% Mit all elements and 20% chance to mitigate 20% Dmg.
    Another Passive that you can use is by spending some SPs to enpower your own stats (Atk, Def, Rec and HP) or to gain new passives (Spark dmg, Ailment Resistance, BB efficiency, BC/HC drop, etc.).
    To access SP skills from Summoner button go to Enhancements and you will see this:
    The more you power up a certain passive, the more expensive will become to upgrade it.
    Gaining SP is not hard, you have plenty ways to gain them: lvling up Summoner (you gain some SP depending on the level you get), fusing Frogs, farming in Summoner Lab or clearing Summoner Battle Room (the last 2 will be explained better in paragraph respectively 5.1 and 5.2)
    Fusing a Burst Frog is 1 SP with a cost of 50k zel each, an Emperor is 5 SP with a cost of 250k each and a Sphere frog is 10 SP with a cost of 500k each. You are crazy to spend those Zel for this trust me.

    4.6) Squad Management
    Till a certain point of the story, you will fight alone because you won't be able to use any of the remaining unit slot to summon a unit. In fact the slot you can't use will be crossed.
    Limera master race
    To unlock a slot: finish a certain point of the story!
    To spoil a bit: the 1st slot will be unlocked in Bectas once you completed a certain quest. The rest will be in future maps and update.
    Because of this and due to the fact you can't change your lead in this gameplay, choose very carefully the unit you intend to use!

    5) Summoner Art Lab
    To unlock this one, you need to finish 1st quest map of Bectas.
    To access this just scroll on the Summoner Home till you see this:
    Once you clicked that, you will see 2 different "Vortexs".
    In the top it's the Summoner Lab, in the bottom one it's the Summoner Battle Room.
    Each of those 2 vortexs has different roles that needs a separated voice that I will give a simple explaination.

    5.1) Summoner Training Lab
    Called also the parade for grinding anything that is grindable for your Summoner-kun/chan.
    You will have access to 4 different vortex quests. This is the interface with their banners:
    From top to bottom:
    - Summoner Exp Lab grinding
    - Summoning Arts Lab grinding
    - Weapon Exp Lab grinding
    - SP Lab grinding
    Each "parade" vortex has 3 levels. To do one you need to spend a certain amount of STP (Summoner Training Point), you will gain STP only by doing normal summoner quest with friends and non. You typically gain 50 points with a friend and half with non but a sort of STP event can occur and if we have the same as JP, the boost will be ×8 tendentially.
    None of these parades have a main boss but they have different bonuses that differs based on the quest.
    For your info it will be available lv 1 and 2 (it will be unlocked by completing Bectas main story) of each on the 1st time Summoner Arc will be released, but I will atill give you an idea of each lv the cost and benefits.
    Summoner EXP lab grind:
    Lv. 1:
    Cost 100 STP, you gain a minimum of 1k exp (if you encounter a Metal Ghost, it's a +1k each)​
    Lv. 2:
    Cost 300 STP, you gain a minimum of 3k exp (you might encounter a Metal Ghost with same exp boost or a Metal King which gives 3k each)​
    Lv. 3:
    Cost 1k STP, you gain a minimum of 15k exp (you might encounter a Metal Ghost with same exp boost, a Metal King which gives 3k each or a Metal God which gives 5k each).​

    Summoning Arts lab grind:
    Lv. 1:
    Cost 200 STP, you gain a minimum of 259 exp (if you encounter a Nymph, it's a +100 each)​
    Lv. 2:
    Cost 500 STP, you gain a minimum of 712 exp (you might encounter a Nymph with same exp boost or a Spirit which gives 3k each)​
    Lv. 3:
    Cost 1k STP, you gain a minimum of 1509 exp (you might encounter a Nymph with same exp boost, a Spirit with same boost or an Idol which gives 5k each).​

    Weapon lab grind:
    Lv. 1:
    Cost 200 STP, you gain a minimum of 3027 exp (if you encounter a Metal Ghost, it's a +1k each)​
    Lv. 2:
    Cost 500 STP, you gain a minimum of 7519 exp (you might encounter a Metal Ghost with same exp boost or a Metal King which gives 3k each)​
    Lv. 3:
    Cost 1k STP, you gain a minimum of 20013 exp (you might encounter a Metal Ghost with same exp boost, a Metal King which gives 3k each or a Metal God which gives 5k each).​

    SP lab grind:
    Lv. 1:
    Cost 100 STP, you gain a minimum of 17 SP (if you encounter a Burst Frog, it's a +5 each)​
    Lv. 2:
    Cost 300 STP, you gain a minimum of 61 SP (you might encounter a Burst frog with same SP bonus or an Emperor which gives 15 each)​
    Lv. 3:
    Cost 1k STP, you gain a minimum of 200 SP (same as lv 2).​

    5.2) Summoner Battle Room
    This is a sort of mix between a classic "Trial" and "Extra dg". Noel came up with this silly idea to use you again as lab rat...
    The reason why i said mix of Ex dg and Trial: Revive with Gem not available as it's a pseudo trial, you will only use 1 squad for the challenge (Ex dg style), you can use all the locked slots (so Trail like benefit?) but Summoning arts lv still applies to the challenge (buh).
    So far there are 4 challenges (all 4 not available when this guide got written and since they are not available their guide won't be available here).
    Clearing a challenge will give you a weapon (no spoil atm of what kind) that might be a good add to your collection or wardrobe (main reason to do Summoner Battle Room) and it gives Summoner SP and exp.
    So prepare your items and your units and fight to win Noel's challenges :D
    Coming soon...

    Took me long time to finish the 1st part of this guide... I hope it's worth it (^_^).
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    Yoshino-chan and Mishi mod.
    Nah it's Shion and Lucy or Amadeus
    Can change lead by request, just ask me.
    Tips and Q&A section (your favourite part... how ironic I am).

    1) Recommended units:
    - Bectas (Generally 5 star units): Merlin, Emily (with EWD Null sphere), Lin (with EWD Null sphere), Pamela, Ivris, Limera, Golzo, Libera (with Null EWD sphere), Soleil (with Null EWD sphere), Layla (with EWD null sphere), Charla (with Null EWD sphere), Eclise, Laberd, Migina, Robespierre.
    tell me if you have other to think of. I would say you would appreciate Anti Ailment units a lot.
    Why so many Null EWD spheres? There are 2 bosses in Bectas (Thunder and Dark with Fire buff).​
    2) For Bectas: start saving 20% stats.
    Recommended to start saving 25% single Stat spheres as it will be useful for the next map. Also if you can afford inventory, try to start crafting the 6 Elemental Mail spheres, in the future they will be useful to craft an OP sphere. Once a new map will be unlocked, I will give you more tips on the sphere to craft.
    3) Never ever spend your Crystals and Frogs to enpower summoner. As you read they are a waste of resource and zel. For Bectas it might be okay but just do it if you can afford wasting at least 10 Mil zel.
    4) Carrying on the unit with the same element as yours will boost Summoning arts exp by 33% on Quest only.
    5) At the beginning craft Revives (must), Fujins (it's ok to carry only the Tonics), Cures (must). Heros are useless. Recommended also Nullifiers (Ailments are a problem, trust me, unless you want to bring Null Ailment buffers), Def potions (wynaut), Idols (can save you) and Ares flute.
    6) Always pray for Metals and Mimics to appear. Why? The first will give extra Summoner lv exp, the latter will boost Summoning Arts exp.
    7) Best Grinding zone:
    Note: in Summoning Arts exp I put x/x. The reason is that the 1st number is the basic exp and the 2nd is if the unit you bring is the same as your current Summoner element (example Limera and Fire Summoner).
    - Bectas:
    - Selza Arsenal -> Weapons Loaded (12 en). Best place to grind STP on auto especially post 4th Map quest. It gives 160 Summoner exp, 9/12 Summoning Arts and 50 to 150 Weapon exp. This is for those who needs easy training without worrying dying.
    - Tech City Mersas -> Uninhabited Tower (12 en). Best balance between STP grind and Summoner lv, not really auto friendly (healer is recommended for auto). It gives 200 Summoner exp (more if you see a Metal Ghost so +1k), 12/16 Summoning Arts and 70 to 190 Weapon exp.
    - Elevated Station -> Ancient Wings (18 en).
    Best place to train Summoner exp and auto friendly (Melchio is the easiest boss). It gives base 330 Summoner exp (more if you see a Metal Ghost so +1k), 12 to 16 Summoning Arts exp (more if you see a Mimic) and from 150 to 300 exp Weapon exp.​

    1) Q: "Mishi, how many maps Summoner arc has?"
    A: I won't spoil you the exact number but to give you an idea: more than Rift world but less than Ishgria world. Also I spoiled you the first map name (Bectas) :D.
    2) Q: "Mishi, can we use Summoner in normal gameplay?"
    A: Not now, but in the future yes. When? No spoil... once it comes, I'll explain you what will happen...
    3) Q: "I want my Summoner to have a proper name ;_;"
    A: Blame Alim for this, not EU... oh wait... in JP you can change your ingame name ;_;
    4) Q: "Why Summoner got "nerfed"?"
    A: I think this gameplay was originally created as a pause to DE powercreep but then got rushed. Alim came up with an idea of this arc and it will explain you why we can't abuse of DEs in the beginning...
    5) Q: "I don't understand a crap about this wall of text"
    A: I might do a video tutorial as well...​

    6) Q: "Why you no spoil?"
    A: Why should I ruin the fun of discovery? :fiery:

    7) Q: "Summoner's max Lv?"
    A: Iirc for Bectas it is capped at 100 (good luck reaching it with Bectas update only), the real cap is way higher though. Worth it? If you reach the real lv cap you will get an OP weapon.​

    If you have questions or you don't understand certain parts of this guide, don't hesitate to ask here and I or another person will try to help you ^^'.

    P.S. At the end it didn't bypassed the character limit... not yet :^)
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