Technical Issue or Bug: Know the Difference!

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    Technical Issue or Bug: Know the Difference!

    There is a significant difference between these two types of problems, even if both prevent you from enjoying the game at its fullest.

    To help you better choose how to contact us about a problem, this article will let you know whether or not you are facing a Technical Issue or a Bug.

    Technical Issues
    These prevent you from accessing the application, or load it in a way that is unplayable.

    They include, but are not limited to:
    • Application not launching: The game automatically quits as soon as the application is launched.
    • Video or audio not working: Your device only shows a black screen, or you have no sound at all.
    • Application not downloading data: Even with enough memory, you cannot download game data.
    • Player input not being recognized: Touching the screen does not do anything.
    • Shop not working: Your attempts to purchase something from the Shop are not successful.​

    Here is what you should do when experiencing Technical Issues:
    • Attempt to fix your issue by following our Safety Tips.
    • If nothing works, contact Customer Support as soon as possible providing all important details about your issue. Find out how to send a ticket in our Support F.A.Q. about it!​

    These are errors in the coding of the game that stops the game from working as it should.

    The most SEVERE BUGS includes, but are not limited to:
    • Game crashes: The game crashes during gameplay, or when launching a mission.
    • Missing rewards: Obtaining the wrong rewards, not obtaining them all, or not obtaining anything.
    • Missing shop purchases: Not obtaining what you have purchased.

    MINOR BUGS include, but are not limited to:
    • Wrong game behavior: Unit skills do not behave correctly, interface buttons lead to a wrong menu.
    • Missing images and text: Units not showing in battle, incomplete descriptions, missing interface icons.

    Here is what you should do when experiencing Bugs:
    • Publish a Bug Report on the forums by following our Bug Report Rules & Guidelines.
    Important: Only contact Customer Support for SEVERE BUGS, as they will not be able to help you for MINOR BUGS. Don't hesitate to report both kinds of Bugs in the Bug Report section.​

    - The Brave Frontier RPG Team​

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