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    Suggestions | Rules & Guidelines

    Just as we always value our community's feedback, suggestions are very important so we can pass on to our team as many great ideas as possible.

    One thing to remember is that we can never guarantee content suggested here, even if gumi Europe staff comments on a particular suggestion, as there are many factors to take into account when choosing to modify the game.

    Still, the smallest difference could be an enjoyable improvement for everyone, which is why we'd like the Suggestions section to be an awesome place to regroup your ideas and improve upon them!

    You'll find below a quick guide to help you get the most out of this section.

    As always, please follow the forum's Rules of Conduct at all times.
    We also recommend reading our Forum Guidelines.

    What is a good suggestion?
    Everyone gets new ideas every day, but shaping them up into something truly useful can be a challenge. They can be about gameplay, artwork, features or even our forum.​

    • Avoid duplicate ideas: If your idea has been suggested before, unless you've thought of a completely different way of handling that suggestion, you need not create a new thread for it.

    • Be clear and straight to the point: Your title and introduction should give a brief overview of what your suggestion is about. The best way to grab attention is to use clear language and to avoid being too vague or negative about why something should change. When you've got that down, get into the more detailed aspects of your idea.

    • Think about what's missing: Efficient suggestions are those that reflect your current opinion of what feels incomplete. Bring up how you'd improve existing features, or detail brand new ideas that you'd like to see in the game.

    • Keep balance in mind: Think about how your suggestion could harm the game's balance before you publish it. Impacting how Economy, Experience or Skills work can negatively affect different areas of the game.

    • Don't spell out every possible detail: Focus on the main concept behind your idea rather than giving complete statistics or other in-depth details. Our team will have an easier time understanding your intention if you only include the most important information.

    • Think about all kinds of players: Unless you are suggesting high level content, keep in mind that not all players have reached the end goal. If your suggestion can be tweaked to benefit all players instead of a specific group, you should prioritize that aspect.​

    What happens after my Suggestion is posted?
    Now that it's there for everyone to see, you may receive support, assistance or criticism from other players that can help you shape your idea better.​

    • Know that feedback can go both ways: Not everyone will agree that your suggestion is suitable for the game, and that is fine. Even if it can be disheartening, all feedback can help you to shape an idea into something better. When others suggest areas of improvement, they're literally just encouraging you to get the most from your idea.

    • Everyone's opinion counts: Even if only gumi Europe can actually add content to the game, do not dismiss support or criticism from other players. You should consider incorporating their ideas if you agree, or provide your own counter arguments if you disagree. While popularity does not mean a suggestion will be added, having support and thus more visibility can only make it more awesome.

    • Don't be dismayed by a lack of messages from gumi Europe: Not seeing any replies from gumi Europe does not mean your ideas are being ignored. There are hundreds of messages daily and we cannot possibly hope to keep up with everything, let alone answer all of them. We do ensure that as many great suggestions as possible will be noted down and made available to the entire team, so do keep it up!
    What is NOT considered a Suggestions?
    Purely discussing future content, asking for a previous change to be reverted or simply saying that you don't like something is not a suggestion.

    If you'd like to provide suggestions purely about future content, it should be done in the Future Content section. If you'd like to voice your discontent, feel free to do so in the Rants section!​

    Rules listed below are to be taken into account when posting in this section, on top of general Forum Rules of Conduct.

    • Dismissal: Do not post in someone's suggestion thread simply to put their ideas down. Criticism is fair, as are arguments to explain why an idea would most likely not be doable, but please respect that everyone's ideas may have genuinely good intentions. This is similar to Rule of Conduct 2.4, Drive by.

    • Call for attention: Do not call out gumi Europe for not answering or massively tag gumi Europe staff to get an answer, as all it does is harass the very people who want to see great suggestions. We are human and, even when we can't give you what you want, we're doing our best for your enjoyment!
    Thank you for being so passionate about the game. Hopefully some of your suggestions and feedback will eventually be fully realized!
    - The Brave Frontier RPG Team​
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