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    Sending a ticket to Customer Support

    Before contacting us, please take a few minutes to read the following article which explains in which case Customer Support should be contacted.

    If following our Safety Tips did not fix your issue, you can contact our Customer Support team within the game or via the Support Website.

    Customer Support is NOT a place for complaints, suggestions or questions about the game itself such as gameplay tips. Please do not send such messages, as they will only slow down proper treatment of relevant queries.

    Discussions should ONLY be held in the forums in the appropriate sections such as General Discussion, Suggestions or Rants. An option to "Provide feedback" does exist within the game when contacting Support, but should only be used as a last option if you are unable to post on the forums.​

    What can Customer Support do?
    Customer Support is here to provide assistance to you whenever you seek technical help about your account, or have not received items you purchased or were owed.

    Customer Support will NOT be able to provide direct help for minor Bugs that affect the entire game like translation errors, missing sound, images or text. If following Safety Tips did not work, you should report such Bugs in the appropriate Bug Report thread so we can investigate as soon as possible.

    Please check out the difference between a Bug and a Technical Issue by reading the Support F.A.Q. article about it.
    When should I contact Customer Support?
    Customer Support should be contacted when you face TECHNICAL ISSUES including, but not limited to:
    • Lost account: You cannot access your account and do not have a Transfer Code.
    • Application not launching: The game automatically quits as soon as the application is launched.
    • Video or audio not working: Your device only shows a black screen, or you have no sound at all.
    • Application not downloading data: Even with enough memory, you cannot download game data.
    • Player input not being recognized: Touching the screen does not do anything.
    • Shop not working: Your attempts to purchase something from the Shop are not successful.

    Customer Support should also be contacted for SEVERE BUGS that affect you personally such as:
    • Game crashes: The game crashes during gameplay, or when launching a mission.
    • Bugs about shop/rewards: You did not receive due rewards after completion of a mission or confirmation of their distribution, did not obtain what you purchased or lost items due to a game error.
    How should I write my message?
    Here are a few tips to make sure your Customer Support ticket can be taken care of as fast as possible:
    • Don't leave any information out: Information such as your device and system (iOS, Android, Kindle), your Units, your Friend ID and username, the last time you played or your last purchases will help us a lot.
    • Do not send multiple messages in a short time frame: If we have not replied to you yet, we most likely haven't had the time to check your ticket yet as there are hundreds of them. Tickets can take up to a week to be answered, after which it is fine to send a new ticket.
    • Tell us if your issue has been resolved: If after sending a ticket, or after receiving a reply, you realize that the issue you were facing has been taken care of, please notify us so that we can archive your ticket.
    • Being polite goes a long way: We obviously know that there's a high chance you are upset if you need to contact us, and that is fine. However, being rude or aggressive is still not appropriate and will not help us to help you. Please keep in mind that all we want to do is resolve your issues as fast as possible!​

    Where to contact Customer Support
    You can contact Customer Support by directly going to our Support Website.

    You can also access this in-game. Tap on the Gear icon from the Splash Screen and then on the Contact button (Picture 1). You will then be prompted to provide an email, type a detailed message explaining your issue, select the reason you are contacting Customer Support and enter your ID before you tap on "Send" (Picture 2).

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Thank you for your attention!
    - The Brave Frontier RPG Team​

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