Important Safety Tips & Customer Support

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    Safety Tips & Customer Support

    Please take a couple of minutes to read this article about technical issues, how to prevent them and when to contact Customer Support.

    The following steps are explained below to ensure your account is safe and your game experience is optimal:
    Step 1. Protect your Save file!
    Step 2. In case of issues, use "Refresh"
    Step 3. If "Refresh" doesn't work, try reinstalling
    Step 4. Contact Customer Support​

    Our Customer Support team frequently receives queries from players who did not follow those important steps. Please familiarize yourself with all of them to ensure you only contact us at the appropriate time.

    Step 1. Protect your Save file!
    Know that your account will NEVER be lost, as it is stored in our servers. However, if you change your device, if you format your device or if you encounter other problems such as damaging or losing your device, your save file will NOT stay with you.

    To KEEP your Save file with you, create a Transfer code as soon as possible. This will be your personal Save file code to use at ANY TIME. Find below an explanation of how to create one and use it.

    • Creating your Transfer Code:
    From the Home Screen, access the "Menu" (Picture 1) and then tap on the "Settings" button (Picture 2).

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Scroll down until you find Data Transfer, then tap on the "Issue" button (Picture 3). Write your personal password and tap on "Issue" to create your code (Picture 4).
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Your Transfer Code and Password will now be displayed (Picture 5). We suggest you write it down somewhere safe that only you can easily access.

    • Using your Transfer Code:

    From the Splash Screen, tap on the Gear icon and then the Transfer button (Picture 6). Type in your Transfer Code and Password, then tap on "Send" to load your Save file (Picture 7).

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The application will then have to be restarted and you will instantly have your account back.
    Step 2. In case of issues, use "Refresh"
    Should you experience issues such as missing pictures and text, game freezes or game crashes, start by using the "Refresh" option. This will initiate a FULL download of the game data from scratch, to make sure there is no missing data on your device, so keep in mind that it will require a fast Internet connection.

    In many cases, using "Refresh" will make the game stable again. From the Splash Screen, tap on the Gear icon and then the Refresh button (Picture 1). When you are ready to download data, tap on Yes and then restart the application again (Picture 2).

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    You need not use "Refresh" multiple times in a row to improve its chances of fixing something. If using "Refresh" once does not fix your issue, move on to the next step.​

    Step 3. If "Refresh" doesn't work, try reinstalling
    Reinstalling the application WILL keep your Save file intact, and is the cleanest way to make sure your game has been installed correctly with all of its data.

    Note: On Android devices, before deleting the application, we recommend emptying its cache by going to your device's settings and viewing the application details.

    If an unforeseen issue causes your Save file to be deleted, make sure you have your Transfer code ready. If your issue remains after both Step 2 and Step 3, you should send a message to Customer Support as explained below.​

    Step 4. Contact Customer Support
    Customer Support is your way to reach us out in case of TECHNICAL ISSUES or BUGS that were not fixed with the above Safety Tips. Find out how to send a ticket in our Support F.A.Q. about it!

    Thank you for your attention. We hope this Safety Tips guide has been useful for you!​
    - The Brave Frontier RPG Team​

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