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    Rules of Conduct

    The Official Brave Frontier RPG forums are a place of exchange where people of all ages engage in various discussions about the role-playing mobile game Brave Frontier RPG, as well as many other topics. Please keep in mind that your messages might be read by younger players before posting.

    Rules of Conduct are organized into three categories: Respect, Decency and Security. Failing to respect any of them will lead to the removal of your messages, and may cause your forum or game account to be temporarily or permanently banned as detailed in our Forum Offense System.

    Please take some time to familiarize yourself with these, Summoner!

    1. Respect
    Always be considerate and respectful to your fellow Summoners. We want all players, moderators and gumi Europe staff to feel welcome when participating in any discussion.​

    • 1.1 Offensive Language: Do not post abusive, vulgar, obscene, sexually oriented or threatening messages directed to someone, as well as anything invasive of a person's privacy or in violation of any law. Harassment, no matter its form or reason, is not tolerated.

    • 1.2 Hate speech: Do not post sexual, profane or ethnic slurs or any derogatory message about others.

    • 1.3 Shocking content: Do not post images of a sexual, profane or excessively violent nature, no matter in which form of art. We refer to your common sense to stay family-friendly.

    • 1.4 Toxicity: Do not post derogatory messages meant to spread negativity around the forums with no other goal in mind. If you cannot contribute in a civil way, simply refrain from posting. This also includes not respecting the presence of others in the international Chat by purposely not speaking English.

    • 1.5 Trolling: Do not post dishonestly or in an inflammatory manner for the sole purpose of upsetting others. A certain form of trolling can be fun, but making other people uncomfortable is not acceptable.

    • 1.6 Abuse of capital letters: Do not post sentences entirely written in capital letters, as it only conveys aggressiveness and feels like being attacked. This will instantly turn away anyone who was ready to take some time to read and answer you, which is something we want to avoid.​

    2. Decency
    We expect our community to uphold certain quality of life values that serve the common interest of productive and meaningful discussions.

    • 2.1 Spam: Do not post any message irrelevant to the discussion on hand or meant to be annoying. This includes messages that only contain a picture, such as memes/image macros, as well as intentionally short and obscure thread titles.

    • 2.2 Leaked information: Do not discuss details of upcoming content that have not been fully unveiled by official sources, such as the product of data mining. If it is not officially announced, it can be erroneous and misleading. The Internet is a pretty big place, so if you feel like it, you can seek and discuss such information elsewhere.

    • 2.3 Thread derail: Do not hijack threads, ignoring their main purpose to center them around yourself, or keep a thread derail alive by responding to such unrelated branches of conversation.

    • 2.4 Drive by: Do not simply post short inflammatory comments to criticize the subject on hand and call it a day. Negative commentary and minority opinions are never frowned upon, but cutting-off any semblance of discussion is not contributing to anything.

    • 2.5 Necroposting: Do not post something irrelevant in a very old thread to bring it back up at the top. If a thread hasn't had a reply for several weeks or months, it's probably best left alone. Unless it is fully justified, you should always discuss in newer threads or create new threads.

    • 2.6 Off-topic promotion: Do not promote another product or service through PR-like messages, whether or not you have any involvement in. These forums encourage discussions of various passions and hobbies, but are not a platform to help other businesses flourish.

    • 2.7 Other versions of Brave Frontier: Do not promote migration to other servers in any way, as these forums are here for the European community. In official threads, discussing other versions of Brave Frontier for comparison purposes is absolutely fine, as long as our European server remains at the center of the discussion. If you want to have lengthy discussions purely about other servers, do so in separate Off Topic threads or on other dedicated forums.
    3. Security
    We expect our community to uphold fair play values and avoid scenarios that put others at risk by asking for personal information or promoting forbidden behavior.

    • 3.1 Personal information: Do not, by any means, ask for personal information or publish personal information publicly or privately on the forums. This includes, but is not limited to, full names, addresses, phone numbers and emails. Such sensitive information could very easily find itself in the wrong hands. Private forum messages must never be shared publicly in any form unless all parties agree.

    • 3.2 Multi-account: Do not create and use more than one account at a time on this forum, be it to circumvent a ban, inflate poll votes or any other reasons. Forum accounts must never be shared with anyone.

    • 3.3 Cheating: Do not promote the use of bug exploits, explaining how a bug exploit works or encouraging others to discuss how to take advantage of an exploit. This includes glitches within the game as well as the use of third-party program, or any other means of forcing the game to give unfair advantages.

    • 3.4 Third-party software: Do not link to or encourage discussions of hacking, account trading or data mining sites. Emulation is a generally accepted topic, although unsupported officially, but other subjects mentioned above are all forbidden activities that we do not wish to see discussed.
    These rules have been established to ensure a safe environment for enthusiastic discussions. They apply to all forums, including the Chat. They may be edited at any time and will be instantly enforced without prior warning.

    Specific parts of the forums may also have further rules applied to them, available as Sticky Threads in the appropriate sections. We also recommend reading our Forum Guidelines to ensure you always act your best when living in a community.

    Thank you for keeping the forums awesome for everyone!
    - The Brave Frontier RPG Team​
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