Patch Notes | November 24 2016

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    Patch Notes | November 24 2016

    We've just deployed a server update for Brave Frontier RPG.
    An automatic data download will occur the next time you launch the application.

    Read the Patch Notes right below!

    Important: If you encounter game issues after updating, please follow our guide to refresh your game data.

    Fixed Issues

    • Fixed an issue with 7-Star Zelnite's Leader Skill when selected as support in battle, the EXP Bonus works now correctly.
    • Trident Keys are back in the Exchange Hall in Randall. You can now buy 1 Key each week.*1
    • Fixed minor localization issues.​

    In other news

    • Dream Evolution for Charlotte has been unlocked. Stay tuned for her Stats and Skills.
    • Rewards for the Halloween event has been delivered in the Chest of the Summoners elegible for them.*2

    *1: A display issue is affecting the timer for Trindent Key, but don't worry, it will reset each week.
    *2: Some little Imp Artons have lost their way to your chest, we will help them reach you next week.

    If for any reason, Trident Keys or the new Items & Spheres are not showing up for you after the update, restarting the game should fix it.

    If you believe something has been changed but is not documented in these Patch Notes, please detail it so that it can be added.

    Thanks for your support! Enjoy your time on Grand Gaia!
    - The Brave Frontier RPG Team
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