Important Participation Thread | Design our next NeoAvalon Unit: Gwenevere!

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  2. SuperP

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    TOP UNIT!!!
    ID: 85587664.
    Name in game: papapapa


    Holy Light Ray Gwenevere :dream:

    Lord Stats:
    HP: 8500 (+1800)
    ATK: 3000 (+400)
    DEF: 3000 (+700)
    REC: 3000 (+700)

    LS: 50% HP and Def, damage taken boosts BB gauge (4-7), Reduces BB gauge required for BB, Boosts OD gauge fill rate.

    ES: 30% Stats and negation all status ailments effects for 3 turns BB/SBB when Family heritage is equipped and Adds resistance against 1KO attack when HP is below 20%.

    BB: Boosts Max HP (15%), Greatly recovers HP (3500-4000), enormously boosts BB gauge (10CB) and reduces all elemental damage for 3 turns (15%).

    SBB: 40 powerful attacks on all foes (580% BB attack), adds all elements to attack 3 turns, damage taken boosts BB gauge 3 turns (4-7) and Probability of raising allies from KO (10%).

    UBB: 25 combo massive attack on all foes (1300% BB attack), Reduce damage 75% 3 turns, raises normal hit amount (x3), boosts atk of all allies 3 turns (250%).

    - 20% boosts Stats. ------------------------------------------------------------------>10 sp
    - Boosts own def relative to amount of depleted HP.---------------------------->10 sp
    - Adds OD gauge boosts effect to SBB.-------------------------------------------->30 sp
    - Enhances 10% HP, Def to LS.----------------------------------------------------->20 sp
    - Reduces own BB gauge required for BB/SBB (15%)-------------------------->10 sp
    - Enhances BB reduce elemental damage boost effect (5%)------------------>10 sp
    - Allows UBB effects to last for 4 turns.------------------------------------------->60 sp
    - Enhances SBB's probability of raising allies from KO (2%)------------------>30 sp
    - Enhances BB boosts Max HP (5%)---------------------------------------------->20 sp

    - Damage taken boosts BB gauge (2-3CB)---------------------------------------> 20sp
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  3. Broekie-Chan

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    Gumi Yuki
    Name: Broekie

    >Artwork: Soon (maybe.)

    >Lore: (Omni Evolution)
    This article has bin written on the AvalonPedia. Gwenevere the oh so famous Entertainer. Nobody knows how she really got famous, but i the internet geek am going to expose her for what she really is. She used to have a big crush on Arthur, let all her hopes and dreames go just to be with him, it was kinda dramatic how she got a meltdown after the bad news, he died XDD. But back tovthe expose part, she lost all hopes and dreams once again. But she had a plan, she only has the disguise herself as an inocent being and get a great reputation. By getting that "reputation" she signed a contract by an powerfull demon, known as even more powerfull as Karna Masta , he has only no bad intentions yet. Why am i the internet geek always getting side tracked? She signed a contract were she could manipulate all weak minded humans she wanted, accept me the internet geek. Now she got enough materials and NeoCash to re-awaken her long lasting love ♡ but she feared that she might not be as he used to be. She prepared herself mentaly and Got her armor and weapons back on. She made a huge mistake, she trusted that dark Magician... her biggest mistake. She created an evil being. Her last Quotes before she died "mysteriously"

    "Why do you hate me?""I... *Cough* Want... your....

    >Skills: Element : Thunder

    》[Leaderskill]《 Reduces damage taken 10% when Damage taken exceeds over 3000Hp & Reduces damage taken 10% When over 10Bc is collected (all allies)for 2 turns & reduces damage taken +1% each turn (10%Max)

    》[Extraskill]《 adds chance to fill own bb to max to bb/sbb {50%} & boost all stats by 30% when Secret Desire is is equipped & and adds Curse,Poisen & Stun Ailment removal/negation 3 turns to bb/sbb

    》[BraveBurst]《 28 combo Thunder attack [AoE_870%] (see SP skills)

    》[SuperBraveBurst]《 32 combo Thunder attack [AoE_650%] & 1 combo Single target Thunder attack [ 500% ] (See SP skills)

    》[Ultimate Brave Burst]《 40 combo single target Thunder attack [ 2500%] reduces damage taken 50% for 6 turns & fill all bb gauge to max & boost OD gauge by 50%

    》[Sp Skills]《

    》》100Pts《《: adds boost all Stats 30% to leaderskill & adds 50% Mitigation for 2 turns & boost bb gauge when attacked (5-8Bc) & boost Atk,Def,Rec 170% for 3 turns to bb/sbb

    》》100Pts《《:adds Bb damage boost to leaderskill 400% & boost Atk 170% & bb damage 450% & damage boost on ailed enemy's 200% for 3 turns & adds ailment to attack to all allies (35%) bb/sbb

    》》100Pts《《: adds Boost Def 60% & negates Def ignore to Leaderskill, & adds Def boost 170% & & Heals ~45% Hp for 3 turns & Removes ailments & adds Mana shield *85% Rec for 3 turns

    》》100Pts《《 Boost Hp & Atk 50% to leaderskill & boost own spark damage 150% & BB damage 400% & Boost Crit damage 100% & boost weaker element damage 100% SELF

    》》100Pts《《Adds boost bb gauge when attacked (4-6Bc) & boost bb effiency 30% to leaderskill & adds boost bc effiency 50% & boost bb gauge when attacked (6-8Bc) & Boost bb gauge when Sparking (2-3bc) for 3 turns

    Stats]《 Based on Lord!
    Hp: 8431 (+1600)
    Atk: 3406 (+800)
    Def: 3066 (+800)
    Rec: 2821 (+600)

    COST: 52
    Dropcheck: 1
    BB/SBB/UBB cost,
    bb: 30 sbb 35 Ubb: 1
    Arena Type : 2

    Secret Desire: Boost all stats 35% boost bb gauge each turn 5~8Bc & Replenishes each turn a Light elemental barrier (1000Hp)*
    [Parameter up sphere]

    Materials: 1x Photon Sword 8x Black dragon Fang 8x Miasma bug 1x buffer jewel 99x Light eye 2.500.000Karma

    *Normal sphere house*

    *an light barrier that can stack with bb/sbb barriers.
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  4. licoldr

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    Arthur, Rain, Gilgamesh
    Lucy, Fina, Surt
    Holia, Lid, Melord
    Ark, Kalon,
    Zelnite, Hisui
    Player ID: 9972395
    Player Name: licoldr
    Participating categories: Lore, skills


    Gwenevere was a princess from a nearby kingdom to NeoAvalon. Arthur managed to marry her and avoid a war between these two kingdoms, but even if she fallen in love with Arthur, he never showed
    any sign of love towards her. It is believed that that situation was the reason why Gwenevere ended up cheating Arthur with one of his Knights.

    It is said that her mood is connected to NeoAvalon's nature. This can explain why the flowers wilted when she noticed that Arthur cared more to finde The Grail than to spend time with her.
    When Mordred attacked NeoAvalon and murdered Arthur, she felt free to leave the kingdom whit her lover. Nothing more was known about her except that she visited Arthur's tomb every year in their
    wedding anniversary, but even now, no one knows the reason.


    Name: White Fairy Gwenevere
    Element: Earth
    Rarity: :dream:
    Cost: 50

    Max Stats (Lord) + Imp

    HP --> 7884 + 1400
    Atk --> 2788 + 560
    Def --> 3225 + 700
    Rec --> 3341 + 800

    Normal Attack

    Hits: 14
    Max BC generated: 42 (3BC/hit)


    Leader Skill - Windo Sebara

    50% Booost to max HP, Def, boost BC efficacy (30%), fills BB gauge when attacked (2-3BC) and negates critical damage

    Brave Burst - Command of the Queen (2bc/hit, 28bc to fill)

    10 combo powerful Earth attack on single foe, hugely restores HP of all allies (3500-4200 HP), gradually recovers BB gauge (5BC/turn) and boost OD gauge (5%)

    Super Brave Burst - Protection of the ruler (1bc/hit, 30bc to fill, 48 total)

    23 combo powerful Earth attack o all foes, hugely restores HP of all allies (4500-5300 HP), boost BC,HC effectiviness (35%) and Activates mana shield (75% Rec)

    Ultimate Brave Burst - Magna sylvam (30bc to fill)

    Fully recovers HP of all allies for 3 turns, boost OD fill rate (30%) for 3 turns, chance (70%) of reviving fallen allies and fills all allies bb gauge for 3 turns

    Extra Skill - Mercy of the Kingdom

    Boost max HP, Def and Rec (30%) and adds an own Rec buff (120%) effect to bb/sbb for 3 turns when Mechanical Rose is equiped and recovers HP each turn (2500-3000) when Photon Sword or Avalon Idol is equiped

    SP Options

    Cost Category Description

    20 Parameter Boost 20% boost to all parameters

    10 Parameter Boost 10% Boost to max HP

    10 Parameter Boost 20% Boost to max HP (needs the previous one to be unlocked)

    30 HP Recovery Recovers HP each turn (2500-3500)

    20 Brave Burst Boost BB gauge each turn (3BC)

    30 Special Enhances SBB's Mana shield (from 75% Rec to 85%)

    30 Special Adds status aliment removal effect to BB/SBB

    50 Special Enhances UBB's chance of revival (from 70% to 100%)

    20 Special Enhances LS's parameter boost effect (from 50% to 60%)

    40 Special Adds nulling element based damage effect to LS

    Name: Mechanical Rose
    Sphere Type: Status Boost Sphere
    Effect: 40% boost to max HP, Def. Recovers HP each turn (1500-2500) , reduces BB gauge required for BB (20%) and fills bb gauge each turn (3bc)

    Materials: 2x Photon Sword, 10x Meru nut, 1 Flower Core
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  5. Paul51

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    Los que necesites papu :D
    PLAYER ID: 77852023

    >>UNIT LORE<<
    Since her childhood Gwenevere was in love with Arthur, always so gentile and brave. In order to impress him, she always worked hard on the arts of his folk, technomancy, a mix between advanced technology and arcane sorcery.

    As she became the most gifted technomancer of her country, her inner anger and jealousy of the relation that Arthur and Morgana held grew with the years.

    It´s said that mad of envy, she left the kingdom searching for a legendary island called NeoAvalon, where the technology levels surpassed the imagination and that was hiding the most secret spells.

    She spend years wandering through many lands but one day she started to dream with a man, a man with a cloak, a long grey beard and a siloutte covered in darkness, his name was Merlin, and following his indications Gwevere found the secret island.

    The cybernetic guardians of the island recognized her noble blood and allowed her to stay there and be taught in the wonders of their culture.

    With the knowledge Gwenevere acquired she decided that she was strong enough now to be at Arthur´s side. At that moment from NeoAvalon, commanded by a man that she never saw before, but for some reason, very familiar, an army of robotic warriors was heading towards the kingdom.

    She supposed that army to be ally of the king, but she was wrong, when she discovered what was happening she moved quickly to the kingdom.

    By the time she reached the battlefield it was too late, and she only found a girl crying over the lifeless body of the man she loved, using her powers she revived the scene in her mind, as she watched the battle between father and son, she also noticed the pressence of Morgana, the mother of the kid, and then she understood that she was the one behind the war that desolated the kingdom.

    Deranged by the loss of his loved king, she started alone his search of Morgana, his search of vengeance.
    Perhaps If Mordred hadn`t attack the Kingdom, with his knowledge Gwenevere would have carried his folk to a new era of prosperity, being she the most powerful technomancer ever, having a strong governement leaded by Arthur and Viviane, with the crusaders at their service, leaded by Mordred to keep the kingdom safe.
    Gwenevere would have accepted her fate as one of the pillars of the kingdom and her own legend, would have endured many centuries.


    :dream: Gwerevere, revenge of the kingdom :dream:
    >Unit type:
    >Leader skill:
    50% Boost Atq, boost 50% critical rate, 100% spark damage and 100% BB/SBB damage
    >Extra skill:
    Boost Atq 80% when HP are full and 30% when BB gauge is full, raises hit amount (+2)
    20 combo powerful Fire attack on all foes, adds def ignore and raises all elements attack (120%)
    30 combo powerful Fire attack on all enemies & adds chance that allies will cast double BB/SBB/UBB (15% chance +5% / Avalon Unit in the team) & fills own BB gauge to the max & boosts critical hit rate (80%) for 3 turns.
    1 Combo fire attack on all foes (1200-2800%, depends on the remaining PS, critical rate of 50%). Boost critical damage (350%), Atq BB (650%), damage caused by sparks (150%) for 3 turns.
    10SP: 30% boost ATQ
    10SP: 70% boost Spark damage
    40SP: enhance ES raising 1 hit
    50SP: enhance SBB critical hit rate (80%>90%)
    20SP: 15% boost all parametres
    40SP: 30% boost HP
    30SP: enhance BB elemental boost (120%>180%)
    20SP: boost critical hit damage (50%)
    20SP: critical hit damage boost BB gauge (2-3 BC)
    30SP: Slightly boosts BC efficacy (15% boost)

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  6. Setharyhan

    Setharyhan [7] Hero

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    Leader skill:
    Boost 40% HP ans DEF ,boost 10% fill rate to BB gauge and mitigate 20% damage taken .

    Extra skill
    When photon sword or excalibur is equiped ad 120% boost ATK to BB/SBB ,when Excalibur is equiped ad dark and light barrier (2000p) to BB/SBB/UBB

    Brave burst:
    10 combos powerful light and dark attacks to all foes , 50% mitigate damage taken for one turn .
    Super brave burst:
    15 combo powerful dark and light attacks to all foes and ad dark ans light element to all allies ,mitigate 50% damage taken fit 1 turn .Great recover HP for all allies .

    Ultimate brave burst
    2 combo extremely powerful dark and light attacks to all foes ,ad all element to attacks allies for 3 turn ,full HP recover for 3 turn to all allies and mitigate 75% damage taken for 3 turn ans ad BB boost gauge for 3 turn (50bc).

    Sp skill :
    Nom idea ;p
  7. τΗε Rεαρεr

    τΗε Rεαρεr [7] Hero

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    Magena (A)
    Amadeus (A)
    Cobalt (G)
    Category 3: Skills
    ID: 87534127
    Player name: Kira

    Element: Thunder
    - Passive Skills
    Leader Skill: 50% boost to HP, DEF and REC, 100% boost to ATK when BB gauge is full, nullifies critical damage and boosts BB gauge when attacked (6-8 BC)

    Extra Skill: Nullifies critical and elemental weakness damage and 100% damage boost against status afflicted foes when Her sphere is equipped, adds cure status aliments to SBB

    - Active Skills
    Brave Burst: 45 Combo random Thunder attack on all foes(3500%), boosts max HP (15%), chance of inflicting a status ailment (75%), boosts DEF for 3 turns (160%), damage taken boosts BB gauge for 3 turns (4-6 BC )

    Super Brave Burst: 30 combo Thunder attack on all foes (560%), negates status ailments for 3 turns, boosts DEF for 3 turns (160%), greatly restores HP (4000-4500 HP) and damage taken boosts BB gauge for 3 turns (4-6 BC )

    Ultimate Brave Burst: 40 Combo Thunder attack on all foes (1500%), fully fill allies BB gauge for 3 turns, 75% damage reduction for 3 turns, 300% damage boost against status afflicted foes for 3 turns, chance of inflicting a status ailment (100%)

    - Enhancements
    1) 20 SP: 30% boost to HP
    >2) 10 SP: Enhances HP boost (+20%, 50% in total)
    3) 20 SP: Boost BB gauge when attacked (2-4 BC)
    4) 20 SP: Negates ignore defense damage
    5) 30 SP: Enhances BB/SBB's adds BB gauge when attacked effect (+ 1-2 BC, 5-7 BC in total)
    6) 30 SP: Enhances SBB's HP restoration effect (+500 HP, 4500-5000 HP in total)
    7) 40 SP: Adds 180% damage boost against status afflicted foes for 3 turns to BB
    8) 40 SP: Adds Thunder barrier to BB/SBB (2000 HP)
    >9) 10 SP: Enhances barrier's HP (+ 1000 HP, 3000 HP in total)
    10) 60 SP: Allows UBB effects to last for additional turn

    - Her sphere
    (Stats up): 40% boost to HP and DEF, negates all status aliments, 60% boost to DEF and REC when HP is above half, boosts BB gauge every turn (6 BC)
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  8. Tlachtga senpai

    Tlachtga senpai Waifu Lover

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    Player ID: 58266598
    Player Name: Tlachtga

    Skillset and lore.

    Neo-Avalon, a place with really advanced technology but filled with tragedies, both seen and unseen. The greatest tragedy to befell that land was the war that opposed Arthur and his son Mordred, a conflict that would cause more problems than the inhabitants first thought, for it would awaken a fierce “Demon” which would threaten the whole world.

    A great number of lives were lost during this war, including the one of King Arthur, victim of his fate, who felled at the very hand of his son, after a furious clash of will. However, not all victims were injured physically or dead, some of them were mentally scared and one of such people was Gwenevere, a beautiful young woman who was crazy in love with King Arthur, even though she knew he had no eyes for her for he had always prefered Vivianne.

    The mere fact of being close to her beloved was enough to make her filled with joy, ever knowing that no matter what she tried she could not be closer to him. The situation was fine for her, of course, because the only thing she wanted was to see him happy, however his untimely death took its toll on the beautiful young woman, who began to slowly hate the world and everything within it, including herself, for she was not able to do anything for her beloved, that situation lead to her ultimately going berserk and beginning to plot something to destroy the world she felt was responsible for the death of Arthur. This plan, however, would lead to her own death.

    The first part of her next actions was a mere act of Revenge which would not lead to anything in the greater picture and consisted in the murder of Vivianne,who could not protect nor aid her beloved King, which she succeded to do thanks to a bit of trickery (and a bit of luck). The next part of her plan was to seek a secret weapon, created to be used in the last moments of the conflict if things would turn awry and was said to be capable of ending everything within mere minutes. She managed to find some clues concerning the location of the weapon, by diverses means such as murder and manipulation but when she finally arrived at her destination, she was unfortunately welcomed by the new appointed King, Perceval, and his suite, and after a fierce battle, she was finally killed there, and all her actions were for naught.

    However, maybe, just maybe, if things would have turned a bit better, she would have been able to get closer to her Beloved, which would have caused her to find some ways to help and protect him even when things began to turn desperate, which could have lead to them being able to survive together, caring and loving each other really deeply until the day they would get married together, ending their lives in Joy and bringing peace and prosperity to the whole kingdom for the many years they would have lived.

    Gwenevere, devoted wife.

    Rarity: :dream:


    Normal attack: 11 hits Drop Check: 5 BC/hit

    LS (Sanctum of Happiness) :50% to HP/Def, immunity to elemental damage, slight chance (15%) to restore demage taken (20%) and mitigates 20% of all incoming damage after a certain amount (5000) of damage is taken for 2 turns.

    ES (Glorious Beauty) :30% to all stats when her special sphere (Gwenevere's Wedding Ring) is equipped, boosts her defense by 50% when her HP>50%, boosts BB gauge by 2-3 BC when attacked and immunity to all status ailments (for self)

    BB (Fiery Passion): 18 combo fire attack on all enemies (400%), mitigates damage taken by 50% for 1 turn, boosts HC/BC drop rate(30%) for 3 turns and heals HP for all allies (3500-4000 HP + 15% of Gwenevere)

    BC required : 20 / drop check 1 BC/hit ->18 BC in total per enemy hit

    SBB (Eternal Devotion): 25 powerful combo fire attack on all enemies (650%), mitigates damage taken by 50% for 1 turn, boosts HC/BC drop rate (35%) for 3 turns, slightly heals all allies over time (2000-2500 HP +10% of Gwenevere Rec) for 3 turns and add Rec->Def (70%) for 3 turns.

    BC required 30 (50 from base BB gauge) / drop check 1 BC/hit ->25 per enemy hit

    UBB (Overflowing Love): 35 massive combo fire attack on all enemies (1500%), mitigates damage taken by 75% for 3 turns, boosts max HP (30%), boosts BB gauge when attacked (50 BC) for 3 turns and restores HP (100% chance to restore 75% of damage received) when attacked for 3 turns and adds high chance (80%) to give angel idol buff (for 999 turns).

    BC required: 35. drop check: 1 BC/hit per enemy hit.

    SP skills:

    A)-10 points: boosts Def/HP by 20%.

    B)-20 points: further boosts Def/HP ->50% (requires A to be unlocked).

    C)-20 points: add immunity to critical attacks (self).

    D)-30 points: add resistance to 1 KO when HP<30%

    E)-30 points: add fire barrier effect to SBB (2500 HP).

    F)-10 points: enhances the fire barrier effect to 3500 HP.

    G)-30 points: add removal of all status ailments on BB/SBB.

    H)-30 points: add immunity to Atk/Def/Rec down to BB/SBB for 1 turn.

    I)-40 points: increases mitigation BB effect of BB/SBB (+ 1 turn).

    J)-70 points: Allows UBB buffs to last one turn longer.
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  9. Stephane95

    Stephane95 [7] Hero

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    ID : 29402131

    I participate for the skill set !

    LS : + 40% HP and Def / + Cancel crit dmg + 3-5 Bc when hit + 10% dmg reduce.

    Extra skill : Add BC fill when hit 4-6 BC to BB/SBB.+ 20% all stats when Sheed of Guenièvre is eqquiped.

    BB : 17 water and dark attack on all ennemies. + 120% to def (3 turns to all ennemies). Remove ailments and add atk down to allies atck. (-20% chance to -30% atck).

    SBB : 27 combo water and dark attack on all ennemies. 80% Def > Atk. +150% def (3 turns to all ennemies). + 7 BC / Turn (3 turns), Remove ailments and prevent them for 3 turns, Heal all allies (4500 + 130% Rec).

    UBB : 30 Combo water dark attack on all ennemies. + 250% Atk/def/rec 3 turns, 75% dmg mitigation for 3 turns, 100% chance to reduce 80% atk and def for 2 turns, fully heal allies for 3 turns, +50 BC fill when hit for 3 turns.

    SP :

    10 : +20% boost all parameters
    10 : cancel crit and element dmg
    20 : +20% boost to def (140% for BB and 170% for SBB)
    20 : Add + 15% hp boost to all allies to BB/SBB
    20 : Add bb jauge fill rate (+35%) to sbb.
    30 : Add spark dmg boost to BB/SBB (+ 80%) + 10 SP to + 100%.
    50 : Allow UBB buffs + 1 turn.

    Sheed of Guenièvre :
    +40% Hp and def / cancel statuts / boost rec and atk when bb jauge is full / + 3 bc when hit.
  10. Faellyss

    Faellyss [1] Rookie

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    Dark unit

    Stats (lord)
    Hp: 8000 (+2000)
    Atk: 2700 (+800)
    Def: 2700 (+800)
    Rec: 2700 (+800)

    ls: +40% boost all stats for all team, negates all status ailments

    es: +30% boost all stats, add resistance against 1ko

    bb: heal 4000+25% of own recfor all allies
    boost all allies atk and rec ( 150%) for 3 turn
    boost all allies atk relative to def ( 40%) for 3 turn
    boost all allies atk relative to rec( 40%) for 3 turn
    boost all allies atk relative to hp ( 20%) for 3 turn

    sbb: 40 hit ( 650%)
    boost all allies def and rec ( 150%) for 3 turn
    boost all allies def relative to atk ( 40%) for 3 turn
    boost all allies def relative to rec( 40%) for 3 turn
    boost all allies def relative to hp ( 20%) for 3 turn

    ubb: 1 hit ( 1000%)
    boost all allies atk , def and rec ( 400%) for 3 turn
    Probability of raising allies from KO at 100% HP (75%)


    1)10 +20% atck, pv
    2)10 enhance boost to atck, pv from 20% to 30
    3)10 +20% def, rec
    4)10 enhance boost to def, rec from 20% to 30
    5)10 enhance ls all parameters boost from 40% to 50%
    6)20 considerably boost od gauge fill rate 20%
    7)30 add huge boost to atk (150%) for 3 turn to sbb
    8)30 add huge boost to def (150%) for 3 turn to bb
    9)30 add atk def rec reducing effect negation to bb/sbb
    10)60 allow ubb effect to last for 4 turn
  11. kaidaten

    kaidaten [11] Grandmaster

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    All unit, all Rex type.
    Thanks for donation Gimu
    Player name : Hazellin
    ID : 92923487​
    Part 1 : Nope, no time :(

    Part 2 : Soon

    Part 3 : Skill

    Name: Divine Knight Gwenevere
    Element : [​IMG]
    Gender : Female
    Rarity : [​IMG] Omni Evolution
    Max Lvl : 150
    Cost : 49
    Arena Type : 2

    Hit Count/ BB Fill
    Normal 15/45 (3BC/hit)
    BB 12/12
    SBB 19/19
    UBB 38/38

    Stats Lord :
    PV : 8277 ([​IMG] 1500)
    ATK : 2326 ([​IMG] 540)
    DEF : 3211 ([​IMG] 820)
    REC : 2783 ([​IMG] 660)

    [​IMG] Legendary Insight
    Boost HP and Def by 40%. Boost OD gauge fill rate. Damage taken greatly boost BB gauge, may restore HP and small chance of evading damage.
    (Boost OD fill rate : +15% , 100% to restore 6-8BC when attacked. 50% chance to heal 10% of HP from damage taken, 4% chance to evade any damage received.)

    [​IMG] The Chosen One
    Add dark barrier effect to BB/SBB. When Gwenevere is the only Light unit of the party, 20% boost to all parameters and adds damage reduction (50%) for 1 turn to BB/SBB
    (2000hp on dark barrier)

    [​IMG] Excalibur Sheath
    12 combo light attack on all foes. Boosts Max HP. Considerably boosts Def for 3 turns and boosts Def relative to max HP.
    (+25%HP. +150% Def and 20%HP to Def . BB cost : 25 BC)

    [​IMG] Preventive Retaliation
    19 combo powerful light attack on all foes. Adds chance of repelling 5% of damage taken when attacked for 1 turn. Negate critical and elemental damage for 1 turn.
    (50% chance to reflect damage taken. SBB cost : 80 BC)

    [​IMG] Promise of the Past
    38 combo massive Light attack on all foes. Enormously boost HP for 3 turns. High probability of raising allies from KO and enormously reduces damage taken for 1 turn.
    (+40%HP, 60% chance to revive allies with 10% of max HP and reduces all damage taken to 1. UBB Cost : 30 BC)

    Enhancements : ([X] = SP Cost)
    Parameter boost :
    - Def increased by 50% [20]
    - HP increased by 50% [10] (prerequisite : "Unlock Def increased by 50%" )

    Brave burst :
    - Reduces BB gauge required for BB/SBB by 15% [20]
    - Reduces BB gauge required for BB/SBB by 25% [10] (prerequisite : "Unlock Reduces BB gauge required for BB/SBB by 15%)

    Protection :
    - Immune to ailment. [20]
    - Add all status ailment removal to BB/SBB [30]

    Special :
    - Add attack down effect to all allies attack on SBB for 1 turn [30]
    - Increase probability of raising allies from KO by 40% (from 60% to 100%) [60]
    - Allow SBB effect to last 2 turns. [70]
    - Allows UBB enormous damage reduction effect to last for 2 turns. [70]

    I wanted to make an unit based on HP general buff but this was against the rules (only existing mechanics). So I went for HP buffer like Lucius/Kulyuk and most recently Enki.

    I went for a defensive unit who can provide a lot of useful buff at a high cost restriction. She become very multi functioning with her SP option (see later).

    Leader skill is a pretty basic defensive combo. Bonus HP and DEF for a defensive Leader skill. At first I wanted to add another defensive skill like Laberd/Capricorn (reduction damage when exceeded an amount of damage) but I feel like it would be way too powerful, just by seeing the power of combo Magena/Capricorn or Magena/Laberd. I went for evasion in the leader skill with very low chance.

    I chose to add a regen HP when attacked with an high chance of proc but lowering the amount of HP gained as well as adding OD refill faster and BC regen on hit to fit her leader skill name. (Like being able to anticipate enemy next move)

    I put a permanent extra skill that put a defensive barrier to increase the defensive aspect without being out of control. Another Extra Skill come with another great bonus : mitigation on BB and SBB, but at a high cost : Having her as a single Light unit. this kind of require you to think a little bit more about your composition to not forget most buff you might want.

    Brave Burst is the core of the unit. buffing HP of all units. This is coupled with a great bonus def as well as a defense increase related to HP. I don't feel like this would be OP because we have now a lot of in game mechanic where damage are based on total HP. This bonus HP will mostly provide an higher survivability against encounter having a large number of unit per room.

    Super Brave Burst is a another very important part of the unit, chance of reflecting damage, negate critical and EWD for 1 turn. This one has a counterpart, the SBB cost, something like 80-90. I want to make this one not really spammable but allowed to last 2 turn with SP. Player have to make a choice here : Buy the skill and lock the access of others possibilities or less access to this SBB but better coverage buff from SP or BB buff.
    Little story : I wanted to introduce a new mecanic here, a counterattack buff linked with SBB name, Gwenevere would allow allies to attack with only auto attack before player turn (right after ennemi turn) as a part of the retaliation, this would make not many damage but having an extra drop of BC, that's why I made an huge SBB BC cost, but since it's against the rules, I went for damage reflection (number need to be reworked I think, having 6 unit able to reflect might be too OP, hard to get an overview of this)

    Ultimate Brave Burst is mainly to fit the unit play style : The bonus HP gain. I took the total mitigation for 1 turn because I don't want to make 75% for x turns, I wanted to have a core skill about HP and long mitigation would ruin it (no need of HP if mitigation last too long). An UBB that doesn't give mitigation have to be a powerful offensive buffer which is not the case here, so at least one mitigation was mandatory to be worth something.
    The possibility to revive unit is a side bonus, not very reliable but can be boosted with SP cost.
    Overall, Ultimate Brave Burst doesn't look great to use (no BB refill, no additional buff, no barrier), but at least can be used situationally to revive dead unit.

    Basically, she provide, a very powerful defensive buff, a great bonus HP as a core game style.
    She can negate critical and elemental weakness damage with SBB, doesn't last more than one turn and very high cost SBB (outside SP).
    I intentionally don't add Burst Healing, Healing over turn, passive BB refill, elemental buff, she doesn't need to do everything by herself (aka op unit would ruin game)
    Small point : I put her as Light unit, so if you want to use unit that give BB/SBB reproc chance like Gemini/Arthur or Tilith for better refill you can say bye bye to 2nd extra skill... (More than one Light unit)

    SP skill is a very interesting part of the unit. In my opinion, current SP on units are not enough restrictive, everyone play the same build for a certain unit because it's way more useful than rest of SP options. So I propose different useful buff but obviously, the high cost won't allow you to take everything.

    Parameter : Boost with HP blocked behind Defensive SP first. Why not 25% then 25% again ? Because I want people who want to pick great HP boost forced to spend the total SP cost on parameter for it, and not half of it. I made it to 50 because it doesn't buff Atk and Rec, also HP to fit style again.

    BB reduction : A reduction of BB gauge by 25% with a cost of 30. Obviously tier 2 is cheaper and increase the bonus even better but it will take you more SP for that. BB management choice or not, player opinion.

    Protection : She can be self sufficient for ailment for a small SP cost. Why so low ? Because we have too much sphere than negate ailment, having a lower cost might be an option so it allows player who want a better sphere that sadly can't cover ailment (still have elgif tho). She can also remove ailment for the team at a high SP cost but don't forget that it doesn't immune it. You have a great chanc to BB spam it, but you will lose negation EWD and crit from SBB then (since I tried to make SBB unspammable)

    Special SP :

    2 special SP for UBB, 100% chance to rally allies, will come with an extreme cost as well as Mitigation for 2 turn on UBB. I personally wouldnt pick them because I find UBB way too situational. But it can be a good pick if player want to build around revive and HP boost.

    I added another great bonus provided on SBB, attack down buff to party. I feel like this would make her very interesting for defense, aswell as her play style.
    The most interesting special SP to me is the the SBB effect duration increased from 1 to 2. I'm still thinking of the cost of this SP because it's very powerful. It greatly increase your security overall but since the cost of this SP is very high, you will have no other good pick for the remaining SP. Don't forget that Extra skill also grant you 50% mitigation via BB/SBB, so it's also a 2 turn mitigation.

    Conclusion :
    I tried to make an unit who have a lot have a great potential but can't do anything at once.
    Her SBB, high cost can provide a very large option of effect such as mitigation, negate critical damage, elemental weakness damage, reflect damage, ATK down effect to all allies attack, clear ailment. The cost of having everything is a high difficulty to maintain these buff permanently.
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  12. Veget

    Veget [8] Elite

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    Player Name: Veget




    Leader Skill: 50% boosts to DEF and Max HP,15%damage reduction,damage taken slightly boosts BB gauge (100% 3-5),Gradually heal all allies each turn

    Extrsa Skill:30% boost to DEF and Max HP,when BETRAYAL is equipped adds nullify critical damage, nullify elemental damage and boost 10% max HP to BB/SBB

    Brave Burst:Boost BB gauge (8),elemental damage reduction (10%) to all allies for 1 turn,remove all status ailments for 3 turn,boost DEF relative to HP (10%),activates thunder barrier (2000HP)

    Super Brave Burst:30 combo thunder elemental attack on all enemies,boost BB gauge (8),boost elemental ATK to all allies (80%) for 2 turn,boost ATK relative to HP (10%),probable paralysis effect (80%)

    Ultimate Brave Burst:1 thunder elemental attack on all enemies,boost ATK e DEF (300%),boost BB ATK (300%),reduction (100%) of 50% ATK e DEF to all enemies,damage reduction (75%) for 1 turn

    Boost parameters 30 30% all parameters
    10 boost DIF (100%) when HP is under 50%
    BB gauge 20 Damage taken slightly boosts BB gauge (2-3 fill)
    10 normal attack boost BB Gauge (3-5)
    Special 40 Adds probable slight HP restoration when attacked for 3 turns effect to BB/SBB (30%chanche to heal 20% PS damage taken)
    40 Boost BB thunder Barrier to 1000HP
    50 Allows UBB effects to last for 5 turns
    50 boost (5%) damage reduction to Leader Skill
    10 Adds HP restoration to BB/SBB (3000-4000 +11%healers REC)
    40 Adds Boost DEF (150%) to BB,boost ATK (150%) to SBB
    10 Nullify ailments
    BETRAYAL SPHERE:Boost Parameters
    Boost 30% Max HP,70% ATK and REC when HP is over 50%,10% damage reduction,probable damage reflect (25% to reflect 25% damage taken),boost BB gauge (2-3) when damage taken
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  13. Reapersito

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    correa, Ophi, lucy, erza
    7 Star: Gwenevere was the forgotten daughter of Merlin that was exiled to a unknown dimension due to her overwhelming power, a power able to making Merlin afraid of her at the age of 5 years.

    Alone in that dimension she improve her abilities make her able to tear the strange dimension and end up in Grand gaia where she discovered that her father has another adopted daughter, full of anger and envy she could only think : "WHY... WHY NOT ME, AM I NOT SO SUFFICIENTLY STRONG ?, AM I A SHAME FOR HIM?". Immediately she perfomed a ritual to go to the homeland of Morgana overturning all their frustration in exterminating fairy race.

    Now only one name crosses the mind of Gwenevere: Morgana. And now she only lives for a reason: make her suffer for whole eternity.

    OmniEvo: If Gwenevere had not been exiliate to that strange dimension Merlin could have awakened her true powers saving her from falling in madness.

    But Gwenevere could see the malice of her father knowing that there is no choice but to run away ending in Grand Gaia where she start her journey to find the grial and prevent it falling in her father hands. After many years of investigation and knowledge she discover that a king of the remote kingdom Avalon has the grial.

    In spite of her efforts no one else heard of Gwenevere again. Some say she could reach the grail and others that she never managed to reach the magical kingdom of Avalon.
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  14. fireplatine

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    Llewxam 7* ou Arthur Omni
    3 catégorie Lore
    name : Spectre
    ID : 33424833

    AN version
    After the battle of Camlann and the disappearance of her Arthur, she sank in despair and shouting to anyone who believed her that Arthur was still alive. She was exiled to the convent until her madness passed.
    Finding comfort in the meadow of one of the knights of the round table. She resumed her taste for life and resumed her functions as the protective queen of the kingdom. While she accompanied this knight to the lake she disappeared.

    According to the knight she rushed into the lake and discovered Avalon. In his place sat Arthur unconscious and near him a lady. Learning the truth about the actions of her husband and Morgane, she abandoned her status as queen in order to exercise her vengeance against Morgana and was not the only one for this fight. After this fight she returned to Avalon to discover her king who was waiting for her but the lady of the lake had disappeared.

    FR version
    Après la bataille de Camlann et la disparition de son Arthur , elle sombra dans le désespoir et clamant à qui voulais bien la croire que Arthur été toujours vivant . Elle fut exiler au couvent le temps que sa folie passe .
    Trouvant réconfort au pré d'un des chevaliers de la table ronde . Elle repris goût à la vie et repris ses fonctions de reine protectrice du royaume . Alors qu'elle accompagna ce chevalier au lac elle disparu

    Suivant le chevalier elle s’engouffra dans le lac et découvris Avalon . En ce lieu reposé son Arthur inconscient et au prés de lui une dame . Apprenant la vérité sur les agissements de son mari et de Morgane elle abandonna son statu de reine pour pouvoir exercer sa vengeance contre Morgane et ne fut pas seul dans ce combat . Après ce combat elle revint en Avalon pour y découvrir son roi qui l'attendais mais la dame du lac avait disparut .
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  15. SHENFENG12

    SHENFENG12 Guest

    ID : 79569475
    IGN : Yasuo
    Category : skill

    LS : Boost 40% all parameters, 100% boost spark dmg, boost BB gauge when attacked(6 Bc), and 10 % dmg reduction from dark and light type.

    ES: 30% boost all parameters when crown of the queen sphere is equipped, negate all status ailments, probable dmg taken restore HP.

    BB: 15 combo dark attack on all foes, cure and negates all status ailments and boost bb gauge when attacked ( 5 ~6 ) for 3 turns.

    SBB: 25 combo dark attack on all foes, boost attack relative to def (60%) and boost spark dmg (90%) , spark dmg may restore hp for 3 turns, add light and dark elemental dmg to attack for 3 turns.

    UBB: 35 combo dark attack on all foes , boost attack and spark dmg (300%) for 3 turns, dmg taken enormously boost bb gauge (50 BC) and enormously dmg taken full restore HP for 3 turns.

    -Parameters boost

    10% boost to attack , rec - cost 10 sp.
    10% boost to hp, def - cost 10 sp.

    -Damage reduction

    Negate elemental damage - cost 20 sp.


    Enhances 40% boost to all parameters leader skill ( 50% boost all parameters) - cost 10 sp.

    Enhances 10% boost dmg reduction leader skill ( 15% dmg reduction) - cost 20 sp.

    Add bb gauge boost when attacked to SBB ( 6 BC) - cost 20 sp

    Add attack, def, rec reducing effects negation to Sbb - cost 30 sp

    Enhances SBB spark dmg boost effect (+30%) total 120%. - cost 40 sp.

    Add thunder , water, earth , fire elemental dmg to SBB . - cost 40 sp.

    Allows ubb buff effects to last 4 turns. - cost 50 sp.
  16. E7Napo

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    Elza, Ark, Juno-Seto, Lara, Magena, Artù, Tilith, Zelnite, Lucy, Llewxam, Rain, Lid, Avant, Lasswell and many more
    ID: 81087769
    IGN: E7Napo

    Category 3 : SKILLS

    Name: Holy Queen Gwenevere
    Element: Water
    Rarity: :dream:
    Cost: 48

    Stats (Lord Type)
    HP: 7950 + 1500
    Atk: 2875 + 440
    Def: 3190 + 800
    Rec: 2980 + 700

    LS: 40% boost to all parameters, boost BB gauge when attacked (4/7 BC), boost OD gauge fill rate (30%), null EWD
    ES: 30% to all parameters, negates status aliments, add status aliment negation to BB/SBB when Arthur is in the same team or Queen's Crown is eqipped;

    BB: 15 combo water attack on all foes (350%), restore HP when damage is dealt, greatly restores HP for 3 turns (3500/4000), negates 1 turn Atk, Def, Rec reduction & probable resistance against 1 KO attack (10%)
    SBB: 25 combo water attack on all foes (560%), spark damage slightly boosts BB gauge (1-2 BC) for 3 turns, boosts Def and Rec (160%) for 3 turns, boosts Def and Atk relative to Rec (70%) for 3 turns & boosts OD gauge (8%)
    UBB: 30 combo massive water attack on all foes (1500%), 75% damage reduction for 3 turns, enormously boosts BB gauge for 3 turns (50 BC), enormously boosts Def (250%), boosts max HP (35%) & high probability of raising allies from KO (60%)


    10 SP: 20% boost to Def, max HP
    20 SP: Negates Def ignoring damage (self)
    10 SP: Enhances 40% boost to all parameters LS (50% to all stats)
    30 SP: Adds BC efficacy boost for 3 turns to BB/SBB
    20 SP: Adds status aliment removal effect for 3 turns to BB/SBB
    30 SP: Adds boost BB gauge when attacked (4/7 BC) for 3 turns to BB/SBB
    30 SP: Enhances SBB's BB gauge boost on spark effect (from 1-2 BC to 2-3 BC)
    10 SP: Adds HP restoration when damage is dealt to SBB
    50 SP: Adds 50% damage reduction effect for 1 turn to BB/SBB
    50 SP: Allows UBB boost effect to last for 4 turns (in total) except mitigation

    Queen's Crown (Stats UP sphere)
    40% boost to HP/Def, 10% damage reduction when damage taken exceed 5.000 & boosts Def when HP is over half full
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  17. ACCIAI0

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    ID: 53823110
    LEADER SKILL (White Phantom):
    Boost max HP and REC of all allies by 30%. Slight chance of reducing damage by (5% to reduce by 35%)

    EXTRA SKILL (Extreme charme):
    Increases BB gauge and Boost to DEF (50%) if "Queen's crown" is equipped

    BB (Mists of Avalon) - 26BC:
    Boosts DEF of all allies (85%) for 3 turns and half the damage taken for 1 turn

    SBB (Speech of valor) - 21BC:
    27 Water and Light attacks on all foes, boosts DEF (140%) and REC (100%) of all allies for 3 turns and half the damage taken for 1 turn

    UBB (Treason of Love) - 42BC:
    25 Water and Light attacks on all foes, boosts ATK (150%) of all allies, deploys a shield based on REC (90%) on the whole team and half the damage taken for 2 turns


    Drops (10 SP) Damage dealt may slightly boost HC drop rate (8%)

    Combo enhanced (10 SP) Add +1 hit to combo

    Taken Damage (20 SP) Damage taken boosts BB gauge (3-5 BC)

    Dealt Damage (20 SP) Damage dealt may restore some HP

    Ailment Resistance (50 SP) Negates Status Ailments

    Special (40 SP) Adds Water and Light elemental damage boost for 3 turns to BB/SBB (50%)

    (40 SP) Reduce the amount of BC needed for BB/SBB

    (50 SP) Adds the ability to withstand a KO once

    (60 SP) Adds the effect of reviving dead allies in UBB

    (60 SP) Adds the possibility of ignoring the foe's DEF in SBB/UBB (35%)
  18. ArrowVl

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    Ensa-Taya (Waifu)
    ID: 61406087 (Account Name: ArrowVI)
    Category: Skills
    Edit: my lore was not good enough, it was really bad in my opinion, so i just gave up on that. Unfortunate, cause i love stories. Oh well.

    NB: i chosed to consider Lancelot as a water unit, if he ever does exist, just to fit him in her BB's set. I know he does not exist (yet), but his presence in the lore is so important that i wanted to put him somewhere, and i chosed to use him for a tri-elemental BB (Thunder Element of Ginevra, Light element of Arthur and an Ipotetical Water element of Lancelot). I know that will not be taken in consideration, but its just something i wanted to do :P

    Edit: turns out Lancelot exist and he's a Dark unit. Welp, time to put him here!

    Name OE: Fallen Queen Ginevra - Thunder element


    Hp: 8150 + 1750
    Atk: 2120 + 520
    Def: 2650 + 720
    Rec: 2770 + 560

    Cost: 48

    Hit Count / Drop Check: 17 / 3
    BB: 14 / 2 - 320% BB Multiplier, 21 BC to fill
    SBB: 19 / 2 - 420% SBB Multiplier, 19 BC to fill (BLAZE IT)
    UBB: 22 / 2 - 1500% UBB Multiplier, 12 BC to fill

    LS: Ruinous Future: Hp +50%, boost ATK, DEF and REC based on remaining Hp (+75% at full Hp), Boost BC efficency (+50%), boost BB when attacked (4-5 BCs) and boost BB gauge by 10 BC after 5000 or more damage is taken for 2 turns.

    ES: Queen's Blessing: When Arthur or Lancelot are in the team or *Her Sphere* is equipped: +30% Hp, boost own Rec (+50%) when Hp is over 50% full, boost ATK, DEF and REC based on missing Hp (+1% at full Hp, +100% at 1 Hp), -20% BB cost (self), renders self able to survive one KO attack when below 20% Hp, negates status Ailments (self) and adds effect on BB/SBB: "Remove all status aiments".

    BB: Queen's Duty: 14 Hit AoE Thunder, Light, Dark element, negates all status Ailments for 3 turns, fills BB when attacked for 3 turns (100%, 4-7 BCs), boost BC efficency (+40%) for 3 turns and Heals all ally for 3000-3500 Hp + Ginevra's REC (25%).

    SBB: Forbidden Love: 19 Hit AoE Thunder, Light, Dark element, boost BB on spark (100% chance, 2-3 BC s), heal on spark effect for 3 turns (450-550 Hp), boost DEF and REC by 150% for 3 turns.

    UBB: Avalon will not fall! : 22 hit Thunder, Light, Dark element AoE, full heals all ally, negates and removes all status Ailments for 3 turns, reduce damage taken by 75% for 3 turns, boost ATK, DEF and REC by 300% for 3 turns, fills BB when attacked for 3 turns (50-60 BC s), and boost team Max HP by 35% (last until end of battle)

    SP Set:
    20 sp: +20% all stat
    10 sp : +20% Hp/ Def
    10sp :+20% Atk/ Rec
    30sp: Upgrade BB' BC efficency from 40% to 50%
    20 sp: upgrade BB's fill on hit to 5-8 BC's.
    40 sp: adds effect on SBB "Boost ally elemental recovery by +100% for 3 turns.
    40 sp: boost DEF based on REC (80%) for 3 turns effect on BB/SBB, +120% REC into DEF on UBB for 3 turns.
    40 sp: boost ATK based on Rec (80%) for 3 turns effect on BB/SBB, +120% REC into ATK on UBB for 3 turns.
    50 sp: boost UBB max Hp boost by +5%.
    70 sp: Adds effect on BB/SBB "converts 80% recovery into Mana Bubble" (last until destroyed)
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  19. Danankur

    Danankur [2] Amateur

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    ID : 81114083
    Skills :

    Gwenevere fountain of youth.
    Cout : 50

    Stats (lord) + goblins :

    Hp ----> 8000 + 1200

    Atk -----> 2600 + 600

    Def ------> 3023 + 750

    Rec ------> 2702 + 450

    Leader skills: + 35% at all parameters, colossally fill the BB gauge at each turn (5-10 CC), increase critical rate by 60% and critical damage by 175%. Increase spark by 50%

    Extra skill: If arthur is in the team, increases all the stats by 20% for Guenievre and arthur and reduces the damage suffered by 10%. If sword photon or excalibur is equiped, increases 20 % All stats and increases critical rate by 40%

    Brave Burst: 15 powerful water attack on all enemies, increases critical damage 75% and fills enormously BB gauge of allies (3-6 CC)

    Super Brave Burst: 28 Water Attack on all enemies, increases 100% all stats for 2 turns, fills its own BB Gauge, increases critical rate by 50% and Spark Rate by 50%, Increases CC Efficiency

    UBB: 30 colossal attacks on all enemies, chance to resurrect allies (50%), increase critical rate by 90%, increase rate of appearance of CC and CV, active water barrier (10000 pv)

    20 SP: increases all stats by 20%

    40 SP: Carefully add to the BB / SBB / UBB (3000-7000 pv)

    10 SP: Reduces the damage suffered by 10%

    10 SP: (Requires previous upgrade to unlock) Reduces the damage suffered by 15%

    50 SP: adds cancellation of affliction to SBB / UBB

    20 SP: Adds a chance to inflict random afflictions to the SBB / UBB (15%)

    20 SP: Increases the life of the water barrier

    30 SP: Increases spark by 30%

    10 SP: Increases Defense and Recovery by 20%

    40 SP: Adds all types to BB / UBB
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  20. Bruh

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    felice, avant, sirius, heinrich, arthur, laberd
    ID: 38346998
    Category: skills

    Leader Skill: Questioned Loyalties
    Boost to all parameters (40%) & negates critical and elemental damage and fills bb gauge (4-5 bc) when damage taken

    Extra Skill: Trust or Betrayal
    Boosts all stats (30%), and adds mana shield (75% rec) to bb /sbb if avalon is equipped ,and adds chance to recast bb/sbb effect to bb/sbb (15%) if excalibur is equipped

    Brave burst: Gwenevere's treachery
    14 combo dark attack on all foes and boosts bb gauge (8bc) and reduces damage by -50% for 1 turn and hugely boosts defense relative to attack (60%) for three turns

    Super Brave Burst: Gwenevere's Exile
    26 combo dark attack on all foes and boosts OD gauge (7%) and reduces damage -50% for one turn and hugely boosts attack relative to def (60%)

    Ultimate Braveburst: Gwenevere's Revenge
    26 combo dark attack on all foes and reduces damage taken -75% for three turns and enormously boosts attack, def and rec for 3 turns (300%) and adds 70% chance to live 1 KO attack for 999 turns.

    Sp options:
    10: boosts max hp by 30%
    20: boosts max hp from 30% to 50%
    40: adds status ailment negation for three turns effect to bb/sbb
    40: allows 50% damage reduction to last for two turns
    30: adds hp restoration effect to bb/sbb
    60: allows ubb effects to last for 4 turns)
    40: enhances sbb's OD fill (5%)
    20: enhances bb's huge boost to def relative to attack (20%)
    20: enhances sbb's huge boost to attack relative to def (20%)
    100: adds high probability to raise allies from KO (80%) effect to ubb.

    Spheres: excalibur is already available
    Avalon: boosts def (50%) and slightly restores hp and boosts bb gauge (7bc) every turn and negates all ailments
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