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    Gumi Yuki
    Put your squad, strategy's & Enki rules here please.

    So... First of,

    He does bb wipe (all) and then fills randomly your bb gauges (2)

    He also randomly does "The Arena demands blood" once to trice, an Massive DoT that some units can't survive, don't know how to really negate it tho,

    There is also a random attack "Fight me with your bare hands" make sure to do normal attack on all

    Another thing, 10 is dual... used every 10 bb/sbb, Painfull...

    Rules: Currently one
    - Guard one unit each turn else riperino. You aren't allowed to attack with all 6 units
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  2. Jack'o

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    I'm at 50% and for now all I can say is that it's...pretty balanced?
    I'm super worried about that angel idol, I'm wondering what he'll do.
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    Yoshino-chan and Mishi mod.
    Nah it's Shion and Lucy or Amadeus
    Can change lead by request, just ask me.
    First try to avoid double post pls ^^'...


    Enki can be inflicted with EWD.

    The general rules:
    - Don't do the same action to all 6 units, else you will get LS Lock.
    - He fills BB of 2 units in this order: Upper left/lower left, Middle left/upper right and then Middle right/lower right. The rest gets full drain.
    - At 6 turn he does BB drain with sphere lock for 1/2 turn. I think he does it after 3 afterwards.
    - Every 5 turns he does an AoE with Para haxs.
    - Every 10 BB/SBB/UBB he does an AoE.
    - I think every 3 turns he does a ST 2/3 times with heavy DoT.
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  4. Chili

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    This ^
    48 turns still seems a bit to long. I'll change my cobalts so to mitigation tomorrow and try to speed it up.
    When things get laggy you are able to restart the app unlike the feature one endured in the chibi tilith trial :)

    €: after 40 or 30% (I don't remember lol) he cast a hot on himself for 700k hp/turn. So get your dmg straight :) Auto hit nuking seems to work fine and I'd recommend using a anti ails LS and hitcount spheres :)

    Squad was cobalt L , ophi, sheriff, surt auhlavez friend regil
  5. Baerchen

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    Well for me it works fine for some turns, but all of a sudden enki kills two (random) units. Also he takes so little damage and deals way too much to not have heal and mitgation each turn, but with his bb drain that is hardly possible (you would have to have three heal+mitgation?) . Also at some point he got all elements buff, i don't know what triggers this.
    My now dead team: opiuchus lead, elimo, lid(with elemental null, but as i read it kinda stupid cause he locks the sphere) , gazolina, lancelot (extra many mitgators, just in case, but that did not help, cause gazolina and lancelot do not heal) . Tried several helpers, nothing helps. AND we are supposed to FARM this level. I read earlier that he heals himself at some point, how are you supposed to survive and deal enough damage?
    Also i got nuked when i did ubb, the one of opiuchus, you get to have an extra action that turn, and even though elimo first did her sbb and opi her ubb, it could be that it was counted as everyone doing normal attack (which would be stupid btw)
    So rip me.

    I guess killing him really fast wont work either because of the angel idol.
    Farming a unit that takes ~50 turns to kill if he doesnt kill you first that is ridiculous honestly
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    Regil, Ophi, Surt, Shion, Jeanne, Magena, Zekuu, Cosette, Arthur..
    My squad dies too fast or deals very little damage. I've been trying with two mitigators (cobalt and eleanore), alongside ark and ophiuchus (heal) and regil with a nuker (usually natalame, but i've been trying recently to use julia, since revives dead units.). I even tried to use Surt instead of the nuker, but i deal so little damage, although the evasion buff and flat def helped me quite a bit. seems like nothing works on him. pls help me im going crazy against this guy.

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