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    Hi guys. I've been playing Brave Frontier for a little but I'm not pretty sure I get how the meta is and have some trouble deciding on building a decent comp. Currently I have the following units:

    [LIGHTNING] Lonely Apex Sheriff, Ragra (x2), Silas, Cleria (x2)
    [WATER] Mariela, Selena
    [EARTH] Barvars
    [LIGHT] Linasera, Segrud, Agress, Izuna
    [DARK] Kikuri, Kajah, Zekuu

    The only Omni one is Lonely Apex Sheriff. The rest are 7 stars except for Kikuri, Selena and Kajah which are 4 stars. My current total cost is 187 but I'm more interested in knowing what kind of team I could assemble whenever I can hold 5 Omnis. Thank you in advance!

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