Merry christmas

Discussion in 'Compliments' started by broekie, Dec 25, 2016.

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    Merry Christmas to everybody! Wish you the best Rng in the world! Merry Christmas for the people who spend money on this game to support it. Even merry christmas to the employees of Gumi who robbed our money for the last "Rate down" Merry christmas to donald trump! Woops i take that back. I hope that you have an awesone day, don't let bugs ruin your day! And we all believe in an bugfree bravefrontier one day! (Even tho that will never happen XD)

    This year has bin an pretty weird year for not only Brave frontier but also the real world... Prince orange (the new black) became president, Drama. Clickbait (Everywhere) But we need to think about the good things like... 2 Exclusive Maps for us :D Omni evolution ~Rate downs~ and 10x Rate downs :D just kidding.

    And still...

    We got and new daily login system, worth of 6 summons on our gifts, moare frogs, Arthur & Lucy omni evolution. And the great great Red bauble's I missed you ;_;

    I Cri every tim

    Good and bad things have happend, even logical things like The high defence of yggdrasil while having not even something on accept some hair to cover up ●♡■》◆ sorry went to far.

    We love our game but please don't ruin this game for a little more (less) money... make 2017 BFRPG great again!

    [Insert Overused meme here]

    To make this even more useless... have you an speech for us? Pless... leav comment or i will Cri...

    Buh bye
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