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    Lore | Rules & Guidelines

    Welcome to the Lore section, where you get to discuss and unravel the many stories in Brave Frontier RPG.

    What exactly is Lore?
    Lore is any kind of information, from dialogue to visual hints, that help put together pieces of Brave Frontier RPG's story.

    It can be about revealing the backstory and motivations of important characters, understanding the events that unfold on Grand Gaia, Ishgria and beyond, or simply speculating about the possible future events for the game's different stories.

    Lore is not necessarily only found within the game itself, but can also be expanded via other media, such as our own articles, artworks and more.​

    What is not counted as Lore?
    Fan fiction, small talk like asking someone who their favorite Brave Frontier RPG character is, or wondering which dungeon has the best music, is not related to the game's Lore.

    If you want to invent your own stories like "How Vargas became the manager of a hot ice cream factory" (can't wait to know more!), head over to the Fan Fiction section.

    If you just wish to talk about Brave Frontier RPG in general, such as its music, or ask others about which characters they love the most, head over the the General Discussion section.​

    Have fun discussing the game's expansive story!
    - The Brave Frontier RPG Team​
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