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    Cet article est seulement disponible en anglais pour le moment. Il sera traduit très prochainement. Merci pour votre patience ! (Ah, tiens, c'est dans le thème du topic !)

    The "Thank you" Thread

    Welcome to the "Thank you" thread! Yes, you've got that right, it's a thread about thanking people. :blush:

    Sounds fun, so what's this about?
    We all love receiving thanks, and anything can be a good reason to let others know you've appreciated something they've done.

    Here's an opportunity to give thanks to fellow Summoners who helped you complete a challenge, created an artwork you adore, or maybe simply send gifts daily like true friends! If you feel like it, you can even thank your favorite Units for helping you defeat huge bosses, or simply for being there for you. Awww. :kissingclosed:

    Of course you can thank people anywhere else on the forums, but displaying it for all eternity in this glorious thread will only make it more awesome!

    If someone has thanked you in this thread, feel free to reply with a warm "You're welcome"! Don't hesitate to spread the love! :love:

    Rules listed below are to be taken into account when posting in this section, on top of general Forum Rules of Conduct.

    • All messages start with "Thank you": Unless you are replying to someone who thanked you, messages would look like "Thank you, O mighty Ziz, for helping me defeat King Mossy!".

    • No sarcasm: This is a thread about genuinely thanking people (and game characters!), not a playground for mockery. Be nice to each other! If you want to voice discontent in a civil way, head over to the Rants section.

    • Keep it short and sweet: This thread only exists so you can quickly thank someone and let everyone know why. Longer discussions should happen elsewhere, for instance by creating a thread in the Compliments section.
    Huge thanks to everyone for checking out the "Thank you" thread, and even bigger thanks for your participation!
    - The Brave Frontier RPG Team​
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