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    Quality of life gift box revision.

    The gift box system today is heavily laggy and it is difficult to navigate and locate a specific item. Especially if your gift box contains hundreds of gifts. I believe I have found a solution that will satisfy the players in regards to navigating the gift box. Hopefully without too much implementing effort on Gumi’s side!

    The purpose of this is to give some ideas to gumi and to see the opinions of the players. Suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.

    In the current system (As we all know all too well) all gifts are displayed chronologically from newest to oldest in a single long list.

    The lag on each scroll increases the further down you get in the list, and in my case (and I would suspect many others) the “scroll bar” on the right doesn’t begin to become responsive after I have scrolled down more than half of my total gifts. Usually it will take me several minutes to scroll just past the midway point.

    What I want to achieve with this system is enable to player to specify a specific gift they want to see, without having to scroll through a laggy interface.

    This method would use a button to switch the current view to an overview of all gifts currently in the gift box. In this example I have named it “Switch”, seen next to the “receive all” button. (Dangerously close if this becomes a much used feature? :D)

    An overview could look something like this.
    Pressing any one of these icons will bring up the “old” gift box view but only displaying that specific gift.Then the player could simply click to receive a gift just as they would normally, while having avoided the problem of lag while scrolling. The player could still scroll down while having selected a specific item to see earlier gifts received of that gift. The “receive all” button could also see some more frequent use by receiving all of that one specific gift.

    A concern one might have is that the full list of gifts could become complex and messy when the number of different gifts is very high.

    The math of the most common gifts show that there would not be that many different icons. I will spare you the full wall of math here but if you are curious see under the spoiler.

    6 x ghosts (All elements)
    6 x kings
    6 x gods
    6 x crystals
    5 x imps
    5 x frogs (Burst frog, Burst emperor, Sphere, Mystery and Robo)
    6 x Nymphs (All elements)
    6 x Pots
    6 x Spirits
    6 x Idols
    6 x Totems
    6 x Mecha
    1 x Miracle totem
    1 x Wonder mirror idol
    4 x Mimics (Normal, wind, dragon, metal)
    4 x Currency (Zel, Karma, Merit, Honor, Gems)
    4 x Keys (Metal, Jewel, Imp, Mermion)
    4 x Zel units (Ghost, king, god, golden)
    2 x Extra skill unit (Elgif, Emgif)
    1 x Mermion


    There would be about 92 gifts that are commonly distributed, referencing the spoiler above. This is NOT taking into account consumable items, rare units, spheres and crafting items. But I believe the number of these latter items will be negligible in comparison to the most common gifts.

    Let us take a worst-case scenario where a player has one of every commonly distributed gift. The screen showing all the different units can accommodate 20 slots (25 depending on how you see it) meaning that you will be able to go through the entire list in just 5 (4) screen shifts, as compared to the normal gift list showing 4 (5) gifts at any one time out of several hundred. Still much more orderly then the old system.

    It is highly unlikely that a player would have every one of the individual common gifts so in reality the list would be shorter.

    The items not as commonly distributed could either have a unique icon to collect all gifts of that category (rare summon units, spheres, crafting materials, consumables, etc.) or just appear as is in the overview of the gifts. I do not think there are that many “non-common” gifts as opposed to common gifts. I do not think this overview would require any further sorting, as the player can see every single gift they have in a very short time. Provided the list be sorted in any sort of logical manner.

    Now, let it be clear that I am not a programmer or game developer of any kind. I have very limited experience with how this works so I may be in a bit of deep water here… Nevertheless, here goes.
    I would assume there is a unique ID for each of the images on the individual gifts. How about sorting them from that? The images are always the same regardless of whether the gift contains 1000 honor pints, 2000 honor points, 10000 honor points. The image always displays one honor point in this example. I would assume it would be relatively simple to build a list displaying all unique ID’s from the gift box. Then from the following overview of the gifts, depending on the selection of the player, displaying all gifts containing that image ID. In addition, it would not require any new systems for displaying. The overview is the same as when you view your units, and the after selecting a specific gift you would still use the “old” gift system.

    It sounds simple in my head but as I said, I do not have any experience with game development so this might be much more complicated then I imagine, or I would just be plain wrong on this last paragraph. Forgive me for that. I wanted at least to provide some explanation of my train of thought for how this would work.

    What do you think? Is this a system you would be able to use effectively and do you think this would be an acceptable way to easily and comfortably navigate the gift box? Let me hear it, and more importantly, let Gumi hear it!
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    I like it. I usually have to wait a few secs before I can use the scroll bar and scrolling itself still seems laggy from time to time. Never liked the giftbox for that reason.
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    Any solution to the gift box would be very welcome. Right now it's almost impossible to navigate through it. The scroll bar never works. And navigating from top to bottom it takes more than 10 minutes.

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