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    That's all i have to say :D

    Here's is an guide to Beat genius Trial

    Note: i myself have not beaten this trials and don't know much of it, i did some test runs.

    [Team build]
    》All units need atleast 17.500Hp with out leaderskill.

    》All units need atleast 25.000Hp With leaderskill.

    -You need 2 turn mitigator
    ●Krantz, Magress, Lancelot, Stein ect.

    - An Def buff (incl Convert buff)
    ●Sirius, Atro, Lancelot ect.

    -Great bb management(Spark bb gauge buff)
    ●Felice, Sirius, Vern (SP), Atro, Lancelot Ect.
    (At least an Spark bb gauge & when attacked buff)

    -Ailment remove...
    ●Lancelot (EX), Selena, Kulyuk, Krantz Ect.

    -Healing● + Heal 3 turn buff■
    ●Selena Ect. Dunno who more...
    ■ Krantz, Kulyuk ect.

    -Element & Crit resist (You need it really)
    ▪ dunno who really sorry,
    》 Future, Hisui

    -Damage (To beat mifune
    -Sirius, Avant, Vargas, Arthur
    》Future: Ensa-Taya, Kalon
    * I don't recommend Arthur, because burst rage removes bb gauge, + possible bb trigger

    All in short: you need Mitigator, Element, Crit & ailment resist. Bb managent & Damage, Good Hp

    if you have everything... this dungeon will be possible for you!


    >Wave 1
    >You will lose leaderskill a lot of times
    ▪ Magress... one turn after 50 & 20% Judecca, Powerfull attack.
    ■Silas after 20%Hp Use 6bb/sbb to Cancel ultimate attack
    ▪Selena one turn after 25% Mercurius blade: powerfull attack (lot of dmg boost)
    ▪Selena has Angel idol effect!
    ■Eze one turn after 25%Hp: Dangerous powerfull attack.

    ■Felice: Adds def ignore, you are warned

    》Wave 2

    -Kill mifune in one/two turns, else KO

    -1st turn, Buffwips

    use Max 7bb/sbb in 3 turns AFTER atro is summoned

    Use One bb in a turn in 3 turns
    Once Atro dies, these rules will vanish.

    At 35%Hp after one turn, Transcendent sky, Dangerous powerfull attack.

    -Will reset 3 turn 1 bb count when Transcendent sky is used. You can use any bb/sbb after you reached 35% & before Transcenent sky (For 1 turn)

    》one turn after 25% Starglow Escudo, Dangerous powerfull attack

    25% after reachimg 25% use all 6bb/sbb to cancel Meirith Veil on next turn
    ~Meirith veil Dangerous powerfull attack

    WARNING: MASSIVE BB GAUGE DEBUFFS use and 2 turn bb/sbb every 2 turns to avoid taking risk of losing an turn mitigation and die.

    》Wave 3!

    ▪Vargas, (has angel idol after 1st turn)

    ●~If Ubb is used outside of Triggering Overdrive or Ardent Flare ride
    ▪Heh, not bad! Now i'm getting fired up!! Reduces bb fill rate 90% (Deadly)

    75%Hp Dandelga something something... 50% OD fill 300% boost to atk

    Next turn> Attack (don't know if it hitts hard)

    25%Hp Overdrive, & every 8 turns after
    One turn after overdrive, Ardent Flare ride, WARNING HITS LIKE A TRUCK!

    20%Hp boosts own Atk and stuff

    When summoned (50%Vargas Hp)
    》Fire attack on single foe + Buffwipe

    ●Every 4 turns Attack on single foe + buffwipe

    25%Hp Overdrive
    One turn after, Sparkeling soul breaker, WARNING HITS LIKE A TRUCK!

    Ur done :D

    leave yoyr tactics down below and mistakes i made in making this guide.

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