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    Game Updates | July 12 2018
    Forgotten Vortex


    Brave Frontier RPG has just been updated! Log-in now to enjoy all the latest content!

    Here is the highlight of today's update:
    EU Dungeon | Forgotten Vortex

    For all details, including patch notes, keep reading!

    New EU Dungeon | Forgotten Vortex
    Period: Thursday 12 July, 16:00 CEST to Thursday 26 July, 16:00 CEST.

    You can feel a familiar presence here... Powerful spirits seem to be gathering in this forgotten dungeon.

    How to Start / Requirements
    There are no requirements to play this Dungeon.
    Tap on the Vortex button from the Home Screen and select the right banner.

    1 Gem: First completion of the last Level.

    Forgotten Vortex Bazaar Event
    Period: Thursday 12 July, 16:00 CEST to Thursday 2nd August, 16:00 CEST.

    Get tons of rewards thanks to the Forgotten Vortex Dungeon and the Featured Units! Participate in our new Bazaar Event and get tons of rewards! More details below.

    What is a Bazaar Event?
    Bazaar Events bring a new way to get awesome gifts! Each time you will finish a specific dungeon, you will earn a specific amount of Tokens. You also earn more Tokens thanks to the "Token Bonus" Units!

    Exchange your Tokens directly in the Town, in the Bazaar building, for awesome Gifts! Make sure to use all your Tokens during the Event period!

    There are many rewards to get with Bazaar Events. Here is the highlight of some rewards for this event:
    Summon Ticket | Max 1 | 30000 Tokens
    Summon Ticket | Max 1 | 20000 Tokens
    Summon Ticket | Max 1 | 15000 Tokens
    Elgif | Mirror of Tenacity | Max 1 | 15000 Tokens
    Summer Scourge Sphere | Max 1 | 10000 Tokens

    Sphere: Summer Scourge
    Type: Critical
    Effect: Boosts all parameters (35%) & boosts critical damage (150%) & adds probable Spark critical (20% chance 50%) & adds all elements to attack & negates critical damage

    Elgif: Mirror of Tenacity
    Effect: Boosts all parameters (35%) & damage reduction (5%) & Spark damage restores HP (100-200 HP) & boosts BB gauge fill rate (10%)

    Featured Dungeons
    Finish any mission of the "Forgotten Vortex" to get Tokens:
    Level 1 | 10 Tokens
    Level 2 | 30 Tokens
    Level 3 | 100 Tokens

    Token Bonus Units
    Earn extra Tokens per run while using the Units below. Using several Units will allow you to earn even more Tokens (except Friend).
    5 Tokens | Enki, Randolph or Ravenna in Dream Evolution.
    2 Tokens | Enki in 7-Stars, Randolph or Ravenna in 6-Stars.

    Patch Notes
    Fixed issues
    • Fixed minor localisation issues.​

    Thanks for your support! Enjoy your time on Grand Gaia!

    Note: If you encounter game issues after updating, please follow our guide to refresh your game data.

    - The Brave Frontier RPG Team
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