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    Game Updates | January 11 2018
    The Exploration


    Brave Frontier RPG has just been updated! Log-in now to enjoy all the latest content!

    Here is the highlight of today's update:
    Frontier Hunter | Season 22, with a Special Reward!
    Story Dungeon | Siegfried Academy: Chapter 5.
    Ultimate Challenge | Omega Hunt: Mokele-mbembe, dragon of the river.

    For all details, including patch notes, keep reading!

    Frontier Hunter | Season 22
    Period: January 11, 16:00 CET to January 16, 16:00 CET

    Do you have what it takes to dominate the Leaderboards? Fight your way through dozens of monster waves and claim awesome rewards in the new season of Frontier Hunter!

    How to Start / Requirements
    There are no requirements to play Frontier Hunter. Tap on the Randall icon on the Home screen and choose the Survey Office to participate.

    • Instantly unlock Gems, Frogs, Spheres and more by getting enough points in a level!
    • Climb the general Leaderboard to unlock up to 5 Hunter Ranks after the event ends and obtain exclusive rewards like Seria, Lugina, Paris, Tilith, Tesla, Eriole!
    SPECIAL REWARD: All the players that will gain HR +5 in Season 22 will receive a powerful Elgif!

    Elgif: Mirror Soul of Might
    Effect: 30% boost to all parameters & boosts Spark damage (50%)

    Hunter Rank Rewards
    The maximum HR is 50. Summoners who would reach an HR over the maximum rank, will receive the following rewards:
    HR over max +5 | 1 Robofrog
    HR over max +4 | 6 Mystery Frogs
    HR over max +3 | 2 Trident Keys
    HR over max +2 | 5 Sphere Frogs
    HR over max +1 | 5 Imps Arton​

    Story Dungeon | Siegfried Academy | The Exploration
    Release date: Available NOW!

    It's time to explore a whole new world, Summoner! In a land inhabitated by dragons, there's an Academy where young girls goes to train in the art of Dragon Hunting, mastering the most exotics weapons. Secrets and mysteries lurk in the shadows just for you to find them, join the Academy and see where our brave pinky girls will lead you!

    Chapter 5 Story: The Academy has been badly damaged by the Omegas' attack: the entire west wing has been destroyed and is now uninhabitable. The students have been entrusted with restoring the Academy.

    How to Start / Requirements
    There are no requirements to play Story Dungeons, just tap on the Vortex button from the Home Screen and select Siegfried Academy's banner.

    • 1 Gem (First Completion)​

    Ultimate Challenge | Omega Hunt | Mokele-mbembe, dragon of the river
    Release date: Available NOW!

    Siegfried Academy opens its doors to the most capable Summoners! Even after graduation, it takes several years before one can hope to stand a chance against the ferocious Omega Dragons. Being the strongest of their kind, they won't go down easily, so get your best team ready, the hunt is on!

    This week, do your best to take down Mokele-mbembe!

    How to Start / Requirements
    There are no requirements to play Ultimate Challenges, start one by tapping the Vortex icon from the Home Screen and select the proper banner.

    The following is a list of rewards obtained upon first time completion:
    • 2 Gems & 1 Omega Essence

    Final Reward
    Complete all the 6 Omega Hunts to obtain the materials to craft the ultimate Siegfried Academy's Sphere!

    Sphere: Siegfried Draconic Rage
    Type: Stats Boost
    Effect: Boosts to all parameters (45%) & boosts ATK (50%) when BB gauge is full & boost BB ATK (150%) when HP are above 50% & boost elemental damage (100%)​

    Patch Notes
    Fixed issues
    • Fixed an issue that allowed Mordlim & Melord to switch place in their Ultimate Challenges.
    • Fixed an issue that caused a wrong Unit No. to show for some Units.
    • Fixed an issue that made impossible to unlock 2 of Silvie's SPs.
    • Fixed minor localization issues.

    Miscellaneous Changes
    • The Power of Friendship Dungeon has been moved inside the Convergence category in the Vortex.​

    Thanks for your support! Enjoy your time on Grand Gaia!

    Note: If you encounter game issues after updating, please follow our guide to refresh your game data.

    - The Brave Frontier RPG Team
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