Future strategy zones (+Team test area)

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by CodytheProGamer, Aug 18, 2018.


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    It's a pretty well known fact that Europe is far behind global as far as strategy zones go. This results in 2 problems: 1. They're pretty easy once you get to know their gimmicks, which can easily be searched online. 2. The reward units are.....just a waste of box space, especially now that you've introduced 60 cost units and power ups.
    For 1 you could update the right which could range from making them a bit harder to trying to make them different to their global counterparts as to make them feel fresh. For 2 I would suggest doing what you do to (some) of the new units coming from Jp and Global. A simple power up that keeps them up to date with the meta. I get that they're free units but they were pretty good upon global release, most players who get this far into strategy zone are probably p2p anyways and it was done well with All Might. I would really like to have more (good) strategy zones that aren't there for the sake of just being there but you seem to have forgotten about them.
    Also a team test zone, similar to what the other versions have, where it displays things like individual unit damage and such would be greatly appreciated. With current units I can just completely nuke the general attack still (My high score is over 500mil) so that's hit a bit of a wall since they all just die and you don't get too much individual unit data.

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