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    Future Content | Rules & Guidelines

    This part of the forums is mostly dedicated to discussions about unreleased content that is CONFIRMED to be coming.

    As always, please follow the forum's Rules of Conduct at all times.
    We also recommend reading our Forum Guidelines.

    What is Future Content?
    Any piece of unreleased content that has been officially revealed through news articles.

    Information about future content can be found in any of our news, with "Chronicles of the Future" articles fully dedicated to it. Keep in mind that plans such as release dates or content rewards may change at any time, so always refer to our news to stay up to date!​

    What is NOT Future Content?
    Generally speaking, if there is no official information published by our team, it should not be discussed here.

    This includes pure speculation, wishful thinking or unrelated suggestions which should be discussed in the Suggestions section.​

    What about content from other Brave Frontier servers?
    Keep in mind that not everything from these servers will necessarily be released on the European server.

    In this section, there is tolerance for minor unannounced content that is suspected to come such as future Units or challenges like Trials.

    However, collaboration Units, game modes or any other major unconfirmed piece of content should not be discussed here. Feel free to discuss those in the General Discussion section.​

    Rules listed below are to be taken into account when posting in this section, on top of general Forum Rules of Conduct.

    • Speculation: This section is about confirmed content. It is fine to speculate about announced Future Content, such as discussing when it will be released, how it will work and what the rewards will be. However, it is not fine to speculate about non existent Future Content to imagine what we could be working on, as this is like spreading false information.

    • Unrelated suggestions: Since this section is about Future Content we are currently working on, it is fine to let us know about your suggestions when discussing it. However, if your messages are about suggestions that are not related to a particular piece of Future Content, they should not be posted here.

    • Unconfirmed content from other Brave Frontier servers: If we have not revealed something that exists on another Brave Frontier server, you should not assume that is is coming. Please make it clear that you are discussing an aspect from a different server.
    Thank you for keeping this in mind! Post away, Summoners!
    - The Brave Frontier RPG Team​
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