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    Forum Offense System

    The forum experience is a rich and colorful one, with thousands of posts made every day. We want to maintain a friendly and welcoming environment for everyone who has set foot on Grand Gaia.

    For this, we believe it is important to establish a fair and transparent forum offense system should anyone fail to respect one of our Rules of Conduct or Moderation Policy.

    How the Offense System works
    To ensure any kind of sanction is just and proportionate, our Offense System is a progressive one.

    Every account starts as being in "Good standing" where inappropriate behavior may result in a forum warning issued by moderators or gumi Europe staff.

    Breaking rules can cause your account to be identified by moderators as "Mild rule breaker", "Severe rule breaker" or "Extreme rule breaker", for which sanctions are harsher. Whenever your account is identified as any of the 3 "rule breaker" states, a cool down period will begin before it reverts back to "Good standing". The more serious an offense is, the longer its cool down period will be.

    This means that sustained attempts at causing disorder will result in lengthier forum bans.​

    What are the possible sanctions?
    Typically, first time offenders will be issued either a warning or a 24 hour ban. However, depending on the severity of their offense, it can go up to 14 days regardless of their account's standing. Repeated offenses during the cool down period or severe inappropriate behavior may result in lengthy bans that can last more than a month, as well as extended cool down periods.

    Should your account be flagged as "Extreme rule breaker" more than once, you may very well receive a permanent forum ban rather than a temporary one. We do not wish for this to become the norm, so we do ask you to understand that we only choose to issue these sanctions when they are necessary, just and proportionate. We only hope we are not given a reason to do so.

    Should you receive a sanction, depending on its length, you will find below what it means for your account standing and cool down period:​

    • Good standing: Usually only a warning or 24 hours banned. - No cool down.
    • Mild rule breaker: At least 72 hours banned - Minimum cool down of a month.
    • Severe rule breaker: At least 14 days banned - Minimum cool down of 2 months.
    • Extreme rule breaker: At least 1 month banned - Minimum cool down of 3 months.
    Note: Permanent forum bans will be served on a case by case basis after review by gumi Europe staff.​

    What about the Chat?
    All Chat bans are permanent, no exceptions. The very nature of the Chat makes it harder to moderate than forum messages which remain permanently displayed in threads.

    As this Chat only exists as a bonus next to the forums, with full unrestricted access, any attempt to disrupt it will cause full termination of your rights to access it.​

    Can I come back during a ban with a new account?
    No, as the forum ban is more about you than it is about your account. We encourage you to take a step back to reflect on why your ban has been issued so that you avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future.

    Trying to circumvent forum bans solely to disrupt the forums by using throw away accounts will result in further sanctions given to your main forum account and further steps taken to prevent such behavior.​

    Can I appeal my ban?
    Only permanent bans, which are always issued by gumi Europe staff after proper consideration, can be appealed by sending a private message via a brand new forum account to a Community Manager with "Forum Ban Appeal" as the subject. You should clearly state your reasons for appeal and provide us with reasonable information about why your permanent ban should be removed.

    If we believe there has been misjudgement, your account will either be given back or be temporarily banned instead.

    Temporary bans can never be appealed.​

    I still believe something is unfair
    If you believe there is any abuse of power when the moderation team issues sanctions, please contact a Community Manager with all details concerning said sanction and why it was wrongly issued. We will look into it to ensure moderation is done correctly.

    Understand that we may not always be available to answer immediately, if at all, and that this may not revert any temporary ban.​

    Thank you for keeping this in mind and making the forums an awesome place to be!

    - The Brave Frontier RPG Team​

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