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    Forum Guidelines

    Guidelines are about politeness, common sense and general values that make living within a community a pleasant experience.

    While these are not our Rules of Conduct that you must strictly abide to, we urge everyone to always keep them in high regard when choosing to interact with other players. Proper behaviour from every single member of a community goes a long way to contribute to its general well-being.

    • Profanity should be held to a minimum:
    While the Profanity Filter exists for those who wish for it to be hidden, going out of your way to express yourself like this can be very unpleasant. In an effort to keep the level of discourse high, even if you're upset, we would appreciate that profanity be held to a minimum as it may turn away other players. Of course, as stated in the rules, it should never be used when addressing others.

    • English should be prioritized in the Chat:
    These forums allow everyone to join an instant message (Chat) service for live discussions. Due to the international nature of the community, among which many speak different languages, we do kindly ask you to be considerate for others and primarily use English, as it is the most widespread language. Use of other languages is tolerated, but should be kept at a strict minimum, provided nobody feels ignored when discourse is not held in English. Ignoring the presence of others, thus preventing them from participating, goes against our Toxicity rule.

    • Your messages should be comfortable to read:
    Forums allow players to engage in any kind of discussions, from sharing fun jokes to holding lengthy debates. As such, you should always make sure your messages are conveyed in a way that is comfortable to read. For instance, avoid using too many different colors, text sizes, capital letters, abbreviated words, Internet slang or multiple repetitions of "!" and "?", as it could make other players skip your message, no matter how thought-out its content is. This also applies to Forum Signatures, limited at 150px height, which should be discreet.

    • You should avoid posting multiple times in a row:
    Each forum thread only displays a fixed amount of posts per page. To avoid taking over a page on your own, should you be the last person to have posted on a thread, you should always edit your last message rather than post a new one. Seeing someone post multiple times in a row is generally frowned upon, unless there has been a considerable amount of time between posts.

    • You should look for information before you ask about it:
    Chances are something you might ask about has already been answered, especially in a thread dedicated to a specific part of the game! To avoid interrupting a discussion to ask for information that can easily be found, please make sure you have properly read all official News, as well as what players have said in official News Discussion threads, before posting or creating a new thread to ask about it.

    • You should always keep your personal information to yourself:
    Never give away any personal information about yourself that may help identify you in real life. You should also never reveal information that may help someone get a hold of your account, such as a transfer code or password. Your own safety comes first. If gumi Europe requires information from you, it will not be via the forum.

    • You should respect the purpose of each forum section:
    Every discussion has its place in a specific forum, and that means you should not post threads with the same content in different sections to have more visibility, as well as ignore the original purpose of a section. Thread titles should also give an understanding of what the subject is about, meaning titles such as "Help!" or "What's happening?" are not a good idea. All it does in the end is reduce visibility for other, more relevant threads, just like spam.
    Thank you for keeping the forums awesome for everyone!
    - The Brave Frontier RPG Team​

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