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  1. Broekie-Chan

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    Gumi Yuki
    Contest Time!
    Unit skill & Lore contest
    Make your own Dream evolution skill stats & Lore, but with a twist. It needs to be An EU exlcusive unut that has not yet Recieved any Dream evo.
    Note: Due an Legacy dream Ex will be released you will still be allowed to make a reworked version of "Her".

    ▪ Only one post allowed & only one Unit skills & Lore allowed
    ▪ No disscusion allowed
    ▪ Do not copy any body
    ▪ you CAN participate in both contests at once.
    ▪ Put your ID & inGameName in your post
    ▪ Speak english
    ▪ ONLY EU EXCLUSIVE UNIT THAT ALREADY EXISTS THAT DOES NOT YET HAVE DREAM EVO. (Allowed to use next DE legacy because she is not yet revealed)
    ▪ you are allowed Edit your posts until 28 March 23:59

    Rewards Winners Skill contest
    1st, 30xGems & 3× Mystery & robo frog
    2nd 25xGems & 3x Mystery
    3rd 20xGems & 1x Mystery
    4-5th 15x Gems & 1x Mystery frog

    Rewards Winners Lore contest
    1st, 30x Gems, One Elgif to be decided & 15 000 Honor points
    2nd 25x Gems One Elgif to be decided & 10 000 Honor points
    3rd 20x Gems One Elgif to be decided & 5000 Honor points
    4-5th 15x Gems One Elgif to be decided 3000 Honor points

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  2. Trawl

    Trawl Ex-QA by day, Trawl by night Ex-gumi Staff

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  3. MrSnuggles

    MrSnuggles Master of Elie art

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    Arthur (A) 7* maxed
    Yggdra (A) 7* maxed
    Magena (L) 7* maxed
    Plumatachi (A) 7* maxed

    (If you need a leader feel free to send me a message)
    What have you gone and done now Trawl!?! D;

    Broekie, sorry for breaking your rules

    I have To enter this for the luls

    IGN: MrSnuggles
    ID: 11664903

    Dream evo Elie
    Stats (Lord):

    HP:82014 (+2000)
    Atk:3928 (+1600)
    Def:7881 (+1200)
    Rec:9211 (+1200)

    Cost: More than you will ever have

    Leader Skill: Tomatoe Crew

    500% boost to Atk and 300% boost to max HP of true Elie followers, considerably boosts Hype when Elie makes a forum post & humongusly mega super ultra booooooosts BB gauge each turn and grants immunity to all status ailments
    12000% boost, Fills 1337 BC

    Extra Skill: Hype Brow
    [Requirement(s): Tomato]

    60% boost to all parameters, huuuuuuumongously boosts elemental damage & boosts damage relative to remaining Hype when Tomato is equipped
    10000% boost, 500% boost per 1% Hype remaining

    Brave Burst: Gem Cashcade
    150 combo all elements attack on all foes, humongously boosts Atk for 238 turns & removes all status ailments (status ailments are for lesser creatures), 100% damage reduction for 4 turn and gives you 5 gems.
    15000% Atk

    Super BB: Forum Post
    200 combo powerful all elemental attack on all foes, guaranteed huge 1 turn Atk reduction, maxes Atk and BB Atk for 3 turns & considerably boosts Tomato elemental damage for 3 turns, completely restores HP for 3 turns, considerably boosts Rec relative to max Hype for 3 turns, negates critical and elemental damage for 1 turn & negates Atk, Def, Rec reductions for 1 turn
    100% chance to reduce 100% Atk, xxxxxxxx% Atk and BB ATk

    Ultimate BB: Ban
    Bans enemies from being in the game. If not a true follower of Elie it deletes all your gems and makes you unable to get new gems by any means.

    - 10 sp: +2000% All Stats
    - 10 sp: Adds Boosted self-esteem (60%) to BB/SBB for 3 turns
    - 20 sp: 100% chance of bromance for Elie if Trawl is in the team
    > 10 sp: Adds 80% to add one extra huge mega super duper ultra attack at the end of the turn (5000% dmg all elements)
    - 10 sp: Chance to recieve 10 gems when using BB (80% chance at Full HP)

    - 10 sp: Adds chance on enemy giving up the fight (20%) when BB/SBB/UBB casted exceeds a certain amount (1) for 2 turns.
    - 10 sp: Add 1263784% increased damage against Frog type units.
    - 10 sp: Immune to all Elemental Damage

    - 10 sp: UBB grants a 100% chance to get a 10% chance to recieve a Robo-frog at the end of the encounter.

    Once upon a time there was a CM named Elie, he was the guy posting stuff for the game BF because that was his job. One time a use named MrSnuggles photoshopped him into Dream Evo and several months later we can now see the fruit of that photoshop.

    @gumi Elie
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  4. Mishikasei

    Mishikasei Moderator of the Flowers

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    Yoshino-chan and Mishi mod.
    Nah it's Shion and Lucy or Amadeus
    Can change lead by request, just ask me.
    Well, since this contest is indeed approved by a gumi staff.
    I want to join so atm I'll occupy this space for my partecipation since it's fun to create my Dream EU Unit.

    ID: 21930884
    Ingame: Mishikasei

    Unit: No spoil, I'll reveal it once I wrote 1 of the 2 slots. Lore is done so I'll tell you the unit:
    It's Eir! Are you unexpecting gumi Trawl to be the unit?

    Prepare some patience, I know it's too long... lel
    Premises: The following story is a very "what if" like lore, since the concept of Dream Evolution can include an alternative path for a unit.

    Eir, instead of deciding to join the war with the other Valkyries again, decided to stop fighting after realizing the cruelty of war, remaining firm to her ideal of being a healer that saves souls from dead instead of bringing them to heavens.
    Due to her betrayal, the forest, where she lived, was destroyed by the others and her powers were completely detracted by the gods.
    Having no chance to restore her home, she started seeking for a new power to completely restore Svard Forest.
    In this desire of power, a mysterious tree-like being appeared before her and said: "Become my servant and I'll grant you the power you need!".
    This strong desire, hidden in her heart, caused herself to be absorbed with a corrupted aura and she started to lose awareness of herself.
    With that immense power, she started to spread Corruption to all the souls and all the places where she touched and she eventually killed those who betrayed her.
    She seemed unstoppable, even Freyja couldn't stand a chance, but a remaining crying soul of a destroyed Svard Forest opened her heart again and she suddently became conscious again.
    Having realized of what she have done, she started to cry. Her cries suddently transformed the Corruption inside her into a new form of power.
    With that feeling and her strong desire to restore everything, she used all her strenght to destroy all the Corruption and resurrected all those poor souls victim of such disgrace, including the others that succumbed. She, then, searched for the tree-being like that gave her such impure power.
    As soon as Eir found the being, she fought her and succeeded in sealing the Corruption. Before the tree disappeared, these were her last words: "Traitor! How dare you to disobey me! I'm Yggdrasil, I can't die! Corruption will be always in the deepest place of everybody's heart, even the tiniest part of it like a grain of sand."
    At the end, everything on Valhalla returned to its previous state, including her beloved place, now undestructible due to her powers, and after all those things, Eir disappeared without leaving any traces.
    Svard Forest, then, would have been immersed with a healing aura and those who were sick, wounded or had handicaps would have been completely healed. Could this be Eir's aura or could it be something else?

    Awakened Cleric Eir :dream:

    Stats (Lord):

    HP: 8850 (+1600)
    Atk: 2640 (+460)
    Def: 3500 (+840)
    Rec: 2800 (+900)

    Cost: 50

    Hits: 12 (4 DC)

    Leader Skill (Redemption of the Fallen Valkyrie):
    +40% HP, +50% Atk and Def to all, additional +40% HP, +50% Atk and Def to Females. Boost BB gauge when Attacked (5-7 BC), Chance (25%) to Recover HP when Attacked (30% of Damage), Reduces Damage (20%) when BB/SBB/UBB casted exceeds a certain amount (8) for 2 turns.

    Extra Skill (Blessed Aura):
    Negate Ailments and Additional Extra Damage (DoT), Reduce BB Cost (-20%) and, when "Asgard's Purified Whip" is equiped, Adds Fills Allies BB Gauge (12 BC) to BB/SBB.

    Brave Burst (I'll Take Care of Those Souls!):
    Greatly restores HP (3700 - 4200 + 40% Rec), Cure Ailments and Stat Debuff and Negate Ailments for 3 turns and adds self Withstand K.O. (100% chance with 50% HP) for 999 turns. Uses herself as Tank to all Allies for all incoming attacks for the incoming enemy turn.

    Super Brave Burst (Endless Healing Storm):
    33 Powerful Earth, Light and Dark Attack to all foes (660%), Greatly Restores HP (4500 - 5000 + 42,5% Rec), Cure Ailments and Stat Debuff and Negate Ailments for 3 turns, Adds Gradual Heal for 3 turns (4000 - 4500 + 25% Rec). Uses herself as Tank to all Allies for all incoming attacks for the incoming enemy turn.
    (33 Hits, 2 DC)

    Ultimate Brave Burst (Svard Forest's Reviving Soul):
    33 Massive All Elemental Attack to all Foes (1250%), Reduce Elemental Damage (100%) for 2 turns, Massive Boosts BB gauge when attacked (50 BC) for 4 turns, adds chance to survive fatal blow (80%) for 999 turns and +40% HP to all allies.
    (33 Hits, 1 DC)

    BC Cost: 27/29/33

    - 20 sp: +25% All Stats.
    - 30 sp: Chance to Survive up to 2 Fatal Blows (50% with Full HP)
    - 30 sp: Adds Negates Atk, Def and Rec Down buff for 1 turn to BB/SBB.
    - 30 sp: Adds Boosts BC Efficiency buff (60%) to BB/SBB for 3 turns.
    - 30 sp: Replaces BB's "Self Withstand K.O." with "Chance (20%) to Survive Fatal Blow (10% HP Recovery) to all Allies"
    > 10 sp: Adds "Chance (22.5%) to Survive Fatal Blow (15% HP Recovery) to all Allies" to SBB for 999 turns.
    - 20 sp: Adds Earth Barrier (3500 HP) to BB/SBB.
    - 40 sp: UBB's Elemental Damage Reduction last for an additional turn.
    - 50 sp: Adds Revives Dead Units (100% chance with Full HP) to UBB.

    Name: Asgard's Purified Whip
    Type: Stat Boost
    Effect: +40% All Stats, Gradual Heal each Turn (1750-2250 + 10% Rec) and Chance (30%) to Recover HP when Attacked (30% Dmg to HP), +5% Mitigation, Negates Elemental Weakness, Critical and Ignore Defense Damage.
    Materials: 4x Valhalla Insignia + 1x Beiorg's Armor + 3x Explorer's Journal + 1x Lost Soul (1 time only material) + 2x Flower Core + 1,500,000 Karma.

    Little Explanation of my choices:
    I tried to be as loyal as possible to her original 6 Star Skillset.
    As you can see, she is an upgraded version of it but I changed the leader skill part where it was "if 5 or more Elements are present" to give it to all Allies to render flexible her Leader skill.
    Due to her lore, I gave her anything related to AI, Mitigation and Revive. With the right sp, this unit is very flexible and can replace other AI users such as Holia and Julia.
    The BB support part is to give her versatility for any hard content.
    ES and Sphere are to make her viable to use due to new mechanic I created.
    She is also flexible due to the non attacking BB and an offensive SBB, the BB is good for countering Reflects and especially Guard Frontier while the SBB to let her do damage too and contribute to fill BB gauge thanks to her 66 DC SBB and her ES.

    Note: "The Withstand K.O." BB Buff is not immune to buff wipes unlike the UBB one, so Eir can still die in contents with instant deaths and Wipes... please let's contain her immortality :p

    About the mechanics:
    As you can see Eir has this mechanic called: "Uses herself as Tank to all Allies for all incoming attacks for the incoming enemy turn."
    It came into my mind after playing another game.
    It consists in the role of Tanker, similar to Mitigation, you will think of something similar to a Global mechanic but it has very huge differences:
    - All STs and RTs are only towards the "Tanker", expect fixed ST thresholds, otherwise it would be very game breaking.
    - All Allies will have 35% Mitigation to all AoEs and has less chance to be Critted, Spark Damage will be halved!
    - All Ailments and Debuffs are towards the "Tanker" only!
    - Tanker will receive 30% more damage, has more chance to recieve a Critical hit and will recieve 35% more Spark Damage, be more susceptible to Ailments, enpowered Stat debuff and DoT (Immunities are still valid).
    - If you use more than 1 with this effect, the last caster will be the Tanker. Burst Rage affects this too.
    - Tanker will have Chance to Survive K.O. (10%) additive to Passives and BB buffs.
    - Tanker will have +40% Def to self (Ignore Def can still ignore this).
    - You can keep all buffs both Tanker and non!
    - Buff wipe, BB drain, Ares Down and LS locks are still applied to all Units!
    - Tanking will not fill OD gauge!
    - All effects that has the phrase "when attacked" have halved values to all units (any odd numbers will be rounded down), for example a 5-7 BC when attacked will be only 2-3 BC.
    - Pay Attention: Guard will mitigate only 20% for the Guarded Units.

    Reason for said mechanics:
    I gave it to Eir, despite of being a bit disadvantaged for her, is due to the fact she wanted to redeem herself and wanted to defend her home, since it is undestructible because she is the one that is preventing its destruction.

    I hope both you Broekie-Chan and you guys like it ^^
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  5. Lazzo

    Lazzo [8] Elite

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    In game name: Lazzo
    Player id:49373139

    Super Mermion God Blue

    The ability to become a Super Mermion was once considered to be nothing but a legend, as it had not been performed for over one-thousand years. Megeta stated that a Super Mermion has achieved a level of power so overwhelming that it could only be maintained in a transformed state.
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  6. Akihiko Kayaba

    Akihiko Kayaba [8] Elite

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    Dizzy (FH)
    Zelnite 15% exp bonus (eventi exp)
    IGN: Trafalgar
    ID: 73145948

    Unit: Brooding King Perceval

    Lore: A righteous and honest knight. One day his old friend deserted becoming a dangerous renegade. That event split his spirit, one part of him was loyal to the crown and devote to justice, one part held the memories of their friendship. He had to take a tough choice, the toughest in his life. Guided by Merlin he took his decision. He lured the renagade into a deserted house in the night with some excuses. Arthur came without suspicion to explain his actions and to ask for support. Perceval watched him from head to toe looking for a weapon, then he sat down in order to listen to his friend. Any loud noise would have been the signal for the knights to intervene. Arthur was about to tell why he left his old life when they heard a thunder. The knights broke in and arrested the outlaw. From there Perceval became popular among the other knights, till one day he was crowned King of Avalon. He reigned peacefully for years, but in his mind he could see the words of his old friend. Justice has been done? Will he ever be able to find forgiveness?

    Skill set:

    Lord stats: 8300 hp - 2900 atk - 2800 def - 2500 rec

    Cost: 49

    Imp stats: 1700 660 660 580

    Normal hits / dc: 18 / 3

    Leader skill:
    50% all stats, 250% bb atk, nullifies atk, def and rec down, +1 normal hit counter (100% damage), 30% chance of recovering hp when attacked (40%)

    Extra skill:
    30% stats up (own), adds 5k hp earth barrier to bb/sbb; adds 30% chance of recovering hp when attacked (40%) for 3 turns for all allies to bb/sbb (with unit sphere)

    Brave burst:
    20 combo earth aoe, adds ignore defence to attack for 3 turns for all allies, adds injury (25%) to attack for 3 turns for all allies, fills 12 bc of all allies, fills OD barr (15%), adds an angel idol to all allies (20%)

    Super brave burst:
    35 combo powerful earth aoe, boosts all allies atk, def and rec (170%) for 3 turns, boosts all allies elemental atk and elemental def (100%) for 3 turns NEW!

    Ultimate brave burst:
    49 combo massive earth aoe, clears all enemies buff (as now), boosts atk, def and rec (350%), casts a 25k hp earth barrier on all allies, casts an angel idol on all allies (100% 100 turns)

    10 sp: 20% stats up
    >15 sp: 30% stats up
    10 sp: 50% spark damage
    >15% sp: 100% spark damage
    15 sp: nullifies ailments
    50 sp: adds 120% boost to elemental damage for 3 turns for all allies to bb/sbb
    30 sp: adds 140% boost to spark damage for 3 turns for all allies to bb/sbb
    35 sp: adds all elements to all allies for 3 turns with sbb
    10 sp: adds leader skill-negation remotion and negation for 3 turns to bb
    >10 sp: adds leader skill-negation remotion and negation for 3 turns to sbb NEW!
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  7. Nezekan90

    Nezekan90 [10] Legend

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    Lucy and so many others
    ID: 21836005
    IGN: Matteo

    Unit: Poseidon's Wrath Cornelius

    hits: 17

    dc: 3
    cost: 49

    Leader Skill: Ocean's Conqueror
    100% boost to ATK, 50% boost to max HP, raises normal hit amount (+1), chance of inflicting Paralysis (30%) and Injury (40%) when attacking & probable normal attack on all foes (30%, 50% damage penalty)

    Extra Skill: Tentacles of Doom
    Raises normal hit amount (+1), 30% Boost to all parameters and Boosts elemental damage (80%) if Admiral's Hook is equipped

    Brave Burst: Gruesome Whirlpool
    27 combo powerful Water and Dark elemental Attack on all enemies, considerably boost ATK for 3 turns (120%), considerably boost ATK for all elements for 3 turns (120%) & probable paralysis effect (55%)

    Super BB: Abyssal Typhoon
    36 combo powerful Water and Dark elemental Attack on all enemies, hugely boost ATK (150%) for 3 turns, hugely boost ATK for all elements (150%) for 3 turns, hugely boost all elemental damage (100%) for 3 turns & probable injury and paralysis effect (85%)

    Ultimate BB: Final Tentacle Invasion
    36 combo massive Water and Dark elemental Attack on all enemies, enormously boost ATK (350%) for 3 turns, enormously boost all elemental damage (350%) for 3 turns & hugely raises normal hit amount for 3 turns (+3)

    • 10 SP : 35% boost to Atk, Rec
    • 10 SP : 35% boost to Def, max HP
    • 10 SP : 60% boost to Atk
    • 10 SP : Raises normal hit amount (+1, total of +2)
    • 20 SP : Negates elemental damage
    • 20 SP : Enhances BB/SBB's considerable Atk effect (+20%)
    • 20 SP : Enhances BB/SBB's considerable Atk of all elements (+20%)
    • 20 SP : Enhances SBB's elemental damage boost effect (+20%)
    • 50 SP : Enhances UBB's Raises normal hit amount (+1, total of +4)
    • 70 SP : Probable resistance against 1 KO attack
    • 40 SP : Add considerable damage boost against status afflicted foes for 3 turns effect to BB/SBB (+100%)
    • 40 SP : Add considerably raises normal hit amount for 3 turns effect to BB/SBB (+2)
    • 40 SP : Adds huge Atk boost relative to Def for 3 turns effect to BB/SBB (80% Def to Atk)
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  8. Tlachtga senpai

    Tlachtga senpai Waifu Lover

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    Light Speed Maiden Alvitr

    Rarity: :dream:

    Lore: Alvitr, known for her speed at collecting souls, became to grow bored of doing it and began to search for something, anything else that she would found fun. In order to accomplish her goal, she began to travel around all Valhalla, in which she found something strange that was stirring trouble and unbeknowgst to all her sisters. She then decided to take action against this foe, but it proved too strong and it gravely injured her so she was forced to flee. When she came back to warn her sisters of the impending danger she found they were being controlled by something, which she assumed was the foe she fought a while back. She reluctantly fought against all her sisters and she soon grew to become much more stronger and faster than she was before, it was then she realized that she was made for collecting souls after sending her sisters' ones in a special space, only available to her.

    Skills: LS: Valhalla's Prided Speedster.

    Stats (lord): 9000 HP (+1500)
    Atk: 3500 (+600)
    Def: 2500 (+400)
    Rec: 3000 (+500)

    Normal Attack: 15 hits (3 DC/hit, up to 45 BCs)

    50% to HP, 75% to Atk for Feminine Units, additionnal 75% atk if 5 elements or more are present, Hugely boosts BB gauge fill rate (+100%) and boost OD gauge fill rate (+40%).

    ES: The fastest One alive.

    Fully refills own BB gauge to max and boosts own BB attack (+200%) when her special sphere is equipped (Bladed Bracelets), +100% Spark Damage, crit damage. Adds probable (20% infliction, 30% effect) Spark Critical for all allies to BB/SBB.

    BB: Mach Speed Slash (20 BC)

    20 combo Massive (+600% Atk, +3% per HP% remaining, up to 900% Atk) attacks on a single foe, 5 combo Massive (+300%) attacks on a single foe, Curse, Paralysis and Injury (75% chance) on the ennemy and fills own BB gauge to max. (max drop: 20BC + 5BC)

    SBB: Hypersonic Slash (30 BC)

    25 combo Cataclysmic (+1000% Atk, + 5% per HP% remaining, up to 1500% Atk) attacks on a single foe, 5 combo Massive (+500%) attacks on a single foe (Spark combo, all) attacks on a single foe, Curse, Paralysis, Sickness and Injury (75% on the ennemy), boosts BB gauge fill rate (+100%) and boost OD Gauge (+10%). (max drop: 25BC + 5BC)

    UBB: Light Speed Slash

    30 combo Apocalyptic (+2000% Atk, +10% per HP% remainin, up to 3000% Atk), 5 combo Cataclysmic (+1000% Atk) attacks on a single foe (Spark Combo, all), boosts Spark damage (+450%), boosts BB damage (500%), boosts own Spark damage (+ 200%), fully fills BB gauge for all allies for 3 turns and Adds 50% to the OD Gauge. (max drop: 30BC + 5BC)

    SP skills:

    10SP: 30% HP, Atk.
    20SP: Boost own Spark damage (50%).
    >10SP: Further boosts own spark damage (50%).
    20SP: Enhances the BB/SBB/UBB Atk on ES (+100%).
    30SP: Transforms the second attack on BB/SBB/UBB to AOE attack.
    30SP: Adds all Element to attacks on SBB/UBB.
    40SP: Add boost BB gauge for all allies (+12 BC) on SBB.
    40SP: Add boost OD fill rate for allies (+20%) on SBB.
    60SP: Add AI (80%) for 999 turns to UBB (fully heals HP at the end of the ennemy's turn).
    60SP: Adds Critical Spark (100% chance affliction, 100% effect) for 3 turns on UBB.
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  9. Salty Princess-Chwan

    Salty Princess-Chwan [8] Elite

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    Whatever you want peasant.
    Coming soonerino when i have timerino At least I hoperino
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  10. usotsuki

    usotsuki loli-a-ravioli

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    ID: 66275948 | IGN: Seven

    Glacial Awakening Aymarks

    Cost: 48
    Hits: 18
    Drop Count: 3


    When the portals that lead to Grand Gaia and the Dark Mirror World connected, Aymarks woke up, welcomed by a pleasant, yet disgusting feeling..

    It was a familiar yet unknown feeling.

    She knew that she wasn’t the same person as before, she became tremendously powerful, not only she was capable of manipulating and creating ice from nothing, she was able to freeze an abstract object such as time.

    But she didn’t only gain more power.

    Someone, or something, was crawling in her body.

    Aymarks' head was filled with memories and feelings that she never had before: the view of summoners crumbling into pieces after becoming statues made of ice, the freezing of entire nations and the urge to destroy.

    Her feelings to protect what Llewxam created and her thirst for destruction were so strong that none of them could’ve abated the latter.

    If Aymarks would’ve managed to suppress the monstrous being that lived inside of her body, perhaps she would’ve searched for her dearest friend and helped her fight until the end of eternity.

    [Leader Skill: A Sea of Ice]
    boosts 45% HP and DEF, boosts 15% all parameters of water units, boosts critical damage (175%), spark damage (100%), spark fills BB gauge (1-2), boosts BB gauge at the end of turn (5BC).

    [Extra Skill: Glacial Blessing]
    30% to HP (self) when Unmelting Frozen Crown is equipped, 10% boost to all parameters for water units, chance to perform 1 extra action (self; 30%)

    [Brave Burst: Wall of Ice]
    18 powerful combo attack on single enemy (560%), boosts DEF (160%), boosts DEF relative to ATK (70%), boosts DEF for all elements (120%) for 2 turns, chance to paralyse all enemies (80%).

    [Super Brave Burst: Gelid Blaze]
    45 powerful combo attack on all enemies (600%), boosts critical damage (75%), boosts critical hit rate (60%), probable spark critical for 3 turns (30% chance, +50% spark damage for spark critical) for 3 turns, boosts own DEF (200%), boosts ATK relative to DEF (70%).

    [UBB: Freezing of Time]
    30 powerful combo attack on all enemies (1000%), boosts max HP (25%, party), boosts ATK,DEF, REC (300%, party), chance to activate Angel Idol (100% self, 80% party), chance to perform 1 extra action (100%, party) & activates water barrier (20000 HP).

    20 SP: 30% HP (Self)
    >10 SP: enhances HP boost (+20%)
    10 SP: enhances LS HP & DEF boost (+10%)
    30 SP: adds water barrier to BB/SBB (3000 HP)
    > 10 SP: enhance water barrier effect (3000 HP > 4000 HP)
    40 SP: enhance spark damage for spark critical effect (40% chance, 70% damage) on SBB
    >20 SP: enhance spark damage for spark critical effect (60% chance, 80% damage) on SBB
    30 SP: adds BB fill during spark effect on BB/SBB for 3 turns (1-2)
    60 SP: adds 3 turn 75% mitigation effect to UBB
    60 SP: adds 1 turn 100% mitigation effect to UBB

    Sphere: Unmelting Frozen Crown
    Sphere Type: Spark

    I absolutely have no clue on how to design a sphere, so yeah, 15% all stats and random spark stuff.


    If I have to give my opinion, her 4*,5* and 6* lores are just weak, just like the other Mirror Units' lore (yes, Llewxam too. I really didn't like her 7* lore.)
    My lore concept talks about how Aymarks from the Dark Mirror World fused with Skramya from Grand Gaia, this fusion happened when the two portals connected.
    This alternative lore takes advantage of the 6* lore, where she gets reduced to vapor by Sagrav's attack.
    When the summoner (us) beated Skramya in Grand Gaia, Skramya became vapor too, so when the two portal connected, the two ice waifus basically fused (since they're.. both vapor.) and condensed into what Aymarks DE should be.
    I didn't include any other Mirror unit in the lore (except for Llewxam, which I only mentioned) to keep the lore simple and easy to introduce in the story, even though we're still talking about a what-if lore.

    Even though she's supposed to be an FH unit, I wanted to make her viable for hard content too.
    Her UBB "freezes time" giving 1 more action to the entire party, which can be really helpful in critical situations.
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  11. bunbun

    bunbun Magena Lover

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    kaw-kaw birdy magena

    LS: Reduction to Dmg taken for all allies (20%) & boosts all stats (50%) & boosts bb gauge every turn (10bc)
    ES: reduction in bb gauge required for bb (20%) & 20% chance to heal damage taken (30%)

    BB: removes and negates all status ailments for 3 turns, boosts allies bb gauge (12bc) & gradual hp recovery for all allies for 3 turns & chance to reduce enemy atk and def added to allies for 3 turns (20% chance for 50% reduction)

    SBB: boosts allies bb gauge (15bc) & adds all elements to attack for 3 turns, reduces dark/light damage taken for 2 turns (20%) & boosts allies bb gauge when guarding (12 bc) & applies light barrier to all allies (5k hp)

    UBB: 100% damage reduction for 2 turns, applies 15k hp shield, applies mana bubble (150% of REC) and fully fills bb gauge for 2 turns

    10 sp enchants all stats of LS to 55%
    30 sp replaces sbb bb gauge when guarding by bb fill when damage taken 4~7 bc
    50 sp adds remaining elements to sbb reduction
    50 sp adds 2 turn mitigation to bb/sbb
    20 sp boosts magena's def by 50%
    20 sp adds HP recovery to bb
    10 sp boosts magena's hp by 30%
    30 sp adds 180% atk/def/rec for 3 turns to bb/sbb
    40 sp adds mana bubble to bb (100% of rec)
    20 sp adds chance to heal damage taken (20%) to bb

    did i break the game yet or should i try harder?
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  12. owner211

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    i had to make a entry or else broekie would kidnap my fufu again so here goes nothing

    name: owner211

    Boost all stats for all units (50%) & Nullifies elemental damage & Reduces Dark and Light elemental damage taken (20%) & Boosts Spark damage (120%)

    When Odin's Ring is equipped adds chance that allies will cast double BB/SBB/UBB (20%) for 3 turns to BB/SBB and boosts all stats (20%) & Adds Light Barrier (3500 HP) to BB/SBB

    Heal all allies & Boosts BB gauge (9 BC) for 3 turns & Boosts BB ATK (450%) for 3 turns & Boosts ATK for Dark and Light types (150%) for 3 turns

    35 combo Light and Dark attack on al enemies & Boosts Spark damage (110%) for 3 turns & Cure all status ailments & Reduce Light and Dark elemental damage taken (20%) for 1 turn

    40 combo Light and Dark attack on all ennemies & Boosts Spark damage (250%) for 3 turns & Boosts BB gauge on Spark (12 BC) for 3 turns & Adds probability to perform 1 extra action (80%)

    10 sp:
    30% Boost to max HP & ATK
    >10 sp: Boosts 30% to max HP & ATK to 50% max HP & ATK
    50 sp: adds perform 1 extra action within the same turn when Sparks have exceeded certain number (5) to Ex
    20 sp: adds 50% damage reduction for 2 turns to BB/SBB
    10 sp: adds probable Spark critical for 3 turns to BB/SBB
    20 sp: changes Ls reduces Light and Dark elemental damage taken (20%) to all elements
    20 sp: changes BB's boost ATK for Light and Dark types (150%) to all elements
    30 sp: adds HP resroration (3000-3500 + 15% ATK) for 3 turns to SBB
    10 sp: adds chance to double damage output buff to BB/SBB (80% chance)
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  13. Saiyariu

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    Just ask for it. Maybe I got it.
    Well, here goes nothing.
    IG: Seijariu

    :dream: Lost Hope Llewxam :dream:

    Lord Stats: Max Imp
    HP 7220 +2000
    ATK 2790 +900
    DEF 2800 +800
    REC 2600 +850

    Leader Skill: Dreamless End
    40% boost to all parameters & Boosts critical damage (150%) & Boosts damage during spark (100%) & Boosts damage to weaker elements by Light and Dark types (150%)

    Extra Skill: Corrupt Destiny
    When Immaculate is equipped, boost all stats 20% and boost in critical damage (100%) and critical damage boosts BB gauge (4-5 BC to self and 3 BC to all) and adds critical chance buff to BB/SBB (60%)

    Brave Burst: Corrupted Fate
    21 combo powerful Light and Dark attack on all enemies & Adds Light and Dark to attack for 3 turns & Boosts BB Attack for 3 turns (350%) and boosts Light and Dark elemental damage (50%).

    Super Brave Burst: Dark Endless
    33 combo Light and Dark attack on all foes & Probable random status ailment effects (80% injury, poison, weaken, 50% paralysis, curse) & Probable 1 turn Attack reduction (30 % chance -50%) & Boosts damage dealt to foes with status ailments for 3 turns (150%) and boosts Light and Dark elemental damage (50%)

    Ultimate Brave Burst: Dispair
    40 combo Light and Dark attack on all foes & enormously boosts Light and Dark elemental damage (400%) & highly boosts BB damage (400%) & highly boosts Atk (200%) and enormously boosts crit damage (250%)

    10 SP 20% boost to all stats
    10 SP 70% boost to spark damage
    30 SP adds critical damage buff to BB/SBB (50%)
    10 SP enhance critical damage buff (50% > 75%)​
    40 SP adds chance of inflicting 2 turn ATK reduction on atk for 3 turns (20% chance -20%)
    50 SP adds enormous spark damage boost to BB/SBB (BB 100% SBB 120%)
    40 SP adds BB during spark effect to BB/SBB (2-3 BC)

    Lore: After the fierce battle against Yggdrasil and her corrupted champions, aswell as the victory against the Corruption, Llewxam was relieved and overcome with joy knowing the threat that could have possibly destroyed the entire universe, was defeated once and for all. After disbanding her champions, Llewxam, who was completely exhausted, went into a deep slumber where she sought rest. But it wouldn't last long.

    Shortly after falling asleep, she had a dream. Llewxam found herself surrounded by nothing but pitch-black darkness. A familiar feeling was in the air. So cold and lonely. But she couldn't quite make out what it was. Either way, she didn't feel good because of it, in fact, she felt a little bit sick.
    Aimlessly, she started going forward in the hopes of maybe finding someone or something. After a while, she saw a figure in the distance, one that she thought she knew. And indeed, it was one of her champions, Virgo. But something seemed off about her. It was, as if she was emitting a dark aura. As Llewxam stepped closer, Virgo, with a sad look in her face and tears in her eyes mumbled something in front of her that Llewxam didn't understand. Before she could ask anything, Virgo disappeared into the endless darkness. Worried, that something could have happened to her and confused as to why she was crying, Llewxam tried following her, but to no avail.
    Instead, she crossed ways with two other champions, Sagittarius and Cancer, both with a similar dark aura as that of Virgo. Sagittarius was shaking in fear, so much, that he couldn't hold his weapon upright, ends up dropping it and starts cowering. Cancer, who is normally uplifting and a cheerful, was staring with dead eyes and an expressionless face into the darkness. It was, as if she had lost her will to fight. Or even worse, the will to live. "W-What's wrong guys?!", asked Llewxam with a shocked face waiting ever so eagerly for a response. Sagittarius, still cowering, began to mutter something under his breath. It sounded as if he was calling for help. Before Llewxam could do anything, both of them vanished.
    Struck with fear, Llewxam began running in the never ending darkness, clueless as to what is going on . "What is the meaning of all this? What is this ominous feeling that won't go away?" As if expected, Llewxam ran into the last three champions, Scorpio, Libra and Taurus. Scorpio had his back turned towards her, and Libra's scales, which showed the balance between the dead and the alive, had lost their balance, leaving Libra with a disappointed face. Taurus was slowly crawling on the ground, getting closer to Llewxam. She quickly noticed, unlike the other two, he was not engulfed by the dark aura. "Lord... Llewxam... I'm sorry... we... failed you..." "Arbez! Arbez! What is going on here?! What's happened to this place?!" "Lord... Llewxam..." Suddenly, before Taurus could get any more words out of him, he sank into the ground, almost as if he was being swallowed. Llewxam sprung back in terror when shortly after, she noticed Scorpio staring at her hostiley. It was at that moment when she realized what has happened to her beloved world.
    Dark eyes.
    She ran faster than ever before, not wanting to believe that the universe fell prey to the Corruption. But no matter how fast she went, it was still around her. Llewxam halted quickly as she caught sight of something that looked like a gate. Perhaps an exist? On closer observation it turned out to be a mirror. When Llewxam looked into it, she gasped and backed off. She saw a corrupted version of herself repeating the same thing over and over again: "I failed... I failed... I failed..." Seeing her hopeless, corrupted self like that left her frozen. Unable to move, the Corruption eventually started consuming her, gaining control of her. Soon she would become the same being like she saw in the mirror. And thus, she shed one last tear before she was completely overtaken by it.

    Llewxam woke up, drenched in sweat and teary eyes. "Was it all just a dream...? Everything felt so... real." She let out a sigh of relief. Her dream made her think about what would have happened if she and her champions wouldn't have defeated Yggdrasil and the Corruption. She still remembers her corrupted self, drowning in despair. The thought of it makes her shudder. "Better not to think about it any longer." Llewxam went back into a deep slumber, sleeping fast and sound. Was it all truly just a dream? Or perhaps...?

    This took me so long to make, goodness. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing this :D.
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    Ember Elder Fiora, Great Thief Leon
    I love this cat! :love: Sorry for the spam. :wink:
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  15. Bruh

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    felice, avant, sirius, heinrich, arthur, laberd
    Oh hell yeah

    Name: wallie
    Id: 38346998

    :dream:Noblesse's Conflagration Heinrich:dream:

    Leader skill:
    80% boost to atk/def/rec when hp is over 50% and 60% boost to max hp and fills bb gauge when sparking (2-3 bc)

    Extra skill: boosts attack relative to how high hp is (150%) and boosts defense relative to how low hp is (150%) and 30% all stats if trackers crossbow is equipped and negates critical hit damage

    Brave burst:
    16 combo fire and dark aoe and 5 combo single target attack and heals self to full hp and boosts self attack/def/rec (100%)

    Super brave burst:
    31 combo fire and dark aoe and 8 combo ST attack, boosts def (+160%) for all allies and boosts atk relative to def (80%) and boosts spark damage (120%) and fills own bb gauge to full

    Ultimate Brave Burst:
    50 combo fire and dark aoe, boost def (+250%) and boosts atk relative to def (130%) for five turns, boosts max hp (40%) and 75% mitigation from water, thunder and light elements for three turns and heals all allies to full for three turns

    Sp options:
    10 sp: 20% all parameters
    ->25 sp: 50% all parameteats
    25 sp: adds all elements to attack for three turns effect to sbb
    5 sp: negates elemental damage (self)
    10 sp: boosts spark dmg (70%)
    ->15 sp: boosts spark dmg (100%)
    25 sp: enhances sbb boost to atk relative to def (+20%)
    30 sp: enhances sbb spark damage boost (+40%)
    35 sp: allows bb's heal to self to affect whole squad
    60 sp: allows ubb mitigation to affect dark, earth and fire elements and last for four turns
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  16. Deshowned

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    Yey, so calm at this hour :D, here i go >.>

    ID: 52994216
    IGN: So_Okay

    Empress Morgana :dream:

    • Stats (HP, ATK, DEF, REC)
    [​IMG] 7500 3440 3000 2560

    • Imp Bonuses (HP, ATK, DEF, REC)
    [​IMG] 1600 [​IMG] 660 [​IMG] 620 [​IMG] 600

    • Cost 48

    • Passive Skills

    Leader Skill: False life
    Boost +15% to all stats; +120% Spark; +150% EWD; probable random status ailment infliction (15% & 10%); adds an Ablative charge (100 point) for every HC collected (max 100).

    Extra Skill: Fortified flame
    Probable random status ailment infliction (15%, 10%); adds an Ablative charge (100 point) for every HC collected (max 100); When Cursed Photon Rod+ is equipped: adds Boosts damage dealt to ailed enemies (160%) 3 turns to BB/SBB, and adds Heal on Spark effect 3 turns to BB/SBB

    • Sphere

    Cursed Photon Rod+: Boost HP & ATK (40%); Boost Spark damage (100%) for 2 turn when 20 sparks; Spark increase BB gauge (1~2) & increase HC drop rate by 40%.

    • Active Skills

    Base Attack:
    19 hit with 3 DC

    Brave Burst: Asphyxiating flames
    14 combo fire attack on all foes (370%); Extra attack at turn's end (300%) & Boost Spark damage (130%) to allies for 3 turns; reduce all aliments resistance (15%, 5%) on all foes for 2 turns; Use all the Ablative charge collected (only with relative SP).
    BB: 27 BC

    Super Brave Burst: Tainted supernova
    42 combo fire attack on all foes (580%), Extra attack at turn's end (500%); probable random status ailment infliction (75%); Boost Spark damage (130%) & Critical hit increase Spark damage (+20% proc self for 2 turns) to all allies for 3 turns; Use all the Ablative charge collected (only with relative SP).
    BB: 26 BC

    Ultimate Brave Burst: Dark Power Overwhelming
    17 combo fire attack on all foes (1000%, consecutive use increase damage, max. 2 times); Boost ATK (+300%), Crit (+200%), Spark (+200%), EWD (+200%); High chance (90%) to Double BB when 10 spark for 3 turns; Launch a fully charged ablative effect (only with relative SP).
    BB: 26 BC

    • Enhancements

    15 SP +15% HP to LS & ablative charge cap decrease by "10%" BB/UBB release ablative effect as healing shield on all allies.
    > 20 SP +35% HP to LS & ablative charge cap decrease by "25%", fully charged procs deal more BB (50%) & UBB (150%) heal effect.
    15 SP +50% to critical damage to LS & ablative charge cap increase by "10%" SBB/UBB release ablative effect as damage on all foes.
    > 20 SP +100% critical damage to LS & ablative charge cap increase by "25%", fully charged procs deal more SBB (50%) & UBB (100%) damage effect.
    20 SP +10% boost to all stat (all).
    10 SP +20% HP and 15% HC drop.
    5 SP Adds DEF down (20% chance, 30% DEF) to BB/SBB.
    > 25 SP increase "reduce all aliments resistance" (30%, 7%) & add ATK down (20 chance, 30% ATK) to BB/SBB.
    20 SP Enhance the DoT effect on BB/SBB (*1,5 Value), decrease BB/SBB AoE multiplier -70% & -130%.
    > 10 SP DoT effects on enemy also apply sickness (90%) & spark vulnerability (25%) after 40.000 dmg.
    30 SP Remove the DoT effect on SBB and replace it with "1 hit light element ST (600%, consecutive use increase damage by 600%, max. 3 times)".
    > 20 SP Adds "consecutive use increase damage" to SBB AoE effect (450%, per use, max. 3 times)

    • How is made!

    In short:
    This unit supports different play style, the base form is mostly a Spark buffer with powerful DoT backed by high base attack, just like the original Morgana, status infliction got an upgrade to "all" since their less usefulness, and for back up that weakness (to being unable to even use weakness on most bosses lol) there is a little debuff that mess up with resistance. ES is much a-like the original version, and LS is a wise upgrade for damage purpose, Spark is always viable in the end and the little stat up bonus is for balancing up the "potential" firepower of some combination that can be made with SP.

    SP enhancement are used for activate the special effect on LS and ES (in case she is used as sub), with this effect dat unit can counter heal or deal low unmitigated damage... the point from now on is how to handle it. More SP upgrade make more powerful the DoT effects on BB/SBB while lowering the power of the base BB/SBB mod, otherwise she can set-up as nuker losing the DoT on SBB (the most powerful ofc) but gaining the ability to increase is damage with consecutive use (SBB)...

    So the choice aren't that obvious, taking the SBB upgrade mean doing SBB spam for get the most out of it, and that is against "management" of the Ablative effects linked on it (witch have increase cap to fulfill the charges and gain the relative bonus), on other side it can be good for charge the heal effects (without the damage SP ofc, charge gone once u do SBB), that have decrease cap (for bonus purpose), still it will broke your "consecutive" damage chain :P

    In the end, i wanted to do something OP but that require "care" for being used right, bad management of is own effects or bad SP choice can made her less powerful than what in reality is... still, watch out for low HP base pool :P, being healed is nothing if u get shoot like no tomorrow :P, i just hope g4mu will come up with something similar just for my ego ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

    Little (little... lol) section for explain "ablative" or other things... and since i doesn't have much to do, i just simply write my thoughts and "method" i use for make new effects (at least for being them credible :D).

    ///Ablative charge:
    1. Charge are granted by collecting HC, so at the end of the turn and thus cant be used for OTK tactics (only UBB can do that, since it full the charge stack by itself as effect).
    2. Every HC collected has a value of 100.
    3. Max n° of charge that can be stacked is 100, still it can be altered by SP.
    4. SP are required for actually trigger the effects, without it nothing will happen.
    5. SP create two specific effects, those effects can work together at the same time.
    "Ablative charge" 1st effect: "Healing Shield" that heal with the effect "heal when damage is taken", the main difference from the former effects are:
    1. The healing is base on n° of charge collected (100*n°charge)
    2. heal 100% of the damage taken, until the pool of ablative charge is "depleted".
    3. Successive use "overwrite" the previous effect only if is >, any value like =< do not trigger the charge use or effects.
    4. Can counter Reflect damage since is own cast time happen while the game "read the effects" listed on BB, so is applied right after the BB/UBB are used.
    5. SP effect that switch "at the end" to "at the start" of the turn cant affect this buff for obvious reason.
    6. UBB triple the charge value and is cast as if it was fully charged (even if they aren't).
    "Ablative charge" 2nd effect: "Damage", as the name suggest deal only damage, but with those quality:
    1. This damage as separate formula, so is an outside mechanic.
    2. Bypass any mitigation and DEF, still take in account Shields and MB.
    3. As no element, it always deal "neutral damage", cant crit & cant spark.
    4. The damage is base on the n° collected (100*n°charge).
    5. This damage take action right after the launch of SBB/UBB
    6. UBB double this value and is cast as if it was fully charged (even if they aren't).
    So in the end is an extra effects that don't do much put can be useful for niche tactics, the Healing effect of "Abla" can be good for:

    Countering Reflect damage: Since most of the time is to "high" for even mitigation and shields and set your unit to 1 HP most of the time... and since this effect heal 100% of the damage taken (limited by the value of the charge collected) it will heal your unit back for a portion of the damage taken right after that (and prevent DoT to kill you before HoT kick in), "Heal when damage is taken" is still working with this one, giving more "utility" to this effect to.

    Countering DoT damage: if at the end of the turn (more likely because there is no reflect effect to counter), just like the HoT, this effect will heal back is portion back right "after" the DoT effects, so is just a double "heal" when available, but there is where to decide the "priority", cuz "Abla" before "HoT", mean losing all or much like most of them for heal back from the DoT effect, while the HoT will heal more extra HP if needed (not full HP units?).
    While HoT before "Abla" mean only a lesser portion will be used, it cant heal your for more than the DoT damage, but will keep up your "Abla" for incoming attacks, still, powerful single hit can bypass it if they sends your units to =< 0 HP.
    For being honest i will find more "balance" the "DoT then Abla" priority, but ofc, dunno how the game handle it...

    So in the end, is a countering effects just like the former effect that derive, the difference is the absence of chance but a requirement and this can mean the need for more buff on the team for fulfill the requirement, still, we have a some form of "control" with the right SP setup (only heal effects) for managing the charges. With both effects managing just RIP, and aside trash, i doubt u will drop 100 HC on a single boss every turn...

    The "damage" part instead don't require much management, it's just deal straight damage and is good for those "1" damage phase or high mitigation, while not dealing "10018298391283" damage, about 10k, but they are always something, add effective DoT damage and u actually can hurt a little in those phase (especially if a threshold is required!). Damage "Abla" will use up all the charge, so is a bad "combo" for managing with "Healing Abla", since the latter need a decent amount for being useful.
    Right back about the damage... is low on purpose, thinking about others mode, this game doesn't need more broken things, so the damage is made even taking in account "arena" or "collo", a straight damage that dont give a ♥♥♥♥ a about your defese? well, would be bad if it deal 50k since no units can actually reach it for now with normal "meaning".
    However, other than that, DoT and Poison are still mechanics of this game, so would not make sense another "potential big hit" from another source, better keep it low no?

    Maybe as side dish i can put some form of compensation for being able to fulfill all the charges on BB/SBB, modding the UBB bonus as something that triggers when a successful check for "cap charge" is done on BB/SBB/UBB... but well i think about it later.

    NB: thinking about it on code lvl (only logic course ofc)...
    1. HC triggerng effects
    2. HC collected proc a charge at every check
    3. charge are more like staple BC for hidden BB
    4. hidden BB bar made by 100 units get fulfill ratio 1:1 (HC=Hidden BB BC -> HBC).
    5. bar edited for being "used" regardless being not full (or maybe not lul!).
    6. on BB use -> check for SP option -> check % hidden BB bar completed -> check 100% hidden BB bonus -> deal relative effect relate to successful check -> trigger the effect -> reset hidden BB bar.
    7. on SBB use -> same as 6.
    8. on UBB -> check for SP option -> fill HBBgauge by 100% -> resolve BB effect -> resolve SBB effect -> trigger the effects -> reset hidden BB bar.
    Like that seem ez... well is not QQ, point .2 prolly will lead to something like capricorn LS kek, HBC is for skipping eventual issue with "increase eff. of HC" (maybe) and all this shet with hidden BB etc i made up maybe is even "useless" since the game prolly have is own "method" for do that kek (i hope).
    The formula is simple, 100 * TotalLiveHBC, then the value is given to proper effects (sure for heal when damage is taken, not for damage btw), most issue here is MB factor, but well, again nope for now.
    .6 most mean, if HC effect is on (from ES/LS) the game as to check for SP option on the effect owner, if not, /bypass ofc. Prolly that will deal with multiple instance with SUB units, but feels bad checking every time for all the BB/SBB/UBB being used, maybe just tag where/who to check with a list?
    .7 is the same as .6 and .8 just skip checks for the n° of HBC and resolve it, prolly refilling the HBB is not even necessary as, just set the default value as 100, so without check it will be always 100% the value of HBB.

    Well, in the end, im going to mod it again :D thinking about all that make it ez to mod and optimize those girl fantasy <3 (lulz).

    ///Reduce aliments status resistance (Status down)

    Is just something old... usual bypass to "resistance", something that everybody will have for rekt all those bosses immune to ZA WORDO!!! *cough*...
    I did to limit it only to aliments for good reason :D, doing it on EWD is useless since is broken by default (but is a feature!), on Crit can potentially broke or cheese to much content and Spark... who care about it!
    So the best bet are Aliments, reworked like ATK and DEF down, so they are cast as debuff (no care about buff wipe), with the only difference of being 100% sure, 100% most because they already have a chance to success... so will be stupid have a chance to get a chance for a chance... no more chance?
    Another option about Status down, would be remodel it as a "pierce" effect, like ignore armor, more prolly to be apply as native BB effect for make sure some aliments have a chance to actually "get on" enemy. But... for this time is a /nope
    BTW! this effect has relative low % in reducing resistance to status, and they are still two different group, Weakness, Wound and Sickness got a better base % (15%), while more powerful status like Poison & Co. got only 5%, those % are upgradable via SP to 30% & 7% max.
    Reason for being so low? They can actually give at least a chance to land "any status", so is extremely powerful effect, taking in account BB like Noel (Raid reward one) that can chip away 10% of the MAX HP of any boss with 10% chance, Poison can do the same but for more turn.
    In the end the max value cant be more than 10%/Poison turns (= 3%~4%). The base 5% value subtract reflect that (Zellah -> 75% chance * 0,05% = 3,75%) on units that actually have good chance to deal all status at once.
    Hope it will be in-line with game standard kek, on other hand, while is more accessible than Noel effect, boss can always clean it kek.

    ///SP upgrade for DoT

    Another thing is the SP option on DoT, as stated, after X damage from DoT it will apply those effects, sickness is still affected by resistance, Spark vulnerability just get applied as a normal one, 25% chance per 25% damage for 2 turns. Just... the game know the difference about the source of different damage? Will be meh if the effects triggers with all the damage, so right after some hit of the BB itself...

    ///Twisted Spark Crit effect on SBB

    Other change is about the spark crit, since i didn't have more space for SP upgrade i cant add more utility to it, nor to the spark itself, so i just switched it like a "secondary" buffs that trigger if critical damage is done (so i just literal read "critical spark" and made up), with 10%~70% chance to land and with the already spark critical on place, the value has to be low, or, why even bringing spark crit in first place kek?
    On the practical side, at least is good, since spark damage get rolled in the damage formula at every check for spark, so if we do any critical hit, we get the bonus on that turn, others damage cant do that (critical/ATK/EWD), in short is free 20% fixed spark damage at the cost of 1 slot utility in SBB.

    On side note, this buff is intended like that:
    1. Buff itself is for the party, when cast with SBB target all
    2. When an unit with this buff deal critical damage, the buff proc
    3. The proc effect have target SELF, so only who actually hit with a critical effectively get this buff
    4. The buff duration of 3 turns is mean for only the buff that actually is cast from the BB
    5. The proc effect will last 2 turns
    So basically is a 2 steps buff, effect then proc if requirements are met, more like many other buff... (all the spark on effects buffs, reactive like BB charge or heal on hit, etc).
    Otherwise, if this was a debuff, it would be more like "spark vulnerability", still doable (since the triggers are different), since one rely on chance, the other on critical chance, and they are usually higher than flat 25%~30% (with some exception on bosses resistant to the critical chance itself), another notable difference would be the "buff wipe", buff are sensible to it, debuff just don't care, cuz they target the enemy; So the meaning of being a buff (while debuff ver. is doable) is for "re-balance" the superior rate of success of this one VS spark vuln.

    Ps: multiple enemy, multiple chance to proc to... so the effective chance to proc is more like near 100% in most content :V

    That's must be all, or rather, one unit cant have much things for her alone :D... i promise! no more mods!!! QQ

    • Lore

    Short ver:

    Morgana did not leave from "neo avalon", mostly, because while opening the portal for is original world, a bakuretsu swoop her back! After that sublime vision of Flame and power decided to kick the a** of the "underrated" Percyvaldo from the throne taking the graal from his hands, and without Arthur, Mordred and even Merlin to get in his way, instead of being a lame person, she start to rule the realm liek lily matah, danking like a boss.

    Most OP Lore even made spotted!
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  17. Aldoran

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    Rain, Lucy, Zelnite
    IGN : Aldoran
    ID : 28885298

    Great !
    I'll go with one of the unit i used the longest as a leader : Cancer !
    Her new name would be... Well, read the lore if you wanna know !

    Lore :
    After their victory against Yggdrasil, Cancer decided to abandon her old name, and remain in the Mirror World, to help arbeZ and llewxaM in their fight against other forms of corruption and the misdeeds of the gods...

    One day, she witnessed the powers of llewxaM, how she could slightly bend fate, with the help of the portal... She then recalled her own past, her homeland, La Veda, the young winged knight who fought alongside her... She wanted to go back, not necesarily to the past, but back to her homeland, La Veda, to see how the people fare, how the country has grown... She wanted to help, but in an actual way, and for something she knows and believes in... Not for "the greater good" that arbeZ talks about all the time...

    After a long discussion, they agreed on letting her go, on the condition that she doesn't reveal her identity. She would have to remain Cancer... And would still help them in their fight, but in Grand Gaïa, not in the mirror World.

    The parting was hard. She and llewxaM had grown as such close friends over the centuries. She received from her a colorfull gem as a pendant, and offered in exchange her own hair ribbon to llewxaM. She then crossed the portal and set foot on the fresh grass, and felt the fresh breeze in her hair. It had been so long... She felt refreshed and happy... And almost alive ! Which led her to decide to recall her old colors... After all, blue was the color of sadness... Now, she would be Cancer, the Rainbow Lotus !

    And she had come back to help ALL those in need...
    Whatever the color !

    PS : I know... The end is cheezy... Can't find a way to rephrase it...

    Passive skills :
    Colourful peace of mind : +10% to all stats for each element in the team, reduces BB cost (50%), boost Attack relative to remaining HP (+1% by remaining % HP) and boosts BB mod relative to remaining HP (+1% by remaining %HP)
    Contemplating the flow of fate : +30% to all parameters ; if DUEL fragment is equipped : adds "+60% to critical rate" and "6-8 BC on critical hit" to BB/SBB ; if llewxaM's pendant is equipped : adds "all elements on attacks" to BB/SBB.

    Sphere :
    TYPE : crit sphere ; +20% to Def and Rec, enhances crit dammages (+50%) and BB/SBB atk mod (+200%) for 2 turns after 1 critical hit.

    Active skills :
    Pincer dance : 20 powerful fire/water/light attacks on all ennemies ; greatly boost attack (+150%) ; boosts BB/SBB/UBB atk mod (+200%) ; boosts Elemental Weakness Dammages (+80%)
    Rainbow Meggido : 30 powerful fire/water/light attacks on all ennemies ; boosts attack (+170%) ; boosts BB/SBB/UBB atk mod (+350%)
    Determined Juneau : 40 enormous fire/water/light attacks on all ennemies and 10 enormous fire/water/light attacks on one ennemy ; boosts attack (+500%) ; boosts BB/SBB/UBB atk mod (+500%) ; boosts Elemental Weakness Dammages (+200%)

    Enhancements :
    [10 SP] - adds to LS +10% to Atk (all) if a fire unit is in the team
    > unlocks [20 SP] - the above-mentionned effect becomes cumulative for each fire unit in the team (max. +50% Atk if 5 fire units)
    [10 SP] - adds to LS +10% to Def (all) if a water unit is in the team
    > unlocks [20 SP] - the above-mentionned effect becomes cumulative for each water unit in the team (max. +60% Def if 6 water units)
    [10 SP] - adds to LS +10% to Rec (all) if an earth unit is in the team
    > unlocks [20 SP] - the above-mentionned effect becomes cumulative for each earth unit in the team (max. +50% Rec if 5 earth units)
    [10 SP] - adds to LS +5% to HP (all) if a thunder unit is in the team
    > unlocks [20 SP] - the above-mentionned effect becomes cumulative for each thunder unit in the team (max. +25% HP if 5 thunder units)
    [20 SP] - enhances the LS effect that boosts the attack relative to the remaining HP (+0,5%) if a light unit is in the team ( max. +150% to Atk by % remaining HP if a light unit is in the team)
    > unlocks [30 SP] - the above-mentionned effect becomes cumulative for each light unit in the team (max. +250% to Atk if 5 light units are in the team)
    [20 SP] - enhances the LS effect that boosts the BB/SBB attack modifier relative to the remaining HP (+0,5%) if a dark unit is in the team ( max. +150% to BB/SBB Atk Mod by % remaining HP if a dark unit is in the team)
    > unlocks [30 SP] - the above-mentionned effect becomes cumulative for each dark unit in the team (max. +250% to BB/SBB/UBB Atk mod if 5 dark units are in the team)
    [20 SP] - adds the EWD boost of the BB to the SBB (+100% EWD on SBB)
    > unlocks [30 SP] - enhances the EWD boost of the BB/SBB (+20% => +100% EWD on BB and +120% EWD on SBB)
    [40 SP] - enhances the BB/SBB atk modifier (+100% => +300% BB/SBB atk mod on BB & +450% BB/SBB atk mod on SBB)

    Explanations :
    What I had in mind for this superb unit (I really love the artwork !) was a really complex build as a leader ! And forcing the team building ! Regarding the SP that you acquire, you have to think about what you want for your team : HP if thunder, Atk if fire units, etc. But you have to keep balance on the elements because it all works on the LS !
    You can put everyting on Def with water and take some SP with EWD or BB mod, then imagine Sesir in the team with her Def>Atk convert buff...
    Or put it all in offense with a Light/Dark team.
    Or be balanced with som thunder SP (HP boost) and other points, with a team like Cancer/Arthur/Eze/Rize/2 other elements, you still get +50% all stats from LS, +10% HP from the 2 thunder units, and if you took the good SP, still have a good increase in Atk/BB mod or anything else...

    It would be such a good unit :hearteyes: !
    And you'd have to own several of them for the versatility :eek:...
    Some people would cash for that :smirk: !!!

    (And the lore allows to re-explore the Zodiacs :blushing:... What? Bad idea? Someone above posted for Magena OE :rolleyes: !)

    Gumi, vote for me :thumbsup: !!!

    PS :
    I just realised that the lore proposition wouldn't work... 'Cause that's what Michele OE could also be like... Damn :cry: !!!
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  18. licoldr

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    Arthur, Rain, Gilgamesh
    Lucy, Fina, Surt
    Holia, Lid, Melord
    Ark, Kalon,
    Zelnite, Hisui
    IGN: Licoldr

    Legendary Valkyria Skalmold :dream:

    Máx Stats (Lord)
    HP --> 6900 +1800
    ATK --> 3026 +900
    DEF --> 2780 +800
    REC --> 2840 +800

    Leader Skill: Valhalla's Sunlight
    Boost HP (30%), ATK (70%) of female units and additional HP (30%), ATK (80%) when 5 elements or more are present & Boost bb gauge when attacking normally (7BC) & Boost bb gauge (7BC) when dealt damage excceeds certain amount (20.000)

    Extra Skill: Resurrected flame
    When Laevateinn, Surt's Blade or Valhalla Insignia is equipped, boost damage dealt to foes with status aliments (120%) & renders self able to withstand up to 2 KO attack when HP is below 20%

    Brave Burst: Dragon Strike
    1 powerfull fire attack on all enemies & Partial HP drain (75%) & chance of inflicting a random status aliment (60-65%)

    Super Brave Burst: Niflheim's Gates
    19 combo fire attacks on all enemies & boost max HP (10%) & Probable HP absorption for 3 turns (40% chance / 8-10% absorb) & Boost own ATK (300%)

    Ultimate Brave Burst: Supernova Dragon
    30 combo fore attack on all enemies & boost damage dealt to foes with status aliments for 3 turns (300%) & Boost own ATK (500%) for 3 turns & Boost ATK for 3 turns (300%) & Inflicts all status aliments (100%)

    10 SP --> Boost HP, ATK (10%)
    > 10 SP --> Boost HP, ATK (30%)
    30 SP --> Enhances BB's random status aliment infliction chance (70-75%)
    30 SP --> Adds Fire barrier (3000 HP) to BB
    > 20 SP --> Adds Fore barrier (3000 HP) to SBB
    > 10 SP --> Enhances BB/SBB's fire barrier (+2000 HP)
    40 SP --> Adds ATK boost effect to SBB (180%)
    50 SP --> Adds extra dmg dealt to inflicted foes effect to BB (100%)
    > 30 SP --> Enhances extra dmg dealt to inflicted foes buff effect (+50%)
    30 SP --> Enhances LS's BB gauge boost when attacking normally (+3BC)

    Sphere: Laevateinn
    Type: Stats Up
    Effect: Boosts all stats (40%) & Chance of inflicting ailments when attacked (20%) & Chande of inflicting random aliment when attacking (20%) & Boosts damages dealt to foes with ailments (80%)
    Materials: Surt's Blade x1, Dragonlord Scale x1, Forge stone x10

    Prophecies of the Valhalla - Book IV - Chapter XXVII

    A calamity named "corruption" will appear some day to take Herald's will. If the Shining Flame warrior known as Skalmold had won the great battle against her sisters, he would became their leader. Her duty as Valhalla's leader would have led her to protect the sacred tree and it's Herlad. Then, when the corruption arrives, Skalmold will offer herself as sacrifice to held the corruption inside of her.

    With the corruption inside her, she will be sealed in a sword forged by Völundr and baptized as Laevateinn to held her until the end of time. But, inside the blade, an intese fight between Skalmold's will and corruption will take place. The battle will last ten thousand moons until she dominates corruption and siezes it's power. Then, with her new power, Skalmold will break the seal of the sword and will return back to the world to rule once again the Valhalla
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    Lucy & Bogey, Lid, Rain, Migina, Plumatachi, Blink, Sesir, Jake, Fina, Kanon, Magena, Natalame... Demandez moi !
    IG Name : Idamaria
    ID : 39 27 23 72
    Unit : Heavenly Guardian Skalmold

    Lore :

    " The fierce warriors coming from the coldest territories of Grand Gaia have their own pantheon. The legends tell us that six exceptional semi-goddesses select among the best of dying combatants, whom would be granted the right to enter their heaven and fight side by side with the Gods.
    Exceptional, indeed, was the most suited way to describe Skalmold's power. Among her sisters, she had the greatest potential, thus making her the Queen's favorite. But she never had enough, she always wanted more. Her lust for power led her to slain her own lover and eventually go against her sisters in arms. By betraying her kind and forsaking the Gods, she created discord in Valhalla, leading to the great battle where the unforgivable was accomplished. The seal was broken, her heart consumed, and the impious ritual fulfilled. Then came death, madness, sorrow, silence. And Corruption.
    How could such a disaster have been avoided ? By holding back her quest for power and staying faithful to her order, she would have nevertheless greatly developped her capacities. Serving the Northern Gods, she would have led many souls to their heavenly afterlife. Her always growing power would have let her surpass her sisters, eventually making her their leader, as the Queen's favorite should be. Alongside with the other Valkyries, at the head of an army of countless einherjar, no battle would have been lost. By saving the worlds - past, present and futur - from Corruption, she would have however granted the Northern Gods an unbounded might. And only the Gods know what they would have done with such power... "

    Note : The einherjar (an einheri) are the dead warriors waiting in Valhalla for the Ragnarök to begin.

    Skillset :

    Stats :
    HP : 8000 (+1600)
    ATK : 3666 (+960)
    DEF : 2450 (+400)
    REC : 2650 (+400)

    Heavenly Guardian Skalmold
    LS : Souls of Valhalla

    Boosts ATK (100%), HP (30%) and BB ATK (100%) of female units, boosts ATK (50%) and HP (30%) if 5 elements or more are present, boosts BB gauge (7BC) when attacking and boosts BB gauge fill rate (50%).
    ES : Burning Dragon of the Queen's Favorite
    Boosts damage dealt to ailed enemies (100%) and drain HP when attacking (10%) and when Surt's Flaming Sword or Surt's Blade or Valhalla Insigna is equipped, adds resistance against 1 KO attack when HP is below 20% and boosts all parameters (10%) of female units in the team.
    BB : Soul Collector Blaze
    1 powerful attack on all enemies (400%), chances to inflict any ailment (60% each), adds all ailments to attacks of all allies for 3 turns (10-15%), boosts max HP for all allies (20%).
    SBB : Muspelheim Flames
    20 combo powerful attacks on all enemies depending on HP remaining (200-900%), 1 powerful attack on single enemy (600%), boosts own ATK (300%) for 3 turns, adds chances (60%) to drain HP (8-10%) when attacking for all allies for 3 turns, boosts damage dealt to ailed enemies (180%) for all allies for 3 turns.
    UBB : Expiator Ragnarök
    33 combo devastating attacks on all enemies (1500%), boosts damage dealt to ailed enemies (300%) for all allies for 3 turns, boosts own ATK (500%) for 3 turns, inflict all ailments (100%), boosts BB ATK (600%) of all allies for 3 turns, chances to raise allies from KO (50% chances, 100% HP).
    SP :
    10 SP : 20% boost to ATK and HP
    > 10 SP : 20% boost to ATK and HP
    10 SP : 60% boost to Spark damage
    > 10 SP : 100% boost to Spark damage
    10 SP : 50% boost to Critical damage
    > 10 SP : 100% boost to Critcal damage
    10 SP : Adds chances to inflict any ailment (70% each) to SBB
    30 SP : Adds 180% boost to ATK of all allies for 3 turns to BB/SBB
    40 SP : Adds 420% boost to BB ATK of all allies for 3 turns to BB/SBB
    30 SP : Adds huge BB gauge (10 BC) restauration to all allies to BB/SBB
    20 SP : Adds huge HP restauration (3500) to all allies to to BB/SBB

    Sphere :
    Surt's Flaming Sword (Status Boost type)
    Boosts all stats (40%), chances of inflincting any ailment when attacked (8-10%) and attacking (10-15%), boosts damages dealt to foes with ailments (100%) & drain HP when attacking (10%).
    Item Lore :
    A mythical weapon wielded by an ardent Valkyrie, given to her by her fiery lover, a fire giant and god of a burning world. It is said that the heavenly blade's power grows with her bearer's force, and that only a passionate heart can claim its full power. Forged by the gods, the flames emerging from it follows its holder's will, making her able to wreak havoc among her enemies as well as warming up the hearts of her beloved sisters in arms.
    Materials :
    1 Surt's Blade
    1 Flame Jewel
    10 Solid Flames
    (I don't know, those are random items - you just don't need another Valhalla Insignia, just a Surt's Blade to upgrade it)

    Projet - Skalmold DE 2-min.jpg
    I wanted to give Skalmold a happy ending, because I don't want my waifu to die like that :(
    The "what if" part was quite easy to find, as her lore is not that expanded. In Frejya's lore we can see that she's referred as tha Queen's favorite, that's what she called like that in the lore.
    In fact the lore is not really a happy end because we don't know if the Valkyries are good or evil. They represent purity and normaly should be good deities, but what if the humans/summoners were considered as evil ? After all, we came to Valhalla and killed Skalmold and Geirdriful for near no reasons. They could decide to eliminate us as well.
    The LS name "Souls of Valhalla" refers to the numerous dead warriors spending their afterlife here. "Soul Collector Blaze" refers to the fact that Valkyries' purpose is to collect the souls of the worthy dying warriors. "Muspelheim" is one of the 9 worlds of Northern mythology, the land of fire ruled by Surt - and guess what, Skalmold is a fire type unit whose lover is Surt. Ragnarök, to be short, is the apocalypse, the final battle leading to the destruction of the world we know. A new world will then appears from its ashes. It's then a very suited name for an ultimate brave burst. During the Ragnarök, the dead warriors (the einherjar) will be called to the battleground, as if they were resurected - this is why Skalmold can raise allies from K.O. Expiator means making amends for your crimes : this could be Skalmold's enemies's crimes (they sinned so they need to die), or maybe her own crimes (because she was tempted to turn evil).
    Her skillset is nuker oriented, because she is aggressive and passionate as a character, and she loves to fight. Her "malice" is shown in her HP drain and the ailments she inflicts : those are quite "low-blows". I mean, ailments and HP drain are usually associated with evil or evil-looking characters : Lavinia, Tora, Kafka... I think she's quite a niche unit, her buffs being only about attack and ailments, but she can get supportive buffs like burst-heal and instant-BC, showing her capacities as a galvanizing leader.

    Can two entries be about the same unit ? I have a DE lore for Skalmold written since some time and I'd like to post it, but there's already an entry about Skalmold...
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  20. Blank Space

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    Ark Omni
    Lucy and Prince Bogey
    Arthur Omni
    Gasolina Omni

    Unit: Eagle Godess Magena

    Leader Skill: Will of Icarus
    Boosts Max HP and DEF for all allies (50%), reduction to DMG taken for all allies (20%), boosts BB gauge when taking DMG (100% chance to get 6-9 BC) & negates critical DMG

    Extra Skill: Eden's Guardian
    30% Boost to all parameters if Seraph Feather is equipped, adds a light barrier to BB/SBB (5.000 HP, 100% DMG), negates all status ailments and reduction in BB gauge required for BB (30%)

    Brave Burst: Celestial Domination
    Removes and negates all status ailments for 3 turns, chance to decrease enemy's ATK and DEF for 1 turn (30% Chance -50% reduction), boosts allies' BB gauge (11 BC) & small chance of resisting to a KO (15%, all)

    Super BB: Supreme Tornado
    Adds all elements to Atk of all allies for 3 turns, boosts allies' BB gauge (13 BC), gradually recovers BB gauge (9 BC/turn) for 3 turns, reduces all elemental DMG taken for 1 turn (15%) and boost elemental DMG (75%) and small chance to revive all KO’s allies (10%)

    Ultimate BB: Realm of Light
    Reduces DMG taken by 75% for 3 turns, increases BB gauge when DMG is taken (50 BC) for 3 turns, huge boost to elemental DMG (225%), boosts OD gauge filling for 3 turns (70%), chance to revive all KO’s allies (50%) & decreases enemy's ATK for 1 turn (100% chance -80% Reduction)

    • 10 SP 30% boost to max HP
    • 10 SP 20% boost to Def, Rec
    • 20 SP Enhances max HP and DEF boost from LS to 60% (+10%)
    • 10 SP Adds an ailments status removal and negation effect for 3 turns to SBB/UBB
    • 20 SP Adds DEF relative to max HP boost to BB/SBB (30% max HP)
    • 30 SP Adds an OD gauge filling boost effect to BB/SBB (30%)
    • 20 SP Enhances SBB/UBB's elemental DMG boost effect (+25%)
    • 40 SP Enhances UBB's DMG taken reduction’s turns to 5
    • 20 SP Adds elemental DMG reduction to UBB (25%)
    • 30 SP Boosts elemental Spark DMG for Dark, Water and Thunder units (80%)(NEW BOOST!)
    • 30 SP Boosts elemental Spark DMG for Light, Fire and Earth units (80%)(NEW BOOST!)
    Quite OP OP, but we're talking about Magena, after all ;)
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