[Curiousity] Some Game Mechanics Info (Damage, Support, Debuffs and Mitigation)

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    Welcome to this post for Math fan lovers (like me... nope...)!

    Originally titled: "How to: Calculate Estimated Damage and Mitigation." Since I amplified this thread with some other stuff, I decided to change its title for cohoerency.

    In this thread you can see some game mechanics that requires also a bit of basic elementary Math or some that are a bit based on data mining from other players (usually hidden info) or simply testing.

    As for the reference, I used this source, if you want to look at it: Click Me To Go There!

    To note: in this post, percentages are indicated in decimals (for example 150% is 1.5). Buffs are not stackable to the same buff category (example 2 Atk buffers doesn't sum to each other! The latter will overwrite the previous one). Exception is BB/SBB and UBB which are additive! Also pay attention that 2 Conditional leads and/or Conditional turn based lead with conditional turn based spheres won't stack!

    Legend for simplified writing:
    - UBA = Units' Base Attack (Stat Atk + Imp to be clear without sphere, lead, ES and passive)
    - UBR = Units' Base Recovery (Stat Rec + Imp to be clear without sphere, lead, ES and passive)
    - EBD = Enemy Base Defense
    - Stat -> Spec Stat = Convert a Stat (Atk, Def, Rec, HP) into a specific one (It doesn't mean you lose that Stat! To calculate: Total Stat (including buffs excluding conversion bonus) × Conversion Scale)
    - ADD = Atk Down Debuff
    - DDD = Def Down Debuff
    - RDD = Recovery Down Debuff
    - WD = Weaken Debuff (if it is present, Attack is halved)
    - ID = Injury Debuff (if it is present, Defense is halved)
    - ES = Extra Skill
    - EWD = Elemental Weakness Damage
    - LS = Leader Skill (both yours and friend)
    - SC = Stat Calculation (Your Stats + Buffs)
    - TD = Total Damage
    - BBTD = Brave Burst Total Damage (I also mean SBB and UBB mod, it is the sum of ES, LS, Sphere and Buff)
    - OD = Overdrive
    - AB = Ailment Bonus (the sum of LS, ES, Sphere and Buff)
    - EEWDR = Enemy EWD Resistance
    - ESpR = Enemy Spark Resistance
    - ECR = Enemy Critical Resistance
    - NoH = Number of Hits

    About Calculating Total Damage:
    Premises for Dmg Calculation: Damage Calculation is hard to do, really. This is based on experiments and datamining of certain Global/Japan Players.
    If you are curious about how to estimate that (without the help of Test Lab) and you're a masochist, you're in the right place, especially if you have the patient of doing a couple or plus of calculations.

    I will give you only a tl;dr version of it, without considering RNG factor and giving you also a simplified version of it!

    Here are the basics to learn about Damage Culculation which is a main core of the Game: Stat Calculation, Enemy Def, EWD, Crit and Spark. To give a better reading, I'll put spoilers.

    SC = [(UBA + Bonus Atk) × (1 + LS + Potion + Ore + Atk Buff + Sphere + AB + Self buff + ES + BBTD) + OD] + Stat -> Atk - Enemy Def

    Ofc if you have Ignore Def buff, Enemy Def = 0.
    SC has a cap limit of 100k - 1. This limit can capped up to 130k via ES.
    For self buffs I mean Units that has Boost Own Stat (example Shida 7 stars' BB gives Atk to self). Ore Calucation counts both consumables (Ore/Seals) and Elemental Buffs (Elemental Atk buff).

    Extra Note: After some tests, I realize HP Scaling Units works "weird" in EU (and JP too). It considers UBA as 100% HP for scaling calculation, it means it can exceed 100% HP as Dmg. So if a unit has 10k of HP as UBA, if that amount Increase due to sphere, Lead, ES or Passive, it will be more than 100%.
    So in formula: Multiplier = HP scaling x HP Percentage.
    If you base only ingame, keep in mind this, the HP percentage to consider is: Your HP divided by 100+bonus that comes from everything.
    Example: 7% Multiplier and 10k HP as Unit Base HP. You increase UBH by for example 50%:
    So 15k is 150%. Then the multiplier will be: 7% x 150% = 1050% > 700% (100% HP).

    Enemy Def = {[EBD × (Potion + Ore + Sphere + LS) × DDD × WD] + Stat -> Def} ÷ 3 × (1- DDD) × ID.

    Ofc if enemy is not Arena or Colosseum you don't need to consider Sphere and LS.
    Ore Calucation counts both consumables (Ore/Seals) and Elemental Buffs (Elemental Atk buff).
    If DDD is 100%, Def is equal to 1. If Injury is not proced, it is × 1 otherwise it is × 0.5.

    EWD = × [(1.5 + LS + ES + Sphere + Buff) × (1 - EEWDR) if Weak Element, only × 1 if Neutral Dmg, otherwise it is only × 0.5.

    If EEWDR is 100%, EWD multiplier is ×1 (for Weak Elements).
    EWD bonuses are applied to all Hits. It's a guarantee proc! EWD LS, ES, Sphere and Buff are only Applied to Weak Elements (for example Fire Unit against Earth Unit) not to Units with Element Buff! (Ex. Water Unit with Fire Element Buff against Earth Unit). Ah Sickness debuff affects EWD! (+50% to the total EWD).

    Crit = × (1.5 + LS + ES + Sphere + Buff) × (1 - ECR) if proced, otherwise it is only ×1.

    If ECR is 100%, Crit Dmg Multiplier is × 1.
    Crit is applied to all Hits! It a Critical procs, it's guarantee to have the benefit of all bonuses. Crit Dmg has a Multiplier Cap of × 7. Enemies with Crit resistant are only less susceptible to Crit chance. To know how: Crit chance = Min (Crit chance buff, 0.6) × (0.33 × No. BB casted) × (1 - ECR). The 0.33 plays the more BB you cast on the same turn, if 0 then the whole () is x 1.

    Spark = × [(1.5 + Buff + ES + Sphere + LS + Spark Vuln.)/NoH + Spark Crit./NoH) × (1 - ESpR)] if proced otherwise it is only × 1.

    If ESpR is 100%, Spark Dmg multiplier is × 1.
    Effective Spark damage is based on how many hits Sparked! So the less hit count, the more effective is Spark Damage. In this case mono Hits can get maximum Spark potential.
    It is a guarantee proc if Spark happens when 2 or plus units had their hits landed at the same time or better a tolerance of equal to 1/60 sec.
    Spark Critical is Chance based per Hit. So if it doesn't proc (which is easy to notice because it's image is not a "red spark"), it is equal to 0, otherwise it is equal to the value it is written in the unit.
    Spark Damage has a Multiplier Cap of × 7.

    So here it is, the formula you're waiting for:
    TD = (SC x EWD x Crit Dmg x Spark Dmg) × (1 - ADD) × WD.

    : If ADD is 100%, TD is reduced to 1. If there is no WD it is × 1, else it is × 0.5.

    For example:
    For reference:
    - A unit with 4k Atk and 3k Def
    - Mono Hit.
    - Ignore Def buff
    - 70% Def -> Atk buff
    - Ore 30% Atk
    - 120% Elemental Atk buff
    - 50% Atk Potion
    - No ES bonus
    - Leader skill (only yours): 50% All Stats, +150% Spark Dmg, +150% Crit Dmg, +100% BB mod, +100% EWD.
    - No Ailment, Debuffs
    - No EWD, Crit and Spark Immunity
    - 130% Spark Buff
    - 100% Crit Buff
    - No EWD Buff
    - Water against Fire
    - Not in OD
    - 500% BB mod (not scaling) + 100 Bonus attack
    - 420% BB mod buff
    - No Sphere and Self Buffs
    - 160% Atk buff
    - No Spark Vulnerability nor Spark Critical

    The calculation:
    If SC = [(UBA + Bonus Atk) x (1 + LS + Potion + Ore + Atk Buff + Sphere + AB + Self buff + ES + BBTD) + OD] + Stat -> Atk - Enemy Def :
    SC = {[4000 + 100] × [1 + 0.5 + 0.5 + 1.5 + 1.6 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 10.2] + 0} + (3000×0.7) - 0 = 64830

    If we Calculate:
    - EWD = ×(1.5 + 1 + 0 + 0 + 0) × 1 = × 2.5
    - Crit Dmg = ×(1.5 + 1.5 + 0 + 0 + 1) × 1 = × 4
    - Spark Dmg = ×(1.5 + 1.5 + 0 + 0 + 1.3 + 0 )/1 + 0/1) × 1 = × 4.3

    So TD = 94860 × 2.5 × 4 × 4.3 = 2,787,690 Damage

    Anyway Total Damage has a cap of 2.1 Billion atm, it will be 2^63-1 once EU updates it, if it will do it!

    End of the demonstration :p.
    I feel like a Math professor right now...

    About Mitigation and Guard:
    "Simple! Probably..."


    Note: Mitigation can't protect you by Fixed Damage (not x% HP ones), DoT, Poison, Instant Deaths and certain Mitigation resistance skills (some enemies can deal more than 1 dmg for example with 100% mit).

    BB/SBB mitigation, Sphere, ES and LS Mitigation are additive and UBB mitigation and Elemental buff Mitigation are multiplicative.

    Why some are additives and some are multiplicatives? Simple: To avoid 100% Mitigation without 100% UBB mitigation!

    In formula (normally):
    Real Damage = TD × (1 - BB mit - LS mit - ES mit - Sphere Mit) × (1 - UBB mit) × (1 - El Mit buff)

    Note: Ofc if UBB mitigation and/or Elemental Mitigation is 100% all Damage are reduced to 1.

    For example:
    A classic 20% LS mit with 50% BB Mit and 75% UBB mit.
    Let's take our TD example written earlier (2.787.690)

    If we apply the formula:
    Real Dmg = 2.787.690 × (1 - 0.5 - 0.2 - 0 - 0) × [1 - (0.75) = 209,076.75 Dmg (lol still too high)

    Literally divides Damage to half by default. It is influenced by Sphere, LS, Buff and ES. Anything can be guarded with the exception of Instant Deaths, Poison, DoT and Fixed Damages. It is Multiplicative (it is applied to current Mitigated Damage)

    In formula: Real Damage × (0.5 - Guard buff - LS Guard - ES Guard - Sphere Guard)

    Ofc if Total Guard bonus is <=0, all Damages are reduced to 1!

    So if we apply the mitigated Dmg written above with Classic guard, without boost to it:
    Real real Damage = 209,076.75 × (0.5 - 0 - 0 - 0) = 104,538.375 Damage (still dem high... should use Angel Idol at this point...)

    About Hits Distribution (BBs and Normal ones):

    For BB/SBB/UBB:
    Hit Distribution = (TD/NoH) × Damage Distribution

    Damage Distribution is equal to (1+ Bonus - Penalty).
    There are cases which TD >= TD after Hit Distribution.

    For Normal Hits:
    It has the same formula mentioned above minus BB Bonus (obviously) and Bonus Atk (it is given to BB dmg) for SC.

    There is only a variant of it:
    Hit distribution = (TD/NoH) × Damage Distribution × (1 + Hit Count Bonus).

    Distribution Damage is a penalty/bonus for Total Dmg. It is equal to (1 + Bonus - Penalty).
    Example some Hit counters have -50% Atk Per hit so × 0.5.
    Hit count Bonus is given via ES, Sphere, LS and/or Buff, They Are Cumulative!
    Because of the formula usually: TD <= TD after Hit Distribution.

    Same case applies to Normal Atk becomes AoE.

    For example:
    A TD of 1Mil, 50 hits, +4 Hit count, Hits have a 20% bonus but ES has 50% penalty.

    In formula:
    Hit Distribution = (1kk/50) × (1 + 0.2 - 0.5) × (1 + 4) = 70000 Dmg per Hit.
    If we multiply again per NoH: 70000 × 50 = 3.5Mil.
    3.5 Mil > 1Mil. (Higher that's why Hit Count is Meta for ST Dmg!)

    About Debuffs:
    There are several classes of debuffs in the game:

    Can be cured by Cure Ailment effect or can be Negated by Null Ailment buff, LS, ES and/or Sphere. There are 6 basic Ailments. Last for 3 turns if not reproced for you. In enemies: They last for 2 turns.

    More susceptible to other Ailments and adds 50% EWD. Can be Cured and Negated.

    Reduces Def by 50%

    Reduces Atk by 50%

    Units with that debuff can't do any action.

    Units with that debuff can't use BB/SBB/UBB.

    Fixed 10% HP. Cannot be Mitigated nor Guarded!

    Stat Debuffs:
    Can be cured by Cure Ailment effect or can be Negated by Null Stat buff, LS, ES and/or Sphere.
    There are 3 of them:

    Atk Down: Reduces Atk by x%

    Def Down: Reduces Def by x%

    Rec Down: Reduces Rec by x%

    These are debuffs that can't be cured by "Cure Ailment" effect nor Negated by ES, LS, Buffs nor Spheres.

    DoT (Damage Over Time):
    Cannot be Mitigated nor Guarded! DoT can't be removed, unless 3 turns have passed without reapplying it!
    Watch out! DoT is applied at the end of the turn before HoT!

    DoT damage is a fixed Damage calculated like this:
    DoT Dmg = [(UBA + DoT Atk) × (1 + DoT %)] - (Enemy Def/3)

    Ignore Def is not Applied! Only Def Down is.
    Theorically it is possible to achieve 1 DoT dmg if: (Enemy Def/3) >= [(UBA + DoT Atk) × (1 + DoT %)].

    LS Lock:
    Negates LS for x turns. Rely on Spheres or Mitigation!

    Sphere Lock:
    Negates Spheres for x turns. Recommended relying on ES for Ailments!

    BB Ares Down:
    Simply discourages BB Spamming since it will take longer to fill your BB gauge. It affects any BB fill stuff so some examples BB when attacked, Instant fills (even UBB ones), Self fill (like Amadeus).
    How to fight:
    - BB Ares Up: subtracts Ares Down.
    - BB cost Reduction: it considers current BC cost!
    - BB cashback: same as above.
    - Fujin: this object is an exception of BB fill stuff. It literally fills your BB gauge to max even in Ares Down.

    BC Drop Resistant:
    Decrease chances of dropping higher BC drop and increases chances of getting 0 BC drop. If BC resistance is 100%, it will be guaranteed 0 BC. Even BC drop buff won't work! Ares Up won't be helpful enough
    How to fight: anything else like BB fill stuff and BB cashback.

    Damage Reflect buff:
    It reflects incoming Damage by a certain %.
    It can't be buff wiped. There are some which is chance based, which damage reflected is x% of dmg. It can't be mitigated nor guarded.
    How to fight: Use non attacking Units or Use Healer for last.

    End of the line :p

    About Fixed Damages and Extra HPs:
    - Fixed Damages:
    A particular type of Damage which applies a different type of Damage Calculation.
    There are currently 2 types of Fixed Dmg:

    - Fixed Dmg Number: A damage that can't be Mitigated nor Guarded. It's a fixed number that can't be increased! An example of it is Heins' BB.

    - Fixed x% HP Number: A damage based on a certain % of HP. There are cases in which it counts current HP (example Noah) or total HP (Bosses threshold). In some cases these can be mitigated and/or guarded.

    - Extra HPs:
    During battle, you have multiple ways to increase your Units' HP. There are 2 types of extra HP:

    - Permanent HP increase (a.k.a. Stat pumping):
    These are HP increases that last for all stages, until you clear or fail the quest/mission/raid. There are multiple ways to increase max HP: via ES, Sphere, LS (if not disabled) and via BB/SBB/UBB. This doesn't mean there are literally extra HP! Fixed Damage HP based consider them as 100% of your units' HP. What? To be simple: using a BB that increases your HP by x% doesn't mean your units' HP is (100 + x%), but simply you're adding it to your base Stat (this is why I called it Stat Pumping!).

    - Temporary HP increase (a.k.a. Supporters):
    These are buffs! They last till they lose effect or at the end of the stage.
    The difference between these and the Stat pumping is they are a Extra HP. To explain better they are considered Units' 100% HP + Extra. Their advantages are ofc against HP based Fixed Dmgs and to last longer at some attacks.
    In the current game there are 2 kinds of this category: Barrier and Mana Bubble (EU Exclusive buff). Both are Barrier is not affected by Mitigation and Guard and can't be buff wiped! As of 1.5.6 update (I think), Mana Bubble is affected by Mitigation but Rec scale got nerfed for balancing.

    - Barrier:
    An Elemental protection which reduces all damages by 1 for a total damage of Barrier's HP.

    In formula:
    If TD <= HP barrier: Damage = 1× Hit count.
    Else: Damage = (TD - HP barrier) × Mitigation × Guard.

    To be specific: all incoming damages that deals less than HP barrier are equal to 1 per hit, if more the damage is subtracted by HP barrier and be influenced by Mitigation or Guard.
    It's not like your HP won't be touched. It is a sort of "mini Mitigation", so DoT and Poison ignores Barrier!
    Your Units' Def won't be considered during Damage Calculation! Also since this is a buff, you can't have more than 1 Elemental Barrier. This is affected by EWD btw!

    - Mana Bubble:
    Adds HP based on Units' Total Recovery (so it counts buffs, LS, ES and Spheres). The difference between this buff and Barrier is it literally adds it to your max HP. This means Mana Bubble literally absorbs any Damage (like a bulletproof jacket) so DoT and Poison are affected by this buff.

    Your HP will be max HP + Units' shield.

    Units' Shield is (UBR + Stat -> Rec) × (Ore + Potion + LS + Sphere + ES + OD + Rec Buff) × Rec Scale Conversion × (1 - RDD).

    In formula: Damage = TD - Shield.

    Mana Shield is affected by EWD based on Units' Element. Def and Mitigation are applied for Damage Calculation!
    Rec down affects the shields HP! Since it is a buff, you cannot stack 2 Mana Shields!

    In synthesis: Mana is slightly better than Barrier in terms of Absorbing Damage but they can both coexist so you can have more extra HP by having both of them.

    About BC management:
    Each individual Unit needs a drop called Battle Crystal (BC) to unleash its BB/SBB/UBB. Anyway Units have a BB cost that need to unleash them. To release BC, a unit is supposed to attack an enemy and each hit has a chance to drop at least 1 per hit. - cit. Basics...

    However there is something that determines BC drop: RNG, ofc, and an internal value called Drop Check (DC) which is how many thing you drop per hit. For example Selena 7 stars has 9 hits and 4 DC. It means Selena has a chance to receive from 0 to 4 drops per hit.

    There are several ways to speed up BB recharge:
    - BC drop:
    It is the chance to drop a BC per DC. It can be enhanced via Buff, LS, ES, SP, Sphere or hidden BB ability (some units have enhanced self drop in BB, example is Mega).
    For example A unit with 4 DC and 35% BC drop buff. By default you have a chance to drop from 0 to 4 BC (lets say 20% each) so by having that buff, it decreases the chance to get 0 BC and increases by 35% chance to drop 1 to 4 BC.

    - BB fill stuff:
    It is anything related to increase BC immediately.
    There are severals of them:

    - BB Instant fill:
    They are Units capable of fill tot BC to allies.
    There is also an object that fills BB gauge like Fujin or self fillers.

    - BB when Condition is satisfied:
    These are via LS, buff, Sphere or ES. Most of them needs a certain condition to fill your BB gauge. Examples are: BB on Spark, Crit, Guard, when Attacked, on Normal Attack and after x Dmg.

    - BB fill Gradual:
    These are via LS, buff, Sphere or ES.
    It fills Units' Gauge after your turn has passed or at the beginning of your turn. By default, excluding UBB, it has a limit of 10 BC/turn.

    - BB fill rate (a.k.a. BB Ares):
    It improves BC efficiency. It means it is a sort of BB reduction.
    In formula: Total Cost = Cost × (1 + Bonus - Debuff)
    To give you an example: You put +50% BB Ares up buff and your unit's BB cost is 26 . It means that your actual BB cost is: Cost ÷ (1 + 0.5 = 1.5) of your BB gauge it means you need 17,3 to fuel BB gauge.

    - BB cost Reduction:
    Literally cuts your current BB cost. For example: A unit with 25 BB cost and -20% BB Cost. Your unit's cost is... 20! Are you expecting some complicated calculations?

    - Reduce BB cost needed to Unleash BB (a.k.a. BB Cashback):
    It's different from above because it gives you a certain x% of your current BB cost. For example: Unit has 25 BB cost and a 20% Cashback, it means that 20% of your BB cost is given to you (in this case 5 BC) so you need only 20 BC to fill BB gauge.

    Tl;dr formula: Real BB cost = BB Cost ÷ (1 + Bonus - Debuff) x (1- Cost Reduction)

    However there are debuffs which disadvantages BB cost: BB Ares Down and BC Drop Resistance. Both are mentioned in Debuff section so for more info just look at that!

    Feel free to ask any questions especially if I bad explained it and correct me if something is wrong with this.

    Thank you for reading this curiousity.

    From the OP Mishikasei.
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    Everything in the post above in regards to Crit damage and Crit chance is incorrect. I quote:

  3. Mishikasei

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    Yoshino-chan and Mishi mod.
    Nah it's Shion and Lucy or Amadeus
    Can change lead by request, just ask me.
    So if both has Crit dmg LS, it's total is lowered by 25% right?
    For example double avant gives 300% ÷ 3/4 = 225%

    Okay I'll add it... I forgot that nerf...
  4. ~Vale~

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    I am uncertain how the exact formula looks like or how SBB Crit damage boosts factor in at this point.

    I can however say that similar nerfs have been applied to elemental mitigation as well (see the Magena-nerf announcement last summer) so your formulas in regards to mitigation are also not correct.
  5. Mishikasei

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    Yoshino-chan and Mishi mod.
    Nah it's Shion and Lucy or Amadeus
    Can change lead by request, just ask me.
    I remember about mitigation nerf, btw, but I wrote a wrong formula for it, I just realized now... shoot...
    It should be like this: Real Damage = TD × (1 - BB mit - LS mit - ES mit - Sphere Mit) × (1 - UBB mit) × (1 - El Mit buff)
    As for the Crit, the formula now is correct. I didn't consider RNG factor!
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    I'm trying to put together a OTK squad and have some questions.

    I've got Barion for his att buff, DUEL-FGXVM for crit and Mora for spark damage but they don't really seem to make it.

    Some mechanics questions:
    Barion has: 'boosts Atk relative to max HP for 3 turns'
    1.) Does this use the buffed (with LS, sphere and such) or unbuffed HP?
    2.) In the formula's under SC it is named as "+ stat " ?
    3.) does it stack with buffs like "hugely boosts Atk relative to Def for 3 turns" or do they overwrite?

    He also has "hugely boosts BB Atk for 3 turns (350%)"
    3.) I suppose it doen't add damage to the SBB?
    4.) Does it multiply or add damage to the BB's? In other words, am I better of using BB's instead of SBB's for damage? For example:
    My BB is 500% dmg, will this become 850% dmg or 1750% dmg?

    And some squad building questions:
    What other buff's do I need to gain more damage?
    A hero that buffs elemental damage would be good as well because it is multiplicative, but I've heard most 'hard' content has bosses that negate elemental damage and critical damage. So what is left for me to upgrade my damage? I might even swap out DUEL FGXVM because of this.

    I'm trying to kill lvl 1 ravenna with an adriesta friend. With all my heroes attacking on turn 1 I've only managed to do 20% damage.
  7. nathaniel

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    I'll try to answer your question.
    For 1 I heard it uses the buffed HP to convert and for attacks based on remaining HP the unbuffed HP.
    2. under SC is your base stat + buffs, so the total of stat after applying it.
    3. No, conversion buffs overwrite each other when it is focused on the same stat. So HP->def (convert HP to def) would overwrite atk->def. So you can have HP->atk and rec->def at the same time or rec->2 stats.
    3.1/4? If your dmg multiplier of your BB would 300% and SBB 500%, then after this buff it will be 650% and 850%.
    5. It doesn't just increase the dmg of your brave burst, but also of your SUPER brave burst (yeah it's also a BB, but just supersaiyan, yet still saiyan... oh wait)

    6. There are still many ways to increase your damage output. Critical damage, elemental damage, conversion stat to atk, atk will all boost your damage obviously, but there are many others. Spark (including vulnerability and critical), 'boost damage to status afflicted foes', weakness (ailment), poison, damage over time (DoT), double cast (burst rage), extra action (not guarding), ignore defense and my personal favorite ''boosts normal attack hit count'' (this one can be the deadliest). There are also very specific buffs for types that do stack, like boost atk and boost atk for earth types. Try using *NUKER* units. These have high dmg multipliers on their BBs. Look at their attack animation, try to spark as much as possible, especially the hits that normally do lots of damage.
    Also look for these things: " xxx attack based on remaining HP ". ''xxx attack, xxx random atk'' or "xxx attack, xxx attack". If a unit attack multiple times (not just xxx combot attack), or has something mentioning the power of the attack in it's BB, SBB, UBB it mostly implies more damage. I hope I was able to help and I probably forgot to mention a lot of things, but I'm not that pro either. I just hope I opened your mind on ways to deal more damage.
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  8. y3nis

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    Thank you very much Nathaniel. This was very helpful.
    I've got some new idea's to improve my damage now.

    Why are you such a fan of 'boosts normal attack hit count'? To me it sounds like you're missing the BB/SBB att boost which is very high most of the time. I don't see why normal attack boosts would result in more damage than a BB/SBB.
  9. nathaniel

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    I can't really explain why it works so well, but I'll give it a try. It has something to do with the way the damage mechanics works. If you already have all your buffs up (by using BB/SBB/UBB) your units are likely to reach the atk cap (99999). This can be raised through Ls, sphere etc, but at this point having a strong brave burst won't really help much anymore. So here is some vague example:
    Imagine the atk cap is 100
    Unit 1 has 5 atk. His strongest attack gives it a 5x multiplier, so he will do 25 dmg. Now you prepare some buffs for him, so his atk cap is raised to 150 and his atk is now 150. Using this strong attack will not increase his dmg farther than 150, because the 5x multiplier won't work with >150 atk.
    Unit 2's strongest attack has a 2x multiplier, but attacks 3 times (like how some BB's have multiple attack Aoe+Aoe or Aoe+ST etc). if Unit 2's attack is 100 then with the 2x multiplier it will become 150 (150 atk cap) and he will do 450 dmg (3 attacks).
    Now the normal attack buff most units have, gives +2 attacks to the normal attack. This combined with a hit count LS's that gives +2 as well means a normal attack attacks 5 times.
    Unit 3 is at 110 atk (didn't reach the cap yet) and normal attacks. he will do 110x5 dmg. which is way more than units 1 and 2. This is why normal attacks do more dmg than the special attacks (BB) in this case.

    In brave frontier the highest amount of attacks a BB/SBB/UBB has is 3 (top tier units btw). Normal attack buffs with a proper setup lets you have more than 3 attacks (4-6 I think). Most units don't even have triple attacks BB's anyway, so normal attacking just works better for them. It's easy to reach the atk cap with UBB's, high multiplier BB's and other buffs, so the only way to increase dmg would be to have more attacks/units.

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