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    Creativity Contest
    Gwenevere | Winners & Rewards!



    Thank you for more than 300 participations in our most ambitious contest yet!

    Gwenevere, our next female character for the NeoAvalon series, has now entered production based on the winning Artworks, Lore and Skills designed by our fans and chosen by our judges!

    Look forward to her release in 7-Star & Dream Evolution during NeoAvalon Season 2!
    Check out all winners below!

    1st Place Winners

    After two weeks of reviewing and deliberation, we're happy to reveal not 3, but 5 winners whose ideas will inspire the final design of Gwenevere's Dream Evolution!

    All of them were picked because we've found the concepts behind their entries, as well as the quality of their designs, to be in line with our vision for a new female character joining the NeoAvalon series.

    Congratulations to all of them for their exceptional work!

    • Disclaimer

    The following Contest entries are shown as they were originally submitted by their creators, including any inaccuracies, and are not 100% representative of Gwenevere's final Artwork, Lore and Skills. Necessary adjustments will be made by our team so that she fits our vision of the story and the game's meta.

    • Category 1 | Artwork

    Equal winners:
    @Copper & @Shinaa

    Comments from the judges:

    There are many ways to judge an artwork's qualities for a contest such as this, so we mainly focused on the originality of a character's most visible traits as well as the attention paid to details such as the pose, the effects, and the general polishing of the tiniest elements that could enhance their personality.

    We ended up choosing two artworks as #1 winners because they both shared different strengths we give great importance to when working on Units, and thus both deserved to be recognized as a source of inspiration for Gwenevere.

    Copper's artwork is a striking display of style and originality we were hoping for to make sure Gwenevere would stand out from the rest of the NeoAvalon Units.

    Shinaa's artwork shows mastery over details from which many elements can be singled out as interesting additions to the character, such as the magnificent crown.

    Art by Copper

    Art by Shinaa

    • Category 2 | Lore


    Comments from the judges:

    Who would Gwenevere be? That was the very first question we wanted an answer to, and it was exciting to read all the different possibilities!

    Between being Perceval's lost daughter, one of Merlin's creations, the daughter of a banished fairy, a descendant of the NeoAvalon royal lineage, the resurrected wife of Arthur or even Merlin's lover, she could have been many different things!

    The winning Lore by usotsuki introduces her as Viviane's younger sister, which could give an interesting opportunity of developing a previously unexplored side of the original NeoAvalon story. But what helped this story stand out is the concept of Gwenevere having to outsmart everyone, going as far as to customize herself with technology, to leave behind the weakness she was born with, contrasting with every other NeoAvalon Unit so far and easily integrated to our ongoing Quest story.

    Lore by usotsuki

    Gwenevere was indisputably a miracle.

    The sound of her mother’s dying words and her sister’s cries somehow made the heart of the baby who was thought to be a hopeless case, start beating.

    At the age of 8, she was already capable of reproducing weapons and mechanized organisms that only people who were considered geniuses were able to create. She was a genius among geniuses.
    Not only being a genius when it came to mechanics, the kid was of indescribable beauty, her face looked like the face of a doll, and because of this, she earned the title of “Mechanical Beauty”.

    Being of weak constitution Gwenevere was forbidden from using too much energy, she would often need her sister’s restorative abilities to maintain a balanced health. Her weak body made her become overly obsessed with power. She would eat only the minimum amount necessary for her body and she would slowly stop sleeping, just to keep creating powerful robots and highly intelligent robots.

    At the age of 14, she would crush her own arm and leg only to replace them with mechanical, and more efficient prosthesis'. She noticed that she was getting stronger, yet at the same time, her body was consuming more energy, replacing more parts would’ve been fatal for her. But she still wasn’t satisfied at all: she wanted more power, she wanted power that even her knew that she wouldn’t be able to control.

    Gwenevere never really cared about her older sister, but there was something of hers that always caught her attention: the kid always thought that the golden sword that her sister was always carrying around wasn’t just an ordinary weapon.

    After days and days of research, she would find out that the golden sword was the legendary Excalibur, the sword that was said to be crafted by gods, the sword that was said to be capable of slaying the gods. Such an immense source of power was near her and she never noticed, her obsession with power was stronger than ever.

    One day, the young girl asked her sister to help her look for some materials that she needed to build a new invention; after reaching a cave that seemed isolated, Gwenevere proceeded to attack Viviane:

    "I'll be taking that sword from you, sister"

    The two siblings fought for hours and hours, it was a battle that seemed to not having an end.
    The younger kept attacking with tremendous power while the older kept defending, she didn’t want to hurt her own precious sister.

    At some point, Viviane knew that the battle wasn’t going to end until one of the them died. She decided to activate the Excalibur, but little she knew that it was part of Gwenevere’s plan.

    The moment Viviane got close enough to her, the young girl took out a rose from her belt. The rose started expanding, and after getting bigger and bigger, it started draining energy from the older sibling, whose fate was decided from the very start. Gwenevere took Excalibur from Viviane’s hand and impaled her.

    By the time Viviane exhaled her last breath, Gwenevere's eyes were dark.

    • Category 3 | Skills

    Equal Winners:
    @Kenzuro & @Ordin

    Comments from the judges:

    Judging this contest's skillsets was a difficult task considering the amount of freedom that was given to all, and resulted in a final choice of two #1 winners from which to draw inspiration from. Both of them had in common a particularly smart choice concerning the quantity of effects per skill and the suggested values.

    For Kenzuro's entry, we specifically appreciated the simple, but nonetheless complete and efficient skillset, with the particularity of using an effect commonly found on Burst skills but so very rarely on Leader Skills.

    For Ordin's entry, not only did we find the general skillset for a Support Unit to be well balanced, but it was made all the more interesting by including a combination of both passive and conditional Damage Reducing effects on the Leader Skill.

    Skills by Kenzuro

    Element : Light
    Hit count : 5 , max BC generate 25 ( 5BC/hit )

    • Stats (HP, ATK, DEF, REC)
    [​IMG] 8500 2200 2900 3100

    • Imp Bonuses
    [​IMG] 1400 [​IMG] 300 [​IMG] 700 [​IMG] 1200

    • Cost 49

    • Passive Skills

    Leader Skill : Protection of the Time
    40% boost to all parameters , negate atk, def and rec reduce effects, negate ignore def damages and hugely boost BB gauge each turn ( 5 BC )

    Extra skill : Peace in the Kingdom
    20% boost to def , rec and hp and adds light barrier effect to SBB ( 2000 HP )

    • Active Skills

    Brave Burst : Light of the Kingdom
    7 powerful attack on a single foe , 100% boost elements damages for 3 turns , boost rec ( 110 % ) for 3 turns and activate a mana shield ( 50% )

    Super Brave Burst : Cosmic Strength
    12 powerful attack on all foes , 175% boost elements damages for 3 turns , boost max HP ( 15% ) , boost atk , def and rec ( 160 % ) for 3 turns and activate a mana shield ( 75% )

    Ultimate brave burst : Bravery of the Queen
    17 powerful attack on all foes , 300% boost elements damages for 3 turns , boost max HP ( 25% ) , boost atk , def and rec ( 300% ) for 3 turns , fully restores HP , high probability of raising allies from KO ( 10% ) , 75% damage reduction for 3 turns and add a light barrier ( 10000 HP )

    • Skill Enhancements

    20 SP
    20% boost to all parameters
    10 SP 20% boost to atk and def
    10 SP 20% boost to rec and HP
    20 SP Damage taken slightly boost BB gauge
    20 SP Add negate critical hits damage effect to the SBB/UBB
    50 SP Allows UBB effects to last for 4 turns
    10 SP Add status ailment removal effect to SBB
    30 SP Add HP restoration effect to SBB
    40 SP Add considerable def boost relative to rec effect to SBB
    40 SP Add considerable atk boost relative to rec effect to SBB

    Skills by Ordin

    Unit type: Earth

    Lord: HP 7800 (+ 1700)
    ATK 2400 (+ 520)
    DEF 3000 (+ 500)
    REC 2800 (+ 700)

    Leader Skill:
    + 40% boost to HP, DEF, REC, negate DEF ignoring damage, -10% damage reduction, -10% damage reduction when damage taken has exceeded certain amount (10 000 damage) for 2 turns and drain HP (3%, 100%)

    Extra Skill:
    Negate elemental damage and add a Water barrier to (3 000 HP) to BB/SBB. If Character sphere is equiped, negate DEF ignoring damage and reduce damage taken (-5%).

    Brave Burst:
    Greatly recovers HP (7 000 +10% REC), consideraly boost BB gauge (+ 10 CC), removes all status ailments, hugely boost DEF (+ 150%) for 3 turns and boost Max HP (15%).

    Super Brave Burst:
    20 combo powerfull earth attack on all foes, slightly reduces Fire, Water, Earth, Thunder elemental damage (10%) for 1 turn, gradually recovers BB gauge (+ 10 CC) for 2 turns, negate critical damage for 1 turn and damage taken may restore HP (30% chance, 25%) for 3 turns.

    Ultimate Brave Burst:
    1 powerfull attack on all foes, probable resistance against 1 KO attack (66%, 999 turns), Recovers HP for all allies for 3 turns (100%), hugely reduces Fire, Water, Earth, Thunder elemental damage (75%) for 3 turn, removes all status ailments and hugely boost DEF and REC (+300%) for 3 turns.

    1. Allows the mitigation of the SBB to last for 3 turns (40 SP)
    2. Add negates all status ailments for 3 turns to BB/SBB (10 SP)
    3. Increase the leaderskill + 10% HP/DEF/REC (20 SP)
    4. Increase the mitigation of the SBB (+5%) (50 SP)
    5. Negate critical damage (20 SP)
    6. Increase the boost of DEF of BB (+ 30%) (20 SP)
    7. Increase the chance of the resistance against 1 KO (66% => 80%) of the UBB (90 SP)
    8. + 20% all stats (20 SP)
    9. Add add water and earth elements on BB/SBB for 3 turns (10 SP)
    10. Increase the drain HP of the LS (3% => 5%) (20 SP)
    Character sphere:
    +40% boost to HP and DEF, damage taken boost BB gauge (2-3 BC) and negate status ailment.

    Hit and BB/SBB/UBB %:
    Normal attacks: 17 attacks (max 51 BC)
    BB: /
    SBB: 20 attacks (max 60 BC), 500%
    UBB: 1 attack (max 50 BC), 1000%.​

    List of all Winners

    All other winners of our Top 10 per Category were picked because we've found the concepts behind their entries to be closest to our vision for a new female character joining the NeoAvalon series.

    Congratulations to all of them for their remarkable entries!

    • Disclaimer

    The following Contest entries are shown as they were originally submitted by their creators, including any inaccuracies. Minor layout modifications might have occurred to improve readability.

    • Category 1 Artwork

    3rd Place: @Luna
    7 Runner-ups, in alphabetical order: @ambellina, @Iyad, @Moya, @Phosphatidylinositol, @stonebird, @Todesengel, @Whyght

    Art by Luna

    Art by ambellina

    Art by Iyad

    Art by Moya

    Art by Phosphatidylinositol

    Art by stonebird

    Art by Todesengel

    Art by Whyght

    • Category 2 | Lore

    2nd Place: @Elulu
    3rd Place: @Mahami
    7 Runner-ups, in alphabetical order: @Arge93, @Baran386, @Jackson Healy, @Michelangelo, @Raxas, @Tyhr, @Xhan

    Lore by Elulu

    A promising summoner from the Akras Summoners' Hall who was obsessed with studying ancient legends about NeoAvalon. From her youth, she always dreamed of meeting the legendary Arthur, the prince of her dreams. When she created a working pocket time machine, her dreams could finally come true! With hopes of becoming Arthur's wife and preventing the disastrous conflict which ended his life, she set off to the past alone.

    However, her time machine malfunctioned and sent her to much more distant past, perhaps even several centuries before Arthur was born. This resulted in Gwenevere losing her memory completely. When a graceful young sorcerer named Merlin found the confused girl, he started feeling sorry for her and began taking care of her. Evntually, they fell in love with each other, despite Gwenevere's initial objective. A long, prosperous time of their lives followed, during which they vanquished numerous demons and travelled through the world together.

    One day, a severe illness struck Gwenevere, which Merlin was unable to cure. In her final moments, Gwenevere miraculously regained her lost memory. She remembered Arthur, so she bestowed her time machine to Merlin with the final words: "Arthur! He... help..." While it is uncertain what Merlin did afterwards, it is known he changed horridly - without his love, he went insane and began plotting against this Arthur, whom he blamed for Gwenevere's death. Using the time machine, he probably stopped aging and reached new, unimaginable levels of power. Who knows, perhaps Gwenevere was actually the one who unwillingly changed Merlin's heart and the shape of the whole world through her actions...

    Had she not made the fatal mistake when constructing her time machine, her initial plan could have succeeded. She could live happily beside Arthur and develop her amazing powers even further. Morgana could remain in her fairy world, where she belonged. However, no one knows how much different the world could be had Merlin never gained immortality. Maybe it was all for the best, but the truth will never be known.

    Lore by Mahami

    It's said, that Gwenevere was one of the most noble and fast knights of the Round Table, legends of her beauty and strength travelled across the land. Little was known about her background, but her loyalty to king Arthur and Camelot was never at question. Always by Arthur's side, she protected her beloved king to the best of her abilities .

    Many knights, however, felt as if she was holding herself back in battle, never showing her true power.

    Gwenevere harbored a secret - her mother was a fairy. A certain dark sorcerer summoned her mother centuries ago only to banish her later for falling in love with a human. As a parting gift, Gweneveres mother managed to hide her daughter from the sorcerer and infused Gwenevere with a portion of her powers, making her almost unaffected by age and sickness.

    Gwenevere spent too little time with her mother to embrace her fairy heritage. On the opposite, as time went by she became ashamed of it. Being different from those around her, bound to hide her age and abilities from humans in fear of being hunted, she spent ages trying to live as a human, to win peoples affection.

    Afraid of being hunted and used, she learned how to fight. She studied fighting under some of the best masters of her time, participated in a few wars, but as years went on and she didn't age she had to move on and start anew. Her journey led her to Camelot, where she found a place to call home, a sense of kinship and even a king she fell in love with. For the first time in her long life, she felt really happy.

    But in time, her fairy powers allowed her to see the darkness in Merlin's thoughts and a growing shadow inside Morgana. She tried to warn other knights, but, unable to explain the origins of her doubts, she retreated and decided to treat her premonitions as a simple jealousy towards Morgana, burying her fairy powers even deeper.

    After Morgana's betrayal, despaired Arthur found comfort in embrace of Gwenevere. She fought bravely by her kings side in his final battle. Her beloved king was slain right before her eyes by her own kin, half human half fairy knight... One has to wonder, what would have happened if Gwenevere decided to truly embrace her fairy powers and awaken as her real self. A brilliant warrior she was, infused with fairy magic, without feeling any shame for being herself to hold her back, she would have stopped this bloodshed and protected everything she loved and held dear, creating a pathway for peace on Grand Gaia.

    Lore by Arge93

    Secret daughter of Arthur and Morgana, Gwenvere was brought in the heart of NeoAvalon Kingdom and was trained for war since chilhood.

    When she learned of his father's death by Mordred hands, a sharp pain pierced her heart, a dark rage invaded her and then she swore revenge, she would have exterminated every enemies.
    After many endless battles without rest, with her trusty friend Parsifal in the end she was able to return peace on her lands.

    But because of the hardships of battle and reckless use of her magical talent, a terrible pain stroke her heart, leaving her own life just as soon as her vengeance was accomplished.

    If Arthur had not died in battle, certainly Gwenvere would one day come back among the ranks of her father's army. She would continue to fight for his father, maybe one day she would reveal her identity and definitely she would reign together with her beloved father, perhups she could also marry the brave Parsifal

    Lore by Baran386

    Hiding behind the threads, Gwenevere was just as mysterious and unknown as her creator Merlin, who was the only one who ever knew her existence.

    Made to serve as a warrior in the service of the round table, his creation developed independently far beyond its original strength. In fear of what Gwenevere could do with her power, he ordered her, as opposed to the original plan, to ensure Avalon's safety, never to leave Avalon and not to show herself to anyone. Gwenevere obeyed, but after many years of watching the world fighting one resultless and cruel war after another she decided to intervene to change the world to a place without pain.

    Still caged in Avalon she looked for someone who could lead one final war to take over the power and make her dreams become true. The man she elected was Arthur. She let him meet with Viviane, gave him a part of her power, and strengthened his will, when he was disoriented. Arthur became the strong and righteous conqueror she was waiting for.

    After his death, who struck her more strongly than she thought, she resigned herself to her command, and left Avalon to complete her dream of changing the world on her own instead of risking the life of others.

    Lore by Jackson Healy

    As a child, she once lost in the forest. The night came and a hideous monster attacked her: the little girl closed her eyes, paralyzed by fear, believing that those were her last moments.

    When she slowly opened them up again the monster was gone, replaced by an old cloaked man. He took her out of the woods and he told her these words “There will be a day when you’ll have to make a choice between the life of a stranger and your father’s”; when she replied that her father died before she was born, the mysterious figure grinned and disappeared.

    Many years later, during the the mechanical knights’ war, she was working in the king’s castle as a servant. It was there, when the bots invaded the castle, that she met Lancelot, a young and ambitious commander of the enemy’s army. It was love at first sight, and suddenly she somehow perceived that if he would have took part in the battle he would have died that day. Her prayers and pleas managed to move the heart of the knight -or so she thought- who decided to retire from the fight, maeby defining it’s fate.

    Soon after that, when the battle was over, Perceval suddenly appeared, looking for Gwenevere. She couldn't tell why a knight of the round table cared about a common servant like her until she remembered the words of the old man and believed he must be her father. She ran to him crying, he hugged her saying “I promise, I won’t fail protecting you”.

    From that day on, Gwenevere started her brand new life at the new king’s court, overwhelmed by strong feelings: joy for the father once lost and a deep, devoted and secret love for the young man, now member of the Royal Guard. Those were the best days of her life, but they were sadly doomed to a bitter end. When her first and only love killed Perceval with the help of an infamous outlaw to take his crown, her whole world felt in pieces.

    The unbearable pain upon her soul awakened the mystic powers she possessed. Then she realized it: that night, many years ago, it wasn’t the cloaked man who saved her from the monster, she killed it by herself. Now she could see the cruel irony of the prophecy from the old man, as she condamned his father to death the very moment she decided to save Lancelot on that fateful day. Betrayed. Every affection torn away from her. She raised surrounded by flames with one single purpose: the death of the men who did this to her.

    At the same time, many miles away from that tragedy, a revenant Merlin met a noble lady near the shores of a misty lake. The woman held between her arms a baby: she embraced her child for one last time, then she silently handed her to the magician. An old friend of him would have kept her safe, secretly watching over her, until the moment she would have been ready to save Avalon.

    He looked at that tiny creature, smiling, but a shadow of sadness crossed his face as he whispered “Poor Gwenevere, a harsh future awaits you. I hope that one day you’ll truly understand the words I’ll tell you in that forest…”

    Lore by Michelangelo

    Gwenevere was the first of the guardians of the kingdom of Neo Avalon, Viviana's elder sister, who as a young girl, protected the secrets hidden on the Island.

    Because of its outstanding engineering capabilities, designed alone the cloacking system, which lurked in the eyes of the curious . However, her most important task was to keep safe Excalibur, the most powerful weapon ever created by it's people.

    After Viviana was saved by a knight named Arthur, Gwenevere taken the decision to allow her sister to give him the photonic sword, because the value of the young man showed that he was the chosen one who would have been able to unleash the true power of the blade.

    The visits Arthur, were becoming more frequent, and Gwenevere with her sister profited, to train him in the use of the mythical sword. Fascinated by his pure heart, Gwenevere fell in love whith Arthur.

    Time passed, and the love of the girl grew more and more, but when Arthur became king, he stopped, slowly, to go to Avalon.

    Shaken by a loud night of passion, Gwenevere, crossing the Blue Lake, which was a secret portal that left Avalon, arrived in the kingdom led by King Arthur. Once before him, she declared the love she felt for him.
    Her dream, however, was shattered, in fact Arthur confessed that another woman had seduced him.

    Gwenevere, devastated by grief, hurried back to the lake, but on the way she came across a Mysterious Knight. The technology was equipped, revealed to her that he had a blood link to Arthur.

    She spied long the knight finally understanding, that he wanted to conquer his father's kingdom. Gwenevere stepped forward again and blinded by rage and thirst for revenge, revealed to the Mysterious Knight, the secrets of the island of Avalon convincing him to attack the kingdom and to challenge Arthur. Knowing that he would not have been able to cope with the King, and the unmatched power of Excalibur, the Mysterious Knight would be killed, thereby erasing the one who represented the lost symbol of love, even avenging the unknown woman.

    When mechanized legions of the Knight, and Arthur's army found themselves facing one another, Gwenevere, began to fear for the consequences that her actions could have caused and began to fear the worst. The war raged, and with each passing second the terror of a possible reality, Gwenevere winced.

    After many hours, the fury of the battle died out, and slowly the girl walked on the battlefield covered by the victims that her selfishness had caused. Among those, unfortunately, there was also the beloved King. She saw her sister Viviana crying desperately on Arthur's body, which was lying lifeless on the ground. The eyes overflowing with tears of sisters met for a moment, and it was at that point that Gwenevere, crushed by the weight of her nefarious actions, realized how she lost the love of her life and how, alone, conducted an entire kingdom to decay.

    Lore by Raxas

    Gwenevere belonged to a druid tribe, a folk very tied to earth and nature. Since she was the daughter of the chieftain, she was trained from a very young age in the art of combat and in the magic of nature, to fulfill her future role: she has always been a quick learner, thanks to the ability of her masters and the guide of mysterious whispers that only her could hear.

    As time went by and the little girl grew up to turn into a beautiful woman, these voices became more and more clear until, after the ceremony that made her a priestess, Mother Nature herself revealed to her: that was a great blessing because very few priestess in the tribe’s history could speak directly to the very spirit of Nature. She was told about dark times to come, a dangerous threat to every being, risen from a faraway kingdom that her alone could stop.

    To find out more about her fate she decided to leave her tribe and after a dangerous and long journey she reached the the kingdom of the prophecy, Neoavalon. She was received by king Perceval; the wise ruler, after listening to her story, allowed her to live at his court with the title of “Mother Nature’s Harbinger”. Many years passed but nothing happened. She started to feel homesick: she missed her people, moreover, she could hardly hear the voice of the spirits in that world so cold and full of metal.

    One day, as she had almost lost her will to fulfill her duty, Mother Nature spoke again to her, louder than ever, telling about a young man corrupted by a demon, forced to take a dark path that would have unleashed a terrible threat upon the world. Others would have tried to stop him, that wasn't’ her task: the reason she was there was to directly defeat the demon and stop him from harming anymore.

    She left the castle in a hurry, her resolution fully restored, eager to accomplish her fate and return home once again. She found the demon in the depths of a forest, following the whispers of the spirits: the battle was bloody and desperate, she fought fiercely but the dark creature couldn’t be defeated by mortal hands. Gwenevere then understanded she had only one way, and as the demon pierced her chest with his claws she called to her the strength of the earth, turning herself into a majestic oak and imprisoning her enemy forever; her last words were “Farewell, father… Friends...”.

    While the branches covered his face, the creature shouted enraged to a cloaked figure who witnessed the entire fight, hidden nearby “I may be defeat, but my last curse will last forever!”. When it was all over the old magician came close to the tree and placed a hand on the huge trunk, saying “Thank you, Gwenevere, Neoavalon will never forget your sacrifice”.

    Lore by Tyhr

    You heard about how Arthur had been chosen from a young age to be king by Merlin, but he wasn’t the only potential ruler of the land of knights and machines named NeoAvalon. Merlin, wandering in the northern regions of the country had noticed a second prodigy : a young infant called Gwenevere in the same village that Lancelot was born. He raised her, taught her, fed her, with the sole intention to make her queen, in case Arthur wasn’t fit for this role or proved of little use in his plan.

    But Merlin ignored that while he was taking care of Arthur, she had met two very special beings and that it would cost him this potential pawn. Those beings were not made of flesh or bones, nor of any known metal. Their names, the ones Gwenevere gave them, were Euflamm and KilgHarrah. They were to MechaDragon Hatchling said to have been forged by the deities of NeoAvalon and prophecized to only be tamed by the rightful rulers of this Land.

    Seeing he had been right about her noble blood, Merlin felt delighted he had in his hands the second true heir to the throne, even more legitimate than Arthur in the eyes of the Gods. But Kilgharrah and Euflamm sensed the evil in Merlin and chased him away, trying to protect their now adopted mother.

    Gwenevere then decided she wouldn’t be queen, as Arthur could fill that role for her. She decided she would travel instead, raising her robotic reptilian son and daughter on the road. She wandered with them, playing as much as she could with them, loving them more than any mother had her children. She met countless heroes, fought countless dangers but never stayed long enough to befriend any human, fearing they would betray her like Merlin did or hurt her children.

    When Arthur ruled, she stayed away. And when he died, she went and advised Percival to rule as if his subjects were his children, growing to be his equal. She swore to him she and her children would be there if need be. She then left, but a knight, charmed by her, tried to pursue her. She rejected Lancelot, though he was the first man towards whom the MechaDragons showed so much affection, as she still feared betrayal by men.

    She lived a long and quiet life, happy to have spent so much time with her MechaDragons, raising them and teaching them.

    Lore by Xhan

    Raised in a remote village of Grand Gaia, Gwenevere used to venture into the forests and valleys to gather food and materials that helped the elderly couple that lived. She knew nothing of their parents, except that had left her with the elderly couple on a winter's night.

    One day, while he was in the forest, Gwenevere heard the crackle of a fire. The source of the sound was a burly man who was carrying a large bag. Gwenevere and the man began to speak, that knight seemed to be in search of a golden chalice. The knight was camping in the forest and every day Gwenevere was going to visit him from that day.

    After a few days the man told Gwenevere that he should continue his search in other regions. Distressed by the departure of her friend, Gwenevere decided that she would accompany him on his quest, did not know very well why, but something had to look for that appliance.

    They spent many months, searching for that artifact from which they had not even found a clue. However something happened when that knight picked up one of the clay fragments he had been collecting during his entire trip. His bag began to emit a golden light. Upon opening the bag, immediately all the clay fragments came out and began to shine in the air, as they joined together to end up forming a chalice.

    At that moment Gwenevere felt a strong shake from within and the image of a lake appeared in her mind. After recovering from the shock, the knight told her that his quest had ended, and that he must leave immediately, separating himself from her. Gwenevere on the other hand, could not get that lake out of her head and decided to go to the lake to find answers

    The months passed until Gwenevere reached the lake she had seen in that vision. There she met a woman, who was totally paralyzed when she saw Gwenevere, until tears began to come from her eyes. The woman explained to Gwenevere who she really was, the last descendant of the royal lineage of Neo Avalon. The woman of the lake granted to Gwenevere 2 gems, which were the symbols of the royalty of Neo Avalon, who had been guarding all this time. When she touched the gems, they began to emit an intense light.

    At the end of the flash, in the place of the gems, there had appeared 2 strange mechanized beings, one of which coupled to Gwenevere, transforming into a sword and armor. The woman explained that they were the guardian of Neo Avalon and of the legendary armor and sword carried by the kings of Neo Avalon. Now that Gwenevere knew who she really was and had recovered the treasures of her family, her destiny was to return to Neo Avalon to restore her kingdom. However, the lady told her that in order to reach the island she must find a sacred chalice, which was the key that opened the way to Neo Avalon. Gwenevere, immediately, recalled the chalice she had been searching with the knight and decided to go to the kingdom which the knight had spoken to her on their travel.

    • Category 3 | Skills
    3rd Place: @Megante
    7 Runner-ups, in alphabetical order: @Gabriel holy light, @KobalArtist, @Maxmega!!!, @Mokona85, @Night, @Rogue, @Sky Knight Zazamus

    Skills by Megante

    Type : Dark

    • Passive Skills

    Leader skill : 40% boost to all parameters, 130% boost to spark damage, Spark damage boosts BB gauge and restores HP (2~3 BC fill, 400~600 HP fill on Spark)

    Extra Skill : 100% boost to spark damage (self) and Spark damage slightly boosts own BB gauge (1BC). If Excalibur is equipped, 20% to PV, REC (all) and adds probable Spark critical on Leader skill.

    • Active Skills

    Brave Burst : 33 combo Light & Dark attack on all foes, hugely boosts Spark damage for 3 turns (80%), probable Spark vulnerability infliction for 2 turns

    Super Brave Burst : 42 combo Light & Dark attack on all foes (including sparking combo, 5), hugely boosts Spark damage for 3 turns (120%), hugely boosts elemental ATK for 3 turns (60%), adds probable Spark critical for 3 turns

    Ultimate Brave Burst : 49 combo Light & Dark attack on all foes (including sparking combo, 10), enormously boosts Spark damage (250%) for 3 turns, probable Spark vulnerability infliction for 3 turns, adds probable Spark critical for 3 turns, and enormously boosts BB gauge for 3 turns (50 BC fill)

    • Enhancements

    10 SP : 20% boost to max HP and REC
    10 SP : 20% boost to max ATK and DEf
    10 SP : 50% boost to Spark damage
    > 10 SP : Boosts 50% Spark damage to 70% Spark damage
    > 10 SP : Boosts 70% Spark damage to 100% Spark damage
    40 SP : Enhances BB/SBB's Spark damage boost effect (BB -> 110%, SBB -> 150%)
    30 SP : Enhances Leader Skill all stats buff to 50%
    60 SP : Adds ATK, DEF, REC buff to BB/SBB (140%)
    50 SP : Adds probable BB gauge boost from Spark damage to BB/SBB
    40 SP : Allows UBB buff effects to last for 4 turns

    Skills by Gabriel holy light

    Element: Fire
    Rarity: Omni:dream:
    Cost: 48

    Normal attack: 15 hits

    Leader Skill: 40% boost to all parameters, considerably reduces BB cost (25%), negates critical and elemental damage

    Extra Skill: Adds heal on BB/SBB & if Heart of Camelot is equipped 30% boost to ATK, HP

    Brave Brust: 30 combo powerful Fire attacks on all foes, boosts BB gauge (10 BC), activates Fire barrier (3000 HP) & reduces all elemental damage taken for 1 turn (10%)

    Super Brave Brust: 40 combo powerful Fire attacks on all foes (damage relative to remaining HP), powerful Fire attack on single foe, increases BB gauge when attacked (4-7 BC) & considerably boosts ATK, DEF, REC (140%) for 3 turns

    Ultimate Brave Brust: massive Fire attack on all foes (damage relative to remaining HP), enormously boosts BB gauge (50 BC) & enormously boost DEF relative to max HP (60%) for 3 turns, high probable resistance against 1 KO attack (80%) & probability of raising allies from KO at 100% HP (66%)

    10 SP: 20% boost to HP, DEF
    10 SP: 50% boost to ATK
    20 SP: 70% boost to spark damage
    10 SP: 50% boost to critical damage
    10 SP: Enhances 40% boost to all parameters Leader Skill effect (+10%)
    30 SP: Adds BC,HC drop rate boost effect to BB/SBB
    30 SP: Adds Fire barrier effect to SBB
    40 SP: Adds damage reduction when guarding effect for 3 turns to BB/SBB
    50 SP: Adds all elemental damage reduction effect for 1 turn (10%) to SBB
    30 SP: Adds great HP restoration effect for 3 turns to BB/SBB

    Heart of Camelot: Boosts DEF, HP (30%), boosts BB atk (100%), considerably reduces BB cost (25%)

    Skills by KobalArtist

    Leader skill: Dual Love
    Boosts HP and ATK by 60%. Boosts damage dealt when spark by 120% when 5000+ damage taken. Reduce damage taken by 20% when 10000+ damage dealt.

    Extra skill:Temptation and Adultery
    Enhances crit damage (50%) when Caliburn is equipped or if Arthur is in the same squad. Reduces damage taken (5-10%) when Arondight is equipped or if Lancelot is in the squas. Add 15% boost to all parameters when Control Stick is equipped.

    Brave Burst: Royal Arsenal v2
    17 thunder hits on all foes, boosts all allies’ DEF and REC (140%) for 3 turns, negate elemental damage taken for 1 turn and boosts critical damage for 3 turns (50%).

    Super Brave Burst: Avalon Betrayal
    22 thunder, light and dark hits on all foes, boosts all allies’ DEF and REC (150%) for 3 turns, negates status down and alterations for 3 turns and chance (30%) to perform critical sparks (+75% damage) for 3 turns

    Ultimate Brave Burst: Final Magnetic Field
    25 thunder hits on all foes (deals damage based on HP remaining), 10 light and dark hits on single foe. Boosts all allies’ ATK, DEF and REC (+300%) and reduces damage taken by 75% for 3 turns. Fully replenishes HP for 3 turns.

    Sphère: Control Stick
    Boosts all parameters by 35%, enhances spark damage dealt by 50% and negates critical damage taken.

    10pts: +20% ATK/REC
    10pts: +20% HP/DEF
    30pts: +100% spark damage
    30pts: +70% critical damage
    40pts: Add “Elemental damage negation for 1 turn” to SBB
    40pts: Add “Boosts critical damage (75%)” to BB/SBB Works and an enhancement of BB one and adds to SBB
    40pts: Enhances BB/SBB “Boosts DEF and REC” by 20%
    50pts: Adds 1 more turn to all boosts in UBB
    70pts: Adds “8% boost to OD gauge” to SBB
    100pts: Adds “Fully fills SBB gauge to self” on BB Using the BB will fill the SBB, using the SBB won't fill the BB, special mechanic.

    Skills by Maxmega!!!

    Element: Light
    Rarity: :dream:
    Cost: 52

    Max Stats (Lord) + Imp
    --> 7850 + 1500
    Atk --> 2700 + 620
    Def --> 2900 + 700
    Rec --> 3100 + 1000

    Hits/CB Attack

    Normal 12 hits - 48 CB
    BB 15 hits - 15 CB
    SBB 22 hits - 22 CB
    UBB 50 hits - 50 CB

    Leader Skill: ancient past

    40% boost to all parameters when HP is over 50%, damage taken may slightly restore HP (20% chance to heal 30~35% damage), hugely boosts BB gauge (Fills 5 BC) & slightly reduces damage taken for 2 turns when damage taken has exceeded certain amount (20% damage reduction when 5,000 HP as damage is received)

    Extra Skill: hardhearted

    Damage taken boosts BB gauge and may restore HP (2~3 BC fill when damage taken, 25% chance to recover 20~25% of HP from damage taken) & adds all elements to attack for 3 turns on BB/SBB/UBB when “damn bow” is equipped

    damn bow: Stats Sphere - Boosts HP & Rec by 30%, heals HP gradually & negate status ailments

    Brave Burst: knowledge

    15 combo Fire, Water, Earth, Thunder attack on all foes, 50% damage reduction for 1 turn, casts mana bubble on all allies (protective mana shield of 60% REC) & removes all status ailments

    SuperBB: you're alone

    22 combo powerful Light/Dark attack on all foes, 50% damage reduction for 1 turn, greatly restores HP (heals (3500~4000 + 45% of healer's Rec) HP, casts mana bubble on all allies (protective mana shield of 80% REC) & damage taken boosts BB gauge (3~5 BC fill when damage taken)

    UltimateBB: all for one

    50 combo massive Light attack on all foes, 75% damage reduction for 3 turns, activates Light barrier (20,000 HP Light barrier), enormously boosts BB Atk for 3 turns (500% BB Atk) & double BB / SBB / UBB for allies for 1 turn (50%)


    Category SP Cost (out of 100) Skill Description

    Parameter Boost
    10 SP
    20% boost to max HP, Atk
    10 SP 20% boost to Def, Rec
    BB Gauge
    20 SP
    Considerably reduces BB gauge required for BB (25% reduction)
    30 SP
    Adds Rec boost for 3 turns effect to SBB (+150%)
    20 SP Allows 50% damage reduction effects to last for 2 turns to BB/SBB
    30 SP Adds Light barrier effect to BB (3,000 HP Light barrier)
    50 SP Adds double effect to BB / SBB for allies for 3 turn (15%) to BB/SBB
    40 SP Adds effect to revive allies by KO (8%) to BB
    20 SP Enhances LS's all parameters when HP is over 50% by 20% (60% all parameters when HP is over 50% total)
    60 SP Allows UBB buff effects to last for 4 turns

    Skills by Mokona85

    Leader Skill
    50% boost to all parameters, negates elemental weakness damage & considerably boosts OD gauge fill rate (20%)

    Extra Skill
    30% boost to all parameters, add considerably boosts BB gauge each turn for 3 turns to bb/sbb (6 BC) if Photon Bow is equipped

    Greatly restores HP (2000-3000 PS + 40%REC), removes all status ailments for 3 turns, fill OD gauge (10%), activates Earth barrier (2000 HP)

    30 combo Earth attack on all foes (600%), activates Earth barrier (2500 HP), boosts REC (150%), restores HP when damage dealt effect(2000-3000 +15% REC), restores HP for 3 turns (2000-2500 + 10% REC)

    35 combo Earth attack on all foes(1500%), activates Earth barrier (25000 HP), considerably boost OD gauge fill rate (300%) for 5 turns, fill OD gauge (60%), recovers HP for all allies for 3 turns (98999-99999 PS + 10% REC)

    1. 10 SP Add status ailments negation for 3 turns to SBB
    2. 20 SP Add critical damage negation to LS
    3. 20 SP Enchances Barrier Effect Added to BB/SBB (+1000 HP)
    4. 10 SP Boost to all parameters (5%) to LS
    5. 20 SP Boost to all parameters (10%) (unlock the previous) to LS
    6. 30 SP Add Atk, def, rec down negation e removal to BB/SBB
    7. 30 SP Add boost OD gauge fill rate to BB/SBB (10%)
    8. 40 SP Add boost OD gauge (5% ) to BB (15% total)
    9. 50 SP Add reduction in BB gauge required to activate BB (30%) to LS
    10. 60 SP Allows UBB buff effects to last for 4 turns

    Photonic Bow
    Negates all status ailments, boost BB gauge when taking damage (2-3 bc), increase BB gauge every turn (3 bc), 15% boost all parameters

    Skills by Night

    50% HP/Rec
    20% Mitigation when dmg taken has exceeded a certain amount (10k Dmg)
    2-3 BC Fill when Hit

    Null status Ailments (Self)
    [Recovery Sphere Required]
    Adds to BB/SBB 3500 HP Heal over Turn (+30% Target Rec)

    3500-4000 HP Burst Heal (+40% Healer Rec)
    Heal Status Ailments
    8 BC Fill for all allies

    20 Hits Light and Thunder Elements (500 BB Mod)
    Applies Light element Barrier (2000 HP)
    130% Def, Rec Buff for 3 turns
    Null Atk, Def, Rec Down for 1 Turn

    30 Hits Fire, Water, Earth, Thunder, Light, Dark Elements (1500 BB Mod)
    75% Mitigation for 3 turns
    Completely Restores the HP for all allies for 3 turns
    50BC fill for 3 turns for all allies

    Self Buffs
    -20 SP = 20% HP,Rec
    -10 SP =Enhances 20% HP,Rec to 30% HP,Rec
    -10 SP = Enhances LS Stat Boost to 60% HP,Rec
    -20 SP = Adds to SBB 3000 HP Burst Heal (+40% Healer Rec)
    -20 SP = Adds To SBB, Negate Elemental Weakness Damage
    -20 SP = Adds To SBB, Negates Critical Hit Damage
    -20 SP = Enhances Light Elemental Barrier HP in SBB to 3000 HP
    -40 SP = Adds To BB/SBB null status ailments for 3 turns
    -40 SP = Adds To BB/SBB 3-5 Bc Fill When hit for 3 turns
    -10 SP = Enhances the BC fill When hit for 3 turns, to 4-7 BC

    Skills by Rogue

    Leader Skill:
    50% HP and REC; 20% damage reduction when damage taken exceeds over 5000hp for 2 turns; Reduces BB gauge required for BB (30%); Negates Def ignore effect.

    Extra Skill:
    If "Sovereign's scepter" is equipped 30% boosts all stats; Adds probable (30%) Atk reduction (-50%) for 1 turn to BB/SBB; Immunity to all status ailments; Adds resistance against 1KO attack when HP is below 20%.

    Brave Burst:
    Removes and negates all status ailments for 3 turns; Fills BB gauge when attacked (4-7BC); Fills BB gauge (8 BC) for 3 turns; Boost REC and DEF (160%) for 3 turns.

    Super Brave Burst:
    15 combo Earth and Light all on enemies; recovers HP ( 3000-3500 HP +25%REC) for 3 turns; Adds a Earth Barrier ( 3000 hp); Boost DEF relative to REC( 70% REC).

    Ultimate Brave Burst:
    20 combo Earth and Light all on enemies; Reduces damage taken of 75% for 3 turns;Probable revive of dead unit (60%); Fiills BB gauge for 3 turns (50 CB).

    SP Set:
    - (20 SP) +20% all stats
    - (20 SP) DEF boost when HP is over 50% (self)
    - (20 SP) Boost BB gauge (5 BC) each turn (self)
    - (30 SP) Enhances fill BB gauge when attacked to BB (+1-2 BC)
    - (20 SP) Adds 1 turn of mitigation to SBB
    - (30 SP) Adds negates critical damage for 1 turn to SBB
    >(10 SP) Adds negates critical damage for 1 turn to BB
    - (30 SP) Adds OD gauge fill rate (6%) to BB/SBB
    - (40 SP) Adds ATK, DEF, REC reducing effects negation for 1 turn to BB/SBB
    - (60 SP) Allows UBB effects to last for 4 turns

    Sovereign's scepter
    Type:HP recovery
    HP recovery (2000~2500 HP + 10% REC) each turn; Negates elemental damage;+20%HP DEF and REC.

    Skills by Sky Knight Zazamus

    • Active Skills

    Leader Skill: Relatives Advice
    40% boost to HP/DEF/REC, Reduces elemental damage taken by (15%), boost BB gauge fill rate (50%) & Boosts HC efficency (60%)

    Extra Skill: Barahad's Screech
    Boost to all parameters 30%, adds light barrier to BB/SBB (3000hp), and boosts own BB gauge when damage taken (4-5 BC), if "Photon Rapier" is equipped

    Brave Burst: Barahad! I need you!
    20 Combo Light & water AoE, fills allies BB gauge (12 BC) and removes all status ailments

    Super Brave Burst: Love's Redirection
    18 Combo Light AoE & 5 combo water single target, removes all status ailments, fills allies BB gauge (8), fills own BB gauge to Max

    Ultimate Brave Burst: Hopeful Reunion
    5 Combo Light attack on single foe, Fills all allies BB gauge to Max, Cleans and negates status ailments for 3 turns, and boosts DEF by (300%) for 3 turns & huge chance to resurect dead allies (50%)

    • Sphere
    Sphere: Photon Rapier
    Type: Negate
    Effect: Boost max HP (50%) & negates Critical/Elemental damage, reduces damage taken (10%) & small chance to reduce damage taken to 1 (10%)

    • Enhancments
    A: Boosts Atk/Rec (30%) 10Sp
    B: Boosts Hp/Def (30%) 10Sp
    C: Adds Status ailment negation to BB/SBB for 1 turn. 30Sp
    D: Enhances C to last for 2 turns. 10Sp
    E: Adds OD gauge boost to SBB (8%). 30Sp
    F: Makes oneself able to withstand 1 KO. 50Sp
    G: Enhances LS parameter boost (40%) Atk/Def/Rec + 10%. 20Sp
    H: Gives chance to revive dead allies (5%) to BB. 50 Sp
    I: Enhances ES light barrier (3000hp) -> (4000hp). 10Sp
    J: Negates Status Ailments (Self). 10Sp

    Thank you!

    Again, we'd like to express our sincerest thanks to everyone who took part in this contest and gave it their best!

    Now that all Winner prizes that have been sent, we'd like to extend these thanks to the entire community for their impressive support and dedication - everyone can claim 1 Rare Summon Ticket right now!

    We've loved taking a look at so many ideas, and we hope you'll enjoy playing with Gwenevere when she's released!​

    Thank you for being so passionate about Brave Frontier RPG!
    We look forward to seeing you in a future contest!

    - The Brave Frontier RPG Team​
  2. Zaknafei

    Zaknafei [7] Hero

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    Some winning artworks are really horrible (i didn't partecipate to artwork category). I think there were betters artworks.
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  3. kaidaten

    kaidaten [11] Grandmaster

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    All unit, all Rex type.
    Thanks for donation Gimu
    Gratz to all da winner !
  4. Medeyah

    Medeyah [9] Master

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    I swear to god... If THAT is going to be her kit... Are we trying to recreate the Arthur meta or something?
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  5. Puni-chan the GOD

    Puni-chan the GOD [8] Elite

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    Duality Queen Freyja
    Congratulation on the winner. Sadly that I didn't win any of the 2 categories that I partake in :[ I also really hope that I could have partake in the lore category as well, my time management skill sucks :[ I guess my idea of having Gwenevere be Merlin's mother, the wife of the devil in the Avalon map and was the true ruler of Avalon when it was still in its glorious days will have to go to wasted :[[[[

    Also, I was hoping her to be a mitigator with 4 turn 75% UBB mitigation with Ark's leader skills and elemental/critical immunity, I guess that would be too OP XD
  6. Copper

    Copper [8] Elite

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    I'm so happy right now, I'm really grateful that my work has been appreciated!
    I'm also very happy about the fact that my design can still be improved and merged with other ideas. Since I'm genuinely in love with the other winner's piece of art I couldn't be any more satisfied with the results. I see so much potential in the future official Artwork and I can't wait to see it finished.

    Congratulations to everybody!
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  7. Roby

    Roby [7] Hero

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    Sorry for my english! This is a perfect contest!! More please! Is fabolous see persons creations in the game! One game for the people, create by the people! One contest for year is perfect! And one full batch!!! Gumi only says the thematic!
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  8. Baerchen

    Baerchen [7] Hero

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    Congratulations to all the winners.

    Though I can`t help but feel gumi had a very specific idea in mind, and those that somehow fit that idea won...
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  9. usotsuki

    usotsuki loli-a-ravioli

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    I'm glad that my piece was chosen for Gwenevere's lore, it really makes me happy!
    I'm really looking forward to the final result :)
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2017
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  10. DarcFury

    DarcFury [8] Elite

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    Gratz all winners!
    I love the winning art and the winning lore!
    These becomming 1 unit would be great and very good possible!

    With the 2 winners for skill set i think is weird.... Its impossible to make 1 good skill set of these 2 very different skills.
    (Personaly i hope the second skill set... Finally Some competiotion for magena)
  11. Ordin

    Ordin A ex proud Swiss Mod!

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    What I want
    Can't wait to see the final artwork because for me the 2 artworks are quite opposite:
    • Copper: Fire unit, design for an offensive Gwenevere and her look let me think she's more ''dark'' (strong).
    • Shinaa: Light unit, design for an protective unit (my opinion) and her look is cute, more ''delicate''.
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  12. usotsuki

    usotsuki loli-a-ravioli

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    well, considering that they'll use my lore (though it will probably have some changes) the final unit is going to be fundamentally a young girl with an "evil aura"
    Maybe they'll give the 1st artwork's armor to the 2nd artwork's body (dunno if I can give you the idea)
  13. usotsuki

    usotsuki loli-a-ravioli

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    maybe a delicate look, with dark, evil eyes ^^
  14. Ordin

    Ordin A ex proud Swiss Mod!

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    What I want
    Sound cool :D. I really must read your lore too xD.
  15. usotsuki

    usotsuki loli-a-ravioli

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    please do :), maybe let me know what do you think about it ^^
  16. Shigeru Shirozui

    Shigeru Shirozui [7] Hero

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    Congratulations to those who won!

    I wish to see more contests like this, it's fun to draw xD
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  17. cerbero

    cerbero [7] Hero

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    Hello ,may i know why mine artwork is not been selected for top 10? Where it is wrong? Because spending over 20 hours in Photoshop and having only a ticket ad regard dir me is an hurt.. .. remember that people aren't stupid.
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  18. DarcFury

    DarcFury [8] Elite

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    Sorry dude.
    This was a competition... And so there Will be losers..
    Its hard to choose only 10 winners from 300 entrys.

    I personaly LOVE! Your design!!
    For me its way beter then the current winners. Its perfectly done and she has the look of a real powerfull DE!
    I think your design is just to far away from the vision the judge had in their own minds...
  19. cerbero

    cerbero [7] Hero

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    Thx You like it ..... but for example.... when an artwork is without a foot or both is not complete ; this conteSt is for avalon serie not for changeform serie .... but 2 of top10 have this error. .. however i Want to know by them how about mine.... i hope they reply.. but i Think these words Will be lost in wind....
    And another Think.. .. how can win 2 artwork totally in opposition ? So then the result Will be a mixture of them? Sincerely i don't understand this method of choice .
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2017
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  20. Gerrion

    Gerrion [9] Master

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    Dream Arthur/Lucy
    Hmm... quite the good work from the winners. Kudos to them!

    It seems that i was limiting myself on those contests. The next time will be different, however, because what happened here does coincide with a moment in my youth. And in the following year i placed what i learned on my entry, recieving an honorable mention in the end. I can't wait for the next lore/designing contest and make an improved work from what i've (re)learned.

    And now i know the reason those 2 gems were given in-game. I thought the second one was given to my lore entry, and i was wondering if i struck a mark there, but Shinaa's art, which appeared coincidently next to mine was clearly the cause, and seeing Copper's art as well gave away the conclusion that those 2 gems were given due to both art entries.

    P.S.: thanks for the summoning ticket, guys!

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