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    Now lets get started with the entries!
    Entry #1
    Part 1 - Awakening

    After an indefinite thousand of years after fusing with the portals, Llewxam woke up.

    She felt a measureless amount of power flowing inside her, to the point that she was able to feel other people feelings.

    She could live other people lives.

    The loss of a precious sister, the death of one’s love, the bloodlust of an animal.

    An innumerable amount of pain was flowing inside her heart, so many innocent lives perished by the hand of the Gods.

    She knew that she had to do something..

    She knew that she didn’t gain that tremendous power for nothing..

    Llewxam decided to look inside the memories of a hero of the past Grand Gaia to fully understand why would the Gods plan to destroy the humanity after Centuries of peace; she saw something absurd.

    An old man was controlling the divine beings from the shadows, almost like a puppeteer..

    But he wasn’t the root of al the suffering, instead, he seemed to be a vessel, a puppet. A puppeteer being a puppet of another puppeteer.

    Something monstrous was about to strike down on the present Grand Gaia, something that like her, was from another world.

    Looking back into the past memories of every single person, Llewxam noticed a giant tree from the eyes of a warrior of the dark arts.

    At the sight of this dark creature, she returned back to her own body.. The Tree rejected her from Geirdriful’s body.

    Llewxam understood what was happening. What the Tree did was a body manipulation, a manipulation made through Corruption, the ugliest matter that existed since the beginning of Time.

    She had to stop the evil doings of the Corrupted Tree.

    To counter the manifestation of the Corruption, she began to spread Purity, giving part of her infinite power to the strongest heroes, holders of the purest hearts, with the help of an old friend who fought with her during Sagrav’s tyranny.

    Llewxam and Arbez were ready to fight.

    Part 2 - Heroes and Puppets

    To spread the Corruption and Purity, both the divine beings needed to use something to distribute the unlimited amount of power to their chosen champions.

    They found the perfect catalyst: the Constellations.

    They searched for the strongest vessels, travelling through worlds, one with the intention of dropping the universes in a state of chaos and disorder, an entropy of disgusting size.

    The other wanted to keep the balance of the universes, she wanted to save humans and gods from this evil scheme, and maybe, she would have saved the Corrupted Tree too from the dark matter.

    The Tree’s puppets were decided:

    a tyrant ruler of spiders, with the interest of world domination.

    A warrior of the dark arts, with a broken heart and a rotten mind.

    A young survivor, who chose to destroy to escape from her loneliness.

    A woman who fought a battle that seemed to be endless, dying after dealing her last strike to an opponent that was on the same situation.

    A former disciple that let herself consume from a power that was out of her reach.

    A count who was controlled by a cruel mantis by a spell.

    Llewxam chose her warriors too:

    an axe wielder who was saying her last goodbyes to her friends that were beyond saving.

    A girl who wanted to fight the gods for the sake of humanity.

    A princess that cared only for her little sister.

    A mechanical warrior born to fight the Gods,

    A Sealing Master who sought for the purification of the world.

    A Legendary Thief who stole from the riches, to help the poor and the weak.

    12 Constellations were ready to channel the energy to the vessels

    Pisces, Aquarius, Leo, Capricorn and Aries were flowing with Corruption.

    Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Taurus and Scorpio were blessed by a pure light.

    Entry #2
    the young person hero joined the divine army to overcome Sagrav. At the time of the training, Sotnarg met Suicul and Etudrev. Suicul was a warrior who aimed to kill Sagrav and Etudrev, was to him the leader of this army. At the time of the battle, much of warrior died

    Sotnarg then proposed in Suicul to follow It: Sotnarg created the alliance of the gods. After two years of research, alliance was finally to finish: it joined together Sotnarg, Tuanregguj, Aymarks, Llewxam, Arbez and Suicul. Arbez used its Magic to multiply by ten the power of the heroes and Tuanregguj forged new army and armours for the warrior: They back up fine loan.

    Llewxam and Sotnarg discussed at the time travels it to overcome Sagrav: Sotnarg had to notice that Suicul sank in chaos and corruption since its defeat against Sagrav. At the time of the battle, Sagrav called upon the evil versions of the heroes. The engagements started: Sotnarg against Grantos, Llewxam against Maxwell, Aymarks against Skramya and Suicul against Lucius. All the hero succeeded in killing the enemy gods. Suicul sealed Lucius and separated It in five parts separate.

    After having killed the evil versions, the heroes acquire a whole a divine power, the battle lasted three days. Unfortunately, Aymarks, Arbez and Tuanregguj died their wounds. Sagrav died in its turn. After the great battle, Sotnarg and Llewxam left in search of Suicul which disappeared at the time of battle. End!!!

    French version:


    Le jeune heros rejoigna l'armée divine pour vaincre Sagrav. Lors de l'entrainement, Sotnarg rencontra Suicul et Etudrev. Suicul etait aussi un guerrier voulent tuer Sagrav et Etudrev, lui, etait Le meneur de cette armée. Lors de la bataille, beaucoup de guerrier moururent

    Sotnarg proposa alors à Suicul de Le suivre: Sotnarg créa l'alliance des dieux. Apres deux ans de recherche, l'alliance fut enfin terminer: elle reunissait Sotnarg, Ruetcurtsed, Aymarks, Llewxam, Arbez et Suicul. Arbez utilisa sa Magie pour décupler la puissance des heros et Ruetcurtsed forgea des nouvelles armée et armures pour les guerrier: Ils etaient fin pret.

    Llewxam et Sotnarg discutairent lors du voyage pour vaincre Sagrav: Sotnarg avait remarquer que Suicul sombrait dans Le chaos et la corruption depuis sa defaite contre Sagrav. Lors du combat, Sagrav invoqua les versions maléfiques des heros. Les combats commençairent: Sotnarg contre Grantos, Llewxam contre Maxwell, Aymarks contre Skramya et Suicul contre Lucius. Tout les heros réussirent à tuer les dieux énemis. Suicul scèlla Lucius et Le séppara en cinq partis distincte.

    Apres avoir tuer les versions maléfiques, les heros aquérirent tous une puissance divine, Le combat dura trois jours. Malheureusement, Aymarks, Arbez et Ruetcurtsed moururent de leurs blessures. Sagrav sucombat à son tour. Apres la grande bataille, Sotnarg et Llewxam partirent à la recherche de Suicul qui disparut lors de la bataille contre Sagrav...
    Fin !!!

    Entry #3
    It’s been five years since Arthur died and Percival started rebuilding the kingdom. Merlin was at the graveyard and looked at the grave of Mordred: “Even though you died, Mordred, you helped me a lot and that’s why, I offer you my gratitude. Your dead will not have been worthless.”

    One day the Herald of Yggdrasil woke up, changed... corrupted. She felt the overwhelming urge to destroy. Slowly she led the corruption upon the rifts, consuming and corrupting the goddesses of Valhalla, until all of the rifts have been consumed and the Herald was satisfied and long time, it rested so.

    But then she became aware of other world and she desired to destroy those. She started by corrupting the gods and as the gods declared war against humanity, she returned to the Rifts and felt satisfied.

    During the war of gods and humans, Llewxam full of sadness as people died and towns were destroyed, but she knew she couldn’t intervene, as she did not have the power to fight all the gods and she sensed that there was something bigger behind all of this and thus she waited and wept for the fallen.

    Years later, the Herald returned and she saw, that there were (still) living humans and that there again standing towns and civilizations and she wanted to crush them all.

    She summoned six mighty heroes and corrupted them with the power of Zodiacs and send them on a rampage.

    As the Herald returned, Llewxam knew she had to do something and so she too summoned six mighty heroes and enhanced them with the power of the Zodiacs and send them to fight against the Heralds champions, while she fought her way through the corrupted Rifts to the Herald.

    She and the Herald fought a long and fierce battle and in the end Llewxam won and the Herald died.

    Llewxam fell to the ground exhausted but… as it turned out… it wasn’t over.

    Behind Yggdrasil a dark figure emerged: Merlin.

    Merlin has been the one behind the corruption, he experimented on Mordred and turned him against his father and then years later corrupted the Herald and sealed the world-tree Yggdrasil (as Yggdrasil is the true master behind the Herald and had to be sealed in order to corrupt the Herald), in hopes to destroy all worlds.

    But Llewxam prevent this from happening and thus Merlin was angry. He attacked Llewxam and Llewxam desperately tried to fight back. But it was no use: She had used up almost all her power in her fight against the Herald. Merlin threw her at Yggdrasil and prepared himself to kill Llewxam and attacked.

    Llewxam lied there, blood running down her body and with her last bit of energy, she freed the spirit Yggdrasil and then… she vanished from existence.

    Merlin watched in horror as the spirit Yggdrasil slowly began to manifest itself and then Yggdrasil spoke: “You who dared to trick and sealed me, you who brought corruption to the worlds, you who are responsible for the death of so many peoples, you must be PUNISHED?”

    Yggdrasil’s spirit finished manifested and then with a big “khyaaa” Mandragora (Yggdrasil’s physical form) sent Merlin into non-existence.

    Mandragora then turned back into the giant world-tree and freedom returned, as the corruption was finally defeated.

    Entry #4
    Quite the mystery
    «So… is this it?». They were in front of some sort of castle, with white, smooth walls that seemed to be made with metal. Elza tilted her head upwards to see the top of the columns. What would have happened if she threw Capricorn down one of those? She glanced at her teammate with a big grin on her face; Shera answered with a puzzled look.

    «Yes, this is the legendary realm known as Neo-Avalon» Morgana explained, breathing deeply. She had her eyes half closed as she tasted the air. «I have travelled many dimensions, but I’ve yet to discover a place as beautiful as this. Remindeth me… of home». She sighed.

    «The architecture sucks». Elza was quite uninterested about the aimless blabbering of the old hag. Every damned travel, she had to make a comment about the landscape, the creatures and the lore of a place they probably wouldn’t see anymore. «It looks like a giant toilet».

    «Technology and art are extremely advanced there» Morgana glared at her, irritated. «Not something thou canst understand».

    «An advanced giant toilet». Elza looked around. «Where the fudge is Magena?»

    Shera pointed in the air. The Predator Empress was flying like a majestic eagle over the walls of the fortress to get on the top of the tower. There was a strong vibration in the air, then a burst of blue laser-beams from the windows of the castle almost vaporized her. Elza smelled fried chicken, and as Magena hit the ground in front of them, she was ready to ask for the first thigh.

    «The defence system of the castle is too hard to defeat. Viviane is in charge of them and…»

    «Can you stop info-dumping everything and help Magena, please?» Shera knelt on the roasted empress and was checking her pulse on her neck. Magena chirped painfully from the burn wounds. «And while we are there» whispered Shera with a smile. «Do you want to talk about our Lord and Saviour Yggdrasil…?»

    The scale of Elza hit Shera with enough strength to send her straight into the walls of the castle. A burst of lasers painted her skin red and black while Elza closed her eyes, delighted from the screaming of pain.

    «Wow» Morgana covered the face with her hands. «We aren’t even at the boss and our team is already half-dead».

    Elza shrugged. «The only team that exists is team Llewxam». She looked at the sky as a tear dropped from her cheek, as she remembered the sweet, sweet victory her team achieved through the sacrifice of endless fodders. «My Waifu is smiling at me right now, Morgana. Can you say the same?»

    «Thou art talking nonsense» Morgana pointed a finger towards Capricorn and Magena. An energy bubble coated them and made them float towards the enchantress. «Give me a Mega-heal or two to make these two stand. And find a brain for Magena while thou art at it».

    The burn wounds on Magena and Shera’s bodies disappeared visibly after they sipped the cure. Elza was disappointed to see Capricorn rising from the ground, with an annoyed look on her eyes.

    «Hey buddy, I think you got the wrong wall» Elza mocked her. «The gate was two blocks down».

    «♥♥♥♥ you» murmured Shera with anger.

    «No, ♥♥♥♥ you corrupted head». Elza pushed Shera’s shoulder. «Do you think you are the boss of this team?»

    «Enough!» Morgana was offering her shoulder to Magena to help her getting up. «Why didst thou fly over the defences, Gena?»

    «Uhm» Magena remained silent for a couple of minutes. Elza always imagined that the Empress’s mind was a vast blank space in which her conscience floated aimlessly, doing and saying whatever scarce thought she encountered during these travels; at least, this was the only convincing explanation she had for her behaviour. «The walls are shiny» she said, and she closed her mouth, without giving any sign on wanting to elaborate that sentence.

    Morgana massaged her forehead, and Elza saw a tear glistening on her eyelash.

    «Uhm… Hello?» A knight wearing big, yellow armour was greeting them from the side of the wall. «The entrance is over there, you know? Anyway, what is your business here?»

    Morgana shook Magena of herself and advanced toward the knight. «We are adventurers evoked by a summoner from Elgaia. What is thy name, fair knight?»

    «I am Mordred Pendragon, son of king Arthur Pendragon… and his slayer». Mordred unsheathed his weapon, and immediately it turned into a huge lance with electrical lightning scattering from the point. Elza whistled in admiration.

    «Mordred…?» Morgana looked puzzled. She walked toward the knight; he pointed the lance forward, like he wanted to pierce the head of the enchantress.

    «Do not test me, witch! Answer me! What is your business here?» he shouted. Morgana didn’t stop getting closer and closer to the knight, just a leap from the range of his lance.

    «Mordred… thou art my son» Morgana’s voice was brimming with emotion. «I am Morgana, Arthur… thy father’s lover. Thy mother».

    «What…» he lowered his weapon and looked to Morgana’s face in wonder. «You truly are my…?». He shook his head. «That’s not possible. My mother is waiting for me to kill my father and have his lands. She would have known my name».

    «I come from a different dimension, and things for me went differently. I watched thee die in my arms, Mordred. Arthur left me, blaming me and my obsessions for thy death. But seeing thee living, so young and beautiful… I feel… contented»

    Mordred shook his head. «I am not your son, woman. He is dead… and I too will be soon. I will kill Arthur and he will kill me; for a duel of a father against his son can’t end differently».

    «Who told thee that?»

    «Viviane. She discovered my schemes and cursed my crusade. I didn’t even tell my… real mother. It’s too late. Tomorrow we will march against my father, I will have his blood on the edge of my weapon, and he will have mine on Excalibur».

    «No!» Morgana screamed in anguish, falling on the ground. Mordred lunged reluctantly towards her and touched her shoulder.

    «It is already decided » whispered the knight. «I can’t go back now»

    «I have ended countless lives to find the happiness thou brought to my life; and after meeting thee, thou tellst me thou will die. This I cannot accept. Please, please refuse thy destiny. Lay thy sword, undress thy armour and come with me. We can live together eternally, if this is thy desire, and watch Arthur die, old and frail, as he leaveth a realm without a King or an heir; then we can rule together his lands, and many others».

    «Mother, I

    A burst of azure light engulfed Mordred as he screamed in pain. His silhouette flickered inside the wave of energy, then dissipated, leaving only a smell of burned plastic.

    «TOO LONG DIDN’T LISTEN» shouted Elza, while high-fiving Capricorn.

    «ZODIAC ONE NEO-AVALOSERS 0» Capricorn was shaking her hips while Magena mocked her; she clearly hadn’t a clue of what was happening, but was happy anyway.

    «I LIKE SHINY THINGS» screamed the Empress.

    Morgana stood still, with the warm ashes of his son in her hand. «He called me mother… the last time». Flames red as blood burst around her as she got up. The cheering from the rest of the team got quiet, and Elza pressed herself against the nearest tree.

    «Now we play a game, shall we?» an enormous, scary smile was painted on Morgana’s face as the walls of the fortress started to melt into lava and the ground burned into black, hot tar. «It’s called “ZO-DIE-C”»

    Capricorn laughed. «Ahahah, I got it, it’s a pun on Zodi…AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA». Sweat dripped profusely from Elsa’s forehead as Shera started to scream. The flames attacked her face making her skin go from pink to crisp black in a matter of seconds; bubbles of flesh bulged and bursted as the metal of her helm melted into white-hot rivulets.

    «Other comments?». Shera’s body hit the ground. Elsa and Magena shook their heads. «Then, run».

    «Isn’t it a beautiful day outside, Mr. Excalibur?». Viviane sipped the tea from the cup with her pinky raised. The tea-room was like a big greenhouse, with beautiful and scented flowers in big tanks around the tables.

    «Indeed, my fair lady» answered the poster of the sword framed on the opposite chair, whose voice was like Viviane was talking in a lower pitch. «It is really a shame that sir Mordred can’t join us today».

    «Oh, sir Mordred is a baddy and a villain anyway. He answered my invite saying he wasn’t going to stand another three hours of me talking alone with the photography of a sword in front of me».

    «What a churl».

    «Indeed. More tea, Mr. Excalibur?» she offered the teapot to Excalibur’s cup. In that moment the earth started quaking and she splashed the tea all over the tablecloth. «The heck…?». The teapot slipped from her hand and fell onto the ground, shattering in a puddle of dark water and ceramic shards. «Would you excuse me for a second, Mister?». She blinked her eyes and the next instant she was on the observation tower of the castle, a big crystal sphere on the top of the highest tower. Here she could see everything that was happening on the lands around, learn the near future and sometimes even forecast weather.

    The fact was, most walls around the castle melted, and she didn’t even need that tower to know what was happening.

    «Why is Morgana trying to kill the midget in yellow and a bird?». It was like one of those old cartoons they made in other dimensions, but she remembered a cat or a coyote pursuing a yellow and fast bird or something like that.

    «It is quite the mystery» murmured a voice behind her. Viviane flinched and turned her head, but it was only Mr. Excalibur, sitting on a chair behind her.

    «Oh, you followed me here?»

    «I was quite interested in what was happening. It is fascinating, don’t you think?»

    «Indeed, Mr. Excalibur» Viviane touched the glass screen briefly. Morgana, the bird and the midget in yellow disappeared on the horizon as the sun was setting. «Indeed».

    Entry #5
    Since always, Lavinia desired the power. However, the house of the Shadows Whispering didn't have enough influence ; she knew she was condemned to only watch this world she wanted so much to belong to, locked away from it.
    Quickly she refused to be restricted to the seedy life she was destined to live. She wanted more. Her intellect and sense of rhetoric enabled her to create a huge web of contacts. She knew how to constrain the powerful ones of this world thanks to her numerous spidery spies. She rarely showed herself in public, but everyone had a great opinion of her. And when she finally appears, people were silent of admiration. She thought that two things could force respect : beauty...and fear.
    Nevertheless, she still had many enemies, and she couldn't defeat them by herself. One day, she learned the youngest heiress of the house of the Rising Moon was the only survivor from her family, and she was seeking revenge. At this moment Lavinia understood that if she couldn't eliminate her enemies, others could do it for her. Pulling the strings in the shadows, refusing to make an alliance, she secretly helped the eagle Shapeshifter to achieve her goal : kill the Admiral Cornelius ; for Lavinia, it's an enemy less on her way to power.
    Wielding better than anyone the secrets, she manipulates other like puppets. One after the other, Noblesses will fall ; and when no one will be here to stop her, she will take over the power.
    While she was gaining influence and power, what a surprise when everyone learned her disappearance the night of her birthday...

    The young Jade grew up in the world of politics, and never knew the needs. She rapidly acquired the taste of social gatherings and always showed herself at the place you had to be. Married to Heinrich, she realized that they were far to be done for one another. Hating the constant quest for power of the other Noblesses, and the race of Shapeshifters itself, he was the opposite of Jade, and even ended to obstruct the young and greedy lady in her own research of power. As soon as he wasn't useful anymore, she decided to get rid of him – definitively.
    It was difficult to hide the scandal, as her husband managed to escape. The rumors began to spread, but she learned to ignore them : deny only made the story more interesting. Replacing her husband by many lovers, no one has been found. People were more and more avoiding her, frightened by infamous stories going round about her. Finally, only one man couldn't resist her charms : Jason of the Golden Highlands. As powerful physically and politically, Jade found a solution to end her reputation : keeping a lover. He was useful : he would protect her from rumors and enemies. Jade was finally regaining her popularity. Thus, gradually, her new lover revealed himself to be not useful anymore. Strangely, she couldn't resolve herself to break the spell keeping the young man in love with her... Would she be attached to Jason more than what she thought ?
    One day, during a walk at the Moonlight, her lover disappeared. Jason abandoned her, her wife, who was bearing their child. She was accused of getting rid of him, as she did with her former lovers. Desperate, heartbroken, she promised herself to never believe in someone anymore. The love of her life gone, she had nothing left to hold onto. It is said that a few months later, she accepted her fate without fighting back when blazing claws came seeking revenge.

    Jason of the Golden Highlands has always been known for his strength and his courage unequaled. He never refuses a challenge and quickly became one of strongest Noblesses. Not very interested by politics, il mostly wanted to prove his power to others. However, his family – one of the most influential and respected one – teach him that to dominate others, the only physical strength is not enough. He learned the importance of power games, and started to enjoy these.
    He knew his potential enemies and was aware that he should beware of the other Noblesses. But when he met the beautiful Jade, he fell in love. Forgetting his distrusts, he got closer to the Noblesse, without heeding the rumors about her, literaly bewitched by the young lady... He cherished every single day spent by her side, unsuspecting the danger she represented, blinded by love. His family was against this relationship, but Jason rejected them, wishing to live for him and not for the name he bears anymore.
    When the former husband of Jade, Heinrich, got himself talked about confronting the Shapeshifter coming from the abyss, the rumors about Jade came back more virulent than ever. But Jason trusted Jade. He executed each of her desires, never asking any questions. He he obeyed, like a puppet, to the heartless woman he believed he loved. He never wondered why he thought Jade so... enchanting. Until the night where he mysteriously disappeared under a cloudless sky...

    Entry #6
    The adventures of a frog, an ingenious engineer !

    Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit ! Nobody knows who I am, I am a secret, even my name is a secret! But the country I came from is not a big secret: The Empire Ribbit, mysterious country of adventure ...
    The Emperor of the Empire, the honest and good (delicious also, but shhh ...)Emperor Boom II:burstemperor: had left this world to the Ultimate Paradise, the country found itself in mourning and without governor. The situation was critical because the people of the Imps, creatures with enormous knowledge, might declare war on us!
    This is how three strange heroines were candidates to the throne, it was .....

    --End of The First Chapter of "The adventures of a frog, an ingenious engineer!"

    Three frogs from the Empire Ribbit, me, another Burst Frog:burstfrog: and a Sphere Frog:spherefrog:, I will not mention our names because they are too strange to you, humans!
    We decided to wait some time to judge which of us would be most fit to govern...
    And that was how the Sphere Frog:spherefrog: accumulated all the knowledge related to weapons and was able to handle two at once.
    I've managed to accumulate all the knowledge related to the Six Legendary Armors and, with the knowledge of an engineer, I built a Cyber-Armor and was nicknamed "The Robofrog". :robofrog:
    As for the Burst Frog:burstfrog:, we do not know what she was doing, but one thing was sure, she seemed to be up to something ....................... .

    --End of The Second Chapter of "The adventures of a frog, an ingenious engineer !"

    The Burst Frog :burstfrog:, greedy and power-hungry, made a pact with the Witch of the Random (call it a Mystery Frog :mysteryfrog:): She had to send me to the Froggy Labyrinth to oust me from the throne, because I was very appreciated by the amphibian people...
    But while the machiavellian plan seemed to work, the Witch's random magic sent the entire castle into the Froggy Labyrinth!!!!
    Froggy Labyrinth is a gloomy place, where even the souls are lost, corpses are the rest of the bloody meal Minofrogs: Half Minotaur, half-frog, our chances of escape were zero!
    While no one expected to see the sunlight or receive help, THEY arrived......

    --End of The Third Chapter of "The adventures of a frog, an ingenious engineer!"

    The Summoners, those to which formerly we had shared a bond of friendship and trust, those who came to this awful place to ...... CAPTURE US !
    The Summoners have betrayed us, they coveted our acquired knowledge, they betrayed us, all except one: He was a novice Summoner nicknamed.......
    --End of The Fourth Chapter of "The adventures of a frog, an ingenious engineer!"

    @Persecutor, the Summoner who came to lend a hand to save us, he called all Minofrogs and persuaded them to fight against the Summoners, otherwise they risked ............................ THE ETERNAL BAN !
    The Summoners' army against the frogs' Army, who would win?
    The frogs of course! Thanks to the Minofrogs' attack and my Cyber Armor, we chased them from there and we drove them through the Gate to return to Rubbit, and then..... WHAT A SPECTACULAR TURN OF EVENTS!!!!
    End of The Fifth Chapter of "The adventures of a frog, an ingenious engineer!"

    @Persecutor kissed the Sphere Frog:spherefrog:, as in fairy tales, she was transformed into a lean and powerful DILMA:eek::eek::eek: ! (Perse is a very OPEN person, no :kissingclosed:?)
    Dilma found love :eek: ?!
    End of The Sixth Chapter of "The adventures of a frog, an ingenious engineer!"

    The Burst Frog:burstfrog: was gone, there remained her only her crown: The poor thing, hidden in a chest during the battle was crushed and swallowed, the chest was a lure! It was a hungry Mimic! She was punished and I could access the throne which was now mine!
    The Rubbit Empire could again enjoy peace, but things have been said since the incident and rumors are spreading ......
    Some Mimics have seen wings growing from their backs and their appetites increasing, two explanations are conflicting:
    1) The greedy and voracious soul of The Burst Frog:burstfrog: merged with the monster that has mutated and extended his wings to his peers.
    2) The Mimics ate Batman.
    Still, the Witch has also disappeared, she is scarce, the small Mystery Frog !

    Entry #7
    … Please, listen to me …
    … My Story, My Request …

    I was only one among the whole, a simple soul in the heart of the world tree, with him hatching me like a mother carries her child. I waited there for my next incarnation, accompanied with so many others. We were all one, but all, the everything too. Never alone, always together.

    One day, after a countless time, this one not really existing in this dreamlike universe to tell the truth, I felt being born in me a new power. She was so strange, different from the one of which wrapped itself those who was going to be reincarnated, more powerful, more intense. I didn't understand. Never, I would not have any more been able to make such a mistake by being afraid of this one …

    So, came inexorably the moment where I was pulled, by this force of live, outside from the protective cocoon of Yggdrasil, where a new body and a new live awaited me, me and my first breath. Despite my fear, I really wanted to know who I was going to be, whom would be my new parents. Soon, I would know.

    … And then I was …
    … And then I awakened …

    No word can ever describe the surprise which assailed me then. I was not a newborn child, I didn't have any parent. My body was already the one of an adult. Without even open my eyes, I understood it.

    … And then I opened them …

    A very soft warm, so deep, surrounded me in the shape of five faces, towered over me. Without even asking for it to me, I knew that it was my sisters. I already loved them, they too. Then they taught me what I understood deep in me. They just formalize it, helping me to understand it, to accept it. The Great Tree had chosen me to become the new goddess of the Earth, of the Nature, to guide the souls of the dead. What an honour, what a joy.

    … My name is Eir …
    … I was guided …
    … I could now guide …
    … I could help this wandering and fighting souls …

    That's how I came to life. I could discover some fabulous power over the years, polishing them, and using them to the benefit of all, primarily for the great warriors of the world, this being my role. However, I far preferred to bandage their wounds, being so afflicted when I could not save them, accompanying them, their souls, on the way home in the heart of Yggdrasil. Never, oh, never ever I wanted to use my abilities to hurt whoever.

    … I was happy …
    … I was praised by the men …
    … I was loved by my sisters …
    … I was filled …

    … Oh, heartening warm …
    It ends up, brutally. Skamold, why ? A terrible discord burst between us six, in our world. One against all. Yes, why..? This conflict obliged even me, with a broken heart, to use finally my power to hurt.
    Us all
    perished. Quite a least it would have better been worth whether it is there so. Thinking to join the Great All with my sisters, that did not happen. I don't know from where she went, from a forbidden spell probably, but something horrible, and ineffable, kept us alive. She invaded our spirits, filling them with hatred, obliging us to spread it in all worlds.

    … All mighty …
    Summoners, the only reason allowing me to you all this is due to the nature of my powers. Their curative strength still protect me, a little, no longer... It is horribly difficult for me to admit that I could not – unenforceable – heal them, neither them, nor myself. I was not able to overcome this thing – I was the Corruption – and I feel it, there, at the bottom of me – I was her. She recovered some ground, I can't stand anymore – you can't stand.
    Sorry, I couldn't stop them, stop us – unstoppable, I was not able to hurt them, finally. I love them too much for that. My love caused our loss – you would have lost. Me, goddess of the Nature, only one remaining of the six, I asked you for help. Hear my humble request, come in my world. I am going to open a gate with my last strengths so that you can.

    … Set us free …
    Defeat us …

    Destroyed these Darkness in the heart of the tree …
    … Stop them from getting in all worlds …

    … Never forget my sisters, these goddesses, that their image is not tarnished …
    … Only these darkness are guilty –
    liberating …

    No ! Dare to approach, even to want so much as put a look on them, and I will destroy you. Never you will pass my forest. You will not hurt my sisters, never ! You won't be able either to hold me or destroy me. You will join us, whether you like it or not. Or you'll die.
    So, come, and die from my hand, or wait for the time that comes for you to be corrupted. I would spread, it is useless to resist.

    Entry #8
    The Fall of the Burny

    In the world of Grand Gaïa, where powerful humans and gods are fighting without mercy,

    withstanding against eradication to create or destroy the order of hte universe, a lot of discreet and weak creatures strolls plains and forests, living in their little world, far from the fire of the war.

    Inside a deep cave in Mistral, lived a young Burny. Since his parents died by the hands of a summonner, the burny's tiny heart is filled with hatred and desire of vengeance. But he was so weak. One day, Burny went to the Wise Burny's place, the older burny in his tribe.

    • Wise Burny! Wise Burny! I need your help, I want to avenge my family, but I don't know how to be strong, or who I need to kill to take my family's honor back!
    • Young burny, told the geezer, if you really want to let your heart consume by rage, I surely won't approve you. Don't risk your life, you'll need to take down Owen, the first summonner. But take care, he's really powerful. He was a friend of mine when we were young. But unlike me, he became stronger with the age, and i don't think I can defeat him now.
    • Oww! The litte burny looked put out. How a weak creature like him should defeat Owen?

    This day, the poor burny went back home fast, without hunting bugs with his friends. When he fell asleep, in his dream appeared suddenly a beautiful woman, with purple hair. She was stuck in a tree and skullheads were flying around her. First, the Burny, afraid, shivered and try to scream, but no sound came out his mouth.

    • Don't be afraid, young Hero, told the woman with a very soft voice. My name is Yggdrasil. You're looking for power, right?
    The naive Burny, without caring of the scary look of the woman, answers her question.

    • Of course, I have to take my revenge!
    • Even in exchange of your life?
    • I live only to kill Owen!
    • So, I will give you the power you desire so much!
    After a sudden flash, Burny woke up. Thinking it was only a dream, he felt again in sleep.

    What a suprise Burny had when he woke up! His body was strong and the flames in his mouth where hotter than ever. In the cave, nobody understood what happened and began to think it was a miracle.

    Burny, no, it's emperor Burny now, went to the Wise Burny.

    • Tell me where's Owen, now!
    • What happened to your body? Asks the old slime.
    • This is none of your concern!

    • You fool! Don't you see what happened to your body!
    • Wh... What?
    • This little symbol in the top of your head, it's the seal of the Herald of Corruption. Oh, you're strong, yeah, your flames are hot. I think you can win against any monster living in Mistral. But even if you use this strenght, you won't be able to even touch him. The power of corruption will just consume your soul.
    • I... I don't understand anything!

    • You saw a woman in your dream right?
    • Y... Yes.
    • She's Yggdrasil, an abomination who lived in the mirror world. She was the source of all life but she's now corrupted and she now devour souls of the weak ones who lives in this world.

    • This is horrible? What can I do against that?
    • There's nothing you can do. You will just die and your corrupted soul will wander in this world for eternity.

    Rejected by his tribe for selling his soul to the devil, the Burny went to exile until Bariura thanks to his corrupted strenght. Then he died slowly and pitifully, alone in the dark.


    In the Summonner's hall, an old legend (or maybe it was just a rumor?), is even now told by warriors who came back safe from Bariura: some people still living in this devasted region are speaking a soul of a damned Burny somewhere in a cave of Bariura who attack summonners. The rumor also says that the cold wind around him whispers silently in the ears of the people he meet something like « I will never forgive you, summonners ».

    But it's just a rumor, because summonners who entered this cave never came out.

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    Entry #9
    In a blast of light, the darkness began to writhe away. Llewxam and her Knights, aided by the countless Summoners, charged through the gate. the battle that they eagerly awaited lasted for more than a week, with many casualties on both sides. The Goddess lead the charge, followed by Libra and Taurus. Virgo kept the darkness at a bay, while Cancer and Scorpio dealt with the minions of the darkness. They advanced in the realm of the Corruption, until they were face to face with the source of it all. She grimaced, her eyebrows narrowing. "Goddess." said the Herald of Yggdrasil. "You finally came, but you won't overcome my warriors! We will give a new order to this wretched world!"

    "Too late for that, Herald!" Llewxam's voice boomed through the darkness like a flash in the night. "Your reign of terror is at an end! I will purify everything!"That said, she charged at the Herald, but crashed right into her shield. "You thought it would be so easy? Come out, my child!" At her words, a dragon flew in, roaring fiercely. Her Knights engaging the opposite faction, the Herald grinned. "You fell right into my trap, Goddess!"

    "We will just see! Summoners! Now it is the time to lend me your powers, purged by the Corruption you destroyed!" replied the goddess, raising her spear. "Begone, monster! You don't belong in this world!" Light coursed through it, and she charged valiantly at the Herald. The dragon didn't allow that though, and jumped in to save her. The spear went right through his chest, and let out a blinding light as he was blasted back into the darkness, roaring in pain. the Herald snarled. "Summoners! Give me your power, gathered in her tears you so diligently beat out!" Darkness gathered in her hand, and she flicked her wrist. "What is this humanity you love so much anyway? Nothing but a little pile of secrets! But enough talk, HAVE AT YOU!"Roots grabbed Llewxam's feet and began to creep up her legs and fully encase her. "This ends now! You will become just like me... A Goddess worshipped and feared, with endless power..."

    "Like hell you will do this to me!" Power seeped through the roots encasing Llewxam, and disintegrated them. The Herald gasped, not expecting it. The Goddess again raised her spear. "Power is nothing without the wisdom-and courage- to wield it!" As she lunged, the Herald did nothing, just a single tear streaming down her face.
    A titanic explosion followed the hit, after which Llewxam could e seen standing triumphantly over the fallen Herald of Yggdrasil. Her body was motionless, her once black eyes clear and lifeless, the tree she was standing on withered and dead. But as Llewxam put her hand on it, it began to take on new life. All at once, the Knights of Yggdrasil and the Summoners that fought for her began to scream in pain as the Corruption was purified. The tree returned at its former glory, and Llewxam smiled. "WE DID IT!" The shout of victory of her army provoked a scream of terror by the other, at which she grinned evilly."No survivors." They rushed at her order, but a single Summoner was left behind, approaching her. "Goddess, they surrendered. They were purified, there is no reason to kill them!" In response, she impaled him on her lance and kicked him away, leaving him to bleed to death. "No survivors i said. No enemy of mine will survive..." She looked at the carnage with an amused face, her eyes gradually darkening. She shifted her glance at the dead Herald. "A Goddess worshipped and feared, with endless power... I quite like it, you know...?"

    Entry #10
    Day -1: the eve of experimentation

    Lieutenant Belt wishes to put in writing all the details of future experimentations. For this reason, in parallel I'll keep this journal order to have a different approach than a banal report.

    Day 0: the beginning

    Mr. Belt will start his first experience today to dominate the skies in hopes of getting an "ancestral divine power» according to his research into old ruins of the ancient civilization. To be honest, I'm scared. The former assistant to the lieutenant died from his early tests with different Techs and I heard that this was not the first. I got confirmation today when Mr. Cauldron, our leader, sternly reprimanded Mr. Belt and reproached him of “get tired of seeing the cadaver lie list” among men because of the obsession to master the skies lieutenant he said. I am a lucky man for the moment but I fear that Mr. Cauldron did nothing but prolong my life one day, Mr. Belt has indeed hinted that he would not stop there.

    Day 0-afternoon

    Indeed, experience has been postponed as a half day and Mr. Belt itself will test his strange machinery, He does not fear for his life because for him the “anti-jump ” was ready for a good time and it was just the fault of his men and improper handling of the invention which made the experience remained a failure.

    Day 0-evening

    The experiment was a complete fiasco. At the time of jump, a sandstorm arrived at high speed and took Mr. Belt who was overjoyed at the idea of "testing the invention in the worst possible conditions". We have no news of Mr. Belt, Mr. Cauldron sent a small group of men to find him but for him, he is already dead. An expedition of larger scale will be done tomorrow but we do not expect much.

    Day 1: researches

    A team has started in order to regain At least Mr. Belt’s techs, scarce and vital resources for our clan. I do not know if Mr. Cauldron is sad for his friend or angry at having lost a valuable technology, this man is unwavering.

    Day 1-evening

    The team returned but neither Mr. Belt nor its creation have been found, Mr. Cauldron officially announced the death of Lieutenant and the end of the research associated with his disappearance. I did not expect stop this diary immediately.

    Day 15: two weeks later

    I could not help but take the diary following a silhouette that I saw wandering in the wilderness, was it Mr. Belt? I found hope, but the storm season approaching, if the lieutenant was able to return to this desert hell, this would not be before the day, alas!

    Day 22: A strange phenomenon

    Thunderstorms are bels and there, Mr. Bull went alone in the desert at the height of the storm in order to follow a plan aimed at have enormously powerful techs, I do not know any more for the moment, even Mr. Child who joined us rather recently knows the plan without disclosing the secret information. I saw this flying shadow that had already manifested itself several times during the storm, I increasingly the impression of seeing Mr. Belt. His ghost haunts me there? Perhaps he blames me the fact that I have not been able to help in his experience? I cannot say...

    Day 30: Happy reunion

    What was not my joy this morning after the last storm, I saw Mr. Belt in the sky flying as rare birds that can be seen on clear days. I had not been able to sleep the night before and the others were still asleep so it was to me that it was to shout the good news. This gave new ideas to Mr. Cauldron for a coming battle that was going to lead, "the four-eyed ♥♥♥♥♥» was the only name that was given to me when we talked about our enemy.

    Day 40: preparation

    We are ready, even Ms. Gasolina that makes us regularly visit is remained exceptionally few days at the camp in order to be fully informed about the tactic to invade the fortress of the enemy. Mr. Belt is very happy since we learned that he would have the opportunity to test his gear in real fight, I could talk at length about him in recent days to find out what had happened since the day he disappeared He gave me some advice on tech prototypes that are similar in use to the invention.

    Day 42: the assault is given

    Mr. Bull returned briefly yesterday during the night to finalize the last details of the operation. We had the signal just a few seconds; it might be the last lines of this diary. I wanted to get in one last time a little something extra before heading to the fortress, Mr. Belt waiting for me, I have to go.

    Day 43: The battle is over

    That's it, the mission is a success, we have to deplore a few wounded. Mr. Cauldron’s tactic was redoubtable and Mr. Belt really did much of the work in surprising the ♥♥♥♥♥ with glasses from the air. With new techs now for present in hand, we can dramatically increase our firepower.

    Day 45: the invincible army.

    Mr. Cauldron and his lieutenants are incredible with their new techs. Most impressive to me is that of Mr. Belt which can now fly all day if desired. Ms. Gasolina has left us; she said that was the last time we would see because she could not bear "that infamous perpetual butchery". Indeed, the test tech Mr. Belt I attended yesterday shows how the machine is terrible, it has needed anyone to kill any mutant group with its bombs and its destructive lightning, it was horrible to watch. After reflexion, I understand why the lady with pink hairhas tried to stop us. Our band consists mainly of bloodthirsty brute that are thirsty of violence but my survival instinct drives me to stay with these men, what a coward I am. I still hope to believe we will not have to use such weapons in order to consolidate a lasting peace. This will be my last notes in this diary, Mr. Belt having finished these major experiments, I feel stupid to continue this book that has hardly any pages anyway.

    Farewell diary.

    Entry #11
    The winter is knocking the door. Despite of my refusal, I feel its icy breathe here. The open fire is too weak to erase its presence. Oh I don't complain.
    The snow outside looks beautiful...however...
    The atmosphere isn't here...The habitual jazz of the vynil don't turn and it will never again. Now there will be the blues and his melancholic notes.
    The white walls take the sad blue of the night. It's cold...
    However, I go today, dear family!
    My dream was always to live with the Orchestra's city to have no limit, far away of this isolitated house...here is...I imagined that you will be happy and sad at the same time...
    I know I am a weight for you...always making stupidities...sorry...I never know how to controlate myself...this powers wasn't blessing.
    However I will never been a worry for you now...I just wanted to see pride in your eyes.
    I know it's too late...unfortunaly...

    I have gone outside. I didn't take the same way after the music theory lessons. No, I didn't. I have loose my way this time.
    I have seen flowers trying to perce the snow. Then blue fireflies appearing through my eyes in this scenary.

    I walk

    There were my comrades at the park. They have enjoying to slide on the black ice.

    I join them.

    Little by little, the black ice has become children's slide. It's funny. Then, they have to come back to their home. I have continuing my way.
    The orange, yellow, red lights. The costumes with thousand and one colours. The cakes with all forms.

    The singing...

    Dear family, I live somethings that I never supposed. I have got a breathe of fresh air.
    This freshness has made me my happiness.
    Yes I have broken the routine.
    I have lived a less heavy immaginary world.
    The streets emptying, I was alone with the moon.
    I didn't notice the time. The bells have ringing. I didn't notice the time.
    I didn't notice it has passing.
    Barks? Yes, they was...Wolf? I have believing it at first...Dogs...
    The fear overwhelming me, I have running to come back at home...I am sorry...I didn't respect the curfew...
    They have seeing me...
    I have arriving at home...
    You have hearing them...
    You have hidding me...You have reparing my stupidity...sorry...
    They have asking you where is the child? I have hearing it...heart palpating...
    The madness in my eyes, the love for yours, has making you what it isn't normal for a common human : to answer a lie to less souls men. I have hearing it...The little canon has making fire.
    One time
    a second time
    a third time...probably to let nothing...
    I feel like a paralysis. I cannot move. I don't move. I don't really have the consciousness of what is happened...
    They have searching me. Screamed with their hoarse voice. They have muddling up the house. However they didn't finding me.
    The incense of chrysanthemum filling the air, the dogs were waiting outside while their masters were searching.
    They don't have found me. They concluded that I escaped. They have going. I have hearing it...
    I just wanted to live out the space and time that it was always imposed on me...
    I was wrong...I would do anything to stop this scarlet liquid...I would do anything to turn back the clock...To correct my error alone once...
    This stupidity was the straw that broke the camel's back.
    A truth that I cannot to escape even in my imaginary world.
    My burning up corpse, I hand my hand to them.
    The tears are melting. They are absorbing by the blood.
    The blues notes sound.
    The open fire has finished its combustion.
    The cloud less sky put its end.
    The winter goes inside in the end.

    Once upon a time, a child seated on its bed was crying alone in an isolitated house.
    Once upon a time borning will-o-wisp united in the dark, a monster borns.

    They are gone. I felt it...

    Entry #12
    I... Am... Free...

    He woke up.
    The summer's heat reached him through the opened window, outside, passersby could be heard. The sun must have been already high in the sky.
    He sat up on his bed, this kind of dreams became frequent, he knew that the day had come for him to leave.
    He put on his cloak and walked toward the exit, on the way he grabbed an apple on the table, it was widely enough to fill his hunger.
    The harsh sunlight made him squint when he came out, he grimaced, pulled his hood over his head and set off.
    Streets of NeoAvalon were full, human beings and robots crowded into an inferal dance of noises and colors. He pushed even more the hood on his head, he loathed the city and its activity, he preferred widely the small house in which he had raised his foster childrens. On the outskirts of the town, the crowd made much less dense, the guards were not making routine checks, the country knew an era of peace and prosperity since Perceval had returned the Grail. He walked faster, even out of reach of the noise he cannot bear this city, the more he went away and the more he felt the uncontrollable need to go away still. The city was no more than an indistinct form far behind him, he remembered all his life on the island, he thought again about the drama which had beaten down on NeoAvalon, drama ? No, it wasn't result of misfortune, he pulled his hood even more on his head to hide his sinister smile, this period there had been the very funniest part of his life, he saw again Arthur and Morgana still children, Perceval leaving in search of the Grail, yes... Those-ones had been his most interesting puppets. But all of this was over now, the Grail rang in his bag, no one in NeoAvalon had ever made a success of a masterstroke so prepared as he, he did not see the mens as living beings but as pawns.
    The coast was finally in sight, the boat which shall take him far from NeoAvalon also. What would this island become without the Grail? It was not his problem, he shall doubtless never return.
    He climbed on board, with only his bag for luggage and started engines, on board, only a robot will hold him company. He rose on the deck and watched the coast of NeoAvalon going away before his eyes for the last time, his smile turned even larger :
    It was time for him to find new puppets to play with...

    Entry #13
    “It is as majestic as La Veda, isn’t it?”

    “Indeed. Smaller, but equally majestic.”

    Their heads turned in unison as they walked along the main road of the city, adorned with clear blue stone. Buildings of all shapes and sizes covered both sides, though the most common feature among them are the circular pillars made of flawless stone, as white as pure cotton. Commoners like to call Meor the Path of a Hundred Columns, as most of the city is included in that large, thriving avenue.

    Thrud lifted her large hammer, landing it on the confort of her left shoulder. Her helm, featuring golden sparks, turned as she admired the arquitecture of nearby edifices, which had the most glamorous attires. Passing folk were also admired by her presence, though most devided by either her immense strenght, shown in the way she held her large, thunder-adorned, or by her light gear - a short breastplate, rough gauntlets, a tight waist belt and tall greaves, all in golden iron.

    “Still, it seems like most are bound by politics rather than honor.” - she sighed.

    “Their leader wouldn’t want it any other way, Thrud. Binding humans in just laws is a cunning way to prevent insurrections.” - explained her companion.

    Geirdriful, on the other hand, had come to Meor before. While as equally smiten as her equal in the Pantheon, her curiosity was less visible to the residents who gazed upon her. Nonetheless, her gear attracted attention: a feather-dressed cap, a breastplate adorned with an amethyst, a belt shaped like spiked waves, and her gauntlets greaves carried spiky edges that pointed outwards - all colored in a mysterious purple.

    Some of the town’s highest nobles crossing the avenue knew who the two warriors were - they were part of the Pantheon, an elite group of semi-goddesses chosen to gather those worthy of being part of an elite army that protected the gods. And as such, they guessed their destination before losing sight of them - the Serena.

    The far end of Meor’s avenue leads to a large, circular building adorned with arches around its perimeter. Most of them were sealed by walls covered with cubic lines, while some served as entrances for various groups: commoners, nobles, slaves, fighters. It was the biggest and most important building, and for a single reason only.

    It was Sera’s arena. Hence its name - the Serena.

    “So... this is the arena?” - Thrud asked, her chin lifted as high as possible.

    Gierdriful nodded in return: “Sera awaits us inside.”


    A thunderous roar echoed across the circular stands in the arena’s interior. The arena’s sand lost its clear color as fallen gladiators increased in numbers. Some fighted alone, others in groups - but all had to fight to the death. Such was the will of their Mistress.

    The main chamber of the inner settings housed only a handful of women. Gierdriful was sitting on a massive chair made of marble, with a few female servants showing various fruits and drinks for her enjoyment. She declined all said gifts as her head stenrly swayed left and right.

    On her left was a even higher marble chair, sporting regal armrests. Feathered pillows on the chair gave confort to its user - a tall woman wearing a pink red dress and a diamond necklace. The most dazzling adorment on her, however, was her sleek crystal-like shoulderguard. Gierdriful learned not to look directly at it when bathed in sunlight, for it would stun even godly eyes, like gazing at the sun itself.

    “Simply marvelous, isn’t it, dear?” - gasped Sera with a wide smile - “Men and women fighting for their lives, for their freedom - it gives me thrills beyond anything i ever felt, regardless the number of times that i spectate.”

    “Indeed... Though war brings a more authentic spectacle.” - replied Gierdriful in a dissapointed tone.

    “Ah, yes, but an arena is more enjoyable.” - her elbows rested on the armrests’ edges as she leaned forward - “Fending off weaklings would ruin my view of the show.”

    Gierdriful watched as the combats continued, until two groups of gladiators remained. A larger group of ten muscular soldiers dominated in terms of raw power, while the smaller group of eight gladiators held together through tactics. Their “leader” wore a metal circlet and a slim, relying metal scale mail. As both groups stared one another, she believed they would fight each other, but Sera suddenly stood up and approached to speak towards the gladiators.

    “My glorious men and women...” - she spoke - “...there is no need to fight anymore. I am pleased with today’s show, and your lives have been earned for today!”

    The crowd cheered the her statement, filling the arena with loud gratitude and satisfaction.

    Sera suddenly grinned: “But before you rest, a last trial stands before you.”

    One of the arena’s gate was suddenly raised, a single warrior coming forth. Geirdriful stood up and joined Sera’s side as Thrud entered the arena.

    “Before you stands Thrud of the Pantheon. She has come to see your worth. While your feats against fellow men were impressive... will you keep up your valor against a godly opponent?”

    Her face twited upward in a violent smile. Gierdriful couldn’t contain her shock, seeing such a bloodthirsty visage for the first time.

    Please me.”

    The stronger group quickly turned towards their goddess: “Your pleasure is our life! We, who are ready to give it, ... SALUTE YOU!!!”

    As the first group quickly approached the thunder goddess, the second group quickly closed in at a slower pace. The leader held the front alongside a woman with green hair wearing only a leather vest and sandals reinforced by chain links and a younger warrior wearing a cuirass, helm and short greaves. As the leader shouted orders that were baffled by the audience’s clamors, the bulky opponents charged in different directions at their opponent.

    Thurd quickly swung her hammer on her left side, gaining momentum in exchange for the lower voltage that courses through her. While her intentions weren’t lethal, her honor as god’s daughter wouldn’t allow her to ge easy on any opponent. The hammer quickly struck the first man from the right, throwing him in an arc against the distant sands. Two men wove their long hammers against the woman. Thrud quickly swung her hammer towards the sands, shattering both hammer’s at once. The men were shocked for a single second, a single second that Thrud capitalized by grasping both heads and clash them together. Both men fell unconscious to the ground.

    A fourth gladiator threw a clenched gauntlet against thrud’s helm, hoping to pummel her head. The blow, while powerful, clang her helm, making no dent at all.

    “This is how you punch!” - Thurd bulk up her strenght as she spoke, landing a clear punch on her opponent’s chest. The man flew, landing on the first, unfortunate gladiator’s backside.

    The remaining six warriors swinged their swords at their foe. Lances attempted to thrust flesh, and an axe was hoping to cleave a leg. Yet Thrud proved her godly power by overwhelming her opponents, taking them down as she met them. The final warrior winced as she snapped her lance in two, recieving an uppercut from her right elbow that send him flying towards the middle of his fallem comrades.

    Thrud took a deep breath as she recomposed herself. A light breeze swayed her blue gray hair. Picking up her hammer, she looked up at Gierdriful.

    Her sister declined sideways in response. The warrior group, while powerful in its own right, lacked unity and coordination. Her eyes quickly switched towards the smaller group, their leader specifically. She saw the young warrior trading words with the man, his head nodding here and there. She knew that they were reading Thrud’s moves - all she needs to know is if he can lead them towards a good outcome, or even victory.

    A last nod from Geirdriful confirmed Thrud’s instincts: the first group was sweat fodder. She turned to the other group while gripping her hammer anew, hoping for better results from the second group.

    As she approached the group, the leader shouted a single word, unfamiliar to Thrud. Three men and two women quickly sorrounded Thrud at a safe distance, while the younger, helm-clad warrior approached her.

    Thrud stood face-to-face the young warrior, which revealed the short sword and buckler behind his back, ready to battle.

    As Thurd began to charge, the leader shouted another single word. Thrud’s left feet was suddenly caught in a whip from the woman at the left of the group’s ring. The valkyr stood her ground as the foe in her front was too close to safely shake off the whip. The opponent quickly threw a diagonal slash at Thrud, to which she dodged as much as the whip could afford.

    A hasty hammer swing was slightly parried to avoid hitting its mark, swinging back to Thrud’s side. The second sword swing was blocked by her spare hand’s gauntlet, but the young man quickly adjusted - his buckler on the opposing arm struck her face.

    Instinct compelled her to bend her free knee upward, striking the young warrior. While not as potent as she wanted, it made her foe flinch back a few steps. A quick thought made her shake off the whip, but it suddenly lost tension - the woman dropped her whip when Thrud repelled her foe.

    The group attacked in turns at the goddess with each of the leader’s commands. Gierdriful watched from above how the man gave his orders and all his men followed suit. She noticed his voice, while rigid, wasn’t violent, and the gladiators who followed him seemed to trust him deeply.

    “That group appears to be in better shape than the first.” - said Geirdriful in an open tone, hoping for Sera to proudly reply about her possessions.

    “You have quite the good eye, Valkyrie.” - she answered, as expected - “while not the most prominent, they’ve been able to outlast many others.”

    It was uncommon for them to take living souls to Valhala, but the gods showed interest nonetheless. An ancient bloodline was recently rediscovered after it was believed to be lost in time and bloodshed, and the gods believed that a descendant of said bloodline has reached a level of power equal to that of a semi-god.

    “Could we talk more after this...” - Gierdriful didn’t see this as a show, but she had to feign interest in order to beckon her host - “...spectacle? I’d like to hear more about them.”

    Sera giggled: “I have the time, dear.” - she pointed at the arena - “But i think theirs is running out.”

    Gierdriful suddenly turned her eyes to the center - Thrud’s arm was tied to her dropped hammer by bolas, parrying against the younger warrior with her spare gauntlet. She could sense her sister growing impatient.

    The thunder Valkyr suddenly released a mass of powerfull jolts that flinched the entire gladiator group - only the young warrior facing her did not falter, his twin swords ready for conflict. Yet he couldn’t deter Thrud’s advance, freed from her bonds thanks to her outburst. Thurd’s visage passed by his as she charged against the group’s leader, her hammer ready to burst forth a Brave Burst.

    “Hammer...” - warned the Valkyr, determined to end her humiliation.


    Thrud’s movement ended as abruptly as the shout that came from Gierdriful. Her head slowly turned to her sister, above and next to the host goddess.

    “They have proved their worth!” - Gierdriful explained.

    Thrud took a deep breath, swaying her hammer back on her left shoulder.

    “If you say so.” - she spoke while smiling at the young warrior who kept her busy for so long. He smiled back, his lips faintly hidden by the helm.

    Sera’s eyes were displeased with the interruption, but she quickly regained her composure while addressing to the smaller group: “You have done well, brave ones. You have pleased both me and our guests, the Valkyrs. Take your earned rest.”

    The group quickly gathered to leave, with Thrud giving a hand to a warrior who was still fallen due to the shock.

    “As for my other sweet men...” - she turned to the first group, attempting to stand up from the beating - “... your just reward. BESTIARI!”

    A different gate raised, and giant beasts with three heads charged forth, hunger visible from their fangs.

    Sera regained her bloodthirsty facade: “Sic them, my dears.”

    The four beasts quickly charge at the frail group, one of them wailing in horror as his doom quickly approached. But Gierdriful’s heart had enough of bloodshed: she blinked out of her stand, her feet touching the hot sands as she quickly summoned her purple trident. Quick, decisive swings felled the four beasts, seconds before they could reach the weakened humans.

    Sera couldn’t hide disgust from her face anymore, as her eyes gazed at the Valkyr’s sacrilege upon her treasured pets. Gierdriful returned the stare, with her mood equally saturated.


    The room, medium in size, was sorrounded by pillars, half of their constitution engulfed by the white walls. Empty sets of armor guarded the entrances, their purpose more of a decoration rather than protection. A block of marble displayed an opened chest, its contents protected by a small vitrine.

    Of the twelve seats sorrounding the conference table in the center of the room, only two opposing spots were occupied. Sera and Gierdriful, both in a calmer disposition, were still locked in a gaze trade.

    “Didn’t your masters teach you about respecting your host’s traditions and rules, Valkyr?” - inquired Sera, her shoulderguard shinning mildly.

    “They did, your Grace.” - Gierdriful, while still infuriated, had to contain her disgust - “Forgive me if i challenged your rule, but i had to respect your previous will.”

    “My previous will?” - a mild hint of confusion almost left Sera’s right eye.

    “You declared that they earned their lives for today, yet you declare an execution upon the men who failed you. Even if they deserved death, you ensured that no harm would be done to them from their earlier victories.”

    Gierdriful’s explanation continued: “Had you continue your whim, order would be contested, and men could feel revolt against you.”

    Sera’s disgusted sigh reached the Valkyr’s ears. She was defending what was right, yet she believed that her host didn’t care about such. Her hidden pleasure made her volatile, and her presence as Goddess of the majestic Meor dubious.

    “All gladiators who fall in the arena, regardless of reason, lose their reason to live.” - explained Sera - “They should have died fighting a semi-goddess.”

    “Thrud was sparing her power against them, my Grace. She did not knew the rules of the Serena. She was a foreigner in your arena - if she was fighting trully, you would have lost your favorites.”

    “My favorites?” - Sera’s quick laugh resonated in the neighbouring halls - “The beasts you killed were my favorites, Valkyr. If you weren’t important to Yggdrasil’s will, i’d have personally killed you at that very moment.”

    The tall woman took a deep breath as she stood up: “But there is no real harm in your missunderstanding. I can look the other way. However... Why did you want to prove them?”

    Sera approached the opened chest while Gierdriful replied.: “Yggdrasil has need of men to protect the realm. And i believe the group’s leader would be a worthy tactitian for our war efforts.”

    Sera cringed: “Out of any consideration. They have a debt to the Serena: three hundred battles to earn their freedom, and so far today marked a hundred.”

    “My superiors will pay their debt. Wealth, power - just ask, and you shall recieve just compensation.”

    “Money and bribes cannot pay their debt.”

    “What do you need, then?”

    “Come closer, and gaze at my eyes carefully.”

    Gierdriful stood up and met with Sera at the opened chest. Sera’s orange hair was even more beautiful at a close distance, but when Gierdriful looked at their eyes more carefully, she made the math: her eyes were as deep red as blood.

    “I feast upon the blood of the fallen. Whether killed by my hand or by another, only blood can sate my inner hunger. The man you wish to take is special to me, and i cannot let him go until either i taste his blood, or an equal ammount from his worth.”

    Gierdriful agreed with her at that extent. A man like him would be easily worth more than three hundred valiants. She didn’t knew his name, but he knew her valor.

    “Nonetheless, Yggdrasil demands his presence. Will you decline such request?”

    “No...” - Sera answered - “... Look at the chest, Valkyr.”

    Gierdriful looked at the chest’s content: a pair of gauntlets made of golden steel. She felt a sliver of power within them - a disturbing power.

    “Just so you know, Valkyr, his name is Baltasar. A man whose bloodline has offended me, and i will not mitigate nor clear his debt. However...”


    “I will submit him to the Daunt.”

    Gierdriful was unaware of the title’s meaning: “The Daunt?...”

    “The weapon in front of you. My greatest masterpiece.” - she revealed - “If he can outcome the Daunt, his debt will be settled, and you may take him to Yggdrasil.”

    “Is it a cursed weapon?” - the Valkyr asked.

    “Depends on your point of view. But its powers can only be triggered by the wielder’s own volition. In the end, if he becomes cursed, it’ll be due to his choice.”

    “I see.” - Gierdriful recognized Sera’s plan. - “I thank you for hasting his debt’s payment.”

    “You leave me little choice, honestly.” - concluded Sera.


    Two days have passed since that time at Meor. The snow cliffs near Yggdrasil were Gierdriful’s favorite place to meditate. The sharp, cold winds taught her of the reality of this world, while the flakes that slowly fell had infinite, beautiful shapes. It was where both sides of the coin joined in one single place, allowing her to meditate on her judgements and what was right and wrong with her choices.

    She had left Thrud at Meor to look after the gladiators. She took a liking to the group - while not in the peak that Yggdrasil demanded, their honor and bonds were as great as any other chosen that Thrud took to Yggdrasil. She agreed to watch over them as she took some time out after her actions within the Serena and with Sera. Was she doing the right thing?

    “When will you return home, sister?”

    Gierdriful was caught by surprise as she became aware of her friend’s presence. Skalmold’s red, scaled armor covered her body better than Gierdriful’s set, since her battle style made her weaker to successful counters. Her ember-colored cap had a golden center edge that almost shines as strongly as her long, flaming sword. Teal hair swayed without order by the whimsical, freezing wind, and her golden eyes were filled with freedom.

    It was that very same freedom that Gierdriful admired from her “sister”. As one with a tactical nature, Gierdriful couldn’t overlook the consequences of any rash actions like Skalmold could. Whimsical actions such as joining the enemy, even if briefly, were folly at best, traitorus at worst.

    “I’m still wondering if what i did was the best, Skalmold. I still enfuriated Sera regardless of my legal intentions.”

    “Don’t worry about it.” - said Skalmold as she attempted to confort her equal - “That would-be goddess thinks of nothing but blood.”

    “True, but i was tampering her reign. What could i...?”

    “You prevented the loss of good soldiers. In the end, your intentions were true. And free, might i add.”

    Skalmold’s smile was impossible for Gierdriful to avoid without smiling back. Perhaps a part of her rubbed on Gierdriful, which lead to the defense of those weakened gladiators. In the end, she sighed.

    “I’ll be honest, though - you’re a bigger handful than Sera.”

    “Hehe!” - Skalmold grinned.

    The sound of quick flaps were brought from the wind. An angel flew from above to meet both Valkyrs. Gierdriful quickly recognized the urgency from the angel’s eyes.

    “Lady Gierdriful! We’ve recieved word from Lady Thrud! Your help is needed!”

    “What is the matter?” - she quickly replied.

    “A large construct is destroying the town! Meor is falling in disarray!”


    Meor’s once majestic buildings were now gargantuan torches as citizens fled through the smaller streets. The nearby river was safe passage from flames to everyone who could swim or not. Few could run safely through the main avenue as a huge construct decimated everything in sight. Thrud stalled the gargantuan opponent with her overwhealming power, but it didn’t stop it from crushing anything else that moved with its hands or feet.

    Thrud’s breath gained relief when she caught sight of her sisters.

    “Gierdriful! Skalmold!” - She greeted them as she evaded the construct’s huge pound.

    “What is...”

    Thrud interrupted Gierdriful: “Baltasar. He fell! I don’t know why, but he fell into that state while wearing some sort of a gauntlet!”

    Gierdriful joined the puzzle pieces together: “It’s the weapon’s curse. I don’t know exactly how, but he was cursed by Sera’s weapon.”

    “That i can see!” - said the thunder Valkyr - “But how do we snap him out of it?”

    Skalmold stepped forward: “We can’t.”

    Thrud replied: “Wha...”

    “His freedom - i can’t sense it. We have to take that thing down.”

    Both Valkyrs agreed. Both Thrud and Gierdriful summoned their weapons of thunder and shadow. Skalmold’s sword, strapped on her back, became ablaze as she draw it upon her front.

    The construct lept forward as he attempted to crush the Valkyrs. The trio swiftly dodged in random directions to hamper the enemy’s coordination. Geirdriful baited its massive punch into a smaller building, which crumbled in seconds.

    “We need a sturdier building!” - she shouted.

    “The Serena is still standing” - Thrud’s answer was partialy muffed by the fire cracks surrounding the avenue.

    “Let’s go!”

    The three Valkyrs taunted the construct like flies as he closed in on the circular building, strangely intact from the town’s burning spree. Buildings crumbled with every swing that the gargantuan foe attempted to strike its foes with, falling as if they were made of ash rather than rock.

    Thrud was the first to reach one of the Serena’s arch, swinging her hammer to attract the golem’s attention. It responded with a side leg stomp, missing the Valkyr yet crashing through the arena. Its leg was stuck by the building’s sturdy frame, slightly budging its leg as it attempted to free itself.

    Thurd quickly ran to the free leg. It was an ideal target for the momentum that she built.

    “Hammer Kiss!” - Thurd’s hammer struck the back of the knee, forcing it to bend and hit the ground.

    Skaldmold, waiting for a chance at a roof of a lower building, jumped towards her foe - “Burning Sword!” - her sword’s flames increased in power as she slashed the back of the golem’s waist, forcing it to fall onward. It stopped it falls with its forearms, but the height was still ideal for Gierdriful, who jumped into the air.

    “Dark Spear Dance!”

    Her spear swiftly rotated on her right hand, generating shadow energy as she fell upon the creature’s neck. A thrusting stab unleashed a sudden flame of darknes that quickly traversed the golem from within its yellow frame, its movement halted.

    As the Valkyr returned backwards to the ground, the huge construct began to shrank in size, shadows of red and yellow steaming out of its joints. Parts began to break free, revealing burnt flesh that shrank with the construct. When the shrinking ended, the corpse was slightly taller than the Valkyrs, devoid of movement.

    Gierdriful meditated upon his body, hoping to find any traces of his soul. She could sense none.

    “What did the weapon do to him.” - asked Gierdriful to a panting Thrud.

    “Sera arranged... a match between... herself and the two gladiators.” - she replied between breathings.


    “I know, i said the exact same thing.” - Thrud sit on a nearby lump of rock that previously fell from the Serena’s wall - “Apparently, there were issues between Baltasar and Sera. Baltasar’s descendant was a powerful noble who was the most against Sera’s possession of Meor, hundred of years ago. His family fled before she could have her way with them, and when she caught word of his descendants, she didn’t think twice.”

    “You heard that from the gladiators?” - asked Skalmold, who was attempting understanding the story little by little.

    “Yes. The younger warrior who sparred with me was Armos, his only son.” - Thrud’s head turned to Gierdriful - “They were both captured for her amusement, with the rest of the family being slain by her beasts. Baltasar bargained with her to exchange their freedom for three hundred victories.”

    “How did they survive so far?” - asked a curious Gierdriful.

    “Baltasar’s cunning and Armos’ agility allowed them to team up and defeat stronger gladiators. Others joined them, all the while convincing Sera that allowing groups would yield more bloodshed for her to enjoy.”

    Thurd took a pause, flames wailing in the background, out of their reach. She continued.

    “When both of them were summoned for their hasted trial, Sera gave each of them one of the two gauntlets, and challenged them to throw her out of a ring she created. The match would either end with her feet touching the sand beyond the mark, or with their blood on her tongue.”

    “Wait!” - Gierdriful interrupted - “Was she really thinking of disobeying Valhalla?!?”

    “Apparently so, with the guise of their death in valid combat, therefore branding them as unworthy.” - Thrud sighed - “She was a bloodthirsty, selfish woman, through and through. The way she broke Baltasar while binding his son and toying with his despair sickened me...”

    “...and then he... he became that
    . Little by little. A towering monstrosity of iron and cursed flesh. Whatever she did, it trigger the gauntlet’s curse.”

    “And what of Armos?!?” - Skalmold asked.

    “I don’t know. I had to stop Baltasar from destroying the town. I couldn’t handle his curse’s power on my own. If it weren’t for you...”


    The three Valkyrs turned to meet the young warrior. Wearing a leather vest, he was shielding his breathing from the smoke with a long, white scarf, half-drenched in blood. Falling ash began to mix with his brown air.

    “Armos!” - exclaimed Thrud.

    “Thrud! Sera is going insane. Her defeat has made her insane beyond belief - she’s slaugthering my friends in their cells. You’ve got to help!”

    Gierdriful and Thrud nodded at each other. “Sister, please watch over Armos. We’ll stop Sera before it’s too late.”

    Skalmold nodded as she approached Armos while Thrud and Gierdriful sprinted inside the Serena. Downward staircases led to the catacombs where the prisioners were kept. After searching various cells with different shades of brown, they heard human pleas beyond a corridor. When both Valkyrs arrived, they found the remainin men and women who were part of Baltasar’s group, still in their cell. Next to the cell was Sera’s body, impaled with a lance against wooden furniture.

    “We’ve heard fire was spreading above. Please, Thrud, let us out!” - spoke the green-haired woman.

    Thrud quickly went to open the cell, but Gierdriful was concerned about the goddess body. Her cristal shoulderguard was brittle and devoid of gleam. Half of her hair lost its color and the chest next to the lance’s wound seemed to be burnt. As she used a scrying spell to know more, she found out she died from a powerful shock... As if struck by Thunder magic.

    Her jaw slowly dropped when her mind joined in the final pieces of what transpired.

    Her legs gained godly haste as she sprinted towards outside. She didn’t stop when Thrud called her - she believed Skalmold was in greater peril. One of Meor’s ancient rulers was known for his powerful thunder abilities before gracefully abandoning their seat of power and allowing a different family to take his place. It was that bloodline that Valhalla wished to pay tribute for by ascending one of their future descendants. One who wielded such power anew.

    What she expected was that such descendant was hiding his power. Her sole mistake, however, was that she bet on Baltasar as the chosen one due to his cunning in battle, on par with his ancestor.

    She should have rememebered instead that agility is a common trait upon wielders of the Thunder element.

    An heavy atmosphere welcomed Gierdriful as she made it outside. There wasn’t any signs of battle, save for Skalmold lying on the ground, a few feet away from the young warrior.


    She ran to meet her. The young warrior gave a few steps backward to give her room. As she held Skalmold in her arms, she noticed she was still concious, though half paralyzed from a Thunder attack.

    “Forgive my deception, Valkyr. I made my best to keep your friend alive.”

    She looked up at Armos. Both hands were wielding the two gauntlets of the Daunt, one of them grasping what seemed to be a crystal shard. Its strong refraction indicated it was a part of Sera’s shoulderguard that still held some power, even after her death. His scarf, once half-white, half-red, was now full crimson.

    “Why?...” - Gierdriful asked as she leaned Skalmold on a corner away from danger.

    “Because she stood in my way when i was taking the other gauntlet off from my father’s corpse. She didn’t even care for a son’s request to cry on his father's side.”

    “Or was it to prevent you from obtaining the other half of the Daunt?”

    “When i took the other half out of my grasp, she still declined. That lack of piety was what sealed her fate as i shocked her to submission.”

    He leaned his head towards his scarf, his right hand slightly fasting it again around his head.

    “Fear and blood are the only triggers of the Daunt’s true power. Sera believed that my father’s fear would trigger the weapon wrongly to consume him, and then dispatch me easily. She made the same mistake as you did.”

    “How did you know...”

    Armos interrupted her: “That’s the reason Valhalla sought my father... Why Sera kept us. Sooner or later, she’d find out how to use my bloodline’s powers for her profit. I do thank you for forcing Sera into a corner, making her choose to discard our abilities with that folly move. In the end, justice has been served.”

    “But you killed a goddess that answered to Valhalla!” - said Gierdriful, hoping to reason with him - “How could justice be served if you didn’t allow us to do the right thing?”

    Armos sighed.

    “Because the gods chose not to when my family ran ages ago. Nor during theyears between then and now. If the gods were strict with their “justice”, Sera would have been judged for her actions. I wouldn’t mind if she would live, so long that fairness would be restored. But in the end...”

    “Please..." - pleaded Gierdriful -"...don’t finish that sentence.”

    And Armos’ clear eyes met hers: “...history and experience taught me that gods can be as corrupted as humans.”

    Gierdriful summoned her spear, entering a combat stance.

    “Are you thinking of fighting against us?”

    “No.” - Armos replied as he raised his right gauntlet skyward, which held Sera’s crystal shard - “Nor do I want to fight against your sisters, Valkyr. I just don’t trust the gods that you serve.”

    Suddenly, a portal opened behind Armos, its light being a solid contrast against the burning atmosphere. Gierdriful started to charge against him, hoping to stop him from fleeing with the Daunt. As she swung her spear to charge her attack, she was caught flat-footed when Armos suddenly grabbed her hand with his left gauntlet, halting the process entirely. As she tried to distance herself from him, his forehead met hers, his thunder aura slightly stunning her body as she felt the light scent of blood.

    “Half from the one who raised me, half from the one who damned me. Proof of a pure soul that became a victim of the gods’ inner corruption.”

    His spare right gauntled gained a flashy hue.

    “Heart Shocker!”

    The blow send Gierdriful flying backwards, clumsly landing several steps away. The mild paralisis wasn’t as strong to stop her motions entirely, but enough to make her sluggish.

    The young warrior stood straight, in a peaceful stance, and declared: “You now stand before Balmos, the Cursed Warrior. I ask of you, Valkyr, one last plea: that you take the remaining gladiators to Valhalla and train them as part of your army, because they’ve proven themselves to be worthy of such. As for me, i will not obey to any corrupt diety! Until the day that inner fairness is restored...”

    Thrud appeared from the Serena’s gate alongside the young warrior’s comrade, smitten with confusion upon the present scene. Balmos slowly approached the gate, raising the hand that shocked Gierdriful. As he stood near it, it suddenly clench itself with tension - the same that she was feeling.

    “...or the Last Day of the World.”

    Then Balmos released his grip, loosening the Valkyr from her paralysis, and entered the portal, which swiftly closed in a flashy blink. Gierdriful slowly turned to Skalmold, her intent to aid her sister Skalmold. Her mind abuzz with questions: did she do the right thing, after all? Was there corruption within the gods she served? And would Balmos trully avoid becoming hostile against them?

    One thing in her mind was clear: that today, a pure soul...

    ...was dyed red.
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    Entry #14
    Quiet. Isolated. Dark.

    It was, at this moment, what depicted the best the thoughts of Coal Cauldron. The eyes closed and the head slightly raised, he was enjoying the last moments of peace before the storm. His minions see him as a bloodthirsty chief, supporter of the « no quarter ».

    That's true.

    But a leader, as crual as he can be, always needs a time of reflexion, a moment or another. The crackling of the two braziers put at each side of his throne helped him to concentrate. After all, in Bad Lands, flames were his only true allies.

    With the sifted light, we could almost give him an innocent side, if this innocence wasn't able to burn a whole area, however already desert. As if Coal Cauldron had a talent to burn everything, alive or not.

    - Boss, guys are ready !

    One of his minions was entered in his apartments, fulfiling the place with a blinding light. Coal Cauldron opened his eyes, put them on his soldier, then got up without a word. He took his fetish flame-thrower and got out, the stinging light following his undeniable murderous aura.

    Outside, more of one hundred vehicles were waiting, while Coal Cauldron's mens were finishing the last preparations.

    - Check all guys ! Ya've hearded the boss, all must be perfect !

    Voodoo Child was overseeing the minions, while Crash Belt was checking that every vehicle is as deadly as possible.

    - Crash, catapults are loaded ?

    - As loaded in explosives as the last match of Pig-Bull, boss !

    Although normally bleakness, seeing those thugs having so much zest drafted a little smile to Coal Cauldron, before begin to search Gasolina. She was cleaning her Tech, improvised by Crash Belt.

    - Greetings, sweet Gasolina.

    - Hey Coal.

    - Ready ?

    - I dunno… Are we really obligated to do this ? Our band is big, organised, powerful, have we really need to expand our territory, to kill more innocents ?!

    - « innocent » is a foolish word in these lands. These « innocents » would jab a knife in your back when they could, just to survive a bit more longer. Nature herself always allowed to the strong to live by eating the weak. And today, it's again eat or be ate. Kill or be killed. If you want to live, you must give death : this is the rule.

    - But we have attacked them first ! They didn't even riposted !

    - It would be came one day or another. You've hearded the pathfinders, that little ♥♥♥♥♥ has builded new Techs, more powerful than all we've ever known. It's just a question of time before their attack.

    If we won't hit first, they'll regain confident, and we'll be finished.

    Coal Cauldron saw the undecided face of her sweetheart.

    - But if you wish, i'll spare a few « innocents » and i'll let them the choice to come with us, or leave.

    Her slightly smiling face in front of a such gruesome ad, Gasolina just whispered a little « thanks ». Coal Cauldron turned back to his henchmens at the entrance of their fortified city and ascended quickly on the walls above the portcullis.

    - My friends !

    His mens whisted, ready to drink the speech of their leader.

    - Today is a great day ! Today will be a day to engrave in the memory of the world ! A day whose we will talk about for generations ! Today, Bloody Blink's fortress will fall !

    The happy yellings of his mens fulfilled the city in harmony.

    - I know that a few of yours are skepticals at the idea of attacking her fortress. The Techs they have constructed have an unbelievable power. And ? You see a barrier, i see a challenge ! They have technology, we have gnarl ! They have firepower, we have determination ! They have walls that nobody can pierce, we have an infinite thirst of conquest ! And remember, in this world, it's kill or be killed ! And we will not stop as long as the hell will not devour this city !

    It wasn't his band anymore, it was his army, an united legion ready to ravage everything.

    - Brace yourselves my friends, today, your Techs will wheel on the corpses of weaklings, in glory and destruction !

    Benefiting of the infatuation, Coal Cauldron rushed on his vehicle, turned up the motors and went out whirlwind of his fort, followed by his faithfuls, determinated to finish the job with Bloody Blink.

    The twilight was born on Bloody Blink's fortress. Everybody was sleeping, or near to do it. Bloody Blink checked a last time her motorbike to avoid every single fault. Heavily tired but with a good mood, she's went in her house to take a merited rest.

    But before have the time to pass her door, she hearded a sound. THE sound. The sound of a rusted bell : the warning of an imminent attack.

    - Plunderers, miss Blink !

    - Do you see what band is it ?!

    The guard went to a scope and moved it in the direction of a enormous cloud of sand and dust. He put his eye and, after a few seconds, see something he wouldn't see again : blond hair, a gas mask on the mouth, and a unstoppable fury in the look.

    - Tis… T-Tis Coal Cauldron !!!

    Bloody Blink was stucked, an horrifying glow in her eyes. Her memories came back, reminding her horrible past. Her companions. Her life. Everything which makes her step stand firmly on the ground, erased by that tyran. Without hesitation, she took a megaphone and cry :

    - Everybody, keep calm ! It's a level five danger ! All civilians must rejoice the safe area ! Guards, prepare the turrets and the defensive Techs !

    She looked at a strange purple-hair-guy.

    - You, go to a turret and do your possible !

    - Yes boss.

    Not far away, Coal Cauldron reminded his plan : « it's imposible to fail, i'm sure. »

    After some minutes, Coal and his army were near the gigantic steel door, where many of his mens died. But now, it will not happen.

    - First Tech section, go !

    Some minions, with their improvised Techs, use their speed to make fall their vehicles on the side, creating an not-perfect, but efficient protection. Just after, the turrets of the fortress begun to cover Coal's army with a rain of bullets, mowing every guy who was unlucky enough to not be under the barrier.

    - Gasolina, your shield, now !

    Gasolina used her strange tech, and instantly, an esoteric barrier looking like water appeared, filling the holes of the protection.

    Most of the henchmens were scared by the might of Bloody's Techs.

    - Boss, how can we get out of this ♥♥♥♥ty place ?!

    - I told you before, wait until the signal !

    He wasn't showing it, but Coal wans't serene. He send his mens to search the weakness of the fortress during months, each time without seeing half of his expedition come back. So many lives sacrified, But he hadn't the time to think about it. After all, they found the only failing of this fortress. And she will help them to win.

    After a few minutes of heavy fire, no signal, not a single clue of the good progress of the mision. Coal begun to have a bad feeling. And that felling showed him a vision in his spirit : his body, dismenbered by the ammos, leaved between the corpses of all his band.

    - Coal ! We can't stand here any longer, we must act now !

    Gasolina was true, her shield was almost destroyed. Coal Cauldron begun to lose hope, then what he excepted happened : the turrets stopped to shoot. The guards tried to relauch them quickly, without success.

    - Miss Bloody, the turrets don't work anymore, i guess they're blocked ! We mus…

    The guard hadn't even the time to finish his sentence that turrets blowed up, killing a part of the guards.

    Abode the steel door, a smoke have been launched : Pig-Bull and a few shills were here, oppening the door to their friends. Bloody Blink was mad, that punk she gathered a few month ago was a traitor.

    - Guards, shoot them, we can't let them open the door !

    - Voodoo, it's your turn ! Said Coal Cauldron.

    Voodoo Child took his guitar, made some notes, and a devastating wave of vibrations surged from him. Instantly, most of Bloody's mens screamed of pain before fall on the ground unconscious.

    Pig-Bull and the other bandits, protected by earmuffs, opened the door, followed by the cry of joy from Coal's minions. But it wasn't all, Coal knew it. There was high protection in the fortress able to stop any vehicle with a series of spades, walls and other deadly stuff.

    - Prepare the catapults !

    - Yes boss !

    The last surviving guards was already regrouped behind the defenses, trying to heal their wounds when catapults was approaching. Bloody Blink took her special canon, ready to wipe out every person who will pass the entry. Suddenly, she saw a strange form fly in the sky, and reconized her : Crash Belt, attached at a piece fabric held a barrel. He threw the barrel right in front of the guards, and Coal Cauldron lauched a fire ball on it. Sulfur and sodium chlorate, a famed blend, known to provoke a flash when he enters in contact with fire. A gigantic flash appeared, blinding the survivors.

    - Catapults, now !

    Immediately, the catapults threw their loads on the defenses, creating a beautiful explosion, havocking the last humans lives in the area.

    Coal Cauldron moved slowly into the desolated city, contemplating his work.

    - Don't move even one inch !

    Bloody Blink, wounded, breathless, striked by the explosion, was standing ahead Coal, her strange canon in her hands.

    - Well Blink, how surprising to see you try to stop us !

    - I said : don't move an inch !

    Sighing a little laugh, he begun to advance.

    - No really, i'm surprised. You've really changed since the last time i saw you.

    Coal looked around him.

    - But it's not enough to prevent of destruction. It remember me the first time i encountered you, Blink.

    - Shut up !

    - A poor and innocent women, trying to escape from us, leaving her friends agonizing in a ruined village.

    - SHUT UP !

    - And now you're a hero for gullibles peoples. How pitiful. As your friends when they begged me to spare them !

    Bloody Blink doesn't said anything.

    - But if i have one good thing on them, it's that their skulls make a pretty good decoration on my car.

    It was too much. With a furious yawl, Bloody Blink shot a enormous and continue beam of light on Coal Cauldron, who parried it with a powerful cast of flames, each opponent trying to push the attack of the other. Suprisingly, there was equal : Bloody Blink wasn't the old her at all. Infortunaly, facing the chief of the worst band of the area was above her strengh. Coal deviated one of his flame thrower to hit a cracked wall which fell on her. Disconcentrated and injured by the rocks, she stopped her beam, taking the fire fully in a scream of pain.

    Coal Cauldron took Bloody Blink, agonizing, by the neck.

    - You know, i have touhght to many differents ways to make you suffer, to kill you. But now i have you in my hands, unable to defend oneself, i guess that kill you with my sacred flames isn't apropriate for a yellow ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ as you !

    With a part of her last strenghs, she spitted on his face.

    - Well, if it's your last words…

    He took a knife from his belt and stabbed Blink in the Belly. No sound came from her mouth, stunned by the pain. Coal Caulron released her like a child release a broken toy.

    - I hit you in a not vital point. You will agonize in your smouldering fortress, dying with her, second after second.

    She cound't answer anything, except tears. With her last forces, she raised painfully a pistol.

    - What is that, dear Blink, a present to me ?

    He stole the pistol and examinared him carefully.

    - A flare ?! How uncommon by our time !

    She tried to take him, without success.

    - Hmm, you're so wretched in this state. But i'm noble-minded today, so take this as a gift.

    He raised the flare and pressed the trigger. A red smoking light ascended on the sky before explose loudly.

    - Like this, everyone will be able to see what excpect them if they face Coal Cauldron !

    Returning to his band, Coal watched the city.

    - Now my friends, take everything, this place is ours !

    - Huraaaaaaaaa !

    In admiration in front if the desaster, Coal begun the looting, ignoring the horrified look of Gasolina.

    A few hours later, fire was switched off. The place was desert, except the presence of Bloody Blink, still alive. From a ravaged house, Pig-Bull got out. He approached Bloody Blink, who lauched a murderous look the man who destroyed her life. « I hope you will burn in hell soon », it was what her eyes said. Kneeling near Blink, he calmly took a knife from his pocket and looked at Blink with compassion.

    - I'm sorry, Blink. I'm really sorry.

    And he stabbed Blink in the heart, shortening her sufferings.

    After it, he slowly watched around him, regreting his act. All those months passed with them, first as a stranger, then as a friend after. He took a collar in his hands which was offered by the residents as a symbol of fraternity. He looked at the sky, thinking about his band.

    - Coal… Was it really necessary ? Have we did the right choice ?

    Far away, a young girl was interpellated by a loud sound. Turning back, she saw a red light ascending in the sky. Tears begun to drop on her green dress while she tightened her tooths. Lowering her head, the feathers of her hat moving with the wind, she took her minigun.

    - I'll avenge you sweet love. Yes Blink, i'll avenge you…

    And she disappeared in a sandstorm.
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