[AGR] Summer Brawl 2015 (Aug/Sep) - Final Match

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Summer Brawl 2015 - Final Match; Who will be victorious?

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  1. Twin Flash Rickel

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  2. Spear Fist Raydn

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    Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls! War masters and battle maidens!

    Welcome to the Artificial Gladiator Ring!!!

    It is with great honor that i welcome you within this colosseum, magically imbued to appear in any corner of Grand Gaia! From the Breeze Beach to the Lomass Forest, no soul in the world will miss the cheers, the sparks, the magic - all will be able to taste the power that we present to you in its purest form.

    At last, the Summer Brawl is reaching its EPIC conclusion...

    ...for we have reached the finals!


    Both finalists fought their way through impressive challenges, and now they will face each other for the final victory in the Summer Brawl.
    But how prepared are they? We shall now see.

    In the Amber Corner...


    Her Attack and Recovery have good values while her Defense is low due to lack of armor. Nonetheless, her agility won't take a tool due to her high stamina. Her health is considered to be on par with other units within the 4* roster.

    And in the Cobalt Corner...


    His Health and Defense have better values due to his enchanted armor. However, his armor takes a toll on his Recovery abilities. Carefull management of energy and Brave Bursts are advised in major battles, but the stable array of capabilities will allow success in most endeavours.

    Both sides have shown their mettle. Yet only one will rise to the rank of champion!
    Will it be Rickel? Or will it be Raydn?

    Cast your vote! Share your visions of grandeur. The Ring's sands will host the outcome!!!
    Warning: this poll's duration will be extended up to 10 days, up from the usual 7.
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    Final Match

    Act One

    The simple door gave way to an immense room, where wooden stands displaying the craftiest sets of grey and blue armor filled the center. The walls housed hundreds of weapons, both sharp and blunt, tidely arranged in open closets.

    As i closed the door behind me, a rough voice came from the counter:


    "Greetings, master craftsman." - i replied.

    "Oh, so it's you, young Summoner. Do join me."

    I walked through the set in the stands, their faces staring me in absolute silence. Grey sockets, golden cloaks, wolf fangs... most of them would give a man half the path towards becoming a legend. The other half would be up to them.

    "Glad to see you're well. Were you able to finish my order in time?"

    The elder's tongue quickly complained: "Do you have any idea of the hassle that you made me go through for your request, son? Almost half of the city's oldest alchemists and leatherworkers strained their bodies to follow your conjectures."

    "Half? Are you sure?" - i asked, quite curious about his difficulties. Half of Randall's veterans means a lot of people were involved.

    "Yes, and every one of them was asked to stay silent about the task. I feared a leak, but your idea was so crazy they kept the secrecy out of sheer curiosity."

    "So you mean you have a sample of the work?"

    "Better than that, sonny."

    The man quickly drew a leather case from below the counter. He opened it, revealing an overcoat made of greyish blue leather, covered with several clean iron buttons. Beneath it was a pair of sky blue trousers which seemed as resistant as the upper part.

    A sharp whistle escaped my lips: "They're just like the original!"

    "Indeed. I never believed that miner's clothing could be fashioned this way. Using Blue Pelt and parts of Silver Pelt was already feasible, and it gave the clothing great endurance. Incorporating the Paladin Stones was the harder part, though."

    "How did the alchemists do it? Did they follow my suggestion?"

    "They wouldn't tell. Though their promise means they won't sell the idea unless you let them."

    "May i?"

    Once the merchant finished his nod, i grabbed the overcoat and placed it in myself. It had the same size as the original, and it was equally easy to wear it.

    I reached my trousers' pocket, sensing the silverly coin within. As i grabbed it, I quickly felt the voice.

    "Unleash me..."

    My grasp over the coin hardened, channeling a sliver of the magic within. The Paladin Stone channeled the energy through the overcoat - i could feel the dozens of links within, hueing the leather with a blue light. A protective warmth.

    "How pretty!" - gasped the elder - "It's working."

    "Would you mind testing it?" - i challenged the merchant.

    "If you wish so." - the merchant quickly jumped over the counter, his hand holding a dagger that was likely hidden behind. I felt the force behind the thrust, but felt no pain beyond a sharp punch. The overcoat did its job well.

    "I see. The plans felt like a sort of conduit, but i never imagined that you possessed magical prowess, boy."

    "Neither does the world know. At least the majority of it." - i revealed - "Could you keep it a secret?"

    "You're asking us a lot, son. But you gave us an income that was quite forgotten to us. Men always want the best of the best, and when we age, they quickly forget us."

    "While also forgetting the wisdom that themselves have turned away from."

    The merchant pat my shoulder: "That's why i like you, sonny. A quick, kind tongue." - he quickly glared at me - "Also, are you hiding any wrinkles? You do seem to know a lot."

    I patted his shoulder in return: "Don't worry! I'm still below the thirties."

    Act Two

    "Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls! War masters and battle maidens!"

    I neglected Balmos' speech as i finished the summon upon the rune within the dimmed room. The markswoman gripped her guns with determination as she adjusted her hat with the weapon's short barrel.

    "Ready for a last show?" - i asked as my gripped my confidence all together.

    "We're ready when you are, Summoner!"

    I closed my eyes, gaining her sight as my focus grew. She saw my new, azure garments without any hint of curiosity. She saw my short smile, quickly turning to the gate.

    "In the Amber Corner, the woman who talks with her guns. The Holy Ice Bullet..."

    The gate started to raise, allowing the orange sunlight to bathe her as she entered the arena.


    Her vision slightly turned left and right, watching those who are applauding her. Seria and Karl were hidden among the crowd, at the very front of the stands.

    "In the Cobalt Corner..." - Rickel turned to gaze upon Balmos' figure, swaying his robe's black arms atop his personal balcony - "...stands the steadfast chosen of the Twelve Guardians. And now, he marches forth to fight for the glory of victory!"

    The Cobalt gate opened, allowing the Guardian to step forward. His red cape shivered to the sunset winds, while his spear fists radiated azure magic.


    Raydn approached the center zone of the arena, sorrounded by a dozen of stone pillars. Rickel joined him inside, meeting his red eyes head on.

    "Do you wish to ask him anything before the match?" - asked Rickel's spirit, alert to her opponent's movements. She knew i wanted to ask what Loch Ness wanted from him.

    Yet i neglected the chance: "He'll most likely shrug off the question. He's a devote soldier - he'll be more concerned with the battle. As should we."

    Rickel nodded, raising her guns as she took a defensive stance. Raydn responded with his own stance as well.

    "Both combatants are set!" - the arena's master declared - "SOUND THE GONG!"

    Optional soundtrack

    Rickel's magic began to converge on her guns as she raised her left arm to fire the first shot. Raydn's right spear began to swirl in ice magic. The cold bullet was quickly unleashed upon the Guardian - he thrusted his spear against the projectile, exploding in a mist of cloudy ice.

    Rickel followed with half a dozen of shots, hoping to hit the mark within the mist. Awaiting any sort of feedback, she remained ready for whatever could leave it. I tried to pinpoint within the mist through Rickel's eyes - a shinning sliver caught my mind.


    A pure sliver of ice magic flew out towards Rickel. The dodge was slow enough to feel a chilling rush next to the left shoulder.

    Raydn came bursting out of the mist, both spears locked as one. She replied with a seventh shot, fired from a weaker position. The bullet bounced off the right spear towards the sky.

    I could feel Rickel's sudden desperation as she rolled to avoid the double thrust, being able to regain a healthy distance. Raydn didn't moved from his landing spot - instead, he reagained his previous stance.

    Rickel's disbelief struck me: "What is he doing?"

    "He's on the defensive." - i replied - fire some more rounds.

    Rickel proceeded with another ice salvo, but Raydn's spears shattered the bullets with his magic. Another mist was created where he stood.

    "Smart thing in removing our line of sight." - i commented - "The magic of your shots is scattered through the mist, making it hard to pinpoint him."

    "Yes." - Rickel's response was tense. It was the first time she saw her magic being used against her.

    "This won't be quick. Don't lose your focus - he's waiting for that." - as i replied, a sudden sliver of ice sprouted from the mist. Rickel was able to dodge better that one.

    Suddenly, two equal veins of magic sprouted forth in awkward spirals. My mind was bothered - never did he show such technique.

    As Riquel began to move to the side, Raydn flashed out of the mist towards her. Her reply was weak yet accurate, and all bullets bounced off from Raydn's powerful thrust.

    While the dodge from his second thrust by back stepping was successful, he quickly twisted his body around the impact zone, surprising us with a well-landed kick on her shoulder.

    Her body was thrown to the sand, forced to roll faster to have greater distance between the two. Raydn's awkward attack didn't allowed him to follow her, focusing on regaining his stance instead.

    I felt as surprised as Rickel when she stood up. Though now i understand that he needs the mist in orde to start charging.

    Rickel started to slowly move to the pillars for some cover. Raydn started following after there was a slightly larger distance between them. Enough to safely shatter another bullet, it seems.

    "Can you fire your Brave Burst now, Rickel?" - i asked.

    "Yes. It is ready." - both were getting closer to the arena's center.

    "Time for us to use some different tactics too. Use it, but only from your left gun."

    "WHAT?!?" - she couldn't contain her voice from that request. Raydn took the opportunity and did a sprint towards her.

    "Fire some rounds for now. And just as the mist is formed, unleash half of your burst towards the upper part of the pillar. Try to shatter it!"

    She focused some magic on four quick bullets. Raydn quickly halted and shattered the rounds, forming a thicker mist.


    Rickel quickly turned and fired her left gun.

    "Crystal Bullet!"

    The shots pierced the pillar, tearing up the top half towards the ground. Rickel quickly jumped towards the shattered pillar while facing the mist.

    "He didn't charge. Good. Are you holding the right half still?"

    "Yeah. Seems to be holding up."

    "Make a side stance, concealing the gun. Be ready to quickly move back should he comes." - Rickel made the stance as she could.

    Suddenly, a sliver of ice emerged from the mists.

    "Take it with your left arm. Just do it."

    Puzzled but assured, she blocked the strike with her left arm. While the hit wasn't fatal, it did made her arm sluggish. I just hope i'm baiting him well.

    "Flood Horn!" - Raydn charged through the air with all his power - his spears radiated a frigid aura.

    "Fire a bullet from your left gun." - Rickel did as command and fired a shot. It was quickly bounced off from Raydn's attack, still in trajectory.

    Yet he didn't seem to noticed Rickel's slow movement towards the edge of the pillar.

    And as he was dangerously close to the pillar...

    "Step backwards. Right Fire on impact!"

    Rickel did a quick sidestep and fell behind the pillar. Raydn's thrust turned downwards, but the pillar bounced him slightly upwards.

    Greater part of the upper pillar was shattered, but he missed Rickel's body, falling to the sand below - his spears lunged forth, leaving his body open. Rickle fired the other half of her Brave Burst upwards right upon sensing the impact, and the attack struck Raydn from below.

    Both fell to the sand, but Rickel made a stable land, while Raydn was staggered from the blow and couldn't land on his feet.

    "Unload your right gun. Don't stop shooting. Whack him!"

    Rickel didn't thought twice. Even though she was just using an arm, the bullets were just as dangerous. Raydn was struck over and over, until he collapsed unto the sands with a soundly thud.


    *** End of Soundtrack ***

    Rickel stop firing from my command! Raydn couldn't even stand on his knees. My hopes were on that he as paralised rather than dead - my last order was given out of pure desperation.

    She could sense him moving, but unwilling to get up.

    "WHAT A TWIIIIIST!" - Balmos shouted out, allowing the crowd to cheer - "Rickel took Raydn by surprise with a surprise attack."

    "With her cold moves, Rickel was able to bec..."

    A thunderous explosion was heard from a side of the stands. Screams and wails quickly followed suit.

    My mind, still tense from the match, lost eye vision due to the startling blast. I asked for Rickel's presence: "What happened? Can you see what happened?"

    "The stands! Monsters are encroaching inside!"

    Damn it! What is happening outside? "Rickel, move close to the gate. I'm recalling you back for now."

    As i felt her closing in, the copper bracelet that was straining her powers began to shock my arm. The impulses were quick and brutal, and my mouth couldn't handle the pain.


    I quickly used my other hand to unfasten the bracelet from my arm. The pain quickly subsided as the bracelet fell to the ground, its gem glowing with an absurd, violent red hue.

    Something's very wrong. I withdrew Rickel's marble from my summoning pouch and recalled her back before guarding it again. My pace, slow at start, regained vigor as i left the room and walked through the hallway.

    Act Three

    The familiar hooded figure, with its red scarf shaken by his aproaching movement, met me at the top of the stairs towards the entrance hall.

    "What is happening, Balmos?" - i quickly inquired - "Are we under attack?!?"

    "From monsters spawning out of the sea." - while his mouth was covered, his eyes conveyed a concerning gaze - "The summoners among the spectators are dealing with those who entered the Ring. I'm off to the entrance to provide safe passage to the civilians."

    I shrugged my own pain aside: "Let me assist you."

    "If you're able, i thank the gesture. Follow me."

    As i followed his steps, my sight caught his right arm wielding a silver gauntlet. My mind pondered on what could that gauntlet be - though its primal design made me guess it to be a mellee weapon rather than a piece of armor, i couldn't fathom its origin. Even if said silver designs could be from La Veda or Bariura, i couldn't link it to any of them.

    As we sprinted through the entrance gate, i was able to see the assaulting monsters being repelled by the minotaur bodyguards. They looked like aquatic creatures, but they weren't exactly living creatures - they seemed more like animated cristals, with azure hues and amphibian designs.

    I've never seen anything like them before...

    "What could..."

    "Look out!" - Balmos averted my attention towards one of the larger monsters - as large as the entrance gate, in fact.

    As i fetch a Water marble, Balmos stood in the way, his right arm behind his stance. In that quick moment, my eyes gazed as the gauntlet suddenly grew alongside his arm, swallowing it up to the shoulder point.

    And then it gained a thunderous hue.

    "Heart Shock!"

    The gauntlet quickly struck home, blowing the monster's chest with a resounding boom. My arms protected my eyes from the shards - the bare forearms felt the cold touch of the small , shattered shards.

    "Was that a Brave Burst?!?" - gasp my mind. But as Balmos looked to the beach, he quickly turned to me before i could say anything:

    "More monsters are approaching from the beach. My guards and i can handle things here - give us cover from the beach, Gerrion! I'll send any spare Summoners your way."

    As i saw the beach from the hill, a moving mass of living azure was approaching the Ring. I understood there was no time to ask.

    His spare hand showed a gem to me: "The gem's imbued with healing magic. It's my only spare one, so use it wisely."

    I nodded as i took the gem and quickly place it within a secured pouch as i ran - "I'm on it!" - i yelled back to Balmos as i ran down the ledge towards the beach.

    The water marble i fetch from my pouch was gripped within my fist as i chanted the summoning ritual during the descent. A pure glow emanated from within, which prompt me to unleash the spirit within.

    A humanoid form gained shape from the blue mist, her body slowly taking on blue and spiral, golden colors. The back of the armor extended further backwards, forming a coral-like structure. As the spiked armor was assembled, a pillar of water erupted next to her. Her hand gripped the pillar, which in turn gained hardness into a bluish, darker staff wielding the same gold. A golden orb at the top shaped unto three tips, with the center one gaining a silver edge. Lastly, a blue scaled helmet descended upon her silver-ish hair and her eyes gained a deep blue tone.

    As she became conscious, her stance grew stronger as she roared: "The seas stand ready!"

    And so i answered: "Go forth, Goddess Svafa!"

    Her feet levitated from the sand as the water within her grasp elevated her, violently splashing around. Her elegant physique dashed towards the closest monster, striking with a violent spear charge. Shards flew everywhere as the monster was shattered, but it didn't demoralize the other creatures, who quickly ganged on Svafa. A quicker monster was caught by the coral on her back as the slower enemies were whisked away into bits while the Valkyrie swung her trident in fluid, sharp sings. She quickly halted as she thrust the spear behind her to finish off the staggered monster.

    One of the remaining monsters quickly approach me, which i replied by readying the silvery coin. As the creature fired a water geyser at me, i quickly gripped my coin, its magic affecting the hidden stones within my leather vest. A transparent blue field appeared around my body. I felt the wave impact behind the water magic, but no magical damage was felt - a successful thought covered my modest smirk. The monster only had one second to realize my force field... before Svafa pierced its head from behind. A second thrust broke the rest of the body. I withdrew the coin in my pouch - the lingering magic could protect me for a good amount of time.

    I nodded at Svafa: "Let's keep moving!". And the fight continued - wave after wave was decimated. The sheer power of Svafa's moves weren't a match for such light fodder, regardless of its size, and my enhanced leather suit blocked all magical attacks that i couldn't personally avoid. Victory seemed to be gain within the hour...

    ...until the sudden rumble caught my attention.


    Moving upon the sand was problematic with the sudden, unsynchronized quakes. My feet were able to stabilize as my eyes focused on the hill above the beach where the Ring stood. A large flash started to emanate from the building, weakening my eyes as i covered them. All of my senses were in a mess, my mind hoping that i wouldn't be taken down while dazed.

    And as sudden as it started, it has suddenly ended. My eyes quickly recovered, but they saw nothing atop the hill...

    ...the Ring vanished!

    "What in..." - my mind was again interrupted, not by quakes, but a sudden shadow. My eyes turned up... and caught a giant wave crashing down.


    The crash crushed my senses, my body tossed like a ragged doll. The wet feelings quickly ensued...


    ...and my mind turned black.

    Act Four

    Optional Soundtrack
    The black heavy feeling began to lift from my mind as my eyes began to open. A mix of grey and blue textures were above me - a sudden beige mass appeared at a corner.

    "...aster... all right?!?"

    My chin loosened the first moans as i tried to open and close my eyes, trying to regain any sense of consciousness. Little by little my sight regained focus. The sky slowly veiled a rocky ceiling with spots of deep blue. The ground beneath grew a sense of cold and humidity, and my hands' grip slowly gained strenght.

    As soon as i could, i raised my upper body...

    ...and the pain welcomed me back to the world.


    "Gerrion, don't stress yourself." - Svafa's voice regained its familiarity as i turned my face towards her - "Gain your reasoning first."

    I took a deep breath and smoothly emptied my lungs. A second time. A third time. I could almost feel like my normal self at the fourth time, asking Svafa about our whereabouts.

    "Where are we?"

    Svafa's answer was serious: "At the bottom of the sea, within a temple."

    "A temple?" - i tried to put my feelings in order - Didn't i die..."

    "Your magical field saved you from the flood, but your mind felt the impact. I saved you from drowning while you were knocked down."

    "Why?" - i took another deep breath - "Aren't you a Valkyrie?"

    "Yes, but i can't tell you why."

    "It's alright. I get to live another day. For now i'll..."

    A sudden shadow covered my head. My mind panicked , awaiting another wave, and tried to find cover in vain.

    "Relax!" - Svafa's hand gripped my wrist - "That's Nasha."

    My head started to regain its sanity. Suddenly, it occurred to me: "Nasha?"

    I looked up as Svafa answered: "Yes... one of my friends."

    The shades were in fact body parts of a gargantuan, orange-skinned creature. Little by little it resembled a giant squid, swimming along the gaps in the ceeling.

    My mind suddenly gasped. How could water be above us? And why isn't it coming down?

    Then my mind remembered Svafa's previous words. My hands regained my balance, allowing me to sit straight, without Svafa's aid.

    "A temple... a temple under water."

    "Yes." - said Svafa as she stood up - "One of my people's shrines. I found it as i tried to escape the magical outburst."

    "A magical outburst?" - i asked, trying to catch up with the current situation.

    "Yes. The giant wave was caused by it, and Nasha guided me to its origin despite the opposing currents. The magic's originating from this temple."

    "How far are we from the coast?"

    "I can't say. Possibly very far away."

    I'd counter her misdirection with the fact that it's a temple of her own people, but my mind remained quiet - it could be a very ancient one, forgotten by her kind. Instead, i focused on the other facts - the magic's origin is within the temple, along with the source of those creatures. While frail in stature, it would be unwise to neglect their purpose. I need to find answers within it.

    I stood up. My body's aches were plenty, yet not heavy. Perhaps an healing item would solve the problem. My hand quickly opened the secured pouch, retrieving Balmos' gift. It felt like a potion, yet more volatile. I gripped it harder, feeling the magic's urge to disperse. I loosened such urge, but how? I couldn't say. The magic spread around my body, loosening my sore spots and healing bruises everywhere. By the time the magic fully dissipated, i felt as good as new in record time.

    "I'll have to thank him later." - i spoke my thoughts - "Now... Svafa, shall we do some exploration?"

    She nodded: "The temple seems to be yonder" - she pointed out towards a large turn at the cave's largest corner.

    As the two of us continued further, the scenery improved in the humanoid works sorrounding us. The ceeling showed more transparent sections showing the waters above us, with Nasha following our steps. At this time i grew accostumed to the shadows, though i'm still surprised how Svafa can befriend such creatures.

    A large gate finally stood before us, its doors shattered at the entry zone. The shards' distance suggest more at an ancient conflict rather than the passive decay of time. The gate's arquitecture was completely ailen in design among everything i've saw in Elgaia. Were the aquatic humanoids more advanced than their surface cousins?

    My doubts were quickly replaced as i suddenly felt a heavy presence beyond the gate. Svafa held her trident in a more aggressive fashion.

    "Did you felt that, Master Gerrion?"

    "I did. We're closer enough to feel it without means of detection." - it felt as a claw slowly scratching your mind.

    Svafa approached, but her body suddenly flinched backwards. My reaction was about to reach my tongue when i felt an equally tense feeling upon Svafa's summoning marble.

    "The marble? Is something happening to you?"

    "I can't control my body. The presence is disrupting my essence. I can't move further."

    My eyes focused at the looming entrance. Whatever laid in there was a serious matter. Anything that can disable the summoning magic can be a dangerous weapon if wielded against Randall.

    End the current soundtrack

    "I'm going in."

    "You can't. How can i protect you then? And the rest of our comrades won't be able to assist you as well."

    My hand reached one of my leather pouches. The small flask swirled the light blue liquid as i tilted the flask.

    "Do you believe in knowledge?"

    "Excuse me?" - Svafa was caught offguard as her held on to her weakened state.

    "Some heroes recieve gifted weapons, imbued by a myriad of ways. Others enhance their body through magical training, using their body as a mere weapon. And those imbued with magical affinity can develop their magic to limits beyond known boundaries."

    Svafa stood a few steps backwards, regaining control over her predicament. I stored the vial while equipping a pair of thin gloves made of arranged leather with a paladin stone. The shard was thin enough to stay on my palm without being a bother.

    "And then..." - i sighed - "...we have those without any aid. Where i came from, men had to withstand mostly by themselves against nature, and sometimes other men. Divinity within our world never involved with us, and simply collected their worthy as time passed, allowing men to roam free and survive with what they had."

    My eyes fought the emotions: "Some, even too free... endangering others with their whims. You can probably assume the rest."

    Svafa nodded.

    "I grew nimble. I couldn't fight with murderous intent, but i could sprint and dodge well. Enough to join a place where my mind grew by learning and understanding how my world worked. Even beyond what my eyes saw ... and what my heart felt."

    I gripped my left glove harder: "And today, with the blessing of this world which i was thrown upon, i'll prove that knowledge itself can be equally powerful as a weapon. Twice if i'm trully correct."

    My left hand raised Svafa's summoning marble: "I hope you understand."

    "I do." - Sfava replied as her body began to lose shape - "May the Gods be with you."

    With Svafa's essence encased, i denied: "They won't. You're the lucky one, Svafa."

    My sight caught notice of the enemy - aquatic monsters made out of the same azure crystals, just like the ones above the surface.

    Seeing as i was alone, fighting enemies who are likely not sentient, i felt no need to hide my thoughts.

    "I guess i should get ready."

    I quickly moved my spare hand into my lower pouch, drawing the silvery coin. I placed it upon the hidden slot at the inner front of my enhanced leather vest.

    Immidiately the trapped essence wailed at my mind.

    "Unleash me!"

    I mustered the courage to withdrew from the coin's essence. "Only a bit." - i declared.

    "Hmph!" - it answered.

    Optional Soundtrack

    The spirit began to manifest its power, resonating with the paladin stones scattered through all of my clothing. They began to link between one another, with my mind following the swift patterns. I could feel my body being heightened with the overload, white and blue hues coursing around me.

    I felt empowered, but my mind halted my pride. My foes were approaching.

    I focused the magical tension upon the flask in my hand. It quickly imbued the object.

    I took aim, and flung the flask as hard as i could. It fell among their group.

    And then the azure flash came forth.

    A powerful blast erupted among them, magic ice exploding in all directions. The enemy fell into disarray as the center body of constructs was literally in pieces. I dashed forth through the opening, focusing the magic on both hands and feet. Every step seemed faster than the last, and the sole construct in my way took a right hook on its chest.

    The power was surprising - the cristalline body flew backwards until it hit the wall, showering shards upon the ground. My fascination was quickly tempered by the urge to press on and deal with the anomally's source. I quickly regained my sprint, spotting a ledge that was vacant of danger.

    As my knees coiled and sprang, i felt myself thrown as a spear towards the higher ground. The safe landing allowed me to recompose and start a slow march, gazing at the unknown ruins and decayed structures of what has been something a teal magnificence in its past. Scores of enemies were flowing through the ancient debris; some were charging through the exit, while others were climbing the ledges to attack me.

    I fetch another vial from a safe pouch, quickly imbuing it until the vapors within gained a powerful glow. A quick glance warned me that the ledges below weren't stable enough to directly blow them up. An upper throw allowed the vial to fall near the biggest concentration of foes.

    And i clapped my hands with all my might. As both the circular paladin stones sparked within the clap, their vibration shattered the imbued flask, causing a nubulous explosion that swept them down to the ground. Those which weren't shattered by the blast were quickly frozen in place.

    A shadow suddenly appeared above me. My frightened eyes saw scores of crystal monsters swarming the ocean. They were promptly swept by a tentacle sweep from Svafa's massive friend, dimming the tides of foes that could endanger either me or those at the surface.

    I knew my shout wouldn't reach her, but my mind carried on nonetheless:


    I resumed my sprint along the lower ledges, swiftly heading downwards until i reached the next room. Several squid-like monsters with azure, rocky constitutions awaited me. I gripped my fists to regain the force field upon my arms.

    The nearest opponent flung its sharp appendage at me. The blow was blocked by my hand's shield, mitigating all but the wave of the impact. My hand quickly twirled and caught the tentacle as i used my momentum to throw the monster into a circle around me. I release when the body was about to reach a ruined pillar, and the impact had a shattering finale.

    I quickly approached the next closest monster, jumping with a high kick that brought down the monster. I didn't cared if it still moved - my body strafed to the side to avoid the third creature's charge. My punch threw its charge into dissaray, raising dust as it landed.

    The final creature threw itself at me, its tentacles pointed at my eyes. I coiled my legs to avoid the contact, but quickly sprang when its chest was within reach. Both clenched fists sprang upwards, and their magical armor connected a brutal double uppercut. The beast was thrown sky high until it met the ceeling with a massive thud.

    I slowly marched forward to avoid the body's landing. I withdrew two vials with mist within as i approached the room where the source was the strongest. After imbuing them, i threw them backwards in different, yet close directions. As i clapped my hands, i heard the explosion behind me, followed by the swift formation of ice. Whatever foes still lingered on my back, they'll wake some time to bypass the ice barrier.

    Enough time for me to stop the source, i hope.
    End of Soundtrack

    Act Five

    Optional Soundtrack

    The hallway that descended towards the depths of the temple was long and foreboding. No more could i see the ocean through the gaps in the open ceeling - the only lights that guided my eyes were dimmed glimpses from the shining crystal torches along the walls.

    Eventually, the staircase ended at the bottom core of the temple. A massive cave awaited ahead.

    But just as i entered, a dark pulse greeted me. It staggered my march.

    Within the center of the site were various formations of tall crystals with various purple shades. The smallest ones carried a clear, shinning glow while the larger ones were darked and slower to emit their bursts of light. However, rather than feeling multiple impacts, the released energy was brutal and fairly synchronized.

    My body eventually became resilient against the regular pulse. It allowed me to reach the most fastened of my pouches, retrieving one of the tiny glass capsules within. These, while being the smallest in size, carried the biggest punch, as they were sealed with the most volatile liquids. Should i clap with true effort, the magical core swirling within these will detonate the liquid. Add the magic that i'll imbue with them... my mind reeks with caution as i again cased the capsule inside. I've never tested these, so i can't fathom their destructive power.

    As i reached the crystals within the center of the room, i was able to spot a different crystal behind the largest of the bunch. I didn't notice it because of its absence of pulsating energy, but its canary yellow color struck my curiosity.

    My hande reached the strange crystal, quickly feeling like it was draining the magic around my hand. I quickly pulled my hand backwards, but it was too late as the crystal was already resonating. The tip of the crystal gained a circular fashion, continuing to mold until it reached a familiar yet dreading appearance - a humanoid skull.

    The skull slowly levitated from the main body, which began to twist and malform. Chunks started to split off and levitate around the skull, and the larger crystal began to grow appendages - five in total. As they shaped around, their constitution became incredibly that of a humanoid. My awe grew as it became better in detail, depicting one of the heroes i knew.

    One of the Battle Maidens known by many... Fennia.

    Her face gained the exact features as the original, though lifeless and slightly twisted. The chunks, while not detailed like the original grenades, had the same size. The only think that struck true semblance was the menacing skull above the entire construct.

    And it greeted me with the most twisted voice that i could have remembered:

    "Have you come to play A zappy game?!?"

    Optional Soundtrack

    The chunks it levitated suddenly began charging with thunderous magic. The synchronized dark pulse was even absorved by them, creating a horrid contrast of pulse of purple and yellow as they swirled around the mimic.

    My legs begged to run as the chunks' speed began to increase. The center skull suddenly released a gruesome, crystal-shaped cackle that could tear weak souls apart.

    The four "grenades" were thrown in unison, prompting my body to dash out of harm's way. Explosions threw me out of balance, forcing me to roll in order to recover. The fourth untriggered chunk kept following me as i tried to distance myself for a chance to counter.

    The main body began spewing more chunks out of its shoulders, slowly reshaping back to their previous state. The chunks started to glow in amber power, waiting to be thrown into the fray.

    I dodged the fourth grenade, further increasing its speed with an elbow strike from behind. The projectile exploded in the nearest wall, yet i could feel a sliver of the thunderous magic on the field. I quickly dusted it off as i gazed on my enemy, almost ready to launch another volley.

    It didn't wait for the upcoming dark pulse, throwing them right at me. Their speed was much faster than before - almost twice the previous speed. My evasion to the left avoided three of the faster projects, but i was forced to block the forth one, feeling an exploding impact as my arms protected my face. My body were shoved backwards, legs gritting the floor to counter the attack's impulse. Part of the shock unabsorved by my field was felt by my body - while not lethal, it was a flinching blow.

    I quickly reached three nebulous vials from my pouch as the enemy was about to throw a third volley. As my left hand threw a low curve to the ground at the front, my right hand quickly reached its partner for a clap. The sudden wall of ice was fast to emerge, absorving the full impact of the thunder grenades. The ice revealed a twisted look from the other side: the fake Fennie was spewing more thunderous grenades out of her shoulders, while the cackle emitted another horrendous, crystalline laughter.

    It began throwing its grenades, one by one, against the ice formation, with the intent of reaching me on the other side. A few of the grenades had the misfortunate coincidence of being powered up by the dark pulse, further deteriorating the barrier. As she kept throwing projectile after projectile, it began to talk with its shattered voice. The lyrics' dread was enhanced by its bizarre speech:

    "Eenie! Meenie! Miney! Mo!
    Light a fuse! Watch the show!
    Feel the spark! Fear the doom!
    Eenie! Meenie! Miney! BOOOOOM!"

    I threw two more nebulous vials to the formation, clapping to replenish the barrier. A few imbued vials were thrown over the barrier in a wide arc, hoping to hit the opponent. It moved to the side to evade the explosions' center while replying with more grenades. A lucky landing caused a blast near it, but the damage was little. Instead, it increase the rate of fire. The violent increase wouldn't give me a chance to further fortify the barrier.

    It was time to counter.

    I opened the isolated pouch, fetching a handful of capsules. As i began to imbue them, one fell to the ground. As it touched the soil, the vial shook abruptly at the floor, forcing me to quickly lift my feet and avoid getting trapped. The core didn't detonate, but the liquid had an impressive reaction, making my mind shudder at the chance that i may not live form the true burst.

    The fake Fennia stopped launching genades. Instead, it focused its current chunks alongside the skull, which began to emit a frightening light. A sudden pulse enhanced the projectiles, making them even more fearful, with the cackling skull becoming a living nightmare.

    The construct then shouted in a vorpal shriek:

    "Voltage Storm!"

    The thunderous skull cackled as it was thrown along the other chunks against the ice barrier. I took the chance of the blind shot and sprinted before the vibrant, colossal series of explosions. When my body halted, i quickly took aim towards the crystals' center and threw the capsules. Time moved slowly as my gaze was turned to the right time to detonate them, imbuing my gloves with all i could muster.

    As the capsules were in the best place affordable, i unleashed my will's intent:

    "Chill Pills!"

    The mighty clap sent an enormous wave of azure frost energy that knocked back the crystaline creature. As the wave reached the capsules, each of them exploded in a furious burst of frost as the wave ignited them.

    The chain of explosions destroyed the purple crystal formation completely, escalating into a caveout as chunks of the ceiling quickly fell to the ground. A sharp spike fell against the fake Finnia, severing her arm without notice.

    I took the chance and grabbed two nebulous vials on my left hand while clenching my right one, imbuing both hands as i charged in. The right fist connected unto the monster's chest, throwing it against the wall. The left glove threw the vials at the wall, and the quick clap detonated them into an icy prison.

    I turned to the crystal formation, now a bunch of powerless crystals without dark properties. As i picked up a nearby shard, i ran towards the exit. Yet the azure creatures from above caught up to the site, pinning me down between a score of mindless constructs without fear of dying and a caveout soon to crash upon my head.

    "Well... at least i proved myself." - So i thought as i grinned while waiting for the beasts to do their move... until a white flash sorrounded my eyes, losing complete sight of my sorroundings.

    End of Soundtrack

    As the white flash faded, i found out i was in another place - a beach.
    I instantly recognized the nature of the spell, turning around to find a familiar goddess in a white, verdant dress, with clear hair and worried eyes.
    I smiled with closed eyes to calm down Tilith's worries:

    "Thanks for the save, Tilith!"

    The goddess quickly hugged me beyond my belief. Wow, that's a first.

    "Gerrion!" - she shouted - "I almost thought you were dead."

    I hugged her back, allowing her to dissipate her worries. When her hold wavered, i took a step back.

    "Don't worry, i don't die easily..." - i tehn assumed a guilty smirk - "...though i was almost about to, if not for your intervention."

    "Honestly, "Hero". You saved the Mirror Realm, yet you can't save yourself!"

    I laughed: "True. Glad i have such a helpful goddess to wisk me out of trouble."

    Her cheeks almost blushed: "Well, it's what i'm here for, right?... though i had problems finding you since the tidal wave."

    I tried to fight back the harsh memory: "Urgh, that was quite nasty, for sure. How did you find me?"

    She replied with a dubious voice: "I tried to find your spirit among the waves, but it was a sudden feeling of power that gave you away, almost as if..."

    I interrupted her before she would assume that i had powers: "Hold on! I have something to show you!" - i quickly showed her the purple shard.

    "What in Elgaia?!? Where did you get that?"

    "From the ritual site that was summoning those blue things. I managed to disrupt it, but they lost their dark power shortly after."

    "These crystals are volatile in nature. Human feelings can either make them a blessing or a curse. What could have corrupt them?"

    I sighed: "That is something i'll have to find out. Also..."

    I turned my view towards the hill above. I was clearly in Breeze Beach, and there were no more signs of those monsters, but the Ring disappeared.

    "Where did the Ring go?"

    Tilith was as astonished as i: "Honestly, i don't know. It vanished in a flash and a rumble when everyone was evacuated to the nearby forest. Everyone was safe but you - i didn't gave it a second thought because i was worried about you."

    I turned back at Tilith with another wide smile: "Don't worry, you did the right thing. Thank you so much."

    As Tilith scratched her head in gratitude, my inner thoughts turned to the crystals below. I need to research about them... while those constructs won't appear anywhere soon, i have my worries about worse goals with the crystals. If anyone can muster their ability to disable summoning...

    ... well, at least i'll have a way to fight back now.
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    Im voting for Raydn. Im sure that hes not going to win though because of the overwhelming amount of Rickel fanboys ._. but at least Im showing my support..
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    I dunno... I personally am a fan of Raydn myself. o3o And I voted for him, too
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    Rickel has two big guns if you know what i mean... even if she is a table.
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    That's why i said she's a table.
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    I almost forget these posts, I'm glad Rickel is on the final match.
    Even if she hasn't (yet) a 7* evolution I prefer her than Raydn.
    And remenber that she has more hits than him and can poison and paralyze :rolleyes:

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