[AGR] Encounter Union 2016 (Apr/Sep) - Match 5

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Encounter Union 2016 - Fifth Match; Who will be victorious?

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  1. Holy Geirdriful

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  2. Gazolina Spray

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    Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls! War masters and battle maidens!

    Welcome to the Artificial Gladiator Ring!!!

    It is with great honor that i welcome you within this colosseum, magically imbued to appear in any corner of Grand Gaia! From the Breeze Beach to the Lomass Forest, no soul in the world will miss the cheers, the sparks, the magic - all will be able to taste the power that we present to you in its purest form.

    We apologize for the long wait ever since the last match. arbeZ's overwhelming display, caused internal damage to our ring's structure, which forced us to delay our championship... until today.

    We now march towards the second round!


    In the Amber Corner...



    *picks up a manuscript*


    The Valkirye of war, while being a natural strategist, is able to perform feats of strenght on her own. This is in part thanks to the Light of Valhalla, a powerful essence that all the semi-goddesses have in common. All female fighters, which includes them as well, recieve a significant boost in attack, which is enhanced when allies of different elements work in unison.
    Her powerful Brave Burst, Heroic Dark Spell, is the amalgamation of all her magical prowess - a powerful blast that strikes multiple foes with the dark curses she has learned, while also potentially paralyze the most seasoned warriors.

    And in the Cobalt Corner...


    Able to control the water around her, Gazolina focuses on its defensive capabilities, creating a Waterfront Umbrella that enhances one's vitality, as well as their natural defenses.
    And while her Brave Burst, Protective River, wails opponents with a destructive flow, allies are protected by the water itself, hardening into mana bubbles. The resilience of these shields is even augmented by the defender's spirit - the higher their recovery skills, the harder the shell.

    Both competitors have proven their mettle in the previous round. And only one of them can advance to the final round! Geirdriful...(wait?!? did i just said it right? Oh, pure bliss...)...has cunning and power on her side, but Gazolina's attunement to water may very well deflect such power!

    Cast your vote. Share your visions of grandeur. The Ring's sands will host the outcome!

    Two months...

    ... two WHOLE months!

    I'll be honest, It's been a while since i returned to the forums to work on the competition. When many said Fallout 4 would take the life out of their players, they weren't joking. The sheer content inside that game, as well as the last stretch of my license's degree, made me forget about the AGR. And while i'm still not done with Fallout 4... i've finished my degree! YAAAY \:grinning:/

    Well, the forum's maintenance and look shift also played a role in the delay. I couldn't even find my works from the two previous seasons - it felt as i've lost so much of my work. Thankfully, everything returned, and well tied up unto the fiction forum. Which made me shy a little since more than half the posts in the first page were mine at the time :blushing:

    Well, that doesn't mean that i wasn't entirely inactive on the fiction. I did enter in the lore fiction contest (the long one, not the poetry one). And yes, my entry wasn't the most popular (though it had some votes, and i'm glad to know that a few did enjoy my work), but it had its specific reasons: while the fiction has an EU-exclusive character as its protagonist, it was, front and foremost, an origin story for a different character who couldn't have the spotlight for logical reasons. I won't spoil much, i'll just leave the contest's link (http://forum.bravefrontier-rpg.com/threads/community-contest-lore-voting-contest.113239/), and the note that my fiction was entry #13. I hope you enjoy reading it :winkxf:

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