[AGR] Encounter Union 2016 (Apr/Jul) - Match 4

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Encounter Union 2016 - Fourth Match; Who will be victorious?

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  1. Metal Coal Cauldron

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  2. Holy arbeZ

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    Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls! War masters and battle maidens!

    Welcome to the Artificial Gladiator Ring!!!

    It is with great honor that i welcome you within this colosseum, magically imbued to appear in any corner of Grand Gaia! From the Breeze Beach to the Lomass Forest, no soul in the world will miss the cheers, the sparks, the magic - all will be able to taste the power that we present to you in its purest form.

    Young skill proved to overwhelm aged wisdom in our previous battle. Arthur has secured a place in the quarter finals, but not before acknowledginghis competitor's effort. Quite the chilvarous contender that we have in our competition!

    Now we move on... to the final match of the first round!


    In the Amber Corner...

    Coal Cauldron
    Origin: Bad Lands
    Affiliations: Crash Belt, Voodoo Child (gang members) , Pit Bull (childhood friend), Gazolina (love interest)​

    If there was something that Coal Cauldron embodied, it was fire. With a rash, fiery heart and skills that match his hot demeanor, he controlled flames at a surprisingly young age. With access to oil thanks to his family’s resources, not even the dire change that affected the Bad Lands prevented him from toying with fire, using it to dominate the surrounding region.

    Coal's main philosophy: fight everything with fire.

    Every zone that he plundered granted him greater control over the neighboring ones, spreading his influence like wildfire. His skill with fire and flamethrowers has reached near perfection, and not even the strongest of mutants were able to outmatch him. Yet, his greatest weakness was not power, but a woman – the young Gazolina that never replied to his pleas of union.

    And in the Cobalt Corner...

    Origin: Mirror World
    Affiliations: unknown​

    Known in the Mirror World as the Sealing Master, he travelled the whole of his home world as he attempted to heal the harm caused by sagraV. Nobody knew the reason behind such selfless act, but some say it to be an act of repentance. Another rumor about arbeZ was that he also wished to cleanse sagraV from the evil that seemed to corrupt him, possibly linking both characters as close friends before the nightmare was unleashed.

    Regardless of motive, his cleansing was vital to the Mirror World's future.

    His actions continued, culminating in the legendary feat of saving a million souls from the evil that tormented the Mirror World. The gods replied to his conviction by granting him an even greater power. Power that to this day he still uses in saving those without hope.

    Will the fiery leader prevail and take the final spot in the semi-finals?
    Or will he be "cleansed" by the shadow magic of the Sealing Master?!?

    Cast your vote. Share your visions of grandeur. The Ring's sands will host the outcome!


    Author's notes:

    My apologies for the delay. With my musical debut closer by the day, i forgot about the deadline for the 4th match. Sorry! :sweatsmile:
    Arthur did seem to be the favourite of many more than for Santa. We'll see how he'll handle himself in the semi finals against the winner of this match. The fiction is still in muddy waters, so it won't see much advance for the moment. Hoping i can restart it at some point.

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