[AGR] Encounter Union 2016 (Apr/Jul) - Match 2

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Encounter Union 2016 - Second Match; Who will be victorious?

Poll closed May 6, 2016.
  1. Gazolina Spray

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  2. Holy Thrud

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    Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls! War masters and battle maidens!

    Welcome to the Artificial Gladiator Ring!!!

    It is with great honor that i welcome you within this colosseum, magically imbued to appear in any corner of Grand Gaia! From the Breeze Beach to the Lomass Forest, no soul in the world will miss the cheers, the sparks, the magic - all will be able to taste the power that we present to you in its purest form.

    In this new competition, the Encounter Union, Jade and Ghir...Gaid... *fetches a note* ...Geirdriful, faced each other in the first match. Both contenders had support, but the Countess was overwhelmed and defeated, losing her place in the tournament.

    With the first match done, the competition continues!


    In the Amber Corner...

    Origin: The Bad Lands
    Affiliation: Coal Cauldron's gang​

    Gazolina is a gifted girl with the ability to find and control the flow of water in the Bad Lands. Some say she's the savior of the deserted land, as she finds water within the most arid of locations and distributes it to the needed.

    But her powers are beyond mere control of the flow of water. Nobody knows how she does it, yet the shields created by her inner abilities protect her alllies with iron-like efficiency. While the cause is yet unditermined, her assets are praised by the weaker inhabitants of that harsh world.

    The rabbit she carries when she first shown herself is a mystery to all.

    Regardless of praises, the desert's solitude was too much for her, and all tribes she met were afraid of leaving their place. However, a nomadic gang led by Coal Cauldron did welcome her with open arms, for someone gifted with water detection and battle capabilities was a much coveted asset.

    However, the gang treated her as one of their own, and Gazolina felt happy with the hospitality. Only Coal was the one she couldn't stand. Even with his feelings for her, the powerful stench or burnt flesh was an aggravating scent for her. Why would he carry such an horrific odor?

    And in the Cobalt Corner...


    Affiliations: Skamold, Svafa, Geirdriful, Eir, Alvitr (Valkyrie Pantheon)
    Origin: Unknown​

    One of six semi-goddesses once chosen by the gods, thrud and her name-only sisters founded a Pantheon that watched over the coldest territories of Grand Gaia, choosing the best of dying combatants to serve the gods in the heaven's personal conflicts.

    Being the direct daughter of a god of thunder, Thrud was only concerned with honor and bravery. Those who withstood themselves against the harshest of outcomes would be hand-picked by her, being later known as the most tenacious among the afterlife combatants.

    When she joined the Pantheon, she was battle-ready from the start.

    As Thrud continued her duties, her fame grew in the heavens. The wisest of gods saw her brash initiative alongside her comrades as a sign of faith towards her father's will of honor in battle. Not only that, she was also the living example of tenacity to those she choose, whom grew in resilience and determination as well.

    They also believe that her father was right to infuse her with the most primal of thunder energies. Fiting of her rushing personality, those powers were honed in battle and increased to heights never known before among deities of thunder. Whether her father had a role in her growth or not, nobody could truly say.

    So, my Ring enthusiasts. We know how thunder elements surpass the water elements in theflow of battle.

    However, will your support turn the tide of fate and give Gazolina the win?

    Or will you further suport thrud's element supremacy?!?

    Cast your vote. Share your visions of grandeur. The Ring's sands will host the outcome!

    Author's words:

    While the novel remains still under construction, the tournament must continue its schedule.

    While i cringed a little when the dice revealed this setting, i knew that it would eventually happen - elements have strenghts and weaknesses.

    Whether the Ring provides the support to change the tide or not is where i'm really curious. How many votes should i consider to let the underdog take the win?

    This will be an experiment of which i may learn a lot.

    On a side note, it also gave me a big scare. While Gazolina is written with a "z" in the english language, it is written with an "s" in the french language (and also in my home tongue), so when i had the bracket updated i was spooked into believing i had to do the updates again.
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