[AGR] Encounter Union 2016 (Apr/Jul) - Match 1

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Encounter Union 2016 - First Match; Who will be victorious?

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  1. Countess Jade

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  2. Holy Geirdriful

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    Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls! War masters and battle maidens!

    Welcome to the Artificial Gladiator Ring!!!​

    It is with great honor that i welcome you within this colosseum, magically imbued to appear in any corner of Grand Gaia! From the Breeze Beach to the Lomass Forest, no soul in the world will miss the cheers, the sparks, the magic - all will be able to taste the power that we present to you in its purest form.

    This time, we present to you all our most recent competition...




    Beyond the Gadillian Ravine that threatens Lake Aldela lies a mountain range of arid beauty, home to tenacious wildlife and treacherous rapids. Our ring will taste the high winds on one of the safest hills, providing entertainment to all who dare to come and join us. I do promise, you'll not be disappointed.

    This competition will present the most uncommon of champions. Their presence is "exclusive" to many - they're as rare as the air that i now breathe within the Ring! To make things more promising, we'll kick the levelled power up a notch... to 5 stars! More powerful feats. More dazzling Bursts. And even more fun to all who join us!

    Now, i shall not delay what youl are eager to know - the contenders of the first match!

    In the Amber Corner...

    Affiliations: Heinrich (husband), Lavinia (rival in beauty)
    Origin: Noblesse World​

    Jade was first known as the Lady of the Cruel Forest among the Noblesse Shapeshifters, her growing beauty and elegance second to none within their nobility. When she reached the age of wedding, Lord Heinrich of the Crimson Fort became her husband. A marriage which almost became a tragedy, for she attempted to behead her husband to steal his powers. Though he had fled from her, the Lady spread word of his betrayal against her devotion to him and that he had abandoned her.

    Any rumors that were close to the truth were quickly dismissed as she used her beauty to sway opinions, even claiming that those were pure gossip made by those envy of her.

    An earlier record of Lady Jade's beauty.

    Regardless of reason, the union granted her the title of Countess of the Cruel Forest and the Crimson Fort. Surrounded by admiring courtiers and the supporting people, her every word and prowess were praised, and her hold over both fractions was tight.

    However, not all was well for the Countess, as rumors about her late husband’s actions have forced her to remain cautious – now known as the Slayer of Noblesse, he hunts his kinsman with unequal ferocity. While none can prove that his hatred was her doing, many dread that one day this… this Slayer… will one day hunt down their “beloved” Countess.

    And in the Cobalt Corner...

    ... Gri...Gaid...Gherdil...
    ...(urgh, this is quite the mouthful) *takes a deep breath*...

    Affiliations: Skamold, Svafa, Thrud, Eir, Alvitr (Valkyrie Pantheon)
    Origin: Unknown​

    Geirdriful is a Valkyrie. One among six semi-goddesses once chosen by the gods. Their combined Pantheon watched over the coldest territories of Grand Gaia, selecting the best of dying combatants to bring them to heaven and serve the gods in their battles.

    Among them, Geirdriful was responsible for picking the most cunning. Her expertise of war and black magic was decisive in bringing the most talented tacticians and sorcerers to the gods’ side. Many battles on their agenda were won by those she deemed worthy, and with this her name was known by all divine beings.

    Gie...Geirdriful when she was chosen as a Valkyrie.

    As time passed on and her fame continued to grow, she gained new duties as a Valkyrie, stacking with those of selecting worthy war chiefs and magicians. One of her sisters, Skalmold, became less committed and her fruits began to wane as her thirst for power continued to grow.

    Geirdriful sees her as her closest sister within the pantheon, so she shared the unattended duties with another of her sisters, Svafa, thus recovering the gods' expectations. However, the extra labor, over time, weakened both sisters – while Svafa’s harmony was somewhat affected, Geirdriful’s sanity took the heavier blow, with her tumultuous emotions generating greater black magic within her. Some would dare to say, at that time, that her wrath was the greatest among the six Valkyries.

    Two enlightened figures will fight in the first match, and both seem to hold nothing back.

    Will Jade, Countess to two fractions, achieve victory?

    Or will the Valkyrie of war and black magic obtain the first clamour?

    Feel free to express your opinion - to which side would be battle sway? what crazy shenanigans could happen? What do you believe to be the main reason of a contender's victory?

    Cast your vote. Share your visions of grandeur. The Ring's sands will host the outcome!

    Author's words:​

    Thus the third season begins. A few disclaimers have to be said, though:

    - i have to thank the French Wiki of BF-RPG for most of the images and missing lore from my unit guide (i didn't own some of the featured units) that they've made avainable to the public audience - without their public contributions i wouldn't be able to make this season as "impartial" as i'd want it to.

    - i had to improvise some lore to the scenery - strangely enough, none of the known maps of Grand Gaia had the place i pictured for this season - i apologize if it does break your immersion.

    All polls will have a duration of 10 days, making such entries twice as long. If for some reason this proves to be more troublesome than i expected, then i'll follow the previous weekly schedule after the first 4 matches. (hoping that @gumi Elie and/or the moderators say their opinions about this - would it be too lenghty for this kind of work?)

    Well... here's to an excelent Season!
    (P.S.: i'll try to post the Prologue this Sunday - no promises, though!)
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    Post saved for fiction writting.

    Under construction - sorry for the delay!
    Please refrain yourself from watching unfinished work. I know it is my blame for not finishing it in time, but please... be patient.


    Darkness sorrounds you. The strong light of the sun was no more, and a calm, tranquil feeling envelops you. You remembered the first time - panic and fear overwhelmed you. But an emerald beacon dimly appeared upon your forehead, just like the very first time.

    Optional Soundtrack

    "...brave Summoner..."
    "...i am Lucius, God of this world..."

    "...you , who brought peace to Elgaia..."
    "...slayer of Fallen Gods..."

    "... the Broken Promise has risen."
    "The pride of the past threatens the hope of the future."

    "Your help is needed in Palmyna..."
    "...seek out Tilith..."

    "...protect the silver girl..."
    "...and beware the cursed warrior."

    "For he knows the truth of the Broken Promise."

    The darkness gave way to light - the sun's rays struck your eyes with a radiant greeting. The green light was no more, and what you thought to be the safety of your town became a familiar wilderness.

    Your eyes made an effort to scout beyond the horizon. You noticed a large, wooden-colored castle. Your memory identified it as Castle Avernia, where you once tread on your way to the late Sky Fort. You decided to explore within the Gadilian Ravine, hoping to find Tilith. She's the only one who can probably tell you about that "Broken Promise".

    Optional Sountrack

    The clean air brought serenity to your lungs as you walked along the dirt pathway. Distant sounds of water reached your ears, as well as the distant clamor of thunder creatures who inhabit the ravine. Their number dwindled with the fall of Solaris, but you believed an escort is still needed to traverse this lush environment. Luckly you were able to avert confrontation, but you felt it is only a matter of time until conflict closes in on you.


    Or on someone else.

    Your whole body dashed in a frenzy towards the human voice, ahead in the dirt pathway. Sounds of swiping and blades clashing joined the sound fray as you got closer. You quickly withdrew Vargas' summoning sphere just in case an assist was needed.

    A rioting horse tried to lose itself from the ropes that bind him to the wagon, filled with several goods. A man of blackened skin and silvery hair was swinging a large hammer against a trio of empusas, humanoid-like monsters clad in light thunder armor. The man seemed free of injuries, but fatigue was present in his face.

    You quickly summoned Vargas to your side, flames erupting from the ground as a swordsman clad in crimson, wielding a flaming broadsword and fiery wings, was brought up in an instant. The heat aura from his person quickly filled the area, making the Empusas aware of his presence. The trio quickly retreated, knowing their disadvantage against a stronger, more imposing foe.

    The man cleaned his forehead's sweat with his free arm as his hammer's head pounded the ground, shaking the iron buckler strapped on the handle. "Phew. That was nasty." - he said to none in particular, immediately noticing you and Vargas.

    "Whoa, a Summoner." - he applauded with a whistle - "No wonder those hags ran out so fast. You look... strong."

    Your right eye's brow raised an enquiring glance, to which the man scratched the back of his head with his spare, left hand. His leather-armored trousers didn't flinch, though. Neither did the protective green iron pad on his left arm - the only piece of clothing that his upper body has.

    "Ops, pardon me. The name's Guss. Thanks for helping us out."

    Guss, you wonder. Where's the other co-workers? Was he alone?

    "You can come out now!" - shouted the man.

    From within the wagon's organized cloths sprang forth a young girl of smaller stature than the man. Her hair was silver as well, but her skin had a snow hue that impressed you as your eyes made the comparison between both persons' skin colors.

    "My name is Julia. Thank you very much for helping us." - said the well-mannered girl as she bowed before you. You signalled her to remain at ease, since you weren't any specific ranked Summoner from the Institute. Most of her body felt shaken, but she still had a smile on her mouth.

    "Sir." - Guss got your attention - "Could you help us reach our destination? I know you have duties to perform, but the road's more dangerous that i thought at first - that was the third Empusa raid today."

    Feeling that Julia could be the silver girl Lucius mentioned, you pretended a sigh while accepting the request - you thought disguising your main intention would help in the long run.

    "That's great!" - the man's mouth burst out a grin - "I think we have made it half-way, so your help will really be helpful."

    "How would you know if we're half-way, Guss? I don't even know how far is it." - Julia complained, her clear blue eyes now free of the past danger.

    "Hehe. Hence the 'I think' part, Jul." - he quickly spoke as he approached the horse to calm it down and prepare to continue the journey. His hand patted her shoulder as he passed by her - "Do help him get in, okay."

    "Don't touch me!" - Julia exploded. Vargas sighed at the scene, which made you wonder as well how do they work together.

    You nodded at Vargas, mentally warning that his job was done. He nodded as well, assuming his usual stance of "sword hanging on the shoulder". You focused his form back to the sphere during a quick crimson flash. With Vargas secured, you placed the sphere in a safe place and approached Julia, who was already on the wagon.

    "This way, Summoner." - her hand was smooth to the touch. You quickly hopped in just as Guss waved the horse's reins, starting the wagon's march.

    The scenery moved faster as the journey went on. The bumps on the road shook the scenery up and down, giving you a mix of unease and adrenaline. Julia seemed to feel worse than you, though she is trying her best to hide it.

    You asked her if she needed any help.

    "Don't mind me. I'm just unused to bumpy travels."

    "It's true - we mostly take jobs on Randal, so most of of our road work is smooth." - replied Guss as he steered the horse to do a gentler right curve.

    "Don't talk about our life to a stranger, Guss!" - Julia exploded again.

    Guss sighed loudly.

    "Do you mistrust a Summoner that aided us, Jul?"

    Julia hesitated for a second before anwsering: "No - you're the one who's too carefree."

    The man laughed, his dark skin swaying up and down from another bump - "That is true." - his tone quickly changed - "I can see a building beyond the trees. We're almost there."

    The path leaded to a barrened mountain range, different in tone with the scenery you traversed. While not fully devoid of life, it felt as a less hospitable place.

    And in the middle of the range was the building Guss mentioned - a large, circular dome taller as a third of the tallest hill in the zone.

    You gut made you gulp in unease as you recognized it - it was the Ring. Flashes of memory returned to you. The former excitement. The search with Karl and Seria. And the beating... the dreaded beating.

    "Uff. Glad to know we arrived." - said Julia as she composed herself.

    You tried to disguise your feelings as you asked what were they going to do there. Julia quickly replied:

    "Business. Food business."

    She uncovered one of the crates when the path seemed less turbulent. The crate contained sacks of bread. "Bara-spiced bread." She added.

    Match one - Jade VS Geirdriful

    The Ring's entrace was protected by the usual Minotaur guard. Guss approached one of the Minotaurs with a note. He left his hammer in the wagon to avoid missunderstandings.

    "Hi!" - he quickly greeted, while the Minotaur released a quick grunt - "Please warn the manager we're here with the food he asked."

    The Minotaur gave the paper to a comrade of his, who went inside the Ring. While your eyes witnessed the scene, your mind drifted to the past - back when Seria lost her battle against Balmos. Once you escorted Tilith out, she went out to confide with Lucius, after which Gradhens and Karl reappeared with a slightly stabilized Seria. Gradhens' credentials earend you a swift return to Randal.

    While her treatments were long, her rage was swift, and swifter was her dissapearance. Gradhens asked patience from you, and you responded with faith in him. Seria did returned to the team, although at a turbulent setting - the Ring's Summer Brawl at Breeze Beach. You couldn't spectate the brawl at the time, but you did heard of the results: Rickel's victory was calm until an invasion from strange, crystal-like creatures. And while everyone was safely evacuated, the Ring vanished, and the crystal assault continued until it was halted shortly after the Ring's disappearance.

    Your mind was brought back to the presence due to a girly voice.

    "Sir," - Julia asked you from behind - "could you help me unload the crates?"

    You quickly helped her placing the crates out of the wagon. The loads weren't heavy, which allowed you both to deal with them easily. Several Minotaurs came out of the Ring, carrying the crates by pairs, side by side.

    The corner of your eye detected a familiar sight - the manager, coated in a black robe with orange lines and a red scarf across his chin.

    You approached Guss as he was speaking with Balmos. His posture didn't heavily react to you, but his brown eyes did show some interest.

    "Greetings, Summoner." - he bowed to you - "I did not expect to see you again."

    "Oh!" - Guss remarked - "So you know him, manager?"

    "Yes, i do." - Balmos nodded - "While we're not at the best of terms, we both stand in peace to one another so far."

    You confirmed his speech. Guss akwardly scratched his hair.

    "I didn't knew. Yet he was so kind in aiding us with the food's transport."

    "Considering that..." - as Balmos was about to end his phrase, Julia surprisingly leaned to your left from behind you, hugging you as if you were her shield.

    "Could he help us with selling the bread? We bypassed a lot of people walking this way - his coming with us was almost premeditated by the Gods."

    You tried to hide your reaction as Balmos sighed - it WAS premeditated. His gaze intensified against your eyes, giving you an uneasy feeling. Yet he finally uttured:

    "Very well..." - he then continued - "...but both of you will be keeping an eye on him. Four, if possible."

    Both Guss and Julia nodded. You joined, though a bit flustured.



    "Hot from the Ring's oven. Eat it while still warm."

    The Ring's stands remain as your first time - cleaned, smooth stone benches in a circular fashion around the sand center, with half a dozen of pillars circulating the very center.
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