[AGR] - Apologies, reasons, and the fiction's future

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    Hi everyone. Hope you're having fun trying to catch Blink... again.

    As the title said, i need to apologize everyone about the AGR's sudden halt. Last year i held the Summer Brawl and all went well until the final match. It never got delivered.

    I personally know, from viewer experience, how interrupting the series at an important episode can be quite the uncouth move. I understand such, and i'll explain the reasons behind it. Since it'll be a big wall of text, i'll place it in a spoiler.

    The AGR was a hobby project, as you might remember, with my university studies being a priority. My objective was to finish the Project essay, which had a serious setback that could endanger my grades. I placed the Summer Brawl on hold until i could finish the project safely, which i did... on September. After that, it was honestly hard to regain the inspiration i had on the AGR, which was even delayed by the start of my License Degree's last year. By then i wasn't able to trully get a chance to properly resume writting the final episode.

    At the start of February, my university calmed down for two weeks, so i had a chance to properly catch up from where i was. I reread my work, settled down and noted down what i trully wanted from the final episode. And then i trully found out the reason why.

    A single match could take a whole evening writting, but a whole event, with more than one "scenario", was a complete, different thing. I could only focus on one scenario per day. I knew it was something big to end the season with a blast, but i never expected it was THAT big.

    So, i took my time. I wrote, i tuned the optional soundtracks with the work, and ensured that the quality was how i trully liked. In the end, it was around 10 hours of writting and correcting. It needed more than the one day i believed.

    Such bad management on my part was what caused the repetetive delays. Because i thought i needed only one day to put things straight, when in fact i needed more than one... i needed five.

    With the final match now done, i've been thinking on what to do with the AGR's future. And such, i have decided the following:

    - I will create a thread with the full fiction of each AGR season. Backtracking between all seperated threads can be a nuisance, so i'll comply the whole fiction to allow a smooth reading. It'll be also a good way to correct grammar where i failed to notice before. These threads will be in General until a Writting subform is eventually created, which by then i will transfer them there.

    - There will be a minimum of three more AGR seasons before the story's ending. As some may notice, there is a fan fiction embed upon the AGR's seasons. The story will culminate in a separate fiction after the final season. Two have been done, and three more will follow. Their formats have been decided, BUT i can always change the format, or add one or more seasons, if there are people interested in making this a bigger project. But, for now, the fiction has a story with a formulated ending.

    - Next AGR will come forth either after Easter or during Summer. Its format has been decided and will not change.

    I'll be honest - ever since July that i felt i was letting you guys down. Many expressed their genuine apretiation over the work, and even @Gholayat and @gumi Elie approved the fiction. Many days passed between then and now that i felt regret about not finishing the fiction. And today, i wish to say it out loud:

    I'm really sorry, and i hope you'll forgive me. I'll be more careful with my limitations, i'll try to plan ahead, and i'll make my work a worthwhile read, like i've done with my first fiction (to those interested, i'll leave a link to it on my profile posts).

    With all said and done, i'll gather the two full seasons tomorrow. Look forward to it, everyone! ;)
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    Ah man, dont worry about it so much :) It was a nice read but its not like we were like OMG Y U NO FINISH OMG WE NEED IT NOW OMG. Studies and real life come first, and we were just glad to form a platform for you to express your creativity and to perform your hobby. Again, no reason to feel like you let anyone down, it is the other way around. Every time you put so much effort into the fiction, people enjoyed the read thoroughly! So instead of thinking you let people down when not writing and simultaneously thinking of your hobby as something people expected from you, consider it a hobby that people enjoy reading!

    Focus on the positive and not the negative :) This forum is a place of joy (most of the time when the salt has subsided) and not one that should cause burdens like the one youve suffered the past months. Relax, focus on real life and enjoy the forum when you have the freedom to. Dont force yourself to do that hobby when you are limited in time, only do it when you enjoy it ^^

    Bit repetitive here and there but I hope my point comes across. Glad to see you back on the forum! Hope university is going alright and hope you are still enjoying Brave Frontier.

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